Surprising Addison Rae With A Custom Car!! 🚘 🚗 ft. Tik Tok | ZHC

čas přidán 29. 05. 2020
I surprised Addison Rae with her dream custom car! CS-tvr surprises Tik Tok star!
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  • When you draw my car of some thing you will costume maze I will get you some Thing, also what’s your number so I can call you. I love you you tube channel ❤️💗💗

  • Can you try to customise your room or living room

  • Mínimo se bajó por los chescos ?

  • Jacidampeer and I live in Utah

  • I want the Nintendo

  • Is it just me who is worried about when the car will get a car wash!!!

  • H3110 1m w31rc|

  • ❤❤❤

  • This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

  • Do chase to to your 2th vid of this

  • Hi my name is tiana I live in aklend and l love you and I hope you have a great day

  • If I subscribe will you buy my sister a car please I am begging you because she needs a car she is going to past her driver's license my sister's name is jj

  • I just subbed but like it’s gonna be a plane to take you cuz I live in Canada

  • Don’t forget to eat your fruit

  • hahahhah. good

  • i love watching him and subscribe hit the like button and notification bell for more awesome videos like this cool one i feel much better watching this one of my fav vids ever

  • aww

  • Me wondering how they get back without a car

  • You guys are so nice 😁😁

  • Huh where I can buy bun bun and ur plush it’s SOOOOOOOOOOO cute

  • 😮🤭

  • I am Adrianna

  • I love it so cute and funny wow i love you so good I wish I had a car I am 6- I am so happy 🍉🍇🍊🍓🍎🍌🍒🍍🥥🥝💐🐶🙉 TikTok

  • I love you guys can you give me a car to

  • You are the nicest person on CS-tv not capping

  • Actually insane Ggs

  • ZHC can you make a costume Mac Computer and give it to me please🥺

  • They love to stay y’all


  • Monday : Painting Addison Rae a phone. Tuesday : Painting Addison Rae a Mac Book Pro. Wednesday : Painting Addison Rae her Dream Car. Thursday : Painting Addison Rae a House. Friday : Painting Addison Rae a Town. Whats Next?......................................................... REPLY

  • Next week on zhc customising the world for Addison Rae


  • Nobody: Addison: Y’all, OmG, that is so cool, wait really, are you joking, no way, uhhhhh thank you

  • Can I have the I phone 11

    • No, kid. Go buy one with hard earned money.

  • Can you give me a new car 🚗😜

  • I did everything please can ypu goft me

  • I love the vid

  • Best CS-tv channel ever


  • I don't really like it when she ruinx the car

  • Thsi video was so amazing guys that is nice of you to do that:)

  • You guys are really good artists

  • Addison when she sees car: Y'all y'all y'all y'all y'all

  • Omg

  • The next mr beast

  • Ok im saying it the car is ugly af

  • I subscribe

  • F for the poor Jeep you not alone 😥

  • THE main thing is U all enjoy while customizing 😊 And u do it like way...thats what u say? And i really appreciate that 💖☺️😊

  • Am i the Only one who thinks that it looked way better when the car was just white

  • Ayyyyy 1:30 u put taj mahal....i am from india...huge fan...ayyyyyy 💕

  • If it rained wouldn’t it rub off

  • I wish that happened to me 😢

  • Hey good video

  • Dude ur editing for ur vids. And the camera and drone things. It’s so cool. It’s like it’s a movie. Ur vids are amazing camera quality. Keep it up

  • Wer ischt deutsch und nur wegen jamoo hier?

  • i am an englich student

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  • you are best friends? i am brazilian

  • They should do T-shirts

  • 🤜🏽🥩

  • Will it smear if it rains

  • I want to win

  • Zach:ehy do you have your shirt of Leo:bc i want to flex on them haters Me :😂😂😂

  • I love Addison so much

  • Give me a jeep

  • cool vid

  • This man making the marker look cool too...

  • How many money they have to buy this car OMG

  • OMG bro amazing

  • The intro was so clean

  • Michelle voice is so cute!

  • Omg he is really good at editing

  • Can u guys please vandalise my car?


  • You guys are the most kindest people I ever met but no one is nice to me 😭❤️😘😘😭

  • 😱😂🤭😍

  • 13:12🤣😂😂 “banana”

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