STARCRAFT 2: LEGACY OF THE VOID All Cutscenes (Game Movie) Full Story 1080p HD

čas přidán 18. 11. 2015
STARCRAFT 2: LEGACY OF THE VOID All Cutscenes (Game Movie) Full Story 1080p HD
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• StarCraft II: Legacy o...
This is the complete version of the "Legacy of the Void" game movie that includes the prologue epilogue and main game. Legacy of the Void is an excellent expansion to StarCraft 2 and has an amazing story. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
Unfortunately we did not add the subtitles to this game movie because we thought they were big and intruding but we honestly regret it. We always put subtitles on, and we'll make sure to keep doing so in the future. As always we included important gameplay, relevant dialogue and all cutscenes to create a fluid cinematic experience. Check it out!
Gameplay by Yofatdaddyyy
Edited by Yofatdaddyyy
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  • It started almost 20 years ago... I remember the first starcraft... Jim and Kerrigan finally together... Rip Zeratul.

    • En taro Zeratul! His sacrifices saved the universe.

    • I wish it was actually a game series that lasted 20 years instead of one set, then 12 years later. Hopefully Blizzard won't do that again they still have a lot of stuff they can do with Starcraft.

    • Stukov's revenge on Duran!

    • @sombodi200 Correct. In fact the Epilogue to Legacy of the Void should have been it's own separate campaign, not just three rushed scenarios to play, instead of a Nova campaign (Nova lovers will hate me now). Maybe Microsoft, new owners, will do just that.

  • Zeratul has long been one of my most favorite and admired video game characters. He was willing to live with the hatred of his entire race to ensure their survival. I admit without shame that his death made me cry.

  • Still gives me the shivers when Alexei rips Duran a new one. 17 years in the making.

    • i didnt even know narud was duran, until i PUT THE WORD IN A MIRROR

  • To those who like the story or lore in games, Gamer's Little Playground is heaven

  • This is such a strange feeling, its hard to describe. I remember playing the original campaign when I was 13 years old, played it after school, was baffled by plot twists that could only baffle a 13-year-old ("Wait, now I am the criminal? What the hell, Mengsk?"), had to try this early survive-30-minutes-mission at least five times because that was my first RTS, and had to talk my parents into driving me and my PC to a friends house so we could play in multiplayer, since Internet was mostly a 56k-modem-thing back in the day. Now I am 30, an adult with a university degree and a job, have no more interest in single-player-RTS-games (which is why I watched this video instead of playing the game), sometimes have the feeling of having seen every possible plot twist a hundret times, play online in a connection so fast that I stopped caring about the actual speed a couple years ago (although playing much less then back in the day), and tried the original campaign some time ago, easily eridicating the entire zerg base in that mission. In the meantime, everythinig scifi-related I grew up with happened, including the entire reimagined Battlestar Galactica franchise, the Mass Effect Trilogy, and almost all of the verious Stargate series. And now it has ended. Even though I didnt lose a thought over StarCraft for several years in between, that brought me to tears.

    • Wait... They Skip the conversación between Amón and Ma'Lash in the prologue

  • Gotta say While I am sad that these heroes stories may come to an end all together I also have hope that in the future Whether near or far That new heroes and villains will arise and new stories will be told But for the time being This is a nice way to go

  • Still brings a tear to my eye, every time I see that ending.

    • Starts and ends in the same bar on Marsara

  • Being a 32 year old guy, I can say I grew up playing the first Starcraft when it came out. I´ve always been a huge fan, specially after the universe expansion on SC2. I've got to admit, when Jim sees the love of his life slipping through his fingers after she becomes a goddess... that almost made me cry, haha. Powerful scene. Anyways, thanks for uploading. If possible, try to make all upcoming game movies show subtitles, too. Makes it easier for us, foreigners, to keep up with the bulk of the story.

  • You guys are really good editors, its probably hard going back through these missions and recording all of it then editing it to include lines and what not while playing the game at the same time.

  • Zerg and Protoss fights are always satisfying to watch i would pay to watch a movie with just them fighting

  • over a decade waiting for the conclusion of this saga....every single second was worth it

  • in the end after all the war, bloodshed, and loss Jim got what he wanted most such a nice ending

  • Even in 2017 this intro give me chills to the bone.

