Termination But Different Characters Sing It (FNF But Everyone Sings Termination)

čas přidán 26. 08. 2021
In this video you'll listen to Termination from QT Mod, except that every opponent's turn a different character sing it!

✔️Mods used

▸ Friday Night Funkin' - QT Mod

▸ Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses
Removed :(

▸ VS. Bob & Bosip: The Expansion Update

▸ Friday Night Funkin' - Vs Void

▸ Friday Night Funkin': Vs. Sonic.Exe

▸ V.S. TABI Ex Boyfriend

▸ Friday Night Funkin' VS Cyrix

▸ Cosmo Calamity (VS. Yukichi)

▸ VS Impostor V2

▸ Friday Night Fever

▸ literally every fnf mod ever (Vs Bob)

▸ Vs. sans [Full Week]

▸ Smoke 'Em Out Struggle [FULL WEEK] | VS Garcello

▸ Vs. Sasha

▸ Vs Nonsense [Full Week]

▸ Vs Ink Demon (DEMO)

▸ Vs Steve [ALEX UPDATE]

▸ Vs. Ace (Full week)

▸ Vs Matt

▸ VS Hex Mod

▸ VS. KAPI - Arcade Showdown

▸ Starlight Mayhem [Full Week] Vs CJ

▸ V.S. Whitty Full Week
Deleted :stuck_out_tongue:

▸ The Full-Ass Tricky Mod

▸ V.S. AGOTI Full Week

▸ VS Annie OC Week

▸ Starving Artist


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▸Blantados - github.com/Blantados/blantado ...

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This cover was made by Neonight, Sharv and Me (Hexadust) using FL Studio.


  • Hello, Please note that this cover was made by Neonight, Sharv and me (Hexadust), we distributed the characters to divide the work, please go and support them :D Neonight: cs-tv.org/ch/UC05LIG0gT439yePjgcVNIjQ Sharv: cs-tv.org/ch/UCh6ZvMuDTRlhIgB7TQT9nzA

  • In case you want to know who of us did which part, here is the list. Neonight: - Selever - AmorAltra - Void - Majin Sonic.exe - Tabi - Cyrix - Yukichi - Impostor - Cerbera - Taki - Ron Sharv: - Tankman - Sans - Garcello - Sasha - Nonsense - Sarvente - Bendy - Alex - Ace - Matt Hexadust: - Hex - Kapi - Bob - Little Man - Ruv - Ruby - Whitty - Tricky - Agoti - Annie - Rebecca

    • Tabi ruby bob(run)and tricky

    • Ruv and agoti are good!

    • @ESTAROIDS are friends

    • @ESTAROIDS Oh so sharv and neonight hexadust

    • @Minecraft Spider carbera is a creepypasta of I have no idea what carbera is

  • Tabi’s part where he sing actually fits his song genocide

  • The time where Kapi was almost gonna break his DDR pad by being *mad*

  • this is legit enjoyable to listen, tabi played out amazing here

  • Bob’s part actually seems to fit him well!

    • don't speak noodles pls eat noodles

    • مرحبا شامبو للشعر الطويل مرحبا شامبو وبلسم مرحبا شامبو وبلسم مرحبا شامبو وبلسم مرحبا شامبو وبلسم

  • I love how Neon uses Tabi's first part of his song to make a cover by changing the speed

  • damn. this is amazing tabi sounds like singing his own song. Nice

  • I just wanna say, HUGE thank you for using Whitty's ballistic voice instead of his normal one, i hate it when people have his ballistic skin with his normal voice.

    • @Frog101 yeah a little bit

    • Theres a difference?

  • Bob: intense spamming Ruv: earthquake Agoti: Void Tabi: can take over every song possible

  • 2:37 hex sounds good on every song

  • Tabi and Ruv's voices sound really good in this

  • I Love That Cyrix Changes His Television Screen

    • He’s just squealing lol

  • Bob run: Ah yes finally a worthy opponent our battle would be legendary!

  • The voices are perfect, you deserve more subscribers!

  • The squad back with a masterpiece! Lets go!

    • @THE J Yea dude i know

    • @Brobgonal he is speaking soaps

    • @Mr Test What? I know arabic Its no sense

    • letssgooo

  • 4:03 CJ just be sittin' there like "Oh man, I think I found myself a girlfriend...but like damn, Ruby sings like....Im speechless its so beautiful..."

  • There should be a Hex cover called "Hextermination"

  • 0:53 i like how tabi's voice references to phase 3

  • 3:46 RUV'S ANIMATION THO!!🔥🔥🔥

  • Bf: I have no fear. Lungs: Hold my beer.

  • When I saw tabis part and how insane it was I thought,"man's wants her dead" and even the name of the song matches

  • i love how he puts bob on the crazy part

  • 0:58 Tabi Just Sang Genocide In 3 Seconds

  • teacher: *leaves for few mins* class:

  • The fact that when Bob reached his third phase and went trigger happy in "Run", it makes sense to put him to do it with KB's part where he just goes berserk when boyfriend is still singing with him.

  • I love how you took the time going through all of those characters

  • 1:28 Best moment for me

  • 3:12 This actually fits well!

