Styles P Versus Chad Ochocinco Johnson | Is Kanye vs Drake Too Messy For Hip-Hop

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IAA Miami Season 3: Episode 2

Brandon Marshall, Chad Ochocinco Johnson, Channing Crowder, and Fred Taylor sit down with rapper, Styles P as he drops gems on growth and health. Styles reflects on his career as a member of The Lox and gives us his take on the current state of hip-hop. Ochocinco take things to the next level when he challenges Styles P to a must see freestyle battle.


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  • Channing is not from the hood, his parents were rich athletes.

  • 😂😂 Styles always keep the same energy no matter who. I seen him go at 50cent like this. He keeps it real

  • Look @ I am athlete every now and then we say this was the best episode of the series 🙌I know in guilty but this one 👌... the Ghost just great

  • Don't start a disagreement off wit " it's hard ", something being hard shouldn't be a reason for not doing something .

  • Don’t call me the ghost no more call me the phantom ! S.P. , D-Block !!! .... His message is consistent , real , needed , loved and I pray everyone can well receive it . ❤️ 👏🏽✊🏼💪🏼💪🏽💯🇩🇴

  • Gotta stop thinking the virus doesn’t know color. The people that create the viruses and the cures know color and they’ve learned how certain things affect certain races differently…

  • Camera guy must be gay

  • This was great, I think this episode is my favorite!!

  • 17:48

  • It’s not the food it’s the drugs that makes it stay hidden lol Drugs not Food bro to much blow and ya dick start playing hide and seek smh

  • Eat a slice cake. It's going to hurt. It's the over doing it. Eating chips cookies cakes every day every week.

  • I love this ish!!! Great show

  • Ocho is one of those people you cant look at when you trying not to laugh at something.

  • Them glasses on the chef help him see the ingredients better

  • I feel Styles should go down in history for the health movement first, rap career second. The LOX are legendary but these teachings will outlast and benefit society more than the music

  • I’d like to get a glance at his book shelf.

  • 9min in and I already loving it !!! Style P Got a great personality. I rather seeing him with black excellence than on these whack TV show.

  • Daaaamn! Ocho really ”smoked” Styles on that makeshift verzuz! 😂🤣😂

  • This was way too short in my opinion

  • Blessed to be a Styles P follower! 🙏

  • I loved Styles P with this group! Channing is annoying

  • official Gods!

  • Love this show... Great shit. Styles P is my g

  • The SP!

  • Styles talked around the 50?

  • To change the community we have to work on our local levels, with black ppl in our area. Every local area has different challenges, so we have to give up this "national agenda."

  • Styles P a true New Yorker lol. Passionate, yelling while talking, using examples.

  • So much game from a real one who knows. This is exactly what we need moving forward. The voices that we trust setting a great example for our people. I look forward to more content like this!!!

  • Fred was learning!!!!

  • Shoutout to the Fellas!! Conversations that’s truly needed without egos! Grown Man Talk‼️

  • I may never watch ESPN again. I like this a lot. Shouts out to the Ghost

  • I need that styles P hat Ny niggas know wassup💯

  • I learned a lot from Fred for saying almost nothing in this , good listening is powerful.

  • “Go around the corner and square up a fucking hug” 😩😂😭😭

  • You guys should have your blood pressures checked and see who has the more healthier blood pressure for your ages😂

  • This show is do good! Styles P is treasure

  • My favorite rapper, dropping gems. Styles hilarious!!!! Great conversation per usual, gentlemen.

  • Damn styles said the realest shh Any chance we get, we wanna spend money on the finest things to cover our body, things that go on and come off but don’t put the same energy on what we feed ourselves. Smh I gotta get back right lol

  • There's actually nothing wrong with the African American diet. Black folks are dying due to stereotypes and negative attitudes and behaviors towards our cultural diet etc.

  • Damn tho where chef Nancy attt

  • Drake? To messy for hip hop? They are soft as baby shit

  • Styles stop shaving and grow your breard

  • How do you pick which cuss words to bleep and which ones to leave? Y'all be confusing me... just let em breathe.

