Taylor Swift - All Too Well: The Short Film

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Written & Directed by: Taylor Swift
Starring: Sadie Sink, Dylan O’Brien & Taylor Swift

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  • Aonde tem o filme pra assistir???

  • always get goosebumps in this part

  • She is the moment, she is the focus, and she is the point of it all

  • 11min song on billboard hot 100, only Taylor and swifties can do this

  • need a behind the scenes version

  • Wow, I didn't notice that this was a 14 minutes video, I was so immersed in the story that it was a shock when it ended.

  • It was a magical little secret

  • Taylooooorrrrrrr

  • don't think anyone else could've portrayed it better than Sadie

  • I used to be a fan, but after hearing this masterpiece, I'm a whole air conditioner

  • When you find true love you will realize it's golden like daylight

  • Str3@m

  • Str3am

  • There is something in your voice mommy. The distance is short between us.

  • Mood rn⛄❄

  • Perfect for the cold weather☕♥

  • No one is talking about how ON POINT the aesthetic of the whole film is. The costumes, filters, sets and fonts are perfection

  • Life is short. Forgetting is long.

  • This is a Masterpiece of performance art

  • Tedious, boring and depressing.

    • This song will grow on you after a few more listens

  • Love yuuuu

  • Okay but can we just take a moment to appreciate Sadie and Dylan’s impeccable acting like that was truly amazing

  • If you ever find yourself being triggered like Sadie was after the party (4:11), know that emotions associated from something in your past came up. Just relax your body and let it feel what it needs to feel. Then, thank it and let it go. Do not listen to the chatter in your head. It's just making up stories to make you feel better. The "logic" and strategies your mind creates are warped by what you've clung to or avoided in the past. Your thoughts are like a funhouse mirror. They aren't you, they are being generated automatically by the emotions bubbling up. Want to learn more, get the audio book "Living from a Place of Surrender: the untethered soul in action " by Michael A. Singer. Sounds like a sales pitch but it totally changed my life. Best 25 dollars I ever spent.

  • tear drops on my guitar

  • I cried right at the beginning of this video because I said the exact same thing to someone once

  • Got me BALLING


  • don’t think I’m making you feel that way, I think you’re making yourself feel that way

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  • Taylor swift is not a singer, She's a feeling

  • maybe this was a masterpiece… draw your shakespearean arc: Exposition: Setting the scene? Rising action: Building the tension? Climax: The exciting bit? Falling action: Tidying up loose ends? Resolution: Ending the story? Taylor Swift - All Too Well: The Short Film Written & Directed by: Taylor Swift Starring: Sadie Sink, Dylan O’Brien & Taylor Swift

  • Sadie was never afraid to ask for what she wants from Dylan, and this was going to be a constant flux of control and power between both of them -- being true to yourself and honoring yourself with grace and vulnerability, and still being able to be powerful

  • All Too Well romance is, Set against Swift's song. The short film that just premiered in CS-tv. Depicts the high points of Sink and O'Brien's characters' romance and how it all fell apart because of their age gap. It's an intimate, poignant look at a beautiful but doomed love.

  • The beginning plot: Easy On Me The Conclusion: All Too Well

  • the hardest thing to find in the universe became her eye's scientists had said they were an electric blue with just a tint of black.

  • Acting was so amazing in this

  • 😍😍😳

  • Just as the world was waking up to the predations of powerful men several years ago - with New York City as the epicenter of the wrongdoing - New York used the state’s highest office to commit fresh offenses, according to the report.

  • American Pie > All Too Well

  • Is it true that this song is about her and actor Jake Gyllenhaal's short term dating?

  • Bravo, Taylor. Bravo.

  • it's like april kepner and owen hunt are fighting lol

  • Can't stop listening and watching this masterpiece

  • I love ♥️

  • im addicted to this

  • Dylan O'Brien from Maze Runner and Sadie Sink from Stranger Things.

