Stephen A. disagrees with Joel Embiid naming Wilt Chamberlain the GOAT over MJ | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Molly Qerim of First Take break down Joel Embiid's comments about Wilt Chamberlain being the G.O.A.T over Michael Jordan. Stephen A. says that he appreciates Embiid supporting his fellow big men, and Kellerman describes the similarities that he sees between the 76ers' center and Wilt.
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  • No one ever gonna get 81 points either

  • Using the KISS philosophy, Wilt Chamberlain has the highest regular season AND post-season TPA (e.g., Total Production Average) in NBA history. The TPA is a combination of points, rebounds, and assists. The Big Dipper is the only player to have a regular and post-season TPA of 50 or more. Wilt's regular season TPA is 57.4 and his post-season TPA is 51.2. In terms of team accomplishments, one could argue that Wilt's 2 title teams are 2 of the top 5 teams in NBA history. His 1966-67 Sixers squad was 46-4 in their first 50 games, set a then record regular season mark of 68-13, and was 11-4 in the playoffs. His 1971-72 Lakers squad set a professional sports record with 33 consecutive wins, set a then record regular season mark of 69-13, and was 12-3 in the playoffs.

  • Actually Wilt blocked the skyhook twice in a row in his 30s

  • Wilt is the goat

  • Wilt's 2-4 finals record is quite overlooked honestly.. 3 of those 4 finals losses went down to the wire. Wilt's 1965 Sixers lost 3-4 against Russell's Celtics (lost by only 1 point in game 7) Wilt's 1968 Sixers lost 3-4 against Russell's Celtics (lost by only 4 points in game 7) Wilt's 1969 Lakers lost 3-4 against Russell's Celtics (lost by only 2 points in game 7) I mean if you think about it, Wilt was just a hair away from getting 5-1 finals record.. If he or his teammate made a free throw or two, that would've changed his finals record completely. Plus, he had 6 finals appearances in a 13 year career. That means 46% of his career he made it to the finals. That's pretty good.. Another interesting thing is that Jordan only made and won the finals when Phil Jackson was the one coaching. Wilt however, was able to make it to the finals the same number of times as Jordan but with 4 different coaches, none of which are considered top 3 all time coaches like Phil Jackson

  • Wilt would dominate in any era. He was the most unstoppable force in the history of the game and he was intelligent as well.

  • Not true Wilt blocked Kareems skyhook numerous times

  • Stephen a Smith, and max kellerman stop killing wilt legacy y'all are haters!

  • They clearly are hating on wilt. First 7 years of wilt career in regular season and playoff were unheard of. Then he was asked to do other things. Wilt blocked Kareem skyhook more than once, bill Russell c ouldnt stop wilt. He led the league in assists, the league was alot more physical in wilt time you could hand check. And there is no proof or stories of wilt not being clutch. They are trashing Wilt! Hate it.

  • Wilt blocked Kareem’s sky hook 3 times

  • I have watched them both play. Jordan was Great, yes. Say what you will about stats, championships, popularity, media appeal, shoe contracts, etc. One on one, prime to prime, or even chamberlain at 30 and Jordan at 25, Chamberlain would outscore ,and make Jordan eat the ball, so many times, it wouldn't be funny to all you Jordan GOAT folks. Chamberlain wasn't as quick as Jordan,. I will concede that. As far as fast, Chamberlain was probably some faster. There is a difference. Chamberlain was big enough that Jordan would have too much trouble getting around him to make it stick. Chamberlain didn't buy into fakes, and didn't miss many blocks, or rebounds, at all. Don't forget that he averaged 50 points, in one season, and over 20 rebounds, plus uncounted blocked shots.Chamberlain was better at blocking shots than Bill Russel. I don't think I am too biased, in my opinion. For what it is worth; In a 3 on 3 game, I believe strongly that Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and Wilt Chamberlain, in their primes, would wax any other 3 players that have ever played the game. Chamberlain would beat Larry Bird too, who is my favorite player.

