Stephen A. says Aaron Rodgers is the greatest quarterback he’s ever seen | First Take | ESPN

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Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Damien Woody react to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ performance against the Chicago Bears.
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  • Brady has been to more Consecutive Title Games, than Rogers has playoff wins..

  • Max wants Aron Rogers hog...he loves Aaron..what makes Rogers so great I'm missing it...has he had any clutch moments? ?good point woody only 1 super bowl early on in his career

  • To me the greatest ever is Peyton Manning, the Rodgers is the most talented QB EVER, no other QB NFL history can make the plays he does

  • This is a joke. Aaron isn't even the best of his era. Brady, Peyton, Brees, all better players

  • Homers

  • When exactly did aaron pass Montana and manning?

  • Aron Rogers the best 1 super bowl this guys are so matherfuckers stupids

  • aaron rodgers greatest qb ever? what football are they watching?

  • brady?

  • Brady's the greatest quarterback of all time! Max you're an idiot.

  • As usual, walking soundbytes Smith and Kellerman have no f*cking idea. They jump on the Rodgers train for his 'natural skill' alone. This aint The Natural, buddy. You get it done, or you don't.

  • I'm confused, these blokes keep saying Rodgers is the greatest QB in the game. Then they all say Tom Brady is the greatest player of all time. You can say a player isn't the best in his position but he is the best of all time ? This Max guy seems to just look for shock value in his comments.

  • the white guy can eat a fat dick... #GOAT

  • Lol he's not that gifted Stephen a... or else he would find ways to win the big games like Brady... stop making excuses

  • The greatest quarterback with 1 superbowl lol... not too mention the excuses that get made for him when he loses... he's also a shitty son and teammate

  • Aaron Rodgers is the best Quarterback in NFL and hes a bad bad man

  • Aaron Rodgers most overrated player of all time

  • I agree Dom Aaron Rodgers is a bad bad man

  • I'm probably one of the biggest Packer fans that anyone will ever meet; Lawrence Taylor is the greatest football player of all time

  • Max is on drugs lmao

  • Such a bad man bears finish 12 an 4 and knock the packers out of the playoffs. Most overrated QB ever.

  • I'm be so lost I haven't seen Rodgers do shyt since 2010super owl.


  • Aaron Rogers is the best stop hating pussys.

  • Molly fine as hell

  • Max dumb as hell

  • The disrespect on Brady, manning, and Brees. WOW

  • Max kellerman= biggest fan girl of Rodgers. Bro stop with the excuses. Brady is the best. It’s obvious. No qb ever can do what Brady did in the super bowl. 28-3. Let’s not forget Rodgers lost and got outplayed by Matt Ryan in the nfc championship. Brady will have the legacy. Rodgers will just be a memory. No hate towards Rodgers just being honest. He’s a great qb but don’t overhype Rodgers.

  • good read for those who keep thinking Rodgers is better or is “clutch” lol

  • Greatest quarterback, not greatest player ever. It's still Montana...🏈

  • Stephen A Smith who said Tom Brady is the GOAT when he beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl and now he said Aaron Rodgers. He need to get off Rodgers NUT SACK. Lol

  • Aaron Rodgers The Best Quarter Back Over💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯☢

  • Wong’s. It’s Drew Brees.

  • They talking like Rodgers got 10superbowl 18mvps and there's for 100000 yards 8000 TDs. Like brees and Brady trying to keep up with him last I check brees and Brady both got like 70000 yards and 500 TDs. And needs got a superbowl and we know Brady got five. So why are they talking like Rodgers ahead of them don't rpdgers got like 40000 yards and I superbowl Im lost. They like who s a better q.b. than Rodgers awww. Brees Brady Manning Montana aikman Kelly marino elway. Starbauch Lawrence Taylor Jerry rice criss carte randy moss Barry Sanders Walter Peyton Mike singletary ray lewis. John Lynch emmitt Smith deion Sanders Micheal Irvin like wtf is this Aaron Rodgers shyt about. whT y'all suckinh his dick. Cause clearly dude just alright

  • Can I have what y'all smoking. Max Rodgers the best huh. Rodgers so o.kish. Everybody else have a lot of wooah. Brees have damn near every passing record Brady have the most accomplishments. Peyton Manning won superbowl with two different franchises what the fuck Rodgers do that make you go woaaaahhhhhh. Brees leads the stats in almost every category that's a woaaaahhhhhh. Brady the most accomplishments 5 superbowl plus crazy stats. That's a woooooah. Peyton Manning won superbowl with two different franchises and crazy stats that's. A woooooah. I'm being honest what has rodgers done that's off the charts. Nothing. Everything he's done seem regular. All the other guys you can go woooahh. They just have to Rodgers on one little qbr. Thing.

