Switching Lives With Jeffree Star

čas přidán 17. 09. 2019
We switched lives with Jeffree Star.... We live complete opposite lifestyles
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  • Wow u look cute So proud of u 👍 both to push your selves 😘

  • Are we just gonna ignore the were be😤😂

  • “You look like a fabulous alien”haha

  • Ok but those dresses look amazing on them. Men should wear dresses more often.

  • Yea, I don't buy clothing items over $30 lol

  • One shopping trip is almost what I make in a year and a half. Nbd.

  • Is it just me or the twins low key look like Jessie J? 🤣

  • @17:44 Jeffree has the BEST laugh in the entire world!!!

  • “The lambo isn’t driving itself so I’ll the the Tesla”

  • You can tell who follows Jeffree and who doesn’t because they’re the ones who are calling him Jeffrey

  • Please go to 11:33 and just LOOK at his face I’m crying lollll

  • The fact that your mom said you guys look beautiful 😭

  • bro hang on why do they actually look stunning in the gowns like i’m in love

  • If you don't have a cookie in the morning, what do you have? *depression* This killed me 😂

  • this video just called me poor in all languages

  • 4:37 ethan looks like michael from jane the virgin

  • Those pineapple mango smoothie is my shit

  • My card was declined jus looking at dis video

  • Target version of white chicks

  • I think 1,200,000

  • No shade but the Dolan twins look like Oompa Loompas when they were getting their faced baked lol love these videos


  • When you realise that she bought another hermes biking after the vault tour and before this collaboration

  • I can’t even tell who is Ethan and who is Grayson lmao

  • Imagine if the recent Cali fires had caught up to him... All those Hermes bags & all the expensive stuff he has...

  • Does Jeffree star have a CS-tv channel

  • Our dessert air....

  • I cant have dairy either

  • Omgosh one of your purchase could save Granny's home and make me live my life happy for the rest of it. You have done such a wonderful job at your life and business. I am sure your mom is proud of you.💜

  • How's E-Star feeling? ...... Anxious

  • Jeffree: ew we dont use plastic straws also Jeffree: "Let's each take different cars!!"

  • Omg was that room not pink 😲

  • 33:42 at 0.25 speed HAHAHAHA

  • The way they feel insecure is how teenager girls feel when they do their hair and makeup. People stare and you're expected to be sexy so you forget how to act 😭😭

  • 8:10 he looks like the Cheeto bronzer was rubbed all over him

  • toxic masculinity is dead and im happy

  • Dolan twins in this video: If the twins from Boo! 2 grew up as insta baddies

  • Those fries have milk in them too...didn't seem to have a problem eating those lol.

  • 32:00 my bisexual ass doesn’t know how to handle Grayson in this shot

    • Yoooo i thought I was alone! I was like "idk if its cuz I'm pan but I'm kinda into this"

  • What the fuck how rich is he omg

    • He stated in another video he made like 100 million dollars one year. So that around the average for him.

  • It’s a little harder to tell them apart in full makeup but I can still do it. I feel like people who can’t figure out who’s who are odd.

  • Theory: jeffree did the necklaces to tell them apart

  • The dolan twins give off major young child vibes around jeffree and i stan

  • Min 25:47 in low speed is the funniest thing ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • "I be in my girls ear like 36:17 "

  • They look like antonia garza

  • Meat toast 😂

  • literally everyone: *Jeffree is God* me: IS THAT RICKY DILLON @33:25

  • “You can’t put a price on happiness” Who else just got so annoyed by the sales man????

  • Jeffree star lives my dream

  • These boys are like the dictionary definition of Himbo

  • 10:45 You gotta love Jeffree. A billionaire and she spoke about McDonald's discount on cookies !!! LOL

  • The standing off while licking a jawbreaker 😭😭😭

  • Jeffree's diet is my diet except I get fat

  • was that ricky dillon at 33:26 ?

  • hahahahahaha

  • Anybody notice how Jeffree hair remains behind his shoulders at all times?

  • they look like George michael naturally o.O

  • That salesman was so fake lol

  • Is it just me that couldn’t tell Grayson and Ethan apart