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čas přidán 14. 08. 2019
Watch exciting video on Stranger Things cast and their real-life partners!
Here’s everything you need to know after watching Stranger Things season 3. Stranger Things Netflix hit series managed to surprise the audience with a new season.
It was so sweet to see the romance between the characters of Caleb Mclaughlin and Sadie Sink. But how Stranger Things 2019 cast can surprise you with their real-life couples?
00:35 Winona Ryder - find out whom she was dating besides Johnny Depp.
02:15 David Harbour - has a pretty impressive dating history. find out more about it in the video.
03:47 Gaten Matarazzo - and what about everyone’s favourite Dusty-bun? Has he found love off-screen?
04:34 Joe Keery - is dating an actress in her own right. Find who she is here.
05:41 Maya Hawke - is she dating the son of the Rolling Stones founder? Find out more about her real-life romance in the video.
06:51 Natalie Drye and charlie Heaton - find out whether they are still dating in real-life and why they capt it in secret.
07:57 Millie Bobby Brown - aka Eleven has a very sweet romance with Finn Wolfhard character. But in real life actress keeps her love life in private. One of the biggest rumours around the Stranger Things cast was about Millie Bobby Brown boyfriend being Romeo Beckham. Is she dating him? Find out that and more about Drake Millie Bobby Brown relationship.
Though it seems that Noah Schnapp keeps his love life in secret the most, watch what we’ve managed to find out about Stranger Things 3 cast private lives!
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  • How would you like if Millie becomes a Beckham family part? So cool, right?)

  • Damn. Why can’t eleven and mike date in real life? Like him and Millie are the CUTEST

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  • why is it so important to for adults to adress the relationships of kids?

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  • Don’t touch there social life’s

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  • Drake finna catch a case

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  • why he look like john wick

  • Wionda looks just like my speech/drama teacher.

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  • Did that Gaten chap cycle to the premiere with his high vis jacket ?

  • Natalie: describes the stranger things cast as a big family Logic: so you and Charlie are brother and sister while also dating *Sweet Home Alabama intensifies*

  • My names Natalia but spelt differently

  • Lol She looks a bit like Victoria Beckham . No way drake would even think about that at 15 years old ,kinda bad to mention that in all honesty considering the title of the video .bit weird don’t ya think specially when they just mates and appreciate each other’s work your basically branding him a perv hahahahahaha a nonce which is bad

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