Talking to Strangers

čas přidán 7. 06. 2019
I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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  • Hay James I’m going to Phoenix Arizona next year on the 15th so hopefully I see you I really want to meet you and I’m probably not but it’s a dream of mine

  • When James says wear your seatbelt I wonder how mad he gets when he rides the bus

  • pause at 0.33

  • If strangers are very wtf perzonas

  • I bet you most the kids watching this didn’t understand the duck song reference

  • I your 10million subs vid you forgot about your North American subs

  • I killed a stranger #DDM

  • I killed a stranger #DDM

  • I killed a stranger #DDM

  • Oi Josuke, How.

  • Hey TheOdd1sOut I found your book in target

  • I’m going to help you with the bus situation, When there’s three people and one leaves on your side you should say to the person on your side “Hey dude I’m going to move to the side so we have more legroom” and they should say “Ok” but if they say something like “No” then that will be very weird.

  • there is a magic the gathering game now James!!!!!!!! play it (not sponsored)

  • hey james do you think we could do a collab my phone number is 608 445 7379 so yeah please collab with me my name is sub to mr beast

  • 2:39 they are the ones who even thought of touching movie sonic!

  • James, do you think the world is flat?

  • 2:13. That facial expression. That is all 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hello James ralliason

  • I wear anime shirt 2:41

  • Did you hear about the new dark crystal series on Netflix coming out on August 30? I think james should make a twenty minutes long video about it.

  • Isle seat all the way

  • You should be like my uncle cuz he makes his cartoons by working on it for one hour then watches anime

  • On the other *OTHER* hand.

  • Depends on where you live😋

  • I think Adam is the only one who isn't struggling from socializing

  • Woah the animation at the end threw me off

  • 6:16 is too much

  • One time i was walking to a snack bar and a grandma was walking towards me. I didn't think anything of it but then she held her arms out like she was going to hug me and i ducked under her arms and kept walking. Now that i think about it...Imagine how embarrasing that would be in the grandmas view xd

  • I like it that it references his old shirt on 0:16. Just wanted to say that.

    • I just noticed that too thanks

  • Here James a song someone made about this video or it is a remix I don't know because I don't know,

  • J: Just A: a M: man E: eating S: sooubway

  • "How?"

  • 2:39 *uh, meow?*


  • Dude, you just like me, ahhhhhhhhhh!! JeSuS tAKe ThE wHEeL!!!!

  • Dear James I Am Buying Some Of Your Merch If You Are Reading This I Love Your Vids And Keep Up The Good Work And I Dont Know How To Spell But Fans Reading this Sub To The Odd1sout And Like This Vid And Have A Good Day Light Out...

  • Random guy: Hello Me and intellect: How

  • May you make a video that you try to talk in french? That would be funny like your other video

  • hey your disgusting I can’t stand your touch any longer

  • looks at title WHAT why james


  • Goddamn how the hell does the animation get worst

  • who noticed john doe

  • Turn on captions and rewatch the video

  • I bought the book in target :)

  • James I've made a Channel of my own

  • I always ask myself: Would I care if a stranger did this around me?

    • What would you do if a girl fingers you at the school bathroom?

  • 3:45. Jame's Bizarre Adventure


  • Jaiden was in this same issue where she didn’t want to talk to any store person thing ._. So she left but she didn’t buy anything and she said she feels like they felt she was a thief -.-

  • James please watch this

    • This looks strange...

    • This is the best thing ever!

    • Yes, please do. I think you will enjoy it so.

  • James: And i don't work on my birthday month. So, if there's anything you should take from this video... Me: don't work during your birthday month?

  • Call this number812-827-1058

  • James you should make a video about what happened win you were in 2018 CS-tv rewind just giving you a idea jams.

  • Sup James ur awsome

  • Headphones #Ad Phone Problem solved ,':-) Hotel? Trivago.

  • No hate James but just relax and don’t over think it

  • Can you do a video about roller coasters

  • 6:14 I’ve done this before 😂 Not having a friend part but the other part 😂

  • sub to devin orozco bay area plz he's my brother and he's making a new vid RIGHT now

  • Hey James I was playing ROBLOX and this kid said he was u lol

  • May/13/2009 i am may aaaaaaa

  • Haha buy ur own book😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • That pretend you made at the beginning is the reality everyday in most countries

  • I know how to get out of this ....... Stop pretending.

  • How is he basically famous with 111 videos

  • Hey James you should do a draw my life

  • Hey you appear in a Gilded guy video with jaiden

  • that jojo reference tho

  • is anyone confused of him saying scenario as sin ARE io skskks

  • Your a good teacher.

  • I got your book

  • The vid made my day sry

  • your rude

  • Adam's guide on how to make, Rice cake: Get cake and cover it in rice!

  • One stranger name tag sayd "John Doe"... Is he a ROBLOX fan?

  • Nice reference bro 3:45

  • James will you be at VidCon?

  • No, moving just means you want more space, and most people will be fine with that

  • How

  • The stranger ppl look like they have beaks...

  • My profile piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic

  • there's nothing wrong with wearing anime shirts in public

  • Play sooubway surfers

  • cool

  • *obviously you put “2” in the thumbnail. xD*

  • We know your secet james:) you aRe a fUrRy here's what we know about your fursona: 1. your fursona is a blue dog/wolf with a yellow bandana 2. it was bought from someone 3.their is Easter eggs in some of your videos 4. We know this because of the proof we have now you can't hide this james :) we know this stuff we know.

    • Edit:the dog/wolf name is chip so it's basically evidence 5.

  • Hi

  • 6:18 omg i do this so often that it's not even funny anymore..

  • Suoobway part 4 please

  • 0:37 when you get fired

  • Are you friends with thesearabit

  • I feel your pain

  • James why don’t you make a video about the good and bad time with your dad

  • I subscribed you are awesome



  • A jojo's reference at 3:45

  • My birthday is also on may

  • Whenever a character moves they bounce and now I see it I can’t unsee it