  • Aaron Rodgers is not even in my top 5......yet!!!!! He will when his career is over, but he won’t be the best

  • Lol the greatest quarterback and NFL player to ever play the game is Tom Brady and there's no question. Max you are so full of it. You say Brady is the greatest ever all the time and now you say Rodgers because of a week 1 game against the Bears? GTFO. Brady's comeback in the Super Bowl was way bigger and way more improbable. 25 points to Rodgers' 17. And it was in the SUPER BOWL!!! Damien knows what he's talking about. Max is stupid as hell. How about Brady's 24 point comeback against Peyton Manning and the Broncos!!!??? Rodgers is rarely even clutch. He's like 1-37 or something when trailing in the 4th quarter to teams with a winning record. Stupid people.

  • Steven A obviously has never seen Joe Montana play

  • Max doesn't know football. He never has. His only real forte is boxing.

  • Nah im not even a Pats fan but its definitely Brady talk to me when he wins at least 3 titles

  • Changing the game has absolutely nothing to do with greatest and everything to do with the times. It's a scapegoat and ignorant, narcissistic point of view. That fat fuck(that's what I call him) is a joke he's always spewing shit gravy everywhere he goes

  • Bo Jackson is the GOAT. He was way more talented than Lawrence Taylor

  • Brady goat

  • Best player of all time? Aaron Rodgers? No way!!

  • Stephan A is disrespectful of Rivers but says Aaron Rodgers is a bad man! Put the stat lines together and you'll see that Rivers is the better quarterback

  • Joe Montana is the greatest QB ever. 0 interceptions and 4-0 in the Super Bowl. Montana is the GOAT.

  • Does Drew Brees not exist?

  • There’s no best best player in football

  • So he's done less with more talent than brady doesn't make him great makes him an underachiever not great.

  • Her voice pisses me off

  • A-Rod = 🐐.

  • As usual Max kellerman is out of his mind.

  • Get back in the kitchen Molly

  • They are soooo loud. Does espn hire loud mouths? So annoying

  • Maxx looks like Aaron!

  • Tom Brady is 27-10 in playoffs, 6 of those loses have been to the eventual sb champs. Aaron is 9-7 in playoffs, one of those loses have been to eventual sb champ. Tom and Aaron have played the same team 3 times in playoffs 2011 NYG, 2014 SEA, 2016 ATL. The passing ratings for those games are 2011: tom 91.1 aaron 78.5 2014: tom 101.1 aaron 55.8 2016: tom 95.2 aaron 91.6. Case closed

  • Aaron Rodgers doesn't even make my top 5. He'll be lucky to be top 10. Is Max fucking high as shit? He isn't even top 3 QB. Montana, Brady, and Manning all whoop this ass.

  • What does Brady do then

  • This clown will say anything outlandish to make himself foolish

  • They can call Aaron Rodgers the greatest player in the world for his talent considering how he’s only won 1 championship but can’t call Lebron the greatest ever for his talent because he has less championships than Michael? Miss me with that bullshit.

    • Yup because it is Aaron Rodgers. If Tom Brady and Aaron switched both Max and Stephan A would hold Him accountable more than Rodgers. It is funny because after tom brady won super 51 Stephan a smith said he is the best QB of all time. And Max well we know how he feels about brady. No one is going to hold Aaron Rodgers accountable like the other elite QB in this league ever.

  • Best QB? Peyton Manning has been to 4 Super Bowls , with 4 different head coaches and 2 different teams...gimmie a break even on Rodgers best day, he hasn't been able to take his team back to the SB... Lets not forget about Brady either....right now I would say Brady is the most consistent and best active QB in the league right now. And I find it funny that the Manning haters say he beat Rex Grossman to win his first he beat the Bears defense and yes he was lackluster in SB 50 but lets not forget the smackdown he put on the Pats in the AFC championship game to get there....

  • Brady is the 🐐. Where did all this Rodgers being the greatest come from. I mean if you look up all these analyst opinions a year ago, it was Brady and now they saying Rodgers. What exactly did Rodgers do last year that pushed him over Brady that was considered the greatest a year ago that went back to sb and broke sb records? Smh 5-1

  • You lot moaning about molly when woody is pure trash

  • The GOAT is in the eye of the beholder, can we stop having this conversation every other week and highlight some other actually interesting NFL news? Vent over...

