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Rebirth of the FIRE ANTS: After the tragic death of our OG fire ant colony, the Fire Nation, I sought out a brand new starting fire ant colony to assume the mighty fire ant throne. In this episode we meet our young fire ant queen and her brood, and provide the colony with something truly special. The footage captured in this video is truly magical. Hope you enjoy the humble beginnings of a fire ant colony, as we welcome them to our growing Antiverse. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution. #FireAnts #QueenAnt #AntColony

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Directed/Written by AntsCanada
Co-writer Heinrich Domingo
Video Editors/DOP Heinrich Domingo, JM Grande
Executive Producer RJ Garcia

Special thanks to nature photographer and biologist Alex Wild for allowing his photos to be used in this video. Check out his amazing nature photography and order some prints:

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  • AC Family, meet our new fire ant colony! Aren't they beautiful? What should we name the Royal Queen? Taking name suggestions now! BTW - Thank you all for the outpouring of love and support last week at the announcement of the Fire Nation's passing! All the messages moved me deeply and it helped to see so many of you sharing in the loss. Ant love is truly forever! We begin all over again with this new fire ant colony! Pls remember to SUBSCRIBE to join our growing family and to follow the journey of this colony and others of our Antiverse!

  • Trophallaxis

  • Can you bring leaf cutter ant colony. i like them lot

  • Fucken love you’re show!

  • get some california carpenter ant they are GIANT!!!! please AC...

  • Idea for name:Ultimate Fire Colony

  • This makes me sad.... I miss the first fire nation...

  • Phenix will be best

  • Trophallaxis method. 😁 Good luck with the new Strong colony

  • *The fire ants will now be remembered, R.I.P Fire Nation - 2016 - 2020 "You will be remembered.."*

  • #AntLoveForever

  • You're the best bro! We Tweeted Not to long ago u inspire me brotha started my own channel!

  • Name her the royal phoenix

  • Fire nation 2

  • I just wondering how did you get the fire ant queen so fast after the death of the first fire ants weeks before, as the flights of male and female (queen) has been done in October if I right last year.

  • who is AC family

  • Trophallaxis!!!!!! I’m so excited to be answering my first weekly question as a new subscriber 😊

  • Can you keep a praying mantis again in one of the terrariums

  • I used to hate ants. But watching this channel for the past few months made me love ants a lot! Thanks 🙏

  • Talking about how the queen nurtures her babies gave me flash backs to the chimera ants from Hunter x Hunter

  • I think you should name the new queen, Queen Super Nova because that's what happens when a great star dies.

  • I was going to name them the "Flame Nation" or the "the great fire of the past"

  • The New Hope! How amazing they kiss so often and theirs are truly the kiss of life!

  • the ants are playing little villolens

  • You ever heard of northomyrmica macrops aka dinosaur ants they are from Australia so can you go to there so I can see them for myself

  • Fire Empire

  • Fire Empire

  • Fire Empire

  • Fire Empire

  • Fire Empire

  • Fire Empire

  • This is so intriguing and informative.

  • just started my own fire ant colony.

  • Yay a new one that’s what I wanted Probably all of us

  • Yay a new one that’s what I wanted Probably all of us

  • Yay a new one that’s what I wanted Probably all of us

  • Phoenix nation is definitely the best name

  • I would love to see some formica sanguinea

  • When the worker fed the queen I almost cried.

  • I'm glad you got more fire ants. I think it's what Queen Solace would've wanted ❤️.

  • Definitely Phoenix Nation

  • Can you please make a German subtitle

  • I got Misty eyed when they started feeding the Queen. WTF? LOL

  • Mikey, are there ant colonies or farms for sale in cartimar?

  • I choos phoenix empire

  • wait are you mikey bustos? beacause i watched a video of yours that was uploaded 7 years ago and you said in one comment your the same guy

  • Bruh imagine bein’ the last ant in the salva del fuego, and you’re covered in mites and surrounded by your dead family

  • Why when the queen is in a “test tube” stage we only need to give it water

  • It's kind of a religious experience to see this. I'm not even close to an ant raising expert but i can tell that this is a very special, tender moment. The queen is not selfish or lazy living off the worker's food gathering efforts, she birthed the colony, expending her life energy to the brink of death so her first children could grow up strong and healthy. Now her children will thank her for her efforts by feeding her in return so their family can grow and flourish. Nature truly is amazing.

  • The Empress

  • tropholaxis

  • Who dislikes these tho

  • Magma nation then if they die out lava nation then we just get hotter and hotter

  • This is related to lava and fire magma nation (I know its a really bad name) 😢🔥🌋

  • How much back muscle is that?

  • It's perfect because at the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fire Lord Ozai named himself the Phoenix King

  • Phoenix Nation

  • Could we have a video of you hunting for queens :)?

  • I'm just waiting for him to move to Central America so he can dedicate half his house to a leafcutter colony

  • An insect mouth to mouth feeding is called Trophallaxis.