Stop finding my old SCHOOL PHOTOS!! LWIAY #00100

čas přidán 25. 11. 2019
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  • I have seen a turtle before but it was a turtle that got its head crushed I saw it when I was walking home. I think it was a turtle it could have been a tortoise.

  • 18:42 hannah baker watching this like 👁 👄 👁

  • Anyone noticed that he said chairs instead of stairs?

  • Im 9 years old right now jan. 12 2020 i need 1 in the first

  • Yay my meme was in here

  • Felix: I don't wanna call you guys out. first name he calls: Eric 18:42 time stamp

  • That car is from whydotas

  • Did anyone else turn around? No, just me?

  • i sow roomi oficial ther

  • Yess Pewds just said *"I'M YOUR DADDY"*

  • Hold up... Who the hell names their kids penis?

  • How does pew know I’m 19???

  • my name is Pierre-Philippe (so my initials are PP) so if i name my kid the same name would i be pp big and he would be pp small


  • He's short because he's floor gang

  • 1:43 "lily reinhart is that you? But with shorter hair"

  • Me seeing pewds forehead vs others Normal people: Haha Felix’s forehead its an eIgHtHeAd- Me/emos/bisexuals BRENDON IS THAT YOU-

  • 18:18 "Dick" is actually a pretty common name in The Netherlands... I even know a guy called Cock.

  • In school i was picked for my running speed not for me because i was the fastest in my school

  • lwaaaaaaaa!

  • Pewds angry for being short *Cries in 5'3*

  • Felix wants his kid to be bullied to have a great future Felix's kid: *gets depressed*

  • Bruh my sisters name us hannah

  • Pewdsz is so kawai desune senpai chan


  • I am 21 so yes u are better for older fanshahahaha

  • E for everyone

  • Why do all the kids in his 8th grade class have blonde hair


  • that class photo photoshopped coz legs

  • I love how he said chair

  • How did pewds mistake Keanu for Kanye

  • Bruh why is everybody in Felix’s class blonde

  • 4:18 "So long gay boys...." "All i feed them is cocaine, and chicken.."

  • Felix, you look like justin bieber when you we're a kid

  • The lighting of the video reminded me of 2012 pewdiepie

  • 17:58 ya kanye west of course

  • The second person have a norwegian yt Chanel and HIS name is jottersen

  • Feels bad bro, my name is Erik ;(

  • He's right i dont think i would be the samé without being bulied but i kindy deserved it i say everything i think About someone (sorry for my grammar im from Czech)

  • I prefer Music Man

  • I'm from future and I approve this 7:22

  • Are you kidding me terraria is one of my favorite games I have the best weapons

  • Why do those old school photos look like me ????

  • He looked like my ex she was female

  • Dickson Kjellberg Imagine it be like Felix during a stream: Dick,DICK gimme some water Dickson: *cursing in swedish,english,italian and japanese*

  • Felix is the same height as me and I was considered short in high school FOR A GIRL. The real dutch land is in the midwest lol

  • I love how he called ken jeong that “thing”

  • Lost episodes 97,98,99

  • cool lwiay 00100

  • 👁👄👁 💧 💧

  • he look like JUSTIN BIEBER , when he was in 8th grade

  • Are we going to just ignore the fact that he was sitting in the middle with all the wamens when all the bois were standing behind... Hmmmm

  • luckily i dont look 8 when im 13, i look 5

  • I love licorice but all my friends hate it it’s so good

  • Make a terraria Series and Call it T series

  • “You thought it was pokemon?” Me : “no I thought it was peni-“

  • The first and second pat on the back surprised me and now I can barely see the video because my eyes are watering

  • 18:42 common names like Eric, Hannah they will just glide through with no bullying Hannah Baker: -_-

  • “Some guy” that’s gronk 😂

  • I'm not going to copy but someone said pewdiepie short cuz he has no legs the kid who said that has 11k likes

  • It better to be short

  • have you thought about terraria series is short t series ?

  • pewds: 10:20 minecraft vetarens: |ʘ ͟ʖʘ|

  • Sive: you took, everything from me. Random guy on reddit: i dont even know who you are.

  • Holy shit, I actually am 19 now

  • 17:56 bruh kanye west??

  • Who watching this in 2020

  • I just got pew die pie pixling and tuber sim yes!!!!

  • That’s yiay’s intro

  • it should just be Y

  • when you have to laugh at a coworkers joke or with mine 100000 jokes a day lol its so annoying them damn boomers

  • I feel like Felix was the most adult child

  • *" I can relate to the shortness of pewds in 8th grade "*

  • Me: *sees thumbnail Also Me: KURT COBAIN!!!

  • I swear to god in your class photo, the guy in the top middle looks like Roomie lol

  • jag är Hanah från din klass. Hur tar man bort ens sons videor från ens youtube canal?

  • someone: i played gta v...then went to buy gta v me: 9:51

  • 1:34 LEGS !

  • Name your child Britta or Ulla and send them to Sweden