  • I wish these two understand basketball.

  • Sorry, ask MJ if he was better than Wilt. He would say he does not know. There is no single best player; there are several best players.

  • When Joel says that ... You know the rest

  • Bro Wilt destroys MJ in NBA2K19 why would I believe hes better than Wilt in real life

  • The three pointer reduced the role of the big man significantly ...Chamberlain won two titles only

  • It gets tiresome to listen to people who've never seen Wilt play talking like they think they're experts. The numbers don't tell the whole story. You had to see him play to understand; his numbers would have been out of sight if he hadn't changed his approach halfway into his career. And it's also dumb to compare a shooting guard to a center; it's like comparing a centerfielder and a pitcher.

  • Wilt is the goat michael only scored 40 + points 35 times wilt did it 45 times in one season

    • And wilt average 50 pts a game in one same

  • Jordan not in the class of Wilt or Kareem.

  • Dont know why idiots are saying short white guys. the average center height was 6'11 😂👍🏾

    • For people who talk about basketball for a living, they either lack the understanding of wilt or are deliberately hiding the truth. I dont know which one is worse.

  • I agree wholeheartedly with Joel..Big Men are the real Champions.Like in boxing, Champions come in different weight divisions,,but until the 21st Century, Heavyweights were always the Man.In boxing terms, Jordan would be Sugar Ray and Wilt would be Ali The Biggest is really the Baddest..Kareem and Bill Russell was no joke either.

  • Jordan ain't the goat its deeper than hooping.. bron is the goat for the shit he do off the court...Jordan stayed in bullshit...gambling cheating on his wife...bro watch lebron a true pro off the court .. .and Jordan a fucking quitter they compare dude to bron dawg quit basketball and rested up bron been to 8 str8 finals Mike never did that...sorry he shouldnt of quit...the goat wouldn't walk away from the game like a lil bitch

  • Fuck Michael jordan.. tired of yall riding his dick...pistons beat Jordan ass ..I'm from Detroit I will never call that bitch the goat....Jordan got sweet shoes...penny dogged that bitch and him and shaq sent him home..fuck Jordan

  • He is better than a goat. He is a god.

  • you ever watch game film from when wilt played?? shit is laughable and almost any one of the top centers in the league today would dominate just as well

  • Cmon now... everybody forgets about Wilt Chamberlain...

  • Height doesn't equate to dominance. Only skill does . And Wilt was the most dominant player that ever played at any level in my opinion

  • Not sure what these idiots are talking about. Larry Bird was the best basketball player I've ever seen, and he is the real GOAT. But a black and Jew can't have a white man be the best in a black man's game, so they ignore him.

  • Wilt is the goat

  • Lol wilt at age 40 blocked the most unblockable shot in NBA history, the skyhook 😂😂😂

  • Wilt chamberlin has all the records crown him!!

  • I love how in their career comparisons they conveniently leave out fg% and rebounds or the fact Chamberlain led the league in total assists.

  • Wilt is also the only center to lead the league in assists

  • Career fifty point games Jordan 31 great Kobe 25 great . Wilt 131. Ensane .

  • You want 7 foot guys to shoot jumpshots.Just see Durant the best player in the league

  • Stephen.A is brilliant

  • Who got 100pts tho Wilt 81pts kobe 61pts Lebron

  • Lol Wilt has way more accomplishments than MJ ever could sniff so yeah he's the GOAT, don't disrespect the Big Dipper.

  • The problem is that we gotten away of basic basketball we think that all we need is 3 pointers to win and that ain’t true!

  • During Wilt Chamberlain time there was no 3 point line. Therefore Jordan’s PPG will decrease. Then you can debate who’s the goat.

  • Mj didn’t have to play Bill Russell and a Celtics dynasty

  • Wilt may not be the greatest but no can beat him 1v1 even MJ

  • Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the GOAT! Lets be clear.

  • Thank you Max but much respect to Wilt Russell and Kareem tho.

