Temporarily paralyzing RANDOM Tesla drivers cars... 👀🚗

čas přidán 25. 02. 2023

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  • when life punches you in the privates, remember there are people like this guy

  • In Africa, we call a pastor even before crossing the salt ring.

  • Part 2: “so I’m in the ICU and…”

  • Bro really trying to summon Elon from the 6th ring of hell

  • Alternative title: I disable a person's vehicle and gave them a coffee gift card

  • Part 2: the guy wasn’t mad and didn’t care and thought it was cool, he was happy to be in the video then told them they can have free dental care at his dentist office because he is #1 in the area. It also didn’t work at all

  • He's performing a free exorcism on this man's car

  • I gotta call Darwin and tell him that natural selection doesn't work

  • Translation: these guys got too much spare time 😂

  • They’re not gonna be worried their car doesn’t work, they’re gonna be worried why there’s a random ring of salt from nowhere

  • I hope there is a video of him cleaning that up

  • Petition for social media to not pay influencers

  • If you ever think your life is going downhill, remember this guy

  • Your voice. It’s pure shards of glass into my ear canal. How do I block you from accidental infiltration via CS-tv’s “hey, thought you might like this audio diarrhea” algorithm?

  • Man disables his car and gives him 15$ giftcard and thinks he's slick with it💀👌

  • youtuber accent doesn’t exi-

  • Part 2:

  • Legend has it that he is still waiting!

  • "Salt stops Teslas"

  • If I have to watch a part 2, I can guarantee I won’t know how the story finishes.