  • This is fkn masterpiece WHAT THE HECK

  • QUEEN ever of songwritting

  • Hello miss Swift, can we have a full movie directed by you now? Cause this is amazing

  • TAYLOR SWIFT GIVES THIS YEAR'S MOST IMPRESSIVE PERFORMANCE * * * * * "POWERFUL...STAGGERING" "COMPELLING" "ASTOUNDING" "INCREDIBLE" Written.& Directed by Taylor Swift Her Sadie Sink Him Dylan O'Brien Her, later on Taylor Swift Taylor Swift - All Too Well: The Short Film BASED ON A TRUE STORY

  • This is a masterpiece.. litrealy.. the acting... ACTORS AND ACTRESS.. SONGGGG ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭 ...

  • at every table ill save you a seat

  • this makes me cry so hard. i really can feel the way it gets lost in trying to understand each other and more. sure maybe we get lost in translation..

  • ✨🤍✨

  • Danm world record for most longest song!

  • ⚠️EASTER EGG⚠️ OK so I didn't notice this before but "Him later on" is mentioned at 13:37 and the actor is "Jake Lyon" who is also credited in the GAFFERS section!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯


  • I can't simply can't get tried of this... Pure lovely❤️

  • Jessie Barbara Quinn 💐💔

  • This short film look like mine-


  • The lyrics of this song is absolutely everything. The melody, the music, the production is top notch, but the lyrics tell a story, and that is rare for songs these days. I can only count a few artists these days write lyrics to tell a story and not some screaming oooh ahhh of random words. It's song like this one really makes you related and remember. Absolute masterpiece!

  • Today, while carrying my divorce papers I listened to all too well and that was the moment I knew that it is red season for me. Thank you very much Taylor Swift :)

  • 50% kisses 25% song 25% film

  • Masterpiece

  • Not me watching this for 17th time!!!!!!

  • 😎😇🎶

  • Can we take a moment that this has been in the top 5 for tending in music for 3 plus weeks. Keep it up swifties

  • Well somehow I thanks scooter, because of him Taylor re recorded her Masters and we got so many masterpieces....so thanks scooter...My Queen got a second chance to rule again

  • we need a mini series of short films from the folklore trilogy Taylor!!!

  • "I get older but your lovers stay my age" lmfaoooo this is the dagger by taylor 😂😂😂😂

  • 51,263

  • absolutely the master peace.

  • Dylan Dylan Dylan! My My My! Dylan and Sadie were just way too perfect. Loved the whole film. ❤ TS

  • sadie gives me winona ryder vibes

  • let's get this to 60 million views

  • 😳😳 I thought I WAS hearing Jake lol he did AMAZING!!

  • Of course is 13 years gone love you miss Swift 🥰

  • ❤😘

  • Back To December

  • who has control over one and the money that they earn

  • LITERALLY not me just rewinding over and over to listen specifically to the part where she sings “you kept me like a secret but i kept you like an oath” like girl, that’s a little too close to home.. i just started my channel and released this as my first cover, y’all should check it out. TAYLOR YOU ARE LITERALLY SUCH A QUEEN SO PROUD OF YOU

  • I hate that cast. She seems too much younger than him... It doesn't look romantic at all. He seems like her older brother or something. I understand that's the point, but still, it's weird to see. And either way, Taylor’s performance was way better

  • At every table I'll save you a seat

  • aura, impaired judgement, macropsia

  • Taylor swift is legend. Her songs, her vocals, her whole aura is so magnificent.

  • She is truly unbelievable, like everytime she comes up with a masterpiece and makes the whole world wonder. This is Taylor swift .

  • a girlfriend on the other hand, may want to know who, what, when, where, and how

  • Llore

  • My biggest flex is that I have the same bday as Sadie Sink, just a different year 😁lol

  • This song reminds me of my imaginary girlfriend and I don't know why.

  • how did you reach that conclusion to take that chosen course of action

  • 09:30 I felt so much to this part. Things didn’t turn out to be the way we want, and we just stuck in memories trying so hard to make it work….

  • Wow just wow.

  • Incapacitated, lost of reputation, had long-term effects, lack of remorse

  • “And I might be ok, but I’m not fine at all.”

  • This happened too my buddy Eric

  • you don’t care about the damage that has been done.