  • All do respect to Jordan but Wilt and Bill Russell are the GOATs of our lifetimes. Rings, stats, accolades... Try me MJ worshippers!

  • Stfu, he’s entitled to his own opinion. So sick of the MJ dick riders who get mad when people don’t label him the goat!! Once again stfu!!

  • I would never take away what players from the past did but the competition in these last 25 years have gotten so much better. Bird Magic, Wilt Russell and so on could compete in this era no doubt but it would be tougher on them.

  • Wilt felt with injuries more than mj and Jordan had better teammates. Wilt decided shoot less later on in his career which made his scoring average lower. Wilt could’ve averaged 30 in the playoffs but he didn’t because he decided to actually pass

  • Umm no wilt Chamberlain is definitely the greatest player of all time!!! 7,1 7,8 wingspan 48’-50’ vertical! He was the greatest athlete we have ever seen! Talking about kareems unstoppable, sky hook who no one ever stopped? Wilt was the only player to ever block the sky hook! They had to change so many rules because of the man! He scored a 100 points in a game for crying out loud? Had a season where he avg 49 mins a game! Played all the games in a season along woth shooting 62% from the floor with 50Ppg over 27Rpg 4Apg! The man was a freak of nature and the greatest of all time.

  • Boogie is complete, post moves, footwork, passer,3rd splash brother, and knows how to win!😂


  • Joel Embiid is a big lazy chicken nugget eating BITCH

  • Never heard this many facts in a first take video 💯

  • I don’t think Embiid will surpass Hakeem, the guy took down prime Shaq in the finals. I honestly think Embiid’s size and injuries will make it so he never has the footwork or precision that Hakeem had.

  • Wilt was an amazing player, very unstoppable. He didn’t have the Sky Hook Stephen A... That was Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, he too is in the convo for goat, he is the all time leading scorer, he was dominant every year he played all the way till he was 41, that was many years ago, the fact that he was in the league, and putting up the numbers he was able to produce, deserves a lot of credit.

  • Only person in history? To do what? To perform an unstoppable move, what about Jordan's fade away?

  • Stephen A. shut the fuck up about Kareem and some unstoppable bullshit... wilt was blocking the hook shot when he was 36 years old lmfaoooo

  • What about KAT

    • Not the goat but he’s a great center

  • Much harder to dominate a game at MJs height then Wilt's. Much harder to hit outside jump shots then be fed the ball around the hoop and score like Wilt did. Much harder to create plays on your own to get over and around trees like Wilt then just turn around and score unchallenged dunks and lay ups. This isn't even close he just took advantage of his height like most centres did in that era. He's not even close to having the same skill as an MJ, LeBron, Kobe and many others including some at the same centre position.

  • Stephen A. Smith is wrong. The Numbers do not lie. The time Wilt played was the worst racist Country in the world and still is. The NBA is still racist. There are plenty Hebrew players that can out play many of the NBA players. JR Smith should be in the NBA. Why is he not ? Stephen speak for your people some times and don't be afraid of loosing your job.

  • Embiid is just a player from Africa or Cameroon or whatever. Points are just points but wins are wins. I agree with Stephen A. Smith.

  • Wilt is the greatest athlete of all time. He ran the 100 yard dash in 10.9 seconds...hes in the hall of fame in several sports...Jordan couldnt even field grounders in baseball...

  • plus MJ was dominating in a better big men ear.

  • Wilts the greatest individual player ever and it's not even close

  • It's not about record it's about winning like warriors 79-9 but lose on cavs in 2016 that's why winning is more important

  • So much disrespect to the GOAT Kareem Abdul Jabbar himself almost every topic they make about who’s the greatest he’s never in the convo don’t forget he put historical number as well

  • I saw Wilt play. Embiid is right. Wilt blocked the sky hook. Wilt's teammates acknowledge that the Celtics had the better teams while Chamberlain outplayed Russell.

  • Embiid is bad for black community. It’s easy for a tall black Wilt to shoot over short white guy and scored 100 points. Bill is easy to win 11 champs when he played the same team often. Kareem and Shaq are more legit than those two.

