STACK THIS ITEM FOR EASY WINS IN TFT! | Teamfight Tactics | League of Legends Auto Chess

čas přidán 20. 08. 2019
Disguised Toast showcases the power of stacking certain items in TFT. Enjoy some more wacky Teamfight Tactics gameplay!
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  • “Yordle! yordle! yordle!!!” 😆🤘💯

  • This is realy broken. Nobody is picking these champs much, so if you can build atleast 2 sparks, its at worst 3rd place for sure. Works like charm!

  • That didn't look easy at all

  • Probably should have pushed 8 at the end and picked up morde for knight + phantom

  • Izi win until u face a hextec comp

  • Redemption hard carried :D

  • no it is the GA on Kennen

  • Yordles can't be nerfed and It's fuckin disgusting, but I still love them❤️

  • This item shits on demons but hextech shits on that, so its all about RNG wgether you play 1 game against your counter or 5, and the items you get obviosly

  • How you won? Lulu busted af imo.

  • yordle is pretty strong tbh. I win 100% of times when i get yordles. The best strat I have is a front line tank kennen, with the dodge is disrupts a lot and the ult always deal substantial dmgs.

  • Honestly I think the videos are fine, except for the 30 second intro showing things that we will see anyways... just my opinion

  • but i did that idea first ;-;

  • Yep it,s rly works. 3 ionic sparks 1game = 1win

  • what do u call a kennen with 3 sparks ? a glass kennen

  • Nothing you did won that game. It was the lack of 2* swain from your opponent.

  • This is the “Snow White and the 7 dwarves” comp

    • is karth snowhite?

  • So Veigar OP again?

  • Take a shot every time he says spark

  • he was playing demons and demons have to hit u to manaburn as a demon but ur yordles kept matrixing that shit while the sparks did the work

  • I thought u couldnt stack ironic spark?

  • *hextech buff entered the chat*

  • wait so spark DOES stack? i'm pretty sure it wasn't like that, did they changed that in new patch?

    • Yes it was changed a few patches back even

  • Can someone tell toastie boy Kennen is a male?

  • beginning of toast videos looking like every movie trailer nowadays

  • spark or karthus?

  • where did Gnar go in the last fight and at 29:09 u were kind above him

    • @Flyxx7 how then he click on gnar after he is dead :/

    • mido sayoob eve ult killed it

  • Streamers when they play LOL TFT Vs us when we play LOL TFT

  • stop saying much when you should be saying many u god dam fob

  • How can this guy look so happy while being so cringe


  • 24:05 Sparks didn't work after hextech?

  • Since when do you have trouble with plural words, toast? You are mixing much, many, spark, sparks etc. up a lot. I didnt notice in the past. Is this a new thing or did I just notice now?

  • Did that a while back just because it's what I had. Used guardians and nobles and crushed.

  • demon sorc feeds the ionic sparks, they ult more, they die faster

  • I miss Hearthstone

  • Does the spark apply on hit effects? Could be nice a spark with red buff and morello

  • Spark works on the bench unless they changed that. I benched my spark varus and it shot lightening from him to units in play on other team xD

  • what does AP to Lucian? More damage on his dash? Cause it only says he dashes and shoots twice, not any difference in damage for it get higher.

  • Wait... so you're telling me when I was sitting on two cloaks and two rods last night I could've stacked these?! I thought they didnt stack!

    • Changed recently. Damage reduced, but is stack-able now

  • full comp noble cant even stand a 2star karthus with 2 hem tho he just one shot half of the team lol even without item karthus is just one man army

  • kennen is a boi

  • damn click bait, you used 3 sparks, not 4

  • That guy who wasted 2 shivs on varus.. lose dps so much cuz varus ult cast time is so long..

  • the main reason is no one playning nobles lol

  • Kind of this type of bait click title . . . i just down vote without even watching the shit

  • u suck

  • downvote because kennen is male

  • Everyone here is wrong! It was the three star kennen with GA ofcourse... Look at damage at end of last round. The Sparks also contributed tot that damage...but if it were like, two hextech gunblades + GA instead of sparks, kennen still would've done most damage by far.

  • Me: *Tries this* My enemy: *lvl 3 Kassadin with 3 items*

  • Not viable. Gets destroyed by Draven with actual Draven items and by a stacked Asol with a comp built around him which are pretty much the two only real hyper carries left in this trash zero skill slot machine(Jinx is too conditional, Yasuo and Swain are both prone to being really feast or famine the former because of range vulnerability and the latter because he gets hit with one healing debuff and he just turns to trash.). Asol isn't even all that viable for first place he just gives you the best chance outside of Draven to beat Draven. Yordles were already fairly viable against gunslingers just not blademaster gunslingers with something like rfc blademaster Jinx and/or 3 star GP with morellos/rfc. The only way to beat Draven or Asol comps that have the things you would want for them is to stack rng bullshit effects and procs and hope you get lucky repeatedly. Game is trash nothing but a slot machine at this point. They want to remove as much skill influence as possible because all this is to them is a way to make kids addicted to gambling so they will buy their gamble eggs and gamble boxes. The gaming industry is nothing but a bunch of scumbags now . Any time we get a hint that a game might be good it gets destroyed as they bring in their addict abusing specialists to implement design features and schemes for milking more money out of people.

  • Does his intro say, "disguised toast" or "this guy's toast"???

    • this guy's toast. If you listen you can hear the 't' sound not the 'd' sound when he starts saying it.

  • Reasons why Toast is awesome as a Streamer: 1. No unnecessary video editings like memed or cutaways or stuff like that 2. No subscribe to this this this support me here and there. 3. No clickbait titles 4. Quick foreshadowing in the beginning to make the viewer interested in the build up of the video And most importantly high quality content in every single video where he doesnt act staged or fake like other youtubers (e.g. DoniBobes) or however you spell his name. Stay like that Toast your awesome no matter what game you play! Well except for Lineage II dont do that again i dont think you had fun playing it anyways. Welp thats it folks, Have a great day!

  • Ionic spark doeant stack. But ok.

    • Wait, they patched so that it does right?

  • howd you do with hextech comps?

  • yesterday, i won a battle with noble guardians. i was raging, because i didnt get a leona until dragon round's end, and after that, i built a level 3 braum with 2 thornmails. the 2 thornmails won the battle for me against the dragon in 2 seconds. after that, i won a game with 6 demons and 3 elementalists. it was funny, because i made my kennen into a demon. in the end, i also had a swain with force of nature and a draven, so i was a little bit cruel, but i won. XD

  • this video has been sponsored by.... sheer amount of item drops

  • Hey toast, could you make a tierlist for tft? Would be pretty nice☺️

    • Download Blitz, has a tier list as well as an overlay so you don't struggle to remember item builds or champion pool numbers.

  • 28:20 wait.. did the Veigar ult really just do 23332 dmg? Is that a known bug?

    • It does a shit load of damage to any unit lower tier than him so that it's a guaranteed insta kill

    • Not a bug - veegaloo instakills lower-star units!


  • Didn't watch the video yet, but the rainbow six ps4 ad was pretty good, 10/10.

  • So lustig der Dude 😂

  • Builds ionic sparks. Enemy build lawnmowers wer graves. Sir, we may have a problem.

  • Just imagine 6 nobles, 3* vayne with rapid fire and double rageblade... RIP toast xd and it will be better on PBE with dragon buff and guardian buff... shyvana 150 bonus armor and 83% magic resist with 3 sparks sounds good

    • @Fabricio Gauna i meant buff... 83% MR is from that buff

    • why would u put 83% mr on shyv is she already has dragon buff

  • “Let’s not spend too much money” -Immediately spends rest of coins

  • Than you face hex and you're useless.

  • 29:12 "Wait a second folks ! LOOKS LIKE I AM STRONGER THAN A THOT !" 🤣

  • 29:16 "looks like i'm stronger than a thot" :3

  • I do not know if they fixed it, but Ionic spark didnt even have to be on the battlefield in earlier patch, dunno if they patched it, so the champ who had it on the sideline, would shoot into the battlefield.

  • play this on 6 demons + kass

  • shocking

  • Ironic smorc you say?

  • Winning the game against a level 9 with GA warmogs swain as a level 7??? Wow

  • great content, thank you for your contribution with tft Toast

  • Youre just too good

  • Does ionic spark apply when any enemy ults or when the enemy ults the ionic spark holder?

    • It activates on each enemy that casts their ults. No particular target. It hits even before the damage or effect goes off. Like when Sej throws her ult or Karth casts his.

  • 26:31 WTFFF!!!! ok he is actually braindead....

  • i think you forgot something called 'hextech'

  • F Ahri

  • ionic spark was doing dmg/s to swain