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T.Y. Hilton is the NFL's Most Underrated Star | NFL Films Presents

čas přidán 15. 12. 2017
Indianapolis Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton may not receive all the hype of other wide receivers, but he is making a name for himself in the NFL.
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  • Hometown star. Miami,FL

  • He is over rated if Hopkins had luck he would get leading receiving yards and tds every season

  • Edelman? Are you serious Bill?

  • The next Marvin Harrison


  • Hilton Larry And Hogan ARE UNDERRATED

  • Wait, he called his kids Eugene and Eugena? lmao

  • I know his son

  • Glad to welcome Pagano as the chicago bears new defensive coordinator

  • God, Bill o Brien is such a dumb ass 😂

  • I know for a fact bill o Brian didn’t guess Edelman for receiving yard leader come on 😂😂😂😂

  • Dudes a savage I hope he has a couple more leading years

  • chills...

  • Deadass, nobody hotter than Katie Nolan 6:55

  • 3:48 what is that guy doing with the gloves?

  • 4:09 *i been up since fofye*

  • I'm rooting for Colts cause TY Hilton #fiu

  • His kids gonna be something brutal 🤣❗️

  • 4:10 he sound like auto toon itl

  • *cough* Mike Evans *cough*

  • What about Doug Baldwin he went underdrafted one of the leagues best recievers

  • T.y > every other wr

  • Marlon mack

  • Hall of Famer one day

  • Anyone Watching After the 2019 wildcard game against the Titans? No just me. Alright. Go colts

  • Texans killer

  • Not even close. All WR's are overrated. And where is Deandre Hopkins?

  • Did he say it’s gonna be a fina long day! 😂

  • Nah devante is

  • Yeah because the colts never reach expectations

  • It's almost like Reggie Wayne never left.

  • The best receiver to wear 13 in the league right now facts!!

  • 4:11😂😂😂

  • Once I heard Katie Nolan, I'm dipping

  • Only pats fans like Edelman

  • 6:10 dude with the ball got smacked 😂

  • Why did TY sound like that? I know it was emotional but it sounded like he was singing

  • 5:22

  • 5:24

  • I did not know that was his son in that video I saw that vine so many times

  • Ty Hilton’s 4 year old is a savage

  • Fn onions!!!!!

  • I practice with his son

  • I swear in that interview when T.Y. Was crying he sounded like a priest or Lamar Jackson on draft night lmao

  • The girl bad af

  • U know when ur underrated when half the fans don’t even know u and u led the league in yards

  • Ty hilton's son goes to my school and he is my friend

  • No Julio Jones


  • 👻👻👻👻👻

  • I agree

  • And what about Keenan Allen

  • 5:10 he killed that kid

  • Respect

  • Underrated

  • Katie Nolan, the most underrated cutie.

  • The funny thing is I am Colts fan and at first I was like oh it is Ty ,but when they said who lead yards I was like Antione Brown

  • Awesome story

  • Better get ready for an Adam thielen one

  • 3:48 Xavier Rhodes fan lmao

  • Edelman tore his ACL that year😂

  • I love him and Baldwin.

  • *Been up since four, five*

  • Im a pats fan and even i know thats outrageous about edelman lol.. but for real tho i have 2 daughters.. ty hilton always had my respect and even more so now.

  • BOB saying edelman tells you all you need to know about his abilities as a coach

  • Eugene and Eugenia ?

  • Was it Edelman the man missed the hole season lmao 😂

  • Katie Nolan's a whole meal

  • My name is Ty

  • Y'all think he asked 27 to let him score? Lol

  • this interviewer is sexy

  • #Cradle

  • What the heck happened to Colby Fleener !

    • +Om Desai no, he signed with us 3 years ago, but he couldn't pick up the playbook and the Saints cut him on the final cut this season. No one has picked him up so that makes me wonder what happened to him

    • duane jessup traded to saints like 2 years ago

  • Tytytyty

  • Doug Baldwin is the most underrated star

  • I just realized, because they’re in football helmets, they can just bring in a random black guy and call him TY Hilton. Unless his son is there obviously.

  • Brice Butler is underrated

  • Hilton is my boy. Straight doggin

  • It has probably happened before, but I wonder if a QB has ever hit that camera that films in the middle of the field. The overhead one.

  • That interview sounded like P.O.P, Hold It Down 😂

  • Tbh I think Marvin Jones is the most underated

  • Man I love T.Y. he is a beast and very underrated him and Luck are a scary duo

  • Maybe it's a Colts thing. Marvin Harrison never got talked about either in his hay day.

  • Its because he plays for the colts. A smaller market.

  • Bill Obrien dumb as hell

  • Omg the flag part 😂 ankles

  • Big guy with dreadlock ponytail in the back @ 4:33 has no idea who Pagano is talking about😂😂

  • 3:48 this man representing Wakanda out here! RESPECT!

  • 2:33 when you were at that game and you were on the Jumbotron when they were playing that song 👌🏻😂

  • ?

  • *wOkE uP bOuT fOuR oR fIvE*

  • Love this one and especially the story of the baby crawl and the kids killing those ankles lol

  • 3:49 What's up with those orange cooking mitts?

  • He really is underrated, I believe he was drafted the same year as OBJ as well. Hopefully Luck can get it going again and feed him some this season. Hilton is a Top 10 WR.

    • Isiah Lockett - close , OBJ was drafted in 2014 and ty was drafted in 2012 🍻

  • 5:10 ankles

  • my man sound like he got the alien filter on from snap during that post game interview 😂

  • Because the teams he’s on.

    • َ ٰ The team he is on made the playoffs each of his first 3 seasons... unless you mean that the team he is on never gets attention, then yes.

  • Smh

  • Ive been sitting here wondering why the hell hilton gets no attention, hes SO talented and holds records. Then I remembered he ays for the colts, poor guy.

  • He way to underrated