    • And who was Jordan dominating? Reggie Miller, John Starks, Bryon Russell who avg 8 points for his career?

  • Wilt played for the globetrotters, so I think he could have had more all nba teams

  • Max, did you see games wear Russell choked, its hard to choke when your game is to rebound and play defense.

  • The way I describe Jordan is this......his game was complete and a combination of different all time greats (not saying he was better than all of them at their strong points but he still excelled). He had the...... -Will-to-win of Bill Russell (6 Finals wins - 0 losses - refused to lose in Finals even w/ food poisoning lol) -Scoring of Wilt Chamberlain (10 time scoring champ & highest PPG in history in reg season AND playoffs) -Clutch of Jerry West (hit clutch jump shots (2pt/3pt), layups, dunks, assists AND hit clutch free throws) -Athleticism of Dominique Wilkins (2 time Slam Dunk champ, a high vertical, etc) -Shooting of Larry Bird (could go on a tear and score 50+ on nothing but jump shots) -Creativity of Dr. J (could hang in air & make incredible, acrobatic shots) -Hands of Connie Hawkins (could grab (palm) rebounds with one hand out of mid air & also play you like a puppet with his palm ball fakes) -Defense of Gary Payton (won DPOY in '88 as a SG - 200+ steals and 100+ blocks twice) -Footwork of Hakeem Olajuwon (could use a variety of quick moves to get opponents off balance---see post game videos) -Unstoppable shot of Kareem Abdul Jabbar (the fadeaway from outside / the reverse from inside) -Quickness of Isiah Thomas (one of the quickest 1st steps) -Speed of Allen Iverson (ran a 4.3/40) -Strength of Karl Malone (excelled at finishing at the basket with contact, one of the strongest perimeter players ever----Robert Horry & Ron Artest explain it more in depth) -Fundamentals of Tim Duncan (correct hand in passing lane, protected ball, used the glass, setting screens at the right time, etc) And then you add his passing, rebounding, endurance/stamina, post game, leadership, bball IQ, efficiency, handles, playing through sickness/injury, etc... No other player in basketball history can be put in all of those categories! It's as simple as that.

  • Max just said it...Jordan was a combination of Russell and Wilt. That's what people don't understand...he had the will-to-win of Russell and the scoring of Wilt. I'm not saying he was as good at doing what they did best but he was complete.

    • +jtremaine23 In any case, it's pointless to start mentioning other positions because honestly every great elite player will get double or triple teamed (and obviously Jordan did because he's one of the greatest to ever do it). I'm not even going to start talking about the number of big men and other help defense that surrounded guys like Chamberlain and Jabbar. All I'm saying is that Chamberlain had to face Hall of Famers at his position straight up every other night for 48 minutes battling them for buckets and boards. Jordan's teammates were the ones handling the tougher assignments so Jordan could get his shots. Bill Russell took care of rebounds. Wilt was doing both scoring AND rebounding plus blocked shots, and in the middle of his career he was playing point. Comparing Russell or Jordan to him in any way is ridiculous. Wilt was given way more responsibilities on the court than either of them as one man.

    • +jaranarm Nah...I have a lot to say. But hold up...I think you have this all confused. I never said Dumars was a top 50 player or anything like that. I was just saying he was a good player that you are "underrating". Let's get the story straight. Also, I never said he was better competition than Russell or Kareem so I'm not sure why you're bringing that up. Another problem with your Jordan's competition is trash talk is that you're only looking at his're not factoring in double and triple teams. When he took it to the hole, he had to deal with Olajuwon, Mutombo, Shaq, Ewing, Robinson, Mourning, etc at center and also guys like Rodman, Barkley, Malone, etc at PF. I can agree with the fact that being the most popular doesn't mean greatest but I could care less if Jordan was popular or not...he's still the greatest---this wasn't a "popular" athlete vote. Jordan was already popular before he won any rings but you can't be the greatest without the rings though. Back to his is a list of players that guarded Jordan during this career (interestingly, the only perimeter players to win DPOY was during Jordan's time): Sidney Moncrief - 2x DPOY Alvin Robertson - DPOY Michael Cooper - DPOY Scottie Pippen - 8x all defense (former players/coaches/mgmt said MJ used to kill Pip in practice) Joe Dumars - 6x all defense Dennis Rodman - 2x DPOY Gary Payton - DPOY Kobe Bryant - 9x all defense T-Mac (Wizards Jordan) Ron Artest - DPOY (Wizards Jordan) Paul Pierce (Wizards Jordan) Kevin Garnett - DPOY (Wizards Jordan) etc, etc, etc

