Taylor Swift - Begin Again

čas přidán 23. 10. 2012
Music video by Taylor Swift performing Begin Again. (C) 2012 Big Machine Records, LLC.

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  • Idk why I feel like in this song her voice is little different which makes this song magical

  • I just got lss in this song today..

  • Can’t wait for Taylor’s Version

  • Listening this coz it's mahhh 19 birthday, let's BEGIN AGAIN!!! ✨

  • Hi tata

  • Taylor swift is a great best of all singer vocalist

  • 15 October 2021

  • how did 9 years go by so fast...

  • How many taylor swift songs you had a “crying session”?

  • so excited for the Taylor's Version of this ♥♥♥

  • The more I listen to this song, the more the feeling got me

  • Who is Only watching bc red is going to begin again 🥰💃

  • What’s up friend how are today sir

  • less than 1 month before red tv

  • 14-10-2021


  • listening october 15, 2021

  • it was a saturday, in a cafe, and I had my own begin again two and a half years ago. this song perfectly describes my feelings❤

  • Taylor never dropped begin again TV on a wednesday in a cafe… I think it’s strange and I think it’s funny cuz she never did… Blondie wants all of us to go in clowneria street 😜🤡

  • who’s here crying because we thought taylor was gonna drop begin again TV today but nothing happened????

  • Going back to this bc blondie didn’t release begin again (tv)

  • BLONDIE drop the tv this 13th Oct...its wed


  • Who else is excited for begin again with matured vocals?


  • yall ready for tomorrow besties

  • I really hope she releases Begin Again as the first single of Red (Taylor's version) tomorrow, Wednesday, October the 13th, and watches RED begin again.

  • Hoy taylor u better release this song as the lead single of red tv later at 3:59 EDT 😍🥰😚


  • Patiently waiting for Begin Again (Taylor’s Version)

  • I listen to this song after every heart break

  • Porque me hace llorar la canción más linda del mundo 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Taylor i love you so much, hope you're always be healthy and don't forget to take a rest well 😭. You're back must be hurt because you're carrying music industry

  • Taylor i love you so much, hope you're always be healthy and don't forget to take a rest well 😭. You're back must be hurt because you're carrying music industry

  • Taylor i love you so much, hope you're always be healthy and don't forget to take a rest well 😭. You're back must be hurt because you're carrying music industry

  • Happy 190M!🥳

  • Here I am writing this on October 12, knowing that there is exactly 1 month left to listen to one of my favorite songs on the net

  • estou aq, sofrendo por amor, porém com a esperança viva q um dia td vai dar certo

  • Am here to cry as I listen to this song because I don't know if anyone cares about what I go through. I feel like people care about us but they Barely care about what we go through. The two are different. Am realising this now.

  • she looks so pretty here T__T

  • she so pretty

  • Taylor's so pretty here 🥺💗

  • La mejor era de Taylor por siempre 💕 para mí no ha hecho un álbum que supere este, además de que sus looks aquí la hacían verse más que hermosa

  • Here to begin my life again

  • I wish i could meet my boyfriend again

  • i love you

  • Begin Again

  • Again and again


  • When France and Frenchmen was still french. What a loss! Understand who can...

  • the best taylor

  • It's already 10.09.21 but i still watching this masterpiece.

  • If you look at this today you will definitely think, naive is no longer possible.

  • I won't be able 2 handle Taylor version

  • ily taylor swift huhu

  • She looks so pretty in this video omg.

  • I feel like it was her most romantic single

  • I think I already found my "begin again". After being dragged by my past relationship here I am happy and completely fine with the relationship I am with.