  • Why is the lady talking?

  • What did Max say after he said why haven't we seen him in more super bowls?

  • ...yeah ...Stephen A..why not mention Kaepernick as greatest QB of all time ...makes about as much sense....after all he did convince some pretty sharp executives to make one of the stupidest business decisions of the last mont or so...

  • It takes great coaches, great players but also takes one other thing and that is great front office decisions! Something the Packers have not had enough of! I have been a fan of the Packers since Lombardi was head coach and many times the front office let down the team and the fans over the years, especially during the 20 some years when the Packers were the laughingstock of the league!

  • ....Brady is easily as good as Rodgers...better i think ..I have no clue what you all are talking about ... Unitas... Brees..Montana ...Baugh..Graham..Elway ..Marino...Young....Favre..Manning ..ALL excelled and were considered the greatest ...during their playing career ...with the exception of maybe Brees...who stats wise blows them all away......the guy had a great game Sunday ....and Stephen A...i guess.. has taken leave of his senses ...there are more ..YA Tittle...Van Brocklin....this show is a joke today ...i can't possibly believe that ANYONE would DREAM that Rodgers is the best football player of all time ,,,Jim Brown ...could be mentioned for sure ....but Rodgers ...come on

  • If you gave Aaron Rodger Brady's offenses, defenses, and coaches throughout the years Aaron would clearly be the more tallented player, this is fact! Brady has had an organization filled with winners. All the players around hin were coachable and knew their roles. Brady has the best tight end ever in the game and he has some of the best receivers ever in the game. If you think Peyton Manning, or Aaron Rodgers wouldn't have done great with Brady's teams you're just absolutely false.

  • Ring wise Brady hands down, but raw talent, better overall QB Rodgers easy

  • Max you Suck

  • Why are we always fighting about who's the goat. Aaron or Tom. I'm just happy I got to live in the era of both of them. GO PACK GO!

  • Typical TV BS. How many Super Bowls did LT win? How many other ... oh man, I just can't even go on. More television BS to get you to watch.

  • Yea taylor changed the game but nobody talks about how peyton changed the qb position as we know it today and is the only qb to win a superbowl with 2 diffrent teams give the guy some damn credit he made shit players awesome

  • Tom Brady=goat qb 5x champion 3x mvp 4x SB nvp.....etc

  • Give me mccarthy over aaron rodgers

  • What about Walter Peyton? Dion Sanders? Like c'mon Max.

  • Y'all acting like if rodgers was on the patriots he WOULDNT have 5 rings or MORE right now where Brady is. Thats the debate, and think about it, could Brady have taken the Packers to the Super Bowl more than Rodgers has? I think Rodgers would have 5 rings as well, maybe 6.

    • +JTM I mean i hear you but at the same time i also think he COULD have 5 rings with patriots and Bradys timeline. But its a nonsensical debate because its based completely on "what ifs". Im not denying Brady, but I can only imagine if Green Bay had super bowl caliber defense this past decade, what may have been...

    • If Rodgers were on the Patriots, he may have more than one ring but he wouldn't have 5. Tom Brady is the only quarterback in the history of the NFL that would have ever brought a team back from 25 down in the Super Bowl.

  • I am from Europe (Montenegro) and as I am watching the NFL 20 for years not being the supporter of any particular NFL team, all I can say that this conversation is a conversation of kids. From my POV NFL football stands for the most challenging TEAM game in the history of sport, and the team in this kind of a TEAM sport, no matter how much the" team" word means, it always depends on a leader. But not the any kind of the leader. It depends on a leader who will always say "follow me". And the only three leaders of this kind I saw (probably there were more like Staubah or some other but I had no chance to watch them) were Emmitt Smith, Joe Montana and Tom Brady. I believe that I have a right to say this because I am not American and I am not a particular fan of any team so I can keep my mind clear and open. No question that Rogers has a great talent. But talent does not win the games (ok, two or three maybe). It is the overall stamina (not just in football but in life also) that does that. We in Montenegro have a sentence from one of our poet's novel "a kadar sam stici i uteci i na strasnom mjestu postojati" (able to escape and to get and to stand at the ground of a horror). Mr. Rogers is still not this kind of leader. Problem with American football and basketball fans is that they always come to numbers discussion. Numbers do have a meaning, but it is not the numbers that win the game. It is about to be great and hold the ground when it is tough. And to do it consistently showing that it was not the luck winning that same previous game that looked like this one. So, you can throw 600 yds 5 tds no pick, and still miss that crucial pass, or run or tackle. What matters is to do it when it matters. Brady did it time after time, with different teammates and against the different opponents. That is what makes him the best in my eyes, just a step in front of the Montana and Smith. People in this video.....hhmmmmm....just a fans' discussion...nothing more.

