Stranger Things 3 | VFX Breakdown | Netflix

čas přidán 23. 08. 2019
A little VFX can change everything. See exclusive before and after shots from the making of Stranger Things 3.
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  • l love stranger things 123

  • VFX is just awesome of this season, i hope we met again in season 4 with *DemonDogs*

  • Does anyone know what video editing software and vfx software this was made with

  • The power of CGI

  • Mind flayer is disgusting

  • 0:48 ....

  • neat

  • 0:48: I NEED that guy's job

  • The budget must by skyrocketing

  • OH MY GOD!!!


  • When's stranger things 4?

  • Imagine trying not to laugh when Millie was throwing around nothing during the hospital battle

  • If I was an actor on set and saw the mindflayer as a beach ball... *id be fired*

  • 와 개쩔어!

  • this is literally awesome!! the editors are so talented it’s crazy how much i love this movie it’s my favorite

  • I think the hospital's floor is real. It's just CGI all along... 😂😂😂

  • The editing was harder than my grades

  • Lemme guess they used blender?


  • The acting is amazing

  • 0:48 *wassup Jonathan*

  • Ngl these Extras are pretty good for just background characters

  • 👍👍

  • How the el did they do this

  • D-Demogorgon!I Love You!

  • 0:47 I'M CRYING

  • must... unsee...

  • 0:45 LMAO

  • i didn’t got the chills in season 3 like season 2

  • Watch out for beach balls now everyone. It could be a Mindflayer in disguise...

  • Does anybody know, wich software they used?

  • Nutty show

  • When season 4 release?

  • I’m sorry but it’s not a breakdown, it’s before and after

  • The beach ball is a nice touch

  • What an amazing Effects😮😮😮

  • Milli did an amazing job while screaming.

  • Season 1 is better

  • Great respect to the guys from the vfx-team! Very great job!


  • Definitely one of the cooler breakdowns I've seen! Everyone wants to give the actors credit for reacting to nothing but I have to give props to the visual effects guys. People don't realize how much work goes into this. That being said, I'm actually suprised how much of this is practical, I would have assumed shots like 0:06 were completely CG.

  • 0:48 at long last, my dream job.

  • Wait you tryina tell me the monsters werrent real?

  • Never ending story 💕❤️❤️

  • Why doesn’t Netflix release season 3 again except there’s no cgi. It would be hilarious.

  • That’s just cool... wow

  • I have been acting in my life and I recognize it's not easy to pretend something is here when the thing is just a simple stupid object LOL but great job to actors ;)

  • Vfx directly propotional to how bad the season is.

  • Season 4 when, DBD got me to watch this and i'm addicted, i need season 4 NOW please.

  • amazing

  • Waiting For Season 4

  • little vfx?

  • Man, the budget went through the roof after the first season

  • i had a large fan theory actually 2 comment if u want me to say other one what if s5 finale had like blue ghost of everyone who died like barb billy bob and steve the gang robin jancy all the characters that were in the show came together to fight a larger threat than the mindflayer but dart will be alive and there will be demodogs demogorgons 008 brenner and mindflayer there well maybe not the mindflayer or what if 008 and brenner were working with the russians that could explain why billy saw himself and how she made it where will could see upside down and see what the mind flayer was doing also let 001 aka the mindflayer see what will is doing and hear even alexei would be back in this theory also kali couldve faked the deaths and the russians have every single person that died she also couldve done a haluctionation to joyce when she saw the wall moving and all the numbers help i forgot the rest

  • So u saying the mind-flayer isnt real??😐

  • Much loved in INDIA too...🇮🇳🔥🔥🔥💓💯

  • This shit is DOPE !

  • There are so many people just saying: wow what an amazing actors. They are amazing for imagining a monster in the scene. Well they are but real talent are directors who lead those actor. The visual effect team who make up actors mistakes. The editing team who make actors look cool. Actors are just the surface. This is the main reason that the significance amount of budget goes for behind the scene people (real talents)

  • 0:46 oh my god dude