Surprising People In Random Squad Fills!

čas přidán 21. 08. 2019
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  • Ninja sucks so bad at fornite he has to start posting the cliche "feels" videos

  • Your vids are so good I watch you every day

  • Ninja please add me on fortnite my fortnite account name is r33sk

  • Hi ninja I’m a big fan can you teach me how to build

  • I truly wanna know if the BeyerDynamic DT out of the box will be better than my Hyper X alpha or my Astro A40 2nd Gen for solos

  • You should play Blackout. Fortnite is for 8 year olds.

  • Ninja: Here little fella I'll save you **Wacks it with axe

  • "Do you know what stream platform I watch ? ... "Twitch. lol

  • Yup old ninja is back woooo😭😭😭😭🤗🤗

  • You are so good


  • My random squad fills are always people that only have the free Christmas skins or people that don't land where everyone marks😒

  • Etapoha Ninja Two Anuncios before Video

  • Ninja im using your code

  • Ninja I buy your skin and your emote loving it

  • This was when fortnite was fun I Miss these days but I wanna met ninja tho.

  • Ninja is the best fortnite player ever

  • Usually me and my squad at 11:40

  • U r a bot. U cry baby

  • nice

  • Imagina ninja joins your game and you barely say anything

  • When he broke out the Bill Burr, “Who does that!?” comment I laughed so hard😂😂😂 Full sized snickers bar, BAM WHO DOES THAT

  • He's the best but he always seems to be very excited when he wins a battle

    • Winning is nice, a good feeling

  • ninja is it very diffrent

  • imagin dissconecting when ninja joins your game

  • ninja is twitch diffrent and who is your editor

  • *Woah thats so cool I wish Ninja would show up on my team*

  • TF you say to me you little sh*t

  • Man, you are hilarious. YES, I CAN SEE IT, THE TEAMWORK, THE UNITY... LMFAO. I love the enthusiasm. My time is night or early morning and I sit here and try to learn to build :)

  • Fuuck you are good. I have played 3 days, and I have SO many problems building. I play Playstation 4 Pro.

  • Ninja: joined game Player: Disconnected

  • It is season 10 idiot 5:20

  • It’s SQUAD Fill not SQUAD Fills

  • Love it brother keep it up

  • How do you get on random squads

  • i support you

  • That is Soo Good Great game

  • I have copped the merge

  • Lol I remember the “I’m never doing random pugs” ninja

  • I prefer this ninja even if he doesn’t win the game

  • Tell the people to not swear

  • Tell the peol

  • Ninja pls don’t tell the people in second round not to swear

    • I’m mean tell the people not to swear

  • Fort is great, but would you come try that stuff in our game called Splitgate by 1047 games?

  • Ninjas face though

  • will u ever do a live stream on TikTok

  • Zalty: IDK if we can win Ninja: Ih trust me dude I have a feeling that it’s gonna be a little bit easier than you expect😂🤣😂🤣. He knows he’s a God 🤣

  • Im a 30 year old man and have played games all my life. But holy shit this ninja guy is a genius at this game

  • 3:17 ninja: dont worry I will save you Proceeds to hit with pickaxe

  • Is this that ligma guy? Lol

  • you are a noob

  • what headset is he wearing?

  • Gees watching him play is crazy. Never played this game but he has insane skills

  • He's so nice to people. What a great ambassador.

  • You are the best

  • Ligma.

  • Oh yeah yeah

  • ummmm how do you get so good on pc

  • Who's waching in 2019 November and u miss the big chug chug

  • 1:37 that got me laughing so hard if u keep clicking