Suboi - N-SAO? (Official Music Video)

čas přidán
The Vietnamese rap queen Suboi returns with "N-sao?".
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© 2018 Suboi Entertainment exclusive license to Suboi Entertainment Ltd,.
Prod. by Zach Golden & Pat Mccusker
Directed by Alexa Karolinski
Executive producers: Suboi, Kiwi Phan
Producers: Jenni Trang Le, Bao Nguyen
Director of Photography: Ray Lavers
Editor: Tyler Finnie
Colorist: Eunice Goh
Sound Engineer : Seewhyeff (TTT Recordings)


  • Duma....stop trash talking and put on an ao dai woman. Do something different for a change.

  • What the hell is this ?

  • she is litttttt, and the lyric is so fire and funny, love it!

  • *welcome to Vietnam!~*

  • This slaps wtf

  • For some reason I knew Vietnamese rap would be fire.

  • I love you em maybe !

  • Wow suboi tự hào VN

  • I’m Vietnamese but I can’t understand anything she said because Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups even if she said the same language it still sounds really different and it have a different way to say it too

  • First time here : I Don’t really understand about lyric Second time here : Hmm , the beat is really cool Third time : it is quiet good man N + 1 time : n-sao ,n-sao ???

  • damn not thats some Vietnamese fire

  • Chất vl =)))))))))))))

  • Upload some dcod's music

  • Có ai là người VN ghé qua xem ko?

  • Damn I’m veitimeese

  • i dont understand but you can tell she has skill.

  • Na ni suboi what are you doing at 88rising??? My county vietnam really grown!!! best

  • SuboiXRamengvrl? anyone?

  • ey yooooooo

  • 10/10 reupload

  • Shes cute

  • しんちゃお誰か和訳してー

  • Oh dammmm

  • that's dope!

  • coathanger looking motherfucker

  • This got like a ledy leshurr's vibe

  • Damn this is so good!

  • việt nam vương tầm thế giới

  • This a phat bop

  • Wow, this is really great.

  • lit!!!

  • slayy

  • When people talk about future music 88rising comes right into my mind💣💣💣

  • Suboi the cardi b of Vietnam holla

  • CĂNG CỰC ! :V

  • Better than shiitty kpop

  • *i'm in love.*

  • Aye English subtitles many thanks

  • Русские захватывают эти комменты)

  • issa fucking bOp mfs

  • Omg this lit af, playlist worthy damn🔥🔥🔥

  • Она на каком языке поёт? Просто интересно

  • 언어가 다른데도 랩을 겁나 잘하는게 느껴지네

  • Nice

  • Wut 2 of my fav colab

  • What the pho ?

  • I thoguht i was listening to the song but I was just listening to an ad that was a music video. (I wasnt watching the vid so that's why)

  • Looks like my teacher in Chinese class made a music video lmao

  • Dude translate the lyrics properly

  • Không phải em là anti đâu nhưng theo ý kiến của em thì bài này dở không thể tả đc

  • 뭔진몰라도 그냥좋음

  • Another good female Viet rapper is Kimmese: get her on @88rising !!

  • That was fire! her song made me sweat literally.

  • Nguyen leh uga.

  • Slay girl

  • suboi a Viet queen in 88rising 😭😭😭😭

  • Hey 88rising, grab shantidope some time in the future too. I'm sure u guys won't be disappointed

  • Omahe tanggaku kobongan langsung gan 🔥🔥🔥

  • check out Touliver

  • jeez didnt unterstand any of it but sounds more fire than any femal american rapper now

  • Translation: 5$ Mista, me love yu long taim!

  • So what's the end about? They're a gang of badass prostitutes? lmao

  • vietnam rap queen

  • she fuckking snapped

  • finally a vietnamese rapper in the game :O

  • Beat is lit 🔥


  • ballad queen NIKI and rap queen Suboi =)))

  • 88rising ((= giờ mới để ý

  • littyyyyyyyy viettnammmmmeeseee

  • 88rising should feature DSK

  • Dont get me wrong this beats hard, but shes out of breath in some spots.

  • She's so badass and that flower ninja get up omg I didn't know I needed this in my life fucking queens

  • Wait Vietnamese

  • took me over a month to realize the rap queen is here on 88rising.

  • Proud of Nguyenland

  • Yaaaaaaaaasssssssss

  • Ok queen.

  • Yes bitchhhhhh!!!

  • Sorry, 🇹🇭or🇻🇳?

  • fire

  • She hot and the song is 🔥.

  • Sugoi 😁😁😁😁

  • So class compares To the stupid American hoes who always show half naked and speak only about money and sex. She is beautiful and rare

  • Great song, you should make more and put caption for people that dont speak vietnamese :)

  • New!!

  • oh shiettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Thích bài này quá😘😘😘 c Suboi đỉnh quá😘

  • i like it beat

  • southeast asia vibes


  • iiiiiiiii LOVE HER

  • is that Chinese?

  • Beat 🔥

  • She cant speak english tho

  • 8474

  • Wtf it's so lit boiiii

  • And now I'm not just into PHO and baguette, this Vietnamese rap is my next dish

  • I have to say, this is the only female rapping that I think is fucking awesome (I mostly listen to joji and the like though and this is one if 5 female rappers I have listened to now.)