Stop finding my old SCHOOL PHOTOS!! LWIAY #00100

čas přidán 25. 11. 2019
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  • What does LWIAY stand for again?

  • my name may be hannah but my last name is gay and everyone makes the same damn joke :,(

  • Fellow 19 years olds like this so we can see how many we got 👊

  • Minecraft marketplace garbage dlc mod crap that's usually all better when it's done by actual modders on java version

  • 0:10 that was probably the fastest intro ive ever seem

  • when you're actually 19 years old... this is the best farewell to my youth...Ive never been more proud to be such a useless age in a terrible country

  • He honestly looked like Jonas from Dark when he was younger, omg i'm shook 😂

  • Felix rapidly becoming a grumpy old man 😂

  • 99999 lwiays?

  • i am 19

  • Pewds playing with his Galaxy Fold: "I don't realize this expensive phone is that expensive"

  • l epic nintendo switch eppic

  • When you said turn the fuck around I turned around wow perfect timing

  • smh millie bobby brown is like 16 or 17 not 14 but fbi still have to go bye bye to jail

  • ͝° ͜ʖ͡°

  • Eighth grader Felix looks like Ellen

  • Felix should do a drop randomizer in Minecraft! XD

  • I legit turned around the first time when felix told us to

  • 18:19 that is short for Richard btw

  • I just realized I’m actually 19 years old...

  • I dare Kaito and the other boys to let Kaito’s little sister dress them up and then they can all have a tea party~! >:3

  • I was born in 2002 and sometimes I wake up and I'm like wtf I thought I was 12 like yesterday

  • Davie504 Will love this 0:46

  • *the views are at 69* *sign from the gods*

  • so Asians are things now pewds wow :(

  • Felix has a jacksfilms forehead

  • I Think Pewds Chair got Stolen

  • How do i pronouns your first name

  • Wow, thanks Pewds! At least you said i'm great.

  • This video deserves one epic gamer reference out of 10

  • Bringing back the Beastmaster 64!!!

  • Calls Gronk "some guy"

  • I mean you should make a terraria series since you already kind of finished Minecraft series

  • I feel personally attacked for my name, I'm wounded

  • In my civics glass we were watching CNN 10 and there was a thing about elon musk and i kept saying how amazing elon is and i was being an elon weaboo and my teacher just said Leon you musk shut up

  • Whts that shirt brand?

  • Fuck I’m 20 I’m too old to watch now

  • The fact that Pews never pin or like anybody’s comment

  • Daddy

  • I'm not lying, Dick is a name in the Netherlands.