  • Was Bradshaw better than Rodgers? Is Eli better than Marino was? NO. So please stop the Brady rings crap. You know dam well it's a team sport. And things like defensive stops, coaches, situations, and other players matter.

  • Smith is right on the money. Rodgers is the best QB of all time. Case closed. End of story.

  • Taylor was a drug addict. He played out of his mind because he was out of his mind.

  • Can they suck aarons dick any harder?

  • rodgers is great but not the goat brady is the goat period..this is not up for debate

  • Damn right he's the greatest

  • Lets not forget Rodgers has no defense tom yes its clear if Rodgers had one we know everyone's comments would be much different....but Rodgers has downed brady lets not forget ...just saying if at any point Rodgers gets a top defense you all know who will down who....gifted player show Respect....Hell Tom Brady likes to watch Rodgers he's said so himself....hell Rodgers on one leg I'm sure Tom was like DAMN!!!

    • +Pedro Martinez look at defensive rank at those teams

    • In the 6 years where both Rodgers and Brady played the entire season ('09, '10, '11, '12, '14 and '15), Green Bay gave up an average of 19.82 points per game, New England gave up 19.78 points per game. So that is a differential average of 0.04 points per game

  • What should have been argued was the packers poor defense.

    • In the 6 years where both Rodgers and Brady played the entire season ('09, '10, '11, '12, '14 and '15), Green Bay gave up an average of 19.82 points per game, New England gave up 19.78 points per game. So that is a differential average of 0.04 points per game

  • Fact is Brady already admitted that he never did half the shit Rodgers did, because all Brady had to do was sit behind a fucking offensive line year after year passing to Gronk, with a hall of fame COACH behind the lines. ENough said? I think so.

    • In the last 5 years the Patriots have had 4 offensive Pro Bowlers (other than Brady) and the Packers have had 10 (other than Rodgers.) In that time New England has gone to the AFC Championship 4 times, won the Conference 3 times, and won 2 Super Bowl titles. Green Bay has gone to the NFCC twice and lost both times in horrific fashion. You lose again son. Should have stayed in school.

    • How can I be jealous of someone who sits in the pocket for 10 seconds straight because he can? Brady doesn't carry the Patriots. Rodgers carries the Packers. Understand that and you might understand what makes a QB great. Did you even watch this video? They clearly said "COACHING MATTERS"; something the Patriots excelled at for years because why? BILL BILICHIK IS A HALL OF FAME COACH. Do you see the point now? Brady has had an all star cast around him for years. If you can't admit that...then, I'm sorry for you.

    • Don't be jealous son Aaron Rodgers on SB LI: “What a great game to watch and to see Tom and his greatness on display one more time. He didn’t need to win that to prove he’s the GOAT.”

  • Damian woody be havn me dead😆😆

  • Aaron Rodgers hasn’t done shite in the playoffs lmao

  • What I see here is that every one of these guys are using different dictionaries, none would agree on the definition of the main words they are using. And that makes this a meaningless argument. But floating LT out there in the same convo as Arod and GOAT is just racist bullshit, shame on this fool. Nobody refer to Tayler about anything. Arod has elevated himself to a class all by himself, because of his skill and talent, and it wouldn't surprise me to see a future trophy somehow named after him.

  • Aaron Rogers is good but both Montana and Brady are better. Jerry Rice is the best football player of all time.

  • Y’all need to leave Molly alone 😂. Let her be great

  • Rodgers is incredible

  • *Lillerly*

  • Who gives a shhhh about opinions. Go beat each other's meat.

  • Rodgers plays like ass in first half and then comes back against The Bears in the game of the year and people lose their minds but completely disregard Brady coming back by even more in the CHAMPIONSHIP at 40 years old.

  • I find it odd that LeBron can't be better than Jordan bc of championships yet there are really arguments that Rodgers can be better than Brady when the championship count is 5 > 1? Not to mention Brady has more impressive comebacks (2013 Broncos, 2014 Seahawks, 2016 Falcons, 2017 Jaguars) than beating the Bears at home.

  • I’m a huge Aaron Rodgers fan but one game he did terrible in was against the Broncos a couple of seasons ago . He threw for only 77 yards