  • Its the best version of LOTV movie so far... It includes battle conversations.

    • +jpogi gtxcr1 Thanks =) Glad you liked it!

    • This channel is dope. I loved playing through Wings of Liberty but I had no interest in playing the extensions because I only like Terrans. So this channel helped me learn the rest of the story. Many thanks

    • LoL same for me, you don't know how I was bummed playing zerg missions in hots. So most of the time, I was just Kerrigan on everything. I will eventually buy lotv on the comming black friday sale, but I bet, I'll have a hard time using protoss. On the co-op mode, I only use commander raynor lol!

    • jpogi gtxcr1 Tychus and Raynor are my main dudes on HotS!

    • Wait... They forgot the conversación between Amón and Ma'Lash at the begening

  • And thus is the end.....of StarCraft. Brings a tear to my eye, being with the series since the beginning, It deeply saddens me to see it all come to an end. All the characters, and their journeys, finally coming to a resolve....or their untimely end... before they can see the end of their long, hard fought war. Being around through all the twists and turns, betrayals and alliances, victory's and losses, since the very first game. Every character has such an interesting and well built story that they all bring to the table for you to witness. I can officially tell you, as a hardcore StarCraft fan...........Well played Blizzard, well played. Even if there are some things, that more people wanted to see out of StarCraft. Perhaps there will be more tales in the future. But only time will tell.....and Blizzard of course. Now if you'll excuse me.....I have somewhat of an urge to go *ball my fucking eyes out some more.* DX

    • + @eventhor7524 Not over yet. There will be one last Hurrah. there always is.

  • Ah the conclusion to the SC2 saga was as epic as i expected it. I always loved the protoss purity of thought and nobility of purpose. THey really did a great job with Artanis and the supporting cast, but John De Lancie (Q from Star Trek) that voiced Alarak really stole the show. His snark remarks, his poking of Artanis and his gravitas were delicious. TY for making this, GLP!

  • Bliz and their epic cut scenes never fail to amaze...

  • I love Starcraft series it’s really awesome and tons of fun and badass

  • starting 3:20:45 its my favorite scene, its always gets me chills😍👌

  • I love it how it comes full circle, that You get to play as Raynor and kerrigan again at the last mission.

  • Amazing work! Have you made one for Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm as well, by any chance?

  • Awesome. Thanks you for this. I loved every moment. StarCraft would make for an epic Hollywood blockbuster.

    • A high quality CG movie.

    • I would love to see Robert Downey Jr play Raynor and Mark Hamil play Mensgk. But then again. Who would be Duke, Kerrigan, Aldaris, Artanis, Duran, and the others?

  • At the point where Kerrigan passes down her power to Zagara, I'm a little bit surprised she didn't immediately attempt to kill Raynor. Actually, it's a little bit funny in a way how they make her killing spree sound like a happy ending.

  • They have done a great job ... they should make an rpg on the universe too there is great potential for an rpg similar to dragon age on the series.... great ending to the queen of blades saga

  • Considered buying the game, but I don't play Starcraft after the campaign so I couldn't justify it. This will more than work, though! Thanks for the hard work guys!

  • Blizzard always comes out with excellent animations & arts. Bali Fans

  • Such a good series god damn!

  • Zeratul wasn't wrong, its just that things didn't lead on as directly as they thought. The keystone lead them to victory, and from there a Xel Naga helped them out in the final fight. The Xel Naga won out in the end though, Kerragan's genes and powers will continue to build the future of the world. The cycle continues. The protoss being created from Amon mean that they weren't intended to be the mind housing the Xelnaga. It was humanity and Zerg as a hybrid that form the true Xelnaga form not Protoss hybrids.

    • Yeah Amon didn't make the protoss. He made the zerg. But good theory!

    • He made both.

    • Generic Scout Amon didn’t make either of them. He altered them. He changed the Zerg by giving them the Overmind, and the Protoss with the Khala and the advanced technologies. This is fairly clear in the games.

  • And the Third one as good as the 2 before!!! Damn you created something epic for all that SC fans out there! Thanks nr 3!!!!!!!!!!! No I can alternate between ME the movie and SC the movie :-D

  • This is so beautiful...