  • This makes me wanna take sea moss and black seed oil asap

  • Makes no sense tho . Your kids learn from actions . If you tell your kids eat healthy but you don’t ain’t gon matter what you preaching

  • Styles P had his spiritual awakening...the rest are sleeping in the Matrix. God don't care about your platform. Mental health is in Him

  • Its biblical. Generation after generation. Destroyed. By a lack of knowledge

  • I enjoyed that shit!

  • Y’all fake woke lmao, Styles p not all there.Don’t do drugs kids.

  • Amazing!! wow

  • Love this show!!! Great content its gets greater by the episode!!!🙏👑❤

  • 0:31 Lmfao sometimes you just gotta tell people just because 🤣🤣 frfr life too short man

  • LOVE YOU SP RS 🎯💯💪🏾

  • 06:50 BMarsh has that Wendy Williams "exceptionally good tea" look 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sometimes I think they forget they rich though…ain’t that many options for healthy food choices in Public schools. The message S.P is promoting is village. We have to start the dialogue in our communities and make each other aware that avoidable sickness is taking us out, unnecessarily.

  • Stylez was trying to get through to Ocho 😂 and he just stubborn just for fun lol

  • Fab mixtape on the hat

  • 😂🤣"Somebody look at Chad Ocho Cinco's 🍨!"🤣😂

  • 😂😂😂😂😂 bruh I’m crying

  • Excellent show! I love how Styles P explained about adding new people into what's already built! One thing is to stay solid within yourselves!

  • Loved Styles!!!

  • Watched this episode a few of the best...very entertaining

  • I get high I get high everyday

  • We need that Styles P Vs Ocho shirt y’all!! What a episode

  • Ocho took off the glasses

  • This shit was amazing, love styles. I only was introduced to him from that Berner collab tape Vibes

  • I literally stumbled into this show, I gotta say, I’m not disappointed at all! Sht is fire. Keep high steppin like a Clydesdale fellas, tall and powerful in elegant fashion. 💯from 🇵🇷

  • Man this was a amazing episode

  • Styles P came with the knowledge today!!! I enjoyed watching!!! :)

  • Y’all got styles p on but talkin bout 50 LOL put 50 on the show.... everybody kno 50 is the king of NY


  • Best episode ever 🔥 Salute to the ghost 👻

  • Hey Styles, you may sell more smoothies with a better smile.

  • Love this!! Please get Nas on the show!!!

  • Styles P not in shape so what is he saying

    • Being shape doesnt mean ur healthy my g.

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Love Styles P always a fan

  • Man like Styles P YO!

  • All these things take money. Money into the community and schools. Funding being dispersed to low income communities will give schools and others to allow more resources

  • Love the passion Chad gives behind how he eats because all this stuff trash and chemicals for real. SP drop gems per usual

  • Yeah after this one Imma need that J. Cole special guest appearance

  • It is called systemic racism. We are affected by the virus the most because they are not treating us before the symptoms are lethal.

  • DOPE.... 🔥🔥💯

  • It's funny how Chad references the Jewish people, but then "jewish" followed boundaries and that's the conversation piece.

  • I would’ve taken that piece of lint of his sweater in real time. Look out for the homie let’s start there

  • That's why Styles P Is My Favourite Rapper, The Energy!!! 👑

  • Ghost The Great Styles P💪🏾

  • Awesome conversation Subscribing

  • The butterfly analogy is some OG gang and/legend shit

  • Channing might need to chill with @donlogan

  • SP - is the realist most intelligent rapper in these streets today. Another great show!!! 🙏🏾

  • P coming real man style. Class of 02 here. Grew up wit these boys 💯💯👍👍

  • When Channing discussed how to prepare the chitterlings my stomach started turning.....yuk lol


  • Ok this is definitely my new favourite episode 🔥🔥🔥

  • Appreciate this for the notes on food from style p

  • That final battle rap battle 😂😂😭😭. Good episode, Styles P giving knowledge

  • Styles P is not good to interview. He thinks cause he talks loud he right. & he don’t listen he tries to over talk ppl. Boy bye.

  • I hate all the commercials!! They keep messing up the flow….

  • Say no mo 💯