    • +jtremaine23 You're running out of things to say. You cannot possibly convince me that Joe Dumars is an elite top 50 player of all time, a guy who received all his accolades only during the biggest expansion era in league history. Jordan fans have to start overrating his competition just to boost him up. You honestly think guys like Dumars and Scott were greater competition for Jordan than what Bill Russell and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were for Wilt? Jordan's competition throughout his career was DILUTED TRASH and that's the biggest strike against him why he isn't the greatest. Most popular doesn't mean greatest.

    • jaranarm Here we go again. Everybody is always injured no matter what lol. I could say the Lakers won against Detroit in 88 with an injured Isiah Thomas. Also, Kareem was 40 & 41 the years before and they won back-to-back so no excuse (like always). No matter what you say....Jordan is the still greater and voted the greatest player to play ANY sport, not just basketball.

    • +jtremaine23 Dumars won Finals MVP against the Lakers with an injured Magic Johnson, missing Byron Scott, and a 42 year old Kareem in his last NBA season. Dumars may have been a good defender for his time but again, that's only because the overall talent level of shooting guards back then was super low. That's why Jordan in particular dominated so much at his position. The NBA voted on its top 50 greatest players of all time in 1996 for its 50th anniversary. The only other shooting guard Jordan faced on that list was Drexler. In his career Wilt had to go up against 8 other Hall of Fame centers who made the top 50 and all of them had led their teams in scoring and/or rebounding. As I mentioned previously, Wilt went to 6 Finals and had to battle another Hall of Fame center under the basket in every single one of them for points, rebounds, and blocks. All those centers made the top 50 and Wilt was battling them multiple times each per season in a smaller league. To try and compare Jordan's head-to-head competition with Wilt's is a joke.

  • Joel's just a dumb kid.

  • Wilt was tall with some skills and was successful offensively because he could stand under the hoop whilst others fed him the ball. He's not even in the top 10 for his position let alone a conversation regarding the GOAT.

  • Sorry Joel but Wilt was tall and that's all he had going for him. Anyone that tall and at a time when you could camp out under the basket could score 100 pts. I don't rate Wilt's100pt game at all. Bill Russell, Jabbar were better then Wilt. I wouldn't even rate Wilt in the top 50. MJ is the greatest of all time because he was a complete player both ends of the court and a supreme athlete with great skills only rivalled by LeBron. But even LeBron cannot play both ends of the court like MJ could and cannot win games like MJ could. MJ Goat...Wilt...sorry but don't even rate him in the same conversation. Joel you clearly don't know how to measure a good basketball player.

  • Wilt is like James harden. Knows how to put up stats

  • Jordan took it to the hole against Ewing, Oakley, Bad Boy Pistons, Jabbar, Barkley, & Malone. People appreciate Centers. Wilt did against Russell and who? Small white guys. But MJ being compared to Centers shows he’s the GOAT

  • Nigga shut the hell up wilt is a good player now I know we will never know Who the goat is because you have Elgin Baylor, Bill Russell, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-jabbar. There are many more. But wilt chamberlain does have a lot of record most rebound 55, most points 100, adverting 50.4 points a game. He holds 72 records. So he could be the goat but I’m sorry we will never know that. So stop your predictions and what if’s we fill never know.

  • Player (wilt) vs team (mj,Scottie, Rodman, kurr) and mj playing in the lightest of competition the nba ever.

