Sugar Rush Ride - TOMORROW X TOGETHER トゥモローバイトゥギャザー [Music Bank] | KBS WORLD TV 230127

čas přidán 26. 01. 2023
#MusicBank #뮤직뱅크 #ミュージックバンク #音乐银行
#NewJeans #Minji #LeeChaeMin

Fri 17:05 | Re-run : Sun 04:30, 12:40 (Seoul, UTC+9)
KBS WORLD TV CS-tv LIVE : 5PM (Seoul, UTC+9)

#SugarRushRide #TOMORROWXTOGETHER #トゥモローバイトゥギャザー #TXT

#TXT #TOMORROWXTOGETHER #투모로우바이투게더 #トゥモローバイトゥギャザー
#수빈 #スビンです #SOOBIN #연준 #ヨンジュンです #YEONJUN #범규 #ボムギュです。#BEOMGYU #태현 #テヒョンです。#TAEHYUN #휴닝카이 #ヒュニンカイ #HUENINGKAI

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  • TXT really outdid themselves with this album. The stage, the insane choreo, their live vocals!

    • I don't think gbgb is the same that this song. Concept and outfits are similar. But beats and spunds are not the same they are diferent genres. I can tell for dbtw that is pretty dff too since i even got a piece of jazz-? Vibes in the singing lines

    • The live vocals is what impressed me. In showcase i couldn't hear any robotic sound. That means there's not any autone %. Just the backsounds. That wqs a super natural performqnce. They are really amazing.

    • @lovely emy also not trying to act high and mighty with my opinion, just sharing it🤷🏾‍♂️

    • @lovely emy i’m actually verified on social media, obviously just don’t want you to know who I am 🙄 concepts and musical genres are completely different things. conceptually, i was hoping for a dramatically brighter concept. GBGB was cool conceptually, just thought it could be better musically.

    • @vampr lol, the vocals are perfect in this album

  • A fact is taehyun's in ear broke in the middle of the performance and he still performed without listening to a single thing. He was so professional that we didn't even notice. He handled the performance really well. They all did so good 😊

    • ​@SHARMIN SULTANA wait I have nothing

    • @flower in concrete i think the cable itself broke which meant no sound would come through

    • Fyi he's still have one on the other side

    • it's amazing

    • @Garambonita ohh.thank you 👍

  • Like how can yeonjun sing so stably in that position?!? He's soooo awesome

    • @Joe Doe here, clean your ears "🔫"

    • Because he is secretly Beyonce

    • I would’ve passed out simply from this choreo, no I’m not even lying I once passed out while hiking 💀💀

    • Right??? I thought for sure he would lipsync/not sing the lying down part. They're all really good live.

    • @Joe Doe you don't know what live vocals sound like

  • 1:25 Yeonjun's stage presence is fatally captivating

    • wanted to add. 2:50 for me this part was so unreal like hes THAT good

  • They all look absolutely ethereal with their sparkly skin omg. Yet another bop from txt ❤❤

    • Ikr!! I'm living for the glitter, they look so magical 💕💕

  • This is...insane. I just watched a live stage from another group I like, and I could hear them straining, and kind of struggling to keep singing with the choreo. No one really expects idols to sound pristine clear when they're freakin' flying on stage, but the fact that TXT regularly sounds like THIS when they're live is pretty amazing. I am super proud of them, keep on fighting and growing my boys!

    • @Dolphin127 I'm not new to kpop? Honestly can't tell if you're being condescending, but I know how these performances work. No performances are a 100℅ live these days, but many groups do their best to sing over the track as much as they this performance. Not their most live one (they did another stage for Music Bank which has way more live vocals), but still showcasing their abilities quite well

    • I hate to break it to you. it's called LAR. This type of backtrack includes heavy breathing which gives fans the impression that they are singing live due to breathing sounds or minor flaws when in fact it is a previously recorded, non-live performance.

    • THIS IS why i love them so much

    • Same! Like I 100% understand when a group sounds strained like you said, I mean they're pretty much doing aerobics? Doesn't say anything against their talent. But then it just make a performance like this SUPER impressive, TXT are killing the game!

  • TXT have crazy visuals....the company was clever to put all the gorgeous members in a group and on top of that, they're talented with perfect song

    • @Marco A. A. perfect description for TOMORROW X TOGETHER ❣️

    • @Cancel Antis, Toxics and Fake Spammer Bots (Cataf) yes my comment is only for Nasrun Sj, sorry for make you confused about my comment

    • @Eccedentesiast💙 if your comment was meant for the the original comment here, its ok.

