*Strange* Blood Rituals By A Teen Vampire Clan, Turns Deadly? Mystery & Makeup | Bailey Sarian

čas přidán 11. 10. 2021
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Hi my friends! Happy Monday hope you are having a wonderful day so far. Today I wanted to talk about vampires, yay. Lol. Fascinating story. My costume was a flop but hey, thats okay! Its just makeup and it washes off haha.
Let me know who you want me to talk about next week! I love and appreciate you so much, and I hope to be seeing you very soon!!
Make Good Choices
Bailey Sarian


: : CHAPTERS : :

20:45 HOWARD
43:33 THE GANG



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    • Evan miller, vs. Alabama Juvenile case and I did a research paper for college I wanna hear you tell it.

    • @Yata May QWERTY see

    • Giving me charity vibes with that look from the movie vampire clan!x

    • Ll

    • No, Girl!! 🤣🤣🤣 Not the Devil’s Lettuce! 🤣

  • When she started with the white powder, I was like ok ok, then she put it everywhere am I’m like what’s happening! Then it’s like a switch flipped in my brain and I’m like oh duh vampire

  • Bailey I actually want to meet you your awesome! Great story teller, quirky, funny but a great person. So real love it!

  • whenever i think of vampires of think of bailey and alice cullen

  • I used to play VtM in college 😆

  • I love vampires lol, I think these guys have a very very vivid imagination! Why do vampires have to be all bad? Lol. Surely they aren't all satanic and into necrophilia (sick sick sick) 🤔 The blood drinking part, well that's just 🤮

  • Sponsor takes toooo long please get to the story

  • U give me such Paris Hilton Nicole Richie vibezzz

  • It’s something I would have worn out 1998-2005

  • Unfortunately I think of edward cullen whenever I hear vampires 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Since when are there multiple ads the middle of the video?! I only come to CS-tv for Bailey Sarian’s videos. Are they available somewhere else? I really hate CS-tv. They constantly want me to subscribe to their streaming service and I have to repeatedly decline even though I’m signed-in.

  • Where I live it isn't even allowed to film outside your apartment/your house if people on the public street are visible.

  • BurgLaRy lol

  • Bailey: "When you think of Vampires and fangs" Me: *Blade*

  • It's Bailey out here memorizing 50+ minutes of information while I can't even remember my postal address

  • Can you PLEASE do Anatoly Moskvin?? 😲😲😲

  • I vaguely remember my mom telling me a watered-down version of this story as a cautionary tale not to be goth LOL

  • Should look into Pazuzu Algarad. It would be a great story!

  • I just wanted to pause the video to tell Baily that I just had an entire conversation with her on 10:20

  • Your background journey needs to be appreciated it’s amazing!!!!!!! I need to see it unblurred

  • His Aliases on the DOC website: COUNT, COUNT DRACULA

  • Did she just say irrevelant? 😂 That woke me up. Usually, Bailey's story is my bedtime story.

  • Grandma is the true MVP of this entire story.

  • Unrelated to anything but, I love your cat ears so much! They're so cute

  • Bailey: he’s rippin heaters Me: punchin darts?

  • Why is Rod’s early vamp days me when I was 10 and the Twilight series was huge

  • Umm… Murray is my hometown and I am shook. How did I not know about this!

  • the glass in the corner was probably for self-harm

  • Me scrolling through the comments trying to find the reason for the glass in the room at all times.... and not finding anything on it...😔

  • Yeah, the sentencing for this one has me torn. I think he was genuinely trying to save Heather but went about it the wrong way. So, he endure prison life until his death.

  • I’m really curious about how rod identifies now that he’s older and if he still believes he’s a vampire and if he thinks what he did was okay. Because I do find it really sad that ppl can end up in prison for almost their whole life even if they objectively deserve it. I do believe people can change I’ve seen it but we’d have to see it to believe it first

  • Been enjoying the uploads, much thanks for your work and humour and yes, the Goth Girl make up is great 👍😀

  • We vampyres don’t accept this person as one of us

  • I barely started watching and I was like hey that's what I call my cat, Spookalish.. His name is Spooky


  • Hi bailey Sarian please do even Miller vs. Alabama . I did a college paper on this one and I wanna hear you tell it please.

  • 9:00 the sign in the background “home is where you get cuddled” . . . That’s messed up considering what the grandpa did.

  • I don't know either! You grow so much in that span of time. None of us were who we were when we were 17 I don't think. Idk

  • He probably had a necronomicon and as others who answered you out loud Necrophelia

  • First, Vampire the Masquerade & Dungeon & Dragons are really fun so it’s so cool to hear Bailey mention them! Secondly, this is such a sad story of intergenerational trauma and how it hurts whole communities.

  • U r just simply gorgeous

  • Ok I'm living for the ultra goth look on her!

