'Survivor: Winners At War' - Jeff Probst On The Marooning | Entertainment Weekly

čas přidán 17. 01. 2020
Jeff Probst gives his reaction to this season's marooning.
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'Survivor: Winners At War' - Jeff Probst On The Marooning | Entertainment Weekly


  • #jeffprobsthasdeepdimples

  • What the hell was Jeff's original idea? To poison them?

  • WOW! That sounds boring!

  • Can’t wait!

  • Lol Parvati.....I don't trust you Jeff

  • His dimple got long.

  • Does anybody know if it's going to be any kind of 'Opening'? Like with the song, the names, etc. I really missed last season's one.

  • Amber looks so much like a mom its kinda funny

  • 0:46- Sophie looks like a giant. I think this was photoshopped, because I saw a different photo of the ladies in a different video and Michelle and Sophie were switched sides.

  • Is there anyway I can will be able to watch this show in the UK?

  • why does jeff have a legit hole on his face as a dimple

  • What is "devilish idea" even supposed to mean? Could he be more vague about it?

    • The "champagne" would give them explosive diarhea and then they would have to fight severe dehydration for 39 days.

  • all of the men wearing baggy shorts and t shirts and the women were all made to wear their bikini tops and bottoms 0:44

    • No complaints

    • @tim ooof try harder hunty

    • @Euigeon X Taeyong clearly not. that answers that.

    • @tim cAn y0u reAd??

    • @Euigeon X Taeyong can you read?

  • Cnat wait

  • This is gonna be EPIC!!! But before getting to that, this is season 39 in 20 minutes: cs-tv.org/tv/video-RuPT0johd1I.html thanks for watching!!!

  • Survivor: Quarter Quell.

  • I swear to gosh if Jeff ever pulled an immediate vote-off. You are such a tease, Jeff.

    • @bencalebrod :O

    • Instead they're having an immediate Immunity Challenge and presumably a Night 1 tribal council.

    • Ronel He kinda did on Blood v. Water by voting off Ruperts wife onto redemption island

  • Wait - so is this a battle of the sexes season?

    • No, the men and the women were separated pre-season

  • Right now, I wanna say that Survivor really did celebrate the 40th season a little bit of a bubbly.....

  • I wanted helicopters like in HvV

  • i cant wait!! so excited!

  • I love it. No twist, just a toast.

    • "Twist" and "toast" both start with a "t" and end in an "st". Maybe that is a clue to finding an immunity idol! 😮

  • Lucky 7 comment!

  • 1:38 Lmao at Adam looking under the glass for some sort of advantage

  • It feels very weird that they're going to start a "marooning" by giving everyone champagne.

  • 2nd comment.

  • It sounds like originally Christian was right and they were going to poison them