    • Ur right 😂😂😂😂 but you called them flops

    • @Cancel Antis, Toxics and Fake Spammer Bots (Cataf) i'm sorry, did my comment is wrong? Plis tell me because this is not my first language i'm still learning

  • TXT has no bad songs Their albums are amazing Let's support them to get many awards and many wins MOA

  • The stability of their vocals while performing such taxing dances will never cease to amaze me TvT Stan TXT, stan talent

  • soobin shined this comeback he killed it !!!!1 txt is the best group

  • Visuals are no joke this comeback they look so ethereal and my baby Beomgyu finally is getting the recognition he deserves !!

    • beomgyu got his recognition a bit in gbgb lol

    • @Lexa Alright, that makes sense.

    • @Mars P. I think what she/he means is a recognition for his talents rather than his looks, which he is previously known for :))

    • Isn't he the group's visual? How was he not getting recognition for it before when his literal title is "group visual"? I really want to know.

  • Beomgyu slayed the dance 💃🏻 And his vocals 😍 🤧 His gimme gimme Moore 😳

  • One thing I absolutely love abt txt is that we'll never know what the next comeback will be like and with every new album they always exceed our expectations everytime

    • Every new comeback is a new concept

    • So true

    • @i'm a potato tall x tommorrow

    • In every TXT cb, not only they show versatility but they also show growth, watching them grow before my eyes is such an amazing experience.

    • FRRR

  • Soobin your voice is amazing😭

  • im obsessed with this era. Obviously the styling is insanely good, and the song give me eternally vibes which is amazing, but like wtf (in the best way possible) is this choreo??? yeonjun fully lying on their knees while singing his heart out?? iconic

  • I’m not a MOA but I will say this. Each comeback keeps getting better and better. I absolutely love this album. I never thought Thursday’s Child would be topped but here we are.

  • Taehyun realmente nos asegura que esta cantando en vivo en cada una de sus presentaciones.

  • i dont know much about txt but wow this was sure a performance! they are all super handsome

    • Regine

    • Yess!!

    • Check out their discography, it's amazing:)

  • crazy how all five members are such high-quality performers. all five of them shine so brightly on stage 🌟

    • @Caden ⟭⟬⁷ haha same,my eyes need to see all members because they're looking like angel but at the same time can be devil tho😂 it's just so beautiful

    • right?? sometimes with groups your eyes will get drawn to a certain member, but with them i'm frantically trying to watch all of them at once lol

  • their vocals are really good

  • Yeonjun is UNREAL

  • 0:43 Beomgyu look so good, i love this song

  • tata panggung, kustom mereka, dance dan melodi lagu adalah kombinasi yang pas. suka banget

  • i rewind every single second of this performance i can’t find the right words to describe how good it is

  • hueningkai's ability to change his voice like this is so amazing. he's a brilliant performer i love when he's on stage and able to sing!! kai is the best!!

  • Why nobody talking about TAEHYUN’s dance😍he improved even though he’s good at dancing 💕and his sp is so strong idk I can’t take my eyes of him🥰💞slay my KING TAEHYUN

  • TXT's discography is a chef's kiss! We keep getting newer and newer concepts plus it is not boring. All of it are diverse and very interesting.


  • They devoured each and every concept, they're such a versatile artists

  • i love the song, the outfits, the vibes, the vocals. this whole cb is everything to me !!!

    • me too :’) everything is perfect i have 0 complaints

    • Same


  • TXT has been on my radar for yrs but I actually bought their last album and I gotta say they're definitely becoming one of my fav groups of 4th gen. Bravo man. 👏🏻 Since debut watching them grow has been something special

  • Txt always surprise me. Every comeback I feel like it's something new

  • How can a man be so perfect I almost thought their angels? TXT is so amazing and talented can't help but be motivated and proud!


  • every comeback they shine even brighter than before, that's amazing

  • The way these boys have levelled up from 2022 is insane...they're growing at such an incredible pace!

    • 2022 was the year of GROWTH for txt ❤️❤️❤️

    • Kuyyu

    • As someone who hasnt kept up with kpop properly since 2021, theyve all gotten SO much more charismatic from the last time ive seen them, especially beomgyu and kai!! it's amazing progress


  • txt started already good but they get better every comeback. At this point they are so good that it‘s rude

  • Imo nobody stand out in this comeback bc all the five members slayed , ate, devoured. They are just amazing.