  • Bailey plsss do more vampire true crime

  • Yes I feel life in prison is the best sentence possible for Rod as well as Howard.

  • You look more like a Neko-girl, but no matter what, you always look beautiful.

  • I live in Murray . We all still talk about it and vampire hotel is still there

  • Shout out to granny

  • U are so great 😀

  • “I’m not that desperate to be your friend” ahahah dead 💀 🤣🤣🤣

  • Necrophilia my dear...and the broken glass might be to cut someone if they walk in...luv ur videos here 💖

  • Fellow member of Kentucky. I promise it’s not as small as it sounds. Murray is one of our smaller towns 😭

  • I'm actually currently playing the tabletop Vampire the Masquerade with my husband, best friend and her husband! Super fun role-playing game!!

  • Bailey Bailey Bailey I’m loving the hair dos you’re coming along way bestie! Yes In my mind we’re besties

  • I think Rod secretly wanted to be a prison inmate for eternity and not a Vampire. And "Boom" he's a prison inmate for the rest of his life !!! Which is a little "Suspish, don't you think?" 💋💋💋 Love you Bailey !!!!

  • Love Bailey!! But I keep looking at the uneven blush!!

  • I recall getting grounded for $800 phone bills and saving up for 60 minute calling cards!!

  • I didn’t even realise that last video she didn’t do the intro song cuz I always do it

  • those guys are total basket cases

  • necrophelia

  • hey boo

  • You look darling and badass!!!❤️

  • the real monster in this story was the grandpa.

  • I feel like Heather should be in jail to ..

  • This is my neck of the woods! My husband and I were both shocked you did this story. Grew up with this story, and would do my homework at the location it all happened. You presented information I didn't know. Thanks Bailey! 🧛

  • I am more into werewolves lol

  • Your look was suppose to be a goth girl? I though you was trying to be a kitty 😂😂 oh welll still cute 😘 😛

  • Ok where do I find what Bailey uses for her makeup?

  • I would like to suggest the Michael and Robert Bever case for next week!!!

  • Tell me how I had no idea ab this case and I literally live in Murray. I’m going to the university today….

  • Why is this even recommended

  • Hi, can you do the menendez brothers? i want to hear your opinion hehe thanks Bailey!

  • The Look is Goth Goals🕷️🐈‍⬛🖤

  • "He turned his bedroom into a shrine to the occult. Super creepy!" *Shows picture of him posing next to a teddy bear*

  • “Irrevelant” 😂😂😂 I had to go back like 5 times cause I thought I was bugging

  • "hes on lsd... not that simple... hes like rahhhrfahk" i made the ugliest noise

  • That's the image from the video game. Not the TTRPG. My nerd is so triggered right now.

  • "he should've been burned at the stake" love that

  • You reminded me of the girl in hotel Transylvania, so cute! ☺️

  • This make up look was a real trust the process

  • Make better choices

  • ...WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yeah its a cute look! Love it!

  • The outfit is SO cute!!!

  • Currently sick with Covid so I guess I’ll post up here lol

  • Vampire the Masquerade is actually an awesome game to play if you like DnD🖤 Also the video game

  • I didn’t expect to see Vampire: The Masquerade mentioned on one of Bailey’s videos, but I’m pretty happy about it lol! It’s actually a really fun and interesting game.

    • @cmorris1284 that’s awesome! I hope I get the courage one day to try actually playing a game with other people. I’ve never done anything like it before.

    • It truly is!!! We're playing an Austin based campaign right now

    • I’ve never played it but I love dnd

  • Im british and love how she says noggin and nay nay. I thougt only brits used these words lol. Love watching therse vlogsx

  • I remember this story growing up. Murray, KY is 45 min. From me. Rods grandpa should've gone to the clinker... Just horrible. What a messed up ordeal . All of it.

  • I remember this story growing up. Murray, KY is 45 min. From me. Rods grandpa should've gone to the clinker... Just horrible. What a messed up ordeal . All of it.

  • You are just so silly dude... Love your character. "GREAT...love that." 🤣

  • So mad I jumped at the little thunderclap in the beginning 🤣

  • Ty for the trigger warning 🥺🥺🥺💗💗💗

  • can i just say i L O V E your halloween decor

  • I like listening to Bailey when I miss my besties. She's my CS-tv, pretend bestie.

  • “No not me, not me” “well...” 😂😂 love Bailey

  • Starts at 3:30.

  • Sounds like a scream for attention and help, maybe mom shouldve been a mom.

  • I just love your story telling! Cute look but I thought you were going to put a dark red over the center of your black lip.

  • So does anyone know what the broken glass is about? 😭🤣

  • Do one on dark history of animal testing, what companies use/d it for & who started it pleaseeeeee🥰 makeup/medical/etc