Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams

čas přidán 30. 08. 2015
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  • I literally hate myself for had discovered the only now

  • For those who are watching this after 6 years YOU R A LEGEND....

  • You're a legend if you didn't come here from tiktok :))

  • wildest dreams ahhh ahhh aahhhh

  • 777 👁🧘‍♀️🙌 almost 7 years

  • Always coming back here because i love the drums in the last chorus. 😍

  • I have watched this video previously, but today I noticed that the hero is a copy of James Dean.!!! Did anyone notice this?

  • 1billion ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💯

  • So Beautiful music and video

  • Naloka ung lion Kay Taylor n😅

  • 777 million views 🍻

  • taylor finally owns her heartbeat

  • My widest dreams

  • Her peak and best era. Pls stop making folk music for critics and make pop bible again. I know swifties can act they love her new music, but for me this Taylor is best!

  • evelyn hugo???

  • Am I the only who noticed that the last chorus of the MV has loud bass (?) and the studio version doesn’t have?

  • If this was a real movie i would see it

  • Taylor why u so fine ❤️

  • This song is driving me crazy

  • Is that Zambia?

  • 777m :D (angel number)

  • The song is an old tiktok, still stuck at my head lol-😃😃😃

  • If you aren't a fan of Taylor Swift, consult a Audiologist asap coz you're deaf ✨

  • la unica industria musical 🛐💞✨

  • Queennnnnn❤️🥺

  • such a great number.777!😂

  • Taylor Swift should do this song’s remix with Ariana Grande!

  • about what bf was that about? plz taylor respond

  • I got goosebumps at the last part. 💖

  • I cant get over with this song

  • Wildest Dreams - 777M Style - 677M

  • Just found out that the video was shot in my country😭😭😭😭💃🇧🇼

  • 777 milion

  • the dude from jurssic park maybe

  • Taylor and Harry🛐🌠⛵(ship)


  • It would be cool if she did a few new music videos for the redone albums

  • I was with him when this song came out 💔

  • Widest dreams es mucho para el mundo

  • "Someday when you leave me" My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday.. and I don't know what to do now 💔

    • @JC Adrianne Pascua nopee I'm depressed.. I just want him back 🙃 but it's not possible

    • I hope ur doing better now🥰

    • @ME! thank u so much .... I hope so.

    • Oh honey its okay.... take your time grieve and you'll see time heals it all...You'll be okay On the positive side, you got someone to aim Taylor's breakup songs at... Take care

  • Loveee

  • october 2021 anyone?

  • This song is AMAZING!

  • Untill there is a musically intuitive song. Yep. I like better. Wild. Dresses up and joking but that's kidding.

  • Brings so many memories

  • I just watched Bridgerton and I thought they played this song with violin in Duke and Daphne love scene… Damn, it sounds so beautiful

  • Dayum! Scott Eastwood tho 🔥😍🤤🤤 Does anyone else really want to see this movie that they made together? 😂

  • Justin and Selena nostalgia 😩🥺

  • This song was a whole vibe when you were in a late night car ride🥲.

  • 777M 💋😱

  • this 4 min mv has more kiss scenes than a 1 hour each 16 ep long kdrama :P

  • 💘💘💘

  • me to

  • Te amooooooo

  • 🔥

  • Those who coming in 2021 by viral videos. You guys are 5 year late

  • These singers are just epic ❤️ Who are ruling music industry since ages

  • '21,'31,'41 to infinity this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ll be alive

  • hard to listen but i like it

  • Old is gold

  • It’s crazy how many people come back to listen to this masterpiece

  • The cinematography in all her videos is brilliant (props to Joseph Kahn), but with this one, they managed to create an entire film and emotional narrative arc between two characters in the span of 3 minutes. Absolutely stunning. Never ceases to impress me.

  • Say you remember me.....

  • Damn it! I still can't listen to this song without thinking about Bart Baker! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

  • I'm leaving this comment here so after a month or a year when someones like it, I get reminded of this song ❤


  • Linda perfeita ❤

  • 777Million

  • I love Taylor Swift

  • 777M views omg smash hit. its really coming for 1B🥳

  • Costumes matchs in 2021 tooo

  • masterpiece

  • Sorry for not knowing this song before! 🥺🤧

  • Who ever directed this and who ever selected the location and clothes had done a master peice.

    • Joseph Khan directed this music video

  • is that chris evans

    • No its Scott Eastwood, Clint Eastwood's son.

  • the music video is too relatable 😭❤️

  • Just wondering is it possible for Taylor to not look stunning. Just checking

  • Who else just thinks what will happen next? It's been on my mind for years now and I am so curious, bruh.

  • Woke up to this jam🥺🥺🥺

  • This is literally my comfort song I LOVE YOU TAYLOR

  • This song is beatiful in ears 🤩😍

  • Ok, I love how this music was so magical, question is where is the exact location of that waterfalls cuz I really need to know?

  • Wildest Dreams deserves 1B

  • i love taylor . i been listening to her since i was 7. basically when this song came out :) i’m now 13 , almost 14. but she’s also so pretty. i’m so glad that i was born into this era of music .

  • Eu choro toda vez.

  • Hi

  • Taylor is the best singer at whole the world.

  • im so inlove w this song

  • .

  • 2021... Still a total bop

  • It's been 6 years and I still absolutely love this song and it should have gotten billions of views by now!!

  • Fe, I love you. Come back to me.

  • Okay so im back 4 the 'n'th tym😶

  • the original version sounds so weird now

  • after I watched Brigerton It reminded me to this song and now end up listen to it again everyday

  • And Now This Video owned by Taylor Swift. Look at the description..

  • Is the place actually real? Or just green screen effects?