Surprising People In Random Squad Fills!

čas přidán 21. 08. 2019
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  • 7:23 “The chemistry right now is amazing” *leaves*

  • I’m in your party right now

  • Ninja is the real Goat 🐐

  • U should’ve censored the f word

  • Hey ninja I used to watch your streams but then tfue was popular and I never really liked tfue cause he always thought he was the best player in the game and I didn’t really like watching you know but before I really liked your energy but know I’m just kinda burnt out

  • Ninja Kills A Default Killfeed:Ninja Clapped A Bot. 🤣🤣

  • wow 1 kill in 1 round and 37 peeps ninja rlly doesan't care bout his kills

  • Love the energy

  • Ninja can you please give me your username please my my birthday dinner with Alex want to 34 please pretty please I am a big fan of you

  • the lack of banter of most players ruthlessly exposed. ninja carrying in more ways than one

  • Ha! Now he can’t say everyone who kills him is a stream sniper

  • U should creative distraction. On steam

  • Remember when mrbeast donated 30k

  • ninja's ping 0-20 my ping 100-1000

  • Vaya Este Hombre Volvio Con Mucha Energia.....

  • That was a good surprise

  • Ninja always on crack bro always so pumped

  • Ninja: I’ll save u :llama: dies

  • dude ninja is a math god! he counts perfectly even in the tension of a game like fortnite!!! “did over.... 86 damage to him” “dude, this guy has 1 hp” bruh like how????

  • Я один понимаю его но Говорю на русском

  • Excellent, 10/10

  • Ninja is the best if I got Into his game as a random duo I would be happy forever

  • Ninj . When I was getting bullied ( by a teacher ) u helped me ... cause you made me pee myself laughing at your jokes !! ❤️ much love from. Thailand Seeing you so happy makes me happy

  • He should change his name back to Ninja’s hyper like actually. 😂

  • Chur bro that was mean

  • 3:50 “o myy god” 🤣😂

  • Just because your better then him dowsing mean you have to brag

  • Hey Ninga stop being rude to people

  • I like you ninja🤗

  • Did this nigga just say pawg at the beginning 🤣

  • Leave a like pls

  • A

  • I think they are excited to see you ninja.

  • you are so good you are my favorite youtuber you are awesome

  • Love you ninja yoohoo you the best bro

  • Your best videp

  • Ever since he’s left twitch he been happier and more himself. I respect that

  • 1:58 I’m sure he was stream sniping

  • These rando squads is the only for real for sure my bruh. I'm watching you again.

  • U choose Mixer for money.

  • 11:23 wth 😂

  • Yes squad fills are dope 💯

  • Nice vid lol ik its always a good vid from ninja or what?

  • this is almost like Q@A with ninja, and it really brings out the 'Friendly Neighbor Hood Person' in all of us. Please do more of this, becuase this is the ninja we all love

  • try to organize your inventory AR, shotgun,any gun,consumable,consumable

  • Queueing in with Tfue YoUrE My FaVoRiTe StReAmEr Also with Ninja YoUrE mY fAvOrItE sTrEaMeR NOIIIIIIIIIIOIOCE NAH IM DONE JFSHJFSDIUDSGJB

  • He is so bad at acting... the first few seconds is hard to watch... he is trying to be cool but he is just the opposite...

  • Why ninja sounds like Dr.Disrespect in this video to me

  • I hate ligma

  • 6:30 ok buddy

  • Ninja follow me pls

  • ولكم ♥️

  • Awesome video. I like watching these type of videos to see reactions from people

  • i like ninja but his skin is kinda hideous

  • This is so good omg

  • Fm

  • Hi Ninja

  • I actually unsubbed from ninja but may just resub now. His actually interacting again with his community. *Guys Please Support Me By Subscribing To My Channel❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏*

  • 2:41 I thought ninja was family friendly??!! 🤔🤔