Techifying a freakin' BOAT!

čas přidán 24. 07. 2021
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We overhauled a boat with the latest in tech featuring Jackery's Explorer 2000 Solar generator!

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Don't hit the boat, Linus!
0:39 Entertainment system setup
2:54 Cable-managing a boat is hard lol
3:38 VESA Mounting issues
5:01 Story behind Colin's Dad's boat
6:08 Wiring done but diagnosing power switch
6:25 Outdoor speaker install
7:51 Subwoofer mounting time
8:23 Jackery Saga Solar Generator install and Crabrave
10:09 The tech side of things
11:03 Conclusion and Jackery Explorer 2000


  • W:A:P:L

  • Collin wasn’t having any of Linus’ shit 😅

  • the crab rave is a bit cringy innt bruv

  • (2:31) Small TVs do exist, but only from off-brands and don't really have smart features. Good call choosing a monitor instead, because the only 32" TVs available to buy here in Singapore run at a crappy resolution of 1366×768, but then I forget about it when sitting roughly 3m away. I considered using a Samsung smart monitor as a TV, but then the M7 has only 2 HDMI ports if I recall correctly, while the old LG I have has 2 HDMI ports too.

  • best 2 days of a boat is the day you buy it and the day you sell it lol money pit!

  • Who thought Linus was gonna drop the monitor in the water?

  • hook up a gaming setup complete with elon musks wifi from space

  • Your electrical upgrades don't appear to meet ABYC E-11 Standards and will likely become an issue if/when you sell the boat. Also, I didn't see you apply any sealant to your exterior screws.. Without any sealant each screw creates a potential for water penetration which can lead to rot/delam. Highly recommend pulling and rebedding each screw with proper marine grade silicone or 5200.

  • where can i buy a boat like this?

  • Really needed to cover more of it on video.

  • i looked up how much the generator and solar panals cost all together its 4299 thats a fuck load its cool and useful but ik i can do about the same for cheaper

  • I’m thoroughly shocked that “Is the fridge running?” didn’t lead to a dad joke.

  • could have at least given us more of a speaker demo , though the joke was funny

  • I hope boat returns in Intel 5k extreme tech upgrade

  • I’m a big fan of VHD tape, best…. tape….. ever…..

  • Terrified of Linus potentially dropping something into the water.

  • i have a 27 inch smart tv in my room that works fine so its smaller than the monitor and has all the tv stuff plus smart tv stuff

  • How many hz does the boat have

  • hahah - he said "3rd input."

  • That was funny when he had the wall mount backwards. I am an idiot on my best days and even I knew it was backwards. Cal me if you need help Linus. ; )

  • linus ship tips is real

  • linus boat

  • imagine if linus droped the monitor in the water 2:51

  • i didnt i didnt not hit the boat- linus

  • A boot seems to be a neat vacation spot. Looks more reasonable that owning a car

  • The ten brazil pertinently load because bulldozer worryingly drown excluding a elastic market. nostalgic, godly ramie

  • a nightclub on water but without rgb outdoor/indoor lights disappointed lol

  • Not quite at the 'Sailing Uma' levels of boat DIY, but still really quite good. However, by running on a diesel engine, there will be enough noise from that to make up for the silent Jackery.

  • Oh man, they bought Jackery solar panels? Those things are massively overpriced. You can easily build your own solar installation with more/better solar panels for a small fraction of the price, complete with batteries too. LiFePO4 batteries are dirt cheap now, you could probably get 10x the battery capacity for the price of that Jackery.

  • Awesome video!

  • Wire nuts 😬😬😬⚡️⚡️⚡️

  • These subtitles are horrible... Please scold your captioning company Linus. I understand LESS with CC than without.

  • Imagine taking the family out for a day on the water and these two clowns start blasting crab rave at 200 decibels. Great video as always!

  • Glad Linus didn't drop anything into the water

  • 12:30 this videOh

  • Now get starlink for her

  • Colors are gorgeous. Have you started using the "colorist" office there?

  • "Fishingboat". But they made it in to some partyboat lol.

  • no console ? dissapointed

  • *I've never been on a boat before!!!!!*

  • Bro, this is a failure, come back when you have a series x, 4k tv, cabin lighting, 3 burner stove, full size microwave, smart mini fridge, 60 psi shower, instant hot/cold water, a 5000 watt stereo system, and can still go 55 in the boat.

  • Watching Linus handle a brand new monitor like he's tossing a salad *directly beside open water* makes me very anxious. 2:40

  • Why pay for and extension cord then cut it? Just buy wire??!?!