  • He’s right tho.. wilt chamberlain dominated and would dominate Michael era and today’s anytime lol . Kutos to this guy but fuck philly

  • This is why i hat e ESPN they got idiots thinking there is nobody close to mj by there obviously bias opinions HOW THE FUCK IS THERE NOOOO ARGUMENT FOR WILT TO BE GOAT

  • jordan was statistically worse than wilt and won worse than russell and now theyre saying he both of them together?

  • Thank you Embiid and everyone writing in these comments! The closest thing to a young Wilt is Giannis, (this year) but here is the funny thing, Wilt was taller, faster and had a higher vertical than Giannis and Micheal Jordan...How is that possible? What can you do with that kind of agility, speed and power......You absolutely DOMINATE to the extent that has never been done before or been done since...

  • Lol Bill Russell had four HOF teammates and played in the pre NBA/ABA merger yet developed league. Tough defense wasn’t a thing back then. Had I imagined if the 90s were full of plumbers it still wouldn’t be worse than today’s soft business decision era. MJ took the NBA to another level they paved the way it is today. He inspired kids to pick up the basketball and turn into players who we see today.

  • Joel Embiid Should've Stated K.A.Jabber Over Jordan Since Jabber Have More Titles...Besides Jordan Was An Ass Kisser To Me..

  • no such thing as a G.O.A.T., it is only a personal perspective. for me, MJ. i have witnessed, and saw greatness. but i root for TD21; as a player and an example of a sportsman.

  • Let me know when someone can jump high enough to block young Kareem’s skyhook twice in a row. Go on CS-tv and see Wilt’s highlights. And you will see why.


  • Wilt Chamberlin was a product of his competition, Jordan played during a time when half the league was tough to beat

  • Theres no such thing is the g o a t

  • And all so Wilt Chamberlain are much better them become to records Wilt Chamberlain wins vs. Jordan in records Wilt Chamberlain the goat I agree with Joel Embiid.

  • Jordan and Wilt are tied in MVP Wilt 50.4 points per game disserves MVP Wilt should have 5 MVP and Bill Russell 18.9 points per game wins MVP Bill Russell disserves 4 or less maybe 3.

  • Jordan and Wilt will be much different if they play in different eras.

  • Wilt Chamberlain is the best of all time much better rebounder than Jordan was

  • Wilt Chamberlain haves more Winshares than Jordan Wilt Chamberlain much better in defense better score than Jordan rebounder passing and steals Jordan stats Wilt win accomplishments Jordan all selections and stats champion like Score champ rebound champ AST champ STL champ BLK champ Rebound Blocks and AST champs wins Wilt Chamberlain Jordan wins in STL and Score champ Wilt Chamberlain is the goat I agree with Joel Embiid.

  • You not compare the rebounds and blocks

  • the guy was unbelievable...Shaq wanted to hurt his opponents.... Wilt Chamberlain never wanted or intended to hurt anyone ( he said in an interview post retirement).... listen to some stories about his Zeus power... The man once dunked so hard that the ball hit the ground and his opponent's foot got in the way and FRACTURED his toe!! Have you ever heard of something similar? He BROKE his opponent's shoulder just from blocking his shot!! Never has happened before ... He threatened Sam Jones not to come in the paint.. and he NEVER ever came in the paint when wilt was present...he was intimidated.....a certain hall of famer QUIT nba afraid to matchup with Wilt Chamberlain....he deadlifts 600 pounds, lifted Arnold Schwarzenegger with one hand, he lifted a average weigh adult like he was paper, .....and if he WANTED to hurt you (like Shaq intended) I don't know what to say...... so Stop

  • Back than the nba only got 10 Teams or so ... Today 30? Looks like its Harder to win championchips these days

  • Jordan 6:0 in the finals ... thats clutch ... of course ... but how many finals he dont reach if he "only" gets there 6 times?

  • Can they fix that green screen? Stephen A. looks like the joker.