  • they all look so amazing! im so proud of this comeback they really outdid themselves! TXT never disappoints!!!!!

  • Also a raise to TXT's stylists in this comeback!!!

  • Beomgyu is 4th Gen charismatic centre! ^-^ facial expressions, stage presence, dance and visuals all are on point and let’s not forget his voice that we can never get enough of he deserves alot of centre time

  • They can pull off any concept, KINGS

  • 1:25 2:50 思わず叫んでしまった…ヨンジュンの破壊力やばすぎ🤦‍♀️❤️‍🔥 これ生で見たらきっと失神するだろうな…

  • I love this comeback so much, hueningkai looks hotter, his facial expressions are crazy, his dancing is on the level of a main dancer, and he is definitely the most handsome and beautiful guy in K-Pop I would like to thank TXT very much for giving us the opportunity to see this magnificence.

  • They really out-did themselves in terms of stage presence!! ALL OF THEM have insane expressions and body language, they imbodied the concept so well! a mix between sensual, bright, subtle, hard-hitting, feminine and masculine. All with the catchiest chorus ive heard in a long time!! fcking incredible

  • this is my favorite album so far TXT YOU WILL ALWAYS BE FAMOUS!

  • Their stage presence are AMAZING!!!

  • 0:55 Huening Kai's part and Soobin's part are so so so good that I have to rewatch the show to see this

  • The 👉🏼👈🏼 gimme gimme more part looks so innocent yet feels so seductive at the same time. TXT stage presence is so good, their facial expression is so on point and the dance, vocal & everything abt it is perfectly executed, as expected from our boys ❤

  • I’m literally in love with this new album and concept! And the whole group is delivering it way beyond my expectations! Thank you TXT for always improving and doing your best for every comeback 🤍 and thank you Soobin for always taking care of the members and doing your best🤍 MOA’s let’s support them the best we can!!

  • Soobin, his vocals and visuals💯🔥 🔥

  • 2:42 I obsessed too much with this part. I can't stop repeat this part . Beomgyu kill me with this part, his vocal, visual & facial expression are insane

    • Me too!

    • it sends shivers down my spine every time ❤

  • Txt should really be appreciated more for singing live even in music shows 😍😍😍 Their voices are heavenly

  • Vocal kings!!! This is very live, I'm very proud of them... They really showed how amazing and good they are every comeback

  • Haven't watched a TXT stage since their debut. They're so amazing PLEASE. The glitter arms?? 😮‍💨😮‍💨

    • Thank uu :’) i love the song so much

    • @TRAVEL Good day!! I'll keep streaming 💟

    • @Me, a rat. BTS, the pied piper. No problem! I deleted my comment as you edited it and explained yourself so there was no need for me to keep what I said. Sorry again and thanks for the understanding and clarification. A lot of countries use it as an insult so you obviously understand where we would misunderstand. Anyway have a good day!

    • @TRAVEL It's okay. I understand how it may seem frpm your point of view

    • @Nyumi Liz Across the net, it is used differently. Type it on Tiktok and you'll see what i meant. In no way was I trying to insult them. Sorry Moas

  • After many yrs, aside from TNX , NCT , Alamat,Vxon and 2Pm my first love bg ...Im glad that i stan TXT ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

    • Yessssss

  • Suka banget sama penampilannya bagus dance dan ekspresi mereka

  • 2:46 Beomgyu's visual is dangerously beautiful

  • TXT siempre nos da presentasiones increibles!!

  • Gila gilaaa keren bangetttt woiiii bangga banget sama txt!!!!

  • TXT you all did very very very good job... It's really awesome comeback

  • love you txt huhu, bangga banget sama moa.dan txt di comeback kali ini, benar2 kita ngelakuin dengan baik, we did it well guysss moa dan sayang2ku tubatuu

  • the beomjun combo at 2:41 shaking crying throwing up screaming i knew i was missing something in life 😭

    • the power duo fr!

  • 1:18 como que esta parte fue muy personal para Hueningkai y Yeonjun, lo mandó a volar a otra dimensión q hasta se le salió el micrófono xdd

  • 冒頭MVと同じで羽根が上に舞い上がるシーンがあってすごい。。TAEHYUNの最後のアップで眉まで動いててドキッとしました。。

  • Their beauty is not possible...why are they so immaculately gorgeous. Like, they are not real.