  • I must admit the ending puzzled and perplexed me a little bit-although Kerrigan was transformed into a superhuman god-like creature,she returned for Jim looking like the earthly woman made of flesh and bones she was before..guess thats a good sign since they left quite an intrigue for the possible future expansions and add-ons!

    • Some people are guessing she abandoned her xel'naga role just to have at it with Jim again. I kinda feel like Jim got heavy ptsd and depression without Sarah around and xel'naga Sarah took Jim away before he could die from his alcohol overdose. I mean really what's the point of either character.

  • Excellent work friend! You made me buy this expansion. :P

  • starcraft from first game till the last one god i liked them , good memories :) my life for Aiur!

  • Amazing story 😊🥰👍

  • Now that the SC universe is basically at peace, and at their strongest, I think that it's about time that Blizzard teams up with Games Workshop for a little... invasion.

    • Eclipseslayer98 As if Games workshop willing to do that.

  • "goodnight, you son of a bitch" best line in the entire series

  • DAMN!!!! good one!!! blizzard always make the best games!!! tnx for the upload and effort!!! more power!!!!

  • Nooooooooo Zeratul! :'( Thats the most saddest cinematic

  • I love Starcraft 2 legacy of the void it’s so awesome and badass

  • Blizzard has one linear creative director writing the same story for all their games

  • 2:55:40 dude delivers an epic speech and no one seems to care after...

    • Zealots: "yeah, whatever."

    • omg, it made my day. XDDDDD

  • ever wonder why all of the massive ships in star craft 2 are much smaller in the missions than when inside of them. examples Hyperion, Spear of Adun

    • It's because they dont want a single ship covering half the fuckin' map.

  • I told myself at 1:00am that "Im tired so Ill only watch like 5 minutes." I ended up watching the whole thing.

    • rip

    • Did you rewatch it again?

    • same. StarCraft has always had such an intriguing story.

  • Thank you very much for posting this!

  • So much got sacrificed for the greater good in this part of SC2. Poor Protoss. I mean sure they talked like it was "freedom" or whatever but losing the Khala sucks. Its too bad they couldn't find a way around it like an artificial Khala. But the good thing about protoss is they are much more mature than humans or zerg so losing it probably won't do too much in the long run. like one of the things about the Khala was that it made sure no protoss could lie to another protoss but looking at them makes me kinda think that no protoss really wants to lie to a nother protoss anyway. Except the Tal'darim but fuck the tal'darim lol

  • Will there ever be another chapter? I'd like to see a first- and/or third-person shooter.

    • + @TheKevphil We'll see what Microsoft do. The know they are on a gold mine if mined properly. Lore, its own universe, fanbase, style of gaming, potential for other types of gaming formats, etc. Warcraft and Starcraft are far from dead.

  • Despite the bumped up graphics and larger campaigns I don't feel the atmosphere matches the original when it first came out. I virtually could not put it down until I completed all missions. I consider first Starcraft the masterpiece on its own right.

    • It is called the "wonder factor". When you are young and experience a very pleasant moment for the first time it is forever etched in your memory. This is why the first time you play a good game you get very attached to it. However, with age and experience that "wonder factor" gets dull and you find less things wonderous. SC Broodwar came at a time when there were very few decent RTS games on the marked and it simply blew everything away. They tried to recreate that magic for a new generation ten years later and for them SC2 IS the "wonder factor". I have played Broodwar religiously in the 2000s, but could never get into SC2. I did play the campaigns for the story, but had no interest in the multiplayer. I have to admit that SC2 i a much better game and its engine is great, but for me SC Broodwar is magical.

  • 1:39:32 best conversation in the game XD

  • Best love story ever.

  • 2:17:00 excellent Star Wars reference :D

  • Not too bad, strange direction from the original two games, but this new trilogy was pretty interesting in its own right.... So..... Now its the UED's turn to kick the sectors ass, Vengeance for Admiral DuGalle and General Edmund Duke!

  • DAMN! i was surprised blizzard hasn't used starcraft cuts ceans as a movie just slap in a few combat ceans and BOOM instant movie on the go XD

  • "I've come to say goodnight you son of a bitch." SAVAGE.

  • I was depressed till Shara came back for her beloved Jim.