  • 3:29 Little Man kinda sound like a flute lol

    • Lol I know

    • If this were to be on a meme platform... "Little Man kinda sound like a flute lol" A n d t h a t s a f a c t

    • Basically what my band class sounds like when the teacher asks the flute section to play a line and everyone screws up because I can’t keep up with the notes

    • My new alarm

    • 3:33 and what about this

  • Tabi sounds like hes actually singing his own song not termination

  • As usual, Tabi sounds hecking FANTASTIC

  • The endless and genocide covers are amazing

  • an absolute beauty what a cover ammazing

  • Haven’t beat this mod yet, way too hard but looking forward to it

    • When spammy parts come up just make your keyboard a domestic abuse victim with you forehead

  • 0:53 and 1:10 are my faves, they fit the song SO WELL


  • i like how all characters fits so well

  • Song Starts 0:09

  • Well made man keep it up!

  • Agoti sounds so good on this one

  • i think the best part about all the BETADCIU videos that include tabi also inherently include genocide because lets face it tabi isn't singing anyone else's song

  • 2:57 heres and explanation why kapi's held notes glitch, in the Kapi mod Kapi hits the notes on his DDR pad meaning if he holds a note it wont do anything, so his notes are only tap notes and not held notes, explains why in the Kapi mod Bf gets held notes on parts where Kapi would get held notes also.

    • Ok gracias a que hora vienes a 👍

    • yea i know, it annoys me

    • aquí está y una explicación de por qué las notas retenidas de kapi fallan en el mod Kapi Kapi toca las notas en su pad DDR, lo que significa que si sostiene una nota, no lo hará

  • Se merece un oscar esta cancion❤❤

  • Will everyone appreciate how hard that looks and they did it without a miss

  • The time where Kapi was almost gonna break his DDR pad by being mad

  • Most charecters: terminated Tabi: genocide, but FAST

    • No, but more harder

  • 0:53 this part sounds freaking dope

  • Bob's part fits too well

  • soy yo o en la parte de tabi se parecía un poco a Genocide

  • My favorites covers:Selever,ruv and agoti

    • Actually Mine is all the spooky month characters the most

  • Fun fact : the song difficulty is actually very hard


    • thanks captain obvious 😅

    • Yeah the charting is easy and the blades are good

    • The chart is pretty easy but the sawblades and stuff make it really hard

    • LOL

  • when tabi sang it kind of sounded like genocide


  • Fun fact: When the song end qt scream

  • How they do all this??! This is impressive

  • I’m Ruvs part I can just imagine him dodging a ton of bullets. Like Hank is shooting at him.

  • I'm obsessed with hexadust's covers

  • I like how you put ruv in the part with a million doubles.

  • 3:46-3:54 I can't stop listening to this moment!!!!!!!!!!!


  • imagine if somewhere out there this is actually happening

  • for some reason when tabi sings termination it sounds like a remixed genocide

  • 3:46 The miss animation is shown but there is now also written PERFECT COMBO

  • Imagine if this crashed as a prank. =P Bob's part was fitting. Could've had Sketchy too.

    • I LOVE YOU

    • @AmenKing1999 Heh, redrawn…

    • @Gio DeMartini He's not "remastered" unless it's by the original artist. He's just redrawn by another artist.

    • The remastered one or the original?

  • To be honest, little man's voice almost broke my ears, bc im wearing headphones and i put my vulume on max ;D

  • Termination: *exists* Tabi: No. This isn't how you're supposed to play the game.

  • Friday night funkin's popularity will continue for years

  • Bruh tabi still sounds like he's singing genocide..........are his vocals always like that?

  • 1:52 this part make me wanna 💃

  • I’ve put this on an hour loop and still can’t stop listening to it (The ruby and kapi parts were the best)

    • @Hexadust you should make this a playable mod (if possible) this is sick

  • Every other character:"sings termination" Tabi:"sings genocide"

  • Finally Yukichi is in one of these!! Good job!

  • 1:27 i love this part

  • At first on Tabi part the first 10 arrows remind me the start arrows on genecoide. Guess every one is a total bummer for Tabi

  • i feel bad for the part manji sonic got, same with ron, tricky, and tankman. they have such great vocals (i fr was about to type voicebanks).

  • Ruby’s voice tho


  • Tabi and cyrix sounds AMAZING


  • amor's cover was heavenly

  • This song is what my life is, impossibly difficult

  • 2:19 that is the only thing I like about termination

  • Having Bob sing the spam part makes so much sense

  • 0:36 I love this part


  • Matt should've gotten a longer round I love his voice

  • Nobody: Tabi: *G E N O C I D E*

  • when tabi sung i low key thought it was just tabis final song

  • Wow I've never seen a collab before in this type of videos, great job

  • When I Put It In Fast Motion It's Sounds Like Galaga

  • 2:53 is such a good part

  • when it was Tabi's turn to sing the first bit he sang sounded like his song Genoside but just different speed 0:53

  • everyone : *sings* kapi : *presses agressively one button*

  • not gonna lie, Termination probs one of my favorite songs of fnf all time.

  • 0:53 tabi sounds so good here

  • am I the only one who thought sans this part really sounded like megalovania? 2:02

  • Bob got the best part for the run phase

  • Damn he's a pro!

  • Ruv is explaining the whole FNAF lore in 9 seconds