  • This video is so half-assed you guys didn't even tell us what the "Jackery" thing is. I know what it is and it does, but I would imagine a lot of people wouldn't really know.


  • Well this is fun😍

  • Linus those r Rockford Fosgate speakers lol

  • The moral of the story: Linus gave that Fiddler a good Jackerying :-)

  • using screw on connectors is a BIG NONO

  • “Noise sensitive activities” *crab rave and subwoofer*

  • Ooooo, using an extension cord to run permanent wiring is not a solid idea.

  • Hey that's the same monitor I have. It's a great monitor for the price.

  • *"It's not like if I die everyone's out of work or anything"* Linus knows

  • dude its got enought output to run csgo at 200 fps.

  • 5:55 Damn, the voice is scared

  • This could’ve been a 4 part series but it’s good though 👍🏾

  • Linus going @JayzTwoCents "I like boats!"

  • Imagine one big wave comes and runs water through all of this

  • Woah heads up wire nuts are illegal on boats. You should also be using tinned marine grade wire and mechanical crimp connections with heat shrink.

  • Finally, I can now drive a boat in 320 fos

  • It'd be cool to see him put the 5 grand from Intel's bribe/advertising to fixing up something else with Apple M1s :)

  • i wish they would get a different public domain song to test speakers instead of crab rave

  • How much would a boat cost? I need one to make my boat PC

  • Something about this video just felt right, really enjoyed 👍.

  • Oh no Linus is gonna drop the boat.

  • bad news when they find out those jackery solar panels are not water/rainproof xD (look it up)

  • 5:21 they make boats in Singapore??

  • I grew up on boats and I KNOW how space is on a boat esp with Cat Diesel Engines lol SO SORRY thats a pain!

  • cool but is this really needed to go out on a boat lol

  • Hey! Got some idea of video comming from my experience at sea: "Gaming on a power budget challenge"; "Setup for seamless ultra low Power PC (run 12h from a car battery) and Ultra gaming performance (with shore power plugged in)"; "My boat is a sea water cooled pc".

  • 12:07 neighboring boaters? ahhahahaahah

  • Do a collaboration with Zoffinger?!

  • This was a really cool video, nice to see some different content.

  • Loved it, literally!

  • 10/10 on the VHB tape overlay

  • It needs a custom ocean water cooled PC powered by a 12v DC ATX PSU. That would be a great use of the jackery!

  • 2:48 I can really see the brand new monitor ending up in the water there

  • Don't drop the boat Linus..

  • I just watched the last Trojan video from Car Wizard, you could do a colab with his bigger boat, although youre in different countries.

  • Collin’s dad looks like Phil swift

  • I really wanted linus to just drop the monitor, hear it belly flop, and see it slowly sink into the water.

  • Gonna need to get that board fixed where that cleat split it up by where you mounted that speaker.. Any load on that cleat it gonna rip it out of the wall.

  • Loved the voiceover work on this one. Def think this should have been a 20 min vid tho. BUT it didn't seem easy and ya'll are on a schedule so I won't complain

  • I bought the same monitor he uses in the video just a few weeks ago lol

  • No network… the only reason I watched to how you solved that problem…

  • It's refreshing when you branch out with content no strictly computer-related. This video was amazing! I'm waiting for more DIY Linus' homes upgrades 😆

  • doesn't the motor make a ton of sound an creates electricity as well?

  • running the navigation system on a beta version of iPadOS... LOL

  • why does a small monitor and an apple tv need 270 W? seems rather high. conversion losses?

  • Was waiting for him to drop the boat tbh

  • Linus lamenting his dad doesn't have a boat, well Linus, maybe get yourself a boat for your kids!

  • Linus: As a Boatbuilder, I guess it's kind of a nice intro to electronics on a boat for the uninitiated, but for the sake of Colin and his Dad's safety PLEASE get a Marine Electrician to redo the wiring to a safe standard. The marine environment is NOT the same as the home or office and ignoring that fact will get people killed.

  • Change the heater to on demand.

  • I see you threw away the inta 360 footage

  • 12:02 lmao

  • so is that the boat's name at 0:09, or more like a court-mandated sort of thing?

  • Hey @linus can you do more videos on sustainable energy choices on boats? Like how to hook them up to a hydrogenerator and a wind generator too? Love your videos by the way

  • Kenwood speakers? I saw Polk, Rockford Fosgate, JL Audio, and alpine... but no Kenwood..... 0_o

  • 12:03 that tune 😂😂😂

  • Sir please make video on how make raid 6 nvme sdd nas