  • damn is the end touching

  • "We must retrieve the keystone. it is the only way to find the Xel'naga" *finds Xel'naga* "What? the kaldarim are here too! what a coincidence"

  • Can anyone explain to me what happened with Kerrigan? I know she ascended to godhood, but I thought she would remain as a Xel'Naga and become the Steward of the cycle of life. Did she came back into human form to be with Raynor because of their love? Or did she take Raynor with her to ascend as well and be together for eternity?

    • +Mathias CZR01 It says that Raynor was never heard from again. Definitely a hint. I would theorize that during her first years as a god-like being, Kerrigan found, or created a conscious that would fill the same role as Zagara when she led the Swarm. Someone(thing) she can leave in charge while she's off doing something else. As soon as this number two was acclimated to its job, she wasted no time going to find Raynor in human form.

    • Ditching her responsibilities to the universe doesn't seem like a stretch for Kerrigan when you look at all the other stuff she did.

    • She's a god. It's easy for her to just make an avatar form and take Jim and make many babies with him while at the same time running the universe. Gods are suppose to be much higher level beings than us, so it's not a stretch that they can be in two places at once. No need for some substitute or ditching. She's a God. God's are suppose to be semi or complete omnipresence at the least. I know Amon was, the dude was everywhere.

    • seeing as narud was able to shapeshift it shouldn;t be out of the question that kerrigan could now as well.

  • Death is the fate of all warrior- Artanis !, They need to make a movie already ! 57:03

  • It was kinda cool that tassadar had his return in a way

  • ตอนจบเศร้ามากน้ำตาจะไหล

  • Forest moon of Endion? They have to disable a shield generator for a battle station from the ground, and fight against unknown odds? if that doesn't say Star Wars than I don't know what does.

  • Fenix. oh Fenix, he''s back! *Cries* I've missed him so.

  • I'm disappointed, they didn't give a "where are they now" segment for Artanis and the Protoss, they only did Alarak and the Tal'darim

    • TheGreatRakatan They're obviously rebuilding on Aiur.

  • the first 6minutes and 8 seconds cover the key events of sc1-sc2 HOTS sniff...sniff....zeratul :( female dark temp :O they cant destroy worlds as easily as i thought not sure how i feel about phoenix coming back for the second time o.o Artanis and Kerrigan joining forces?! :D shes pretty amazing fighting hybrids for days :O i thought they were going to forget about Kerrigan they said she was needed to stop Amon so it would of been disappointing to have not included her in the end :3 but to sacrifice herself :( all 3 races working together to fight a powerful enemy! This is what the fans have wanted! Kerrigan literally became a freaking god! i was not expecting that at all! the audio gets off track around this point astounding end to a great series

    • Good summary

    • Akemi Homura I always feel that Artanis and Raszagul's daughter; Vorazun still have a grudge against Kerrigan for what she did to Fenix and Raszagul during the event of Brood War!

    • Artanis and Vorazun have no relation. And he and Raszagul were never an item, she had about 500 years on him or so.

    • I know. I meant Artanis and Vorazun. Vorazun is the daughter of Raszagul.

    • Ah, misunderstood with the semicolon. Sorry.

  • When you can meet your maker without dieing

    • The xel'naga aren't that tough. Remember these are the same guys that got chased out by both protoss and zerg and both of them took xel'naga down. They just kinda made Amon a little OP for your average xel'naga

  • "power overwhelming"- I miss that line :D

  • Not doing wings of liberty and heart of the swarm? Great work with this one.

  • Well... its comes to a end at last...

  • Hmm strange, weren't the humans those who chased the zerg to Kaprulu sector? If i remember correctly zerg attacked the old Earth and humans followed them here.

  • Zeratul D: We will miss you No one will ever forget you ENTARO ZERATUL

  • 56:24 Valerian: Matt... Matt: Valerian... Valerian: Why was this guy on the front lines? Isn't he an engineer/mechanic? Matt: I... Don't... Uhm... Yah I don't even know why he's here...

  • awesome edeting. nice job dude

  • Zeratul: Mr. Stark… I don’t feel so good…

  • Amon: "I have awakened" Protoss: "Ctrl Alt Delete MF"

  • "Do you think we´re fools? Yes, but that is irrelevant."

  • Do one for Heart of Swarm and Wing of Liberty

  • Amons first and last mistake was no spamming void rays and corruptors.

