Taking accountability. (YIAY

čas přidán 7. 10. 2021
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In today's YIAY, I asked you to give this video a title, as titling videos is not my strong suit. Thankfully, you're MUCH better at this than I am.

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  • At one point, I had 7 dogs. But then we gave 2 away, then got another, so now I have 6.

  • I haven't practiced Morse Code in years, so I was proud that I actually managed to decode "You can't escape the YIAY"

  • Can confirm, 3 dogs is a nightmare

  • When I did CS-tv, I did a video about my editor quiting, and it really happened too lol.

  • 4:21 don't make fun of Sven Johnson like that lmao

  • the dog coughing is such a good part of this vid tbh


  • I'm not even subbed but... it worked

  • I feel played 😂🙃

  • The phone that folds in half is actually the galaxy flip not the fold

  • I think "The Truth." Could've been on par with "Taking Accountability."

  • ive never participated in a yiay but i’ve been a fanfic writer for like 8 years i have to submit something lmao


  • My goodness this vid is over 12 minutes long...THIS IS 2021 WE DONT HAVE THAT KIND OF ATTENTION SPAN

  • I laughed so hard that water squirted out my nose 🧍🏻‍♀️

    • I started choking hard asf

  • you say leave your answer in the comments but you only show twitter@'s so what the heckers

  • ixc

  • 3:37 Twist, the gray seats are the open seats Almost no one wanted to go to his show

  • It worked

  • nobody cares about your flip phone john

  • I have 6 dogs lol

  • I'm pretty sure the dogs were actually Erin in this video

  • 10:26 fukin hilllarious

  • you did this 10 yiays late

  • This video would probably have even more views if he left out "YIAY" after. I've claimed like 5 of them though.

  • I literaly got a Samsung fold ad after u finished your ad. Deadass

  • I hope Jack takes accountability for manifesting Chris Pratt becoming the voice of Garfield

  • i hope the person that hit me takes accountability like you did john. beacuse i got hit by a car and now im in debt

  • #YIAYmom Who’s so fat, they’re a Big Mac.

  • Am I in this video lol

  • Watch as the title become real in a few days, gonna regret saying this like tomorrow

  • I need help (or) I'm sorry

  • I saw the title and thought this YIAY would be Jack reading the things that people are taking accountability for

  • Take accountability and apologize to all the people from Nipple lol

  • My gf has a puncture, need to put Erin it

  • I’ll buy the foldable phone when iPhone does it

  • 7:07 underestimating the power of kpop stans.

  • jack should do his titles the same way he does his star signs in the podcast called "erin is the funny one"

  • Calling the Counsel at 3am could be a good shit post though. Just call one of them on facetime or something and being like...ok

  • did no-one else notice that we just got more yiay colors?

  • I was...clickbaited

  • Jokes on you, I purposely avoided this video for weeks, until I finally noticed it was a YIAY.

  • Omg the pic of NCT, I was not expecting that 🤣

  • 6:05 XDXDXDXD

  • Haha, jokes on you, I didn’t watch this video till just now, and I only clicked on it cuz I was bored

  • Haha, jokes on you, I didn’t watch this video till just now, and I only clicked on it cuz I was bored

  • You think ur bad at tittle I named a vid who liked it 🥲

  • im the youngest of 4 and j can confirm, my parents call me by our dead cat's name more often than i'd like to say

  • A light swich

  • god the dogs hacking is killing me

  • Fix Iraq's flag just saying

  • the nct cameo got me screaming LIKE I DIDNT SAW THAT COMING

  • With all your kind and "trusted" words you have spread to everyone, especially this currently infamous dude, who is me, I am so super duper sorry to announce this to you, but I'm very worried that you would shut down your own entire main channel. #YIAYapology #YIAYsorry

  • this is the last place I thought I'd see NCT, honestly

  • Conspiracy Theory: The council is just Erin. Erin and Klondike. That's it.

  • Man I've been watching your videos since YGS first came out and I was wondering why I hadn't seen a vid of yours for ages. Thought you'd quit so searched for you and apparently I've been unsubbed 🙃🙃🙃 so glad to see your vids again

  • fortnite funnies compilation # 732

  • The dogs hacking it up in the background is my favorite part of the video

  • Does anyone else feel like Jack is taking a page out of Business... sorry, Brain Blaze? With the ADHD "add" breaks? Lol

  • holy shit wow jack referring to the whoa as driving the school bus is so fucking funny because of how accurate it actually is

  • He’s right! Episodes: 1 = 300k 2= 400k 3= 300k This video = 500k

  • lmao not this being one of jack's most watched videos recently

  • ***YO, EDITOR*** that skip ad but over the techtalk was pure comedy gold and you deserve a raise.

  • Jack said “Hon”. Thats the Maryland side comin out right there

  • 5:37 yes id be lying if i said i didnt want one

  • whos jo?

  • The 3rd dog was like the reboot nobody likes. Cause I can't even remember their name. Theres klondike, sundae, and the other one.

  • jesus that phone

  • 6:05 Oct 32 lol

  • I'd love to come to the live show, but I'm literally not allowed!! Please let me come Jack!

  • As a fanfic connoisseur, I can guarantee those fics will be cringey and hilarious. And riddled with bad grammar and blinding text walls. Good luck, you'll need it! 😂

  • If you do the thing like we used to do with flip phones when we ended a call and snapped it shut with the fold phone, will the screen smash? This is a genuine question.

  • He cant title good. Sad😭

  • watch this video be jacks biggest upload in 5 years

  • I watched that JackAsk to the end and saw you ask your mother. Stop with the lies Jack. This has to stop.

  • Shamima bagel

  • Lol 10/10 skip edit

  • 6:20 I'm sold

  • Oh my gosh I've been watching this channel too much I remembered that recent episode with the mom's text

  • "this phone folds in half" me seeing that obvious crease "it sure does..."

  • #yiaymom whos your favorite youtuber

  • #yiaymom Who cooked that Raccoon you’re currently choking on?

  • finish the kidzbop lyric! it’s not you. Its _______

  • What planet did you come from? #YIAYmom

  • Its your fault i clicked.

  • I wish I could see the tour but one tickets are probably already gone two I don’t have any money and three… lockdown is still a thing for me

  • Who blew up the toilet and wasn't gonna tell nobody? #YIAYmom

  • 8:03 We know, Jack. The internet remembers: cs-tv.org/tv/video-Fox57HqOhEM.html

  • Who is responsible for 78% of teen suicides this year?

  • *before clicking on video*"u little shit what did u do

  • whose coochie stank? #YIAYmom

  • I thought this was another parody video of apology-like videos

  • Honestly I still don't remember any of your dog's names and I watch you since you were a little flower

  • Why did tittle make me laugh so hard

  • Shane Dawson is that you

  • Man, Uncle Jack drops a lot of f-bombs in this vid!


  • why am i getting a notification for this 6 days after it came out, AND I ALREADY WATCHED IT

  • "I like secret messages" -inserts secret message-

  • I have 4 dogs