Sub Urban - Freak (feat. REI AMI) [Official Music Video]

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Debut EP 'Thrill Seeker' is out now:
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Director - Andrew Donoho
Producer - Valerie Bush
Executive Producer - Ryan Huffman
Production Company - Huffman Creative
Head of Production - Luke Arreguin
Production Manager - Eli Raskin
Production Coordinator - Katie Sarrels

Video Commissioner (Warner Records) - Devin Sarno
A&R (Warner Records) - Stefan Max
Management - Daniel Maisonneuve
Director of Photography - Kristian Zuniga
1st AC - Riley Keaton
2nd AC - Adrienne Durazo
Steadicam - Thor Wixom
BTS - Lorenzo Bellasen
1st AD - Joe Suarez
2nd AD - Chelsea Tummolo
Gaffer - Ryan Oppedisano
BBE - Jeffrey Taylor
Electric - Justin Mcwilliams
Swing - Kyle Farmer
Key Grip - Henry Martinez
BBG - Leonel Sanchez
Grip - John Portillo
Production Designer - Jade Spiers
Art Director - Chris Hohman
Prop Master - Kira Colas
Set Dresser - Steele O’Neal
Set Dresser - Griffin Luttrell
Set Dresser- Carly Glanzberg
Stylist - Krissie Torgerson
Stylist Assistant - Kristin Condia
HMU Department Head - Alex Perrone
Key HMU - Mazena Puksto
Addtl HMU - Melissa Jimenez
Addtl HMU - Jennifer Cabezas
SFX Makeup - Kaeghlan Ashley
Production Assistant - Ted Keffer
Production Assistant - Gabe Braden
Production Assistant - Kory Boyer
Production Assistant - Shay Turner
Production Assistant - Nour Karadsheh
Production Assistant - Ryan Morgan
Editor/VFX - Andrew Donoho
3D VFX - Jesse Toves at MFX
Additional VFX - Navid Sanati
Colorist - Kristopher Smale
Rotoscoping - Anil Kumar from Kalp Media & Narendra Moond & Purple Patch
Sword Swallower - David Markham
Strong Man - Brad Swanick
Waltz Dancer - Sarah Polednak
Contortionist - Brynn Route
Featured Clown - Troy Huizar
Background Clown - Joshua Han
BackgroundClown - Aaron Groben
Background Clown - Michael Hennessey
Background Clown - Adelina Saldana
Background Stilts - Devin Collins
Background Juggler - Joey Heyworth
Background Wheel - Nick Kane
Background Baton - Maki Saruwatari
Background Carnie - Joey Davis
Background Performer - Jose Angeles
Sub Urban - Freak (feat. REI AMI) [Official Music Video]


  • We live in a society . . . . . . . . . . Thrill Seeker EP out now

  • Underrated singer check

  • She wanted a banana

  • se me mamo

  • I really like Rei voice

  • Me gusta la canción pero el video nop

  • Am I the only one who hears " banananana "????

  • REI AMI ❤️

  • Me watching this while I should be doing eLearning

  • is it me or is it a vibe when you listen to this with flashing led just laying there and staring at the ceiling

  • Who named it Freak and not Banana 🍌

  • My inner demons be twerking to this

  • is no one paying attention to him in the mirrors ;-;?

  • I speak spanish xd i love The music 😍

  • Descobri essa musica ontem, quando fui escolher uma musica para ficar jogando... E já estou viciada ',-,'

  • My man has the Rinnegan

  • indistry plant 101

  • Muy buena cancion canina

  • his songs are somehow different 😶😶

  • Me encanto igual que los anteriores 😍❤️🔥

  • O my god is epic

  • Win ya look.up who the naga is she literally a amazing upcoming singer and matches perfectly with sub urban lol

  • Is that about how there are strange people in this world


  • SNEK

  • Man the edits are always amazing, i love the music you make aswell. I dont know how but your voice is perfect for music like this that makes it all the worth listening to.

  • Ere el mejor

  • Я один Русский?

  • The World : Facing a crysis Sub Urban : Fighting a hand

  • When you read about Meat Circus

  • mealaine martinez: let's make carousl a carnival sub urban: let's make a creepy carnival

  • Na velocidade 1,25 fica ainda mais foda

  • American Horror Story? 🤔

  • here before tiktok

  • Banana nana... BANANA NANA

  • You down

  • Sounds like she is saying Banana banana

  • Очень спокойная и красивоя песня ,но как шипи затрагивает ( в хорошом смысле)

  • Tik tok stay waiting to stole this song

  • Thats so COOL


  • His content is blowing up

  • Now i can see sean lennon from your face and reminds me of parachute

  • Br ???

  • Omg satanique

  • Uau de mais eu sou brasileira mais sou a paixonada pela suas musicas

  • It sounds like she is saying banana

  • M i only the one who isn't feeling creepy?😐️


  • I’m being real That guy with big muscles looks like Shrek face when Shrek turn into a human😂

  • fazendo um comentário aleatório para os americanos que não entendem d:)

  • freak

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="37">0:37</a> who heard "banana, nana" ?


  • Alice in the wonderland and Gotham city vibe

  • this is inspired by sex and clowns

  • sub urban: *watches american horror story* producer: so your new s- sub urban: LETS DO HOT CHICKS AND CIRCUS.

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="73">1:13</a> he's pp went: 8=================D

  • Aweomse!!!!

  • There are so many small details in this clip

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="103">1:43</a> "i could be your favorite monster" Me:no srry i already have a brother that it's basically the same :)

  • Okay boy u have to collab with Melanie Martinez

  • does anyone else got the vibes of that one circus or smthng with "special" people that had mutulated bodies and gain fame when the main guy took them in? I remember one of them having backward knees I think, I think the song talks about society's views on such "things" and not man people see their beauty unlike the ring leader

  • Billie: I express myself through edgy songs Sub Urban: I scare people through edgy songs and videos

  • Хочешь айфон 11? Хлопни 3 раза Моргни 5 раз и разошли этот комент 10 раз у меня работает проверка👏

  • good track for good monsters

  • I literally just came because I love the joker smile

  • all of his songs are for depressed people.

  • i like this song

  • Freak chamber when pewdiepie is gone*

  • Whats going on?

  • man of one song

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="88">1:28</a>

  • Dari Awal Upload Sampe Sekarang ,Lagu Ini selalu gw Denger

  • Cradles : Hush Freak: i can't help myself...

  • Actually, it's not bad.


  • You are freak

  • i will probebly be in that freakshow

  • Me:Crush in him Him:Dancing with girls and SEX with his gf