  • The start of this reminds me of the beginning of a movie called "Dune"

  • I was enjoying that Artanis and Zeratul bromance . :(

  • 3hrs... this is epic

  • I feel like they rushed the ending, just a bunch of pretty oil pictures? that's not right /: but im glad Jim got to be with Kerrigan, now a goddess, lucky him xP Thanks for the upload guys!

    • +xX Valtiel Xx they know people are going to buy it since they already spend like 80-90+ dollars on the first 2 expansions :3 hey apparently put more effort into the forces screen to make up for it :3

    • xX Valtiel Xx

    • I would not try burglarizing their home any time soon.

  • zeituls last words: "my life for aier"

  • and at the end jim and kerrigan get it on for eternity....

    • +Captain Gaming Making Human + Xel'naga hybrids for the next Starcraft installment.

    • lolwut

  • What ever happened to that Swarm in the previous game? The one that was on that Protoss ship??? Anyone know???

    • I'm sure they will add some missions with Niadra just like they are doing with Nova now :D

  • This whole theory of Jim being dead at the end is dumb. People trying so hard to be nihilistic and edgy. For once just accept the happy ending. Kerrigan is a god, dude, she can do what she wants, including taking human form and being with Jim. Not sure if she can somehow prolong his life and be with him for Eternity. Or she just spends the rest of his days with him till he passes, but whatever.Who knows the extent of her power? And where do they go? What do they do? Who fucking knows?...In the end all that matters is he gets to touch that butt.

    • Or you know, she's come to an understanding of Amon's plight and letting the universe nurture itself without the Xel'naga whilst avoiding his destructive approach altogether. And yes, Jimmy gets to touch that butt, again.

    • Its such a tease to us all to be honest.

    • Enrique Mijares “nurture” -Nova noises-

  • @ 1:14:00 - "I am first descendant Alarak..." "No you're not, you're Q!"

  • you should do the command and conquer series if you have yet done it.

    • +DJ TheBIGKOR-IAN Red Alert 2 is one of my favorite games of all time. I played it religiously. I've thought about doing it, love the campy cutscenes =)

    • +Gamer's Little Playground all of them were really good. did you ever play renegde? Westwood studios attempt at an fps of CnC. I always wanted like a battlefield take on CnC. I loved Tiberian Sun.

    • +DJ TheBIGKOR-IAN I use to play renegade religiously back in 2006-8, but I was still a highschool kid back then hehehe. I still remember, all the APC rushes, Stank rushes, SBH nukes, it was fun.

  • Project One - Intro :O It is SO SIMILAR to the beginning!

  • I still think Marvel, DC and Star Wars have better Cosmic lore. Come at me edgy Blizzard fanboys.

    • Marvel's cosmic lore is shit. It's underdeveloped and the the most important parts of it include 2 lazily designed alien races (Skrull and Kree), a giant dork with a bucket in his head who goes around consuming planets, and a history eraser button (Infinity Gauntlet). And DC, the only good things about their cosmic lore is Apokolips and the Lantern Corps (no I don't care how iconic Superman and other kryptonians are, their concept is still stupid) And as far as Starcraft, this game makes the lore shit. While in the first game they had mostly grounded political conflict leading to dissidence and war, SC2 is lord of the rings in space.

    • I agree with Jack Mcslay on that one. the fuck are you talking about CaptainMarvell!?

  • 23:33 Where Marvel got their idea for the epic Avengers Assemble scene in Endgame

  • Zeratul: Artanis ... I don't feel so good ...


    • ha ha ha, I laughed when he showed up at the end and confronted Narud/Duran. I was like, "hell ya Stukov!"

  • This is the end ;-; crying so much T-T

  • There is a very strange concours with The Knight's Templlar's here. Surprisingly so. For the Good Of the Craft

  • I just cried ;(

  • finally ! end to this love story , blood , tear , pain , and lost ....

  • 2:32:38 "Someone called for me?... No?... Oh, ok...."

  • you wont understand this until you play the game.

  • but zeratul. was not finish with his prophecy vision thingy.... but the vision of zerg overmind is a lot more......

  • actully jim died with kerrigan.. the protoss leader manage too escape by teleporting... its a summary.....i read in a a big fan of starcraft2..