Tesla Accessories You Need on Day 1 of Ownership - Only The Essentials

čas přidán 30. 06. 2022
When you finally join the Tesla community with your very own Tesla Model Y or Tesla Model 3, you will soon find just how overwhelming the aftermarket accessories space is. It can be too difficult to figure out what you should and should not get.
When you first take delivery of your Tesla, you do not need every little gadget and light out there. In fact, you really only need 6 things before your new Tesla arrives. These 6 items are the ones you will want to have from day 1 because you will be able to best protect your new Model Y or Model 3 right from the beginning when it is fresh.
Tesla stopped providing a center console tray for the arm rest some time ago, but also never offered one for the lower console. With these 2 compartments, adding a tray is simple and adds storage capabilities to your Tesla. This 2 piece kit slides right in and is made for both the Model Y and the Model 3.
I love our white interior, and many of you do too. I have had tremendous success with the Gyeon Leather Shield. This is an added layer of protection for those beautiful white seats and makes keeping the interior clean even easier. I apply this ceramic immediately after delivery and reapply once a year.
Just like your cellphone, a screen protector is a no brainer. This large screen is a center piece of the Tesla experience in a Model Y and Model 3. I have had good success with this Carweiner screen protector in the past and continue to use it. Easy to install and cost effective.
Protecting the floors and keeping your interior nice and fresh requires floor mats. There are now many providers of floor mats out there and I continue to prefer the 3D MAXpider floor mats as our go to protection.
PPF is a very costly investment in protecting the paint on your Tesla. With the help of drive protected shop, and our 20% discount code, you can literally save thousands on PPF by doing it yourself. I highly recommend you at least consider covering the front of your Tesla from road debris.
Once PPF is installed, or if you are not planning on installing PPF, make sure to top it all off with a protection layer of Ceramic. Ceramic coating will keep your exterior shining for years to come and will prevent light scratches from forming on the surface. Applying Ceramic is one of the easiest and most cost effective DIY protections you can add to your Tesla and you should seriously consider doing this yourself.
Center Console Trays - amzn.to/3R0FVbr
Seat Ceramic Protection - amzn.to/3nAmGId
Screen Protector - amzn.to/3NsPqxn
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iPad Holder - amzn.to/2YLBbgZ
Mobile Connector Organizer - amzn.to/3iiUkOP
Car Seat Covers - amzn.to/2Vsc9kX
Phone and Glasses Holder - amzn.to/2IQcnzb
iPhone Charging Cable - amzn.to/3svnEG5
Roof Sunshade - amzn.to/3geCUVi
Filming Equipment
Canon M50 - amzn.to/3lqNfww
Sigma 16mm Lense - amzn.to/2SDHE9E
128 GB Pro SD Card - amzn.to/3nv242V
GoPro Hero 8 - amzn.to/38mwltO
GoPro Tripod - amzn.to/3dPO7GK
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Microphone - amzn.to/2ZmZlgN
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  • I’ve got them all saved in my Amazon lists ready to purchase when a VIN is assigned! At this moment the garage tech is putting an automatic door on the second bay as part of preparation for my Tesla’s arrival this fall. The Tesla baby room is coming along quite nicely. Next step, deciding on wall mount vs 14-50

    • Hahaha love it

    • Gethomelink no need for automatic door

    • Can you share the list of the accessories you ordered on amazon? i am waiting for my Tesla and would like to be ready with my accessories . Thank you so much.

    • @Alma Guerra most of them are what BTG linked to. I have screen protectors, rear under seat vent covers, the sunshades for them windows if I ever want to camp out of the car, I have a trim removal tool to do DIY tasks, and most importantly the Ceramic Shield for the seats that BTG recommends.

    • Should all be in the description for your convenience

  • Another great video BTG. I personally like the clear screen protector, I had the matte finish screen protector on my first Model Y and I thought it made the images and font a little fuzzy. I went with a clear one on my next Model Y and yes it does create some glare and reflection, but the screen is much more crisp and clearer.

    • Yea the clear one has a nice crisp look to it

    • Which screen protect did you get please? Thanks!

    • @Iced Tea Mama SUMK Model 3/Y Tempered Glass Screen Protector Model 3 Model Y 15" Center Control Touchscreen Car Navigation Touch Screen Protector Tempered Glass 9H Anti-Scratch and Shock Resistant for Model 3 Screen Protector Upgrade

    • @Iced Tea Mama from Amazon

  • Outstanding work once again! We just got our new Tesla model Y about a week ago (the same day as my back surgery) and used m,any of your suggestions like a white interior and it looks great! Living in Colorado, I would have to say there are a few other mandatory accessories such as a sunscreen and mudflaps (possibly snow tires) that I would consider essential. I’ve seen you have another great video on home powered charging systems… But I’m still rather confused with that. Thanks! And keep up the good work.

    • