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Join host Sean O'Connell, Kevin McCarthy and Jake Hamilton from the ReelBlend podcast for the career-encompassing documentary retrospective "Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures". Follow the hashtag #WBFilmmakers on Twitter and join all the #Cinemablend hosts to discuss the history and unforgettable heights #StanleyKubrick achieved in the art of cinema.
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Filmmakers: Behind the Scenes with Stanley Kubrick | Warner Bros. Entertainment
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  • Kubrick never won a best director oscar because his movies were so beyond ordinary critics that they didn't become master pieces until 10 to 20 years down the road, like The Shining.

  • If I was a film history teacher, this documentary is a must watch for every film student and I would show it without a doubt to every generation I would teach..Kubrick is a huge name in the industry and a enigma to everyone who gets to know him. His fearlessness is a new well, which everyone shoud take a piece of.

  • I love how directors like Kubrick are constantly being discovered by young audiences

  • It’s a treat to watch Stanley kubrick documentary. One of the greatest directors ever. His sincerity, process of the filmmaking, considering every avenue and experience which he provide is unexplainable. His understanding of human psychology is extraordinary.

  • The Shining is in my opinion Kubrick's best film followed by A Clockwork Orange. Some hate it but I quite liked Eyes Wide Shut also. Nobody could have made The Shining the way Kubrick did. Utter genius.

  • About the greatest director in the 60's and 70's. Barry Lyndon followed A Clockwork Orange, how different were they from one another? Entirely different genres. Both masterpieces!

  • Even seeing small clips of 2001 gives me chills, esp. the music. Surely the greatest film ever made.

  • A true artist that made a huge impact in film industry.

  • Kubrick was the best , his films were and are completely unique. Even now they are so brilliant and exceptionally crafted that nothing comes close!!.

  • What an incredible film... And chapeau to Warner Bros for recognising and trusting Kubrick's genius...

  • This and "Stanley Kubrick's Boxes" really helped me gain a whole new level of insight into this great man and his amazing movies. I love how he worked, how he created. If you haven't got at least two or three fave Kubrick movies, you probably should get checked for a pulse.

  • It was such a beautiful documentary, I just love it. And the end is so touching.

  • A truly fitting documentary tribute to Kubrick in the way it was edited. You can tell that great care and love for the artist was put it into, letting us know the person behind the work that was at the same time very much of his 'style' whilst also perhaps more personable too. He'd be proud.

  • I remember seeing 2001 with my mom and dad in a cinema in Düsseldorf here in Germany in 1969. Afterwards we were flashed for days and the soundtrack of the film, later on disc, was always played when we had family meetings on christmas or birthdays to remind us on this very special moment. RIP Mom and Dad.

  • My first exposure to Kubrick's work was a clockwork orange, I was about 15, I had heard about it from my older brother and my step-dad liked the book a lot, I was so disturbed but intrigued, probably exactly what he was going for when he made the film, a true genius

  • Never surpassed. Science Fiction, historical, horror, satire comedy, war movie. He could do all of it

  • Dear WB, thank you for posting awesome documentaries like this and Batman. You really rock and set a standard for other movie giants. This crazy year I am probably going to get only to one movie at the cinema - Tenet.

  • N. 1 Director of all time , cause he did and conquered all different genres , and because of 2001 a space odyssey , our children's children will watch that in 3001 and it will be still ahead of its time, its an insuperable masterpiece for the ages , timeless

  • 2:19:37

  • This is the best documentary of a film maker you will ever see . Watching it forces you to rewatch every single Stanley Kubrick film again and again to fully appreciate his genius.