  • Nobody but txt:slaying stage with UWU dance

  • 1:12 This part is insane. How did Yeonjun just lie down on the knees of the members & pulled it off?? And then how smoothly Soobin comes up It's so elegantly done. I need txt to win awards for this idc

  • Я не могу оторвать глаза от этой красоты. Всë выглядит и звучит так нереально. Это потрясающе

  • Они буквально блистают на сцене❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥

  • guys plz i can’t breathe Soobin’s visuals 😞😞 THEYRE ALL SO PRETTY AND THEIR VOICES MAKE ME MELT ESPECIALLY BEOMGYU HWIJRKE they make me so happy :) !!

  • THEY REALLY OUTDID THEMSELVES... omgggg, the stabilityyyy, the stage presenceeee, just themmmm. THIS CB IS JUST THE CB

  • Eles são reais mesmo gente?? Ou é só um surto coletivo pq MDS Como podem ser bons em tudo q fazem? Estou tão orgulhosa dos meus bebês ♡

  • I really love how TXT manage to surprise us with different concepts every time, this is literally heaven..

    • I LOVE ITT 😩😩

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  • This is stunning in every element

  • Que perfeição!!! O TXT voltou ainda mais incrível, esse comeback tá maravilhoso demais!!! 😍❤

  • Wow TXT keren bangettt

  • TXT kalian keren bgtt, lagunya juga bagusss enak bgttt ❤️

  • esse álbum entregou tudo e mais um pouco; TXT sempre vem com albúns maravilhosos, mas esse superou qualquer expectativa que eu tinha, amo ser moa e poder desfrutar de todo esse talento beleza e conceito, estou tão orgulhoso deles

  • I think out of all their title track performances, Sugar Rush Ride is the toughest. There are a lot of details, not only in the steps but the facial expressions too. txt did so well expressing the theme, they are insane for pulling this off. *TXT BEST PERFORMERS & THEY PROVE IT EVERY SINGLE TIME*


  • Never ever getting over this masterpiece

  • These guys excel in their performances, I'm impressed how each member can be the main visual, the main vocal, the main dancer (although Yeonjun really stands out in this regard)... you can't have a bias here, everyone is perfect! Another thing, is it just me or has Hueningkai grown? He's almost Soobin's height... It's been a while since I've been able to keep up with the group's news, what's their current height?

  • Gila penampilannya bagus banget, koren dan ekspresi dapat banget, cinta sama kalian

  • Best canción creo que se convertirá en mi favorita de TXT, Sugar Rush Ride es arte la verdad mis respetos pa quien creo esta canción lo hiso increíblemente maravilloso. 👏👏👏


    • @BeTx EnGi thank you mucj

    • @krutika It's not an award show, but music show (it's smaller, it does not give away such important awards as award shows. This is a form of promotion that every idol has). As for mv, it was filmed a few months earlier, so now they just uploaded it on yt. TXT came to the music bank studio and gave a performance. The one you watched here was live

    • 🔥🔥🔥🥵 comeback of TXT 🌟🌟✨✨✨💯👍💙💙💙

    • @RICK SAGE that I know

    • @krutika most songs are recorded months before the music video is released lol

  • i have no words.... everything is so amazing about this comeback!!!

  • A performance ficou PERFEITA, TXT nunca decepciona 😮‍💨!! mas fico triste que Kai não conseguiu um ending fairy :''(

    • BunnyKpop é eu vi 😁

  • Sugar Rush Ride is a good song and I like it.

  • 最高すぎて……美しすぎて…… もう言う言葉がないです!!✨ やっぱりトゥバは私達MOAをいつも驚かせてくれます!💖💕 活動頑張って下さい!!日本から応援しています😆💌

  • La presentación fue perfecta ,los cinco que complementan tan bien ,todos brillan ✨

  • This song is really good, TXT brought their a game indeed but i cant help but notice how Beomgyu keeps on improving performance wice, vocally and hes visual never disappoint he looks very charming.


    • Yesss fr

    • Right??? I hope he gets more and more parts!

  • they’re literally shining i love them so much


  • Whistle part is amazing and addictive 😭💓

  • I really love performances where their live vocals are louder than the backing track 🥰 That's why I love their Music Bank performances so much 🫶