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  • This makes me want to nick a strawberry from a pick n mix in a shop 😬😈🔪

  • ye

  • Stormzy is special! Looks like something possessed my man in this video man is going from strength to strength hence he calls himself the goat!

  • If you like this song then you are legends and if you don't like this song then you can fuck off cause this song is a masterpice.

  • The way he smashes every song is rare asf

  • Can't drop the bag, I'm the bag ya know! Straight DAWG HEART

  • I watched The Inbetweeners so I get this music now

  • Is there a Wiley comeback?Doubt it.

  • Issa hit gah damn

  • Oversensitive man, needs to sort his head out.

  • Where can I buy this jacket ? 👀

  • Best tune goin

  • So I watched this video in a dark room and it made half my phone look brighter than the other cus of the flashing light. Noice touch

  • Can’t stand Stormzy hypocrite Got a guy sacked because the guy “blacked” up in character for a fancy dress party Alright to disrespect homosexuals though?!!

  • Where’s this fucking album

  • stormzy just discovered that he is allowed to say the n-word

  • A yo stormzy,is flipz talking yet.

  • chip on his shoulder this bloke

  • Absolute shite.

  • Big shaq?

  • Love Wiley

  • Stormzy please collab with Lady Leshurr !! Like if u agree

  • New Fan. From the states. Salute!

  • Listen to Wiley ft devlin 'bring them all/holy grime'. Stormzy could never ever EVER flow like that

  • Wiley is the godfather of grime, made a whole sound and pioneered the ting.. stormzys flow is nowhere near to wiley who gives a fuck about numbers. Stormzy first album was whack to me

  • only think i see is black screen

  • The way he got intimate with that mic. Lol

  • "We doing major things but its minor tho"😨😨😨

  • why can’t I stop listening to this

  • everytime i play this i get instant goosebumps

  • how the fuck is this only on 5mil

  • has anyone heard the song ''engineers/ by hp boys'' its lit

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Well I'm Not Epileptic But I Just Had A Seizure

  • Any fellow Americans checking out these bars?💯🔥

  • This bangs

  • Aj next wal out music for ruiz 2??? 💪😀

  • greetings from holland

  • Took me a bit longer to like this song than the other singles but I love it now

  • the Wiley flow he is referring to is from the 6 minute dubplate warring the movement (Ghetts, Scorcher etc.). (sometimes known as the "Nightbus" dubplate). Starts 2:28pm. I like Stormzy but this does not TOUCH Wileys raw anger, passion and energy when Stormzy delivered his version.

  • 2:41 best part🤙🏼

  • Probably will never happen but if stormzy and chipmunk clash that would be enough to bring grime back to how it was in my opinion

  • 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦💯💯💯 This is Hella dope

  • Went to school with stromzy I was the only white girl who chat to him and still do least he the real skeng

    • FNG _Nyebz well it’s true so I guess there no need for hate but not that Igaf if you or anyone thinks it’s true all not just saying

    • Just doubting if it's true or not. Not intending to hate on you.

    • FNG _Nyebz need to light up hates very ugly I don’t need attention already get it hun

    • Need attention much?

  • You did a parody of Stephen tries diss track?

  • This beat hits so hard. You man are my youngers

  • I like how he said Anthony as Antny, so he can rhyme. 😂🙌🏽🔥

  • I showed this to my water gun Now it’s a 45 callibur

  • 🤣 🤣 🤣 Soooo s*it

  • Who’s here after Stephen tried a diss track?

  • literally on fire!! ❤❤

  • This is fire 🔥

  • I love your book

  • i love you stormzy!

  • Fuck this nigro check out kak hatt

  • Bro to clean love from Spokane WA

  • Yo stormzy fight wiley for charity its more of a fair fight than him and ed cos eds just a weasle - plus u need to earn urself some street cred u kinda lost it since u went mainstream - ufc type not boxing

    • Bro ufc.. size 13 to the face omg wiley head be in the back of the arena pow

  • How Can Wiley Say Anything When He Barely Is Involved In His Songs

  • 3:03: you're* also wonder if the switch sides thing was in reference to geko and big heath?

  • Listen to this before your workout and I guarantee you'll get 2-3 extra reps in each set🔥🔥