  • miss this taylor swift

  • 🤣😂Yeap

  • Watch begin Again Gound 0 000000000000000000000 0🥗🥙🍕🥮🍣🧀🥩🥖🧀0 🦞🦐🍩🎂🍫🍤🥗🥙🍔🍟 00000000000000000000

  • My love you 🎶❤🌹❤❤🎶🎺

  • I just heard this song for the first time just because of alycia debnam carey

  • 7 oct 🧡🖤...love this video

  • So gentle

  • this is not just a song, this is a time machine

  • 🤍🤍

  • TAYLOR !!!!!!! : ) : )

  • I think this old version gonna be better than TV version. But i still hope TV version its like fearless and wildest dream. Im mean fearless tv and wd tv better than ori

  • Linda,te amo e amo suas músicas,bjs

  • I think you’re perfect “just” the way you are. Always be yourself. SwiftT. Make sure you check out my dedication to you on my new album ,”forever and a day by CiiJ1” it’s called, “hey girl” it’s chill, sweet, funny, vibey, and soo “me” when I think of you lol

  • I came just to check if it’s safe to ride a bike wearing a long skirt… if Tay does it, I do it

  • Begin Again will always be my number one! I can't wait for Taylor's version. 💖

  • i literally cannot wait for the re recording of this song its so beautiful

  • Só o Amor constrói 🇧🇷

  • I love the melody of this song

  • man looks like mister schuster

  • hoolaaaaaaaaaa

    • @Fátima Rosales ¿Qué tal la familia? jajaja



  • aqui ando

    • @Fátima Rosales Feli de ser recibido🥺❤

    • @Gerardo Casco Feli de recibicrte en este mundo

    • El día de hoy me uniré a la causa de escuchar a Taylor Swift jijii

  • Eu só queria que a boneca lançasse logo um single da era RED



  • It so gentle


  • Someday I will find the right person, but now I'm so tired of waiting, I can't stand it anymore. I have no one. No one. My heart is broken.

  • This song is a masterpiece. And the video as well. Chef's kiss 😗👌🏻

  • This song never gets old .. There's something magical in this song .. It makes you happy but sad at the same time.. It makes you calm but it also make you cry inside ..

  • can't believe this album belongs to Red she was sooooo young and delicate (well she still is tho) 🥺❤️❤️❤️


  • i can’t wait to watch it begin again 🤍

  • This song was out when i was in second year of senior highschool so memorable

  • Begin Again (Taylor's Version)

  • crying

  • Wait why she’s on the building?? Get down TAYLOR IT’S DANGEROUS!

  • I miss RED era❤️:(

  • Since everyone is waiting for Taylor's version of Begin Again, I just want to say that I've been listening to this song since it was released, this song is still my favorite next being August. I was lonely for a very long time, I used to listen to this song imagine myself going on a date drinking coffee in a cafe meeting my soulmate and laughing and all sort of happy ending. After Many years and going out with many guys trying to find my soulmate, I have finally found the Love of My Life in 2019, when he asked for my favorite song, I sent him this song and he loved it. He instantly realised that the song was about him. The fact that this song was released on October, His birthday is on October and we met on October and Autumn is my favourite season. This song has accompanied me throughout my singlehood. I can never abandon Taylor Swift. Thank you for this song. I love you Taylor♥️🍁

  • 8 year's ago anyone still here in 2021 👇

  • the bridge 😩

  • Taylor Swift's classmates say she's bad at singing and bully her... •Taylor becomes a singer and debuts albums and shuts them down. Taylor's debut albums face ownership problems. •Taylor tries to ignore it and live her life and date many people. People say Taylor Swift dates too much in her 20's. •Taylor stops and is single for years. People say "Red" is filled with too many break-up songs. •Taylor makes a new album about moving to New York and how her life is amazing with her friends. People say Taylor's music is changing too much for her to stay in country music. •Taylor presents an entire genre shift, and a pop album called "1989". People say Taylor shows too many pictures of her friends. •Taylor stops doing that as well. People say Taylor is a "calculated manipulator". •Taylor disappears from Public view for years. People say Taylor is now being cast as a villain •Taylor returns and makes a dark villainous album "Reputation" People say Taylor's new album is too dark. •Taylor makes the most colourful and fun album ever "Lover". People say Taylor's music is too colourful and fun. •Taylor makes soft albums, "Evermore", and "Folklore". Now, people say Taylor copies Lana Del Ray •This time, Taylor ignores them, and fights for ownership to her first six albums for one last time, and gets it. She releases "Taylor's Version"s of the controversial songs, is Happier than Ever, and shuts down all haters. If you're a Swiftie, copy this comment & paste it in other comment sections to put in light Taylor's story.

  • I can not wait for Begin Again Taylor's Version on November 12! My Favorite song from Red Album.