Talking to Strangers

čas přidán 7. 06. 2019
I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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  • Guys, Mrbeast is doing the video where he plants a bunch of trees to help the environment, but he needs the help of a bunch of CS-tvrs, please repost this comment so theodd1sout can find out about it.(or any other big CS-tvrs)

  • This is so relatable. This is everyone here in Sweden.

  • A Jojo reference? The respect and love i have for you has grown even more. (no homo)

  • Приветик, обожаю твои видео, я знаю, что он ничего не поймёт, но мне очень лень переводить , хотя это очень простое предложение... Корч Hi, i like your video) sorry my English is bad, very bad...

  • James: depicts flat earth Me: wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait

  • ''how''

  • J: just A: another M: man E: eating S: socks

  • My birthday is may 13

  • 3:28 this is in fact how every retail employee thinks

  • Yay! I watch both SomethingElseYT and you!

  • hey james...rember me? you met me at comic con..... just one thing.... thanks for making my day. that was the best day of my life. i thought getting my pointe shoes was the best day... but that truly was the best day.EVER. i was so happy to meet u!!!! and if u dont belive me i waited in line twice with my brother and dad!

  • I have the duck song in my head lol

  • 1:56, plagirizer guy looks like morgz

  • Did you really fall out a window

  • The intro is the reason they only have 2 seats together

  • I have your book

  • It’s my b day month semptember 2019 20th

  • look at 3:10 and put it in subtitles (blind James)

  • My birthday is may

  • Lol entendí todo

  • Somebody in my class is named stranger



  • *Yare Yare Intensifies **3:45*

  • Me birday is May toonty nine

  • In china the almost 70% of the busses have 1 seat on a bus and the last row the very back has like 6 seats so.... prob solved ÙwÚ (unless u at the very back )

  • You just made me think ALL my life decisions

  • ... Hello. -Hello- -Hows it going- *HOW*

  • And school and new people....yeaaaaah

  • Cool


  • How! :D

  • I can totally relate to being socially awkward. I'm getting better though.

  • 3:46 iS dAT a JojO rEfeRenCE?!

  • You sound like Jaiden, you both have social anxiety

  • How I talk to strangers: I don’t

  • Dude you forgot to say where I can find the white van Yes I want free candy

  • James:the word stanger in a good label Me:*reads hello my name is joan doe name tag* no go away he is a hacker

  • 6:20

  • Do you watch once upon a time

  • Whoever thinks I'm weird is weirder than me!

  • Nice Anime Reference.

  • Dude you cant stand next to another dude in the urinol?idk how to writhe it

  • J:- just A:- another M:- man E:- easily S:- showoff ed ?

  • 2:35 true friend stands by each other in both good and difficult times .(learned from my half yearly test,bruv)comedic videos though .👌👍

  • *''sToP tOuChInG mY sHoUleRs!''* ~TheOdd1sout 2019

  • 6:57 Is that Mr. Poe?

  • Ur like me but I just never had friends or talked ;-;

  • 3:54...

  • You and Becca should date

  • 4:00 The Duck song Duck: I want grapes L. Seller: we have lemonade?..... By the way, we have the tree book in our library related to that( 6:00 the giving tree ) Mays my bday month too!!!!!


  • The story is always interesting and you always make me laugh keep up the good job

  • May is my birthday to

  • Wow James has social anxiety...

  • It has been proven James is a flat Earther 7:12

  • *John Doe*

  • and also is it fre how do i getz it

  • wat editor doyou use for animating(TT)

  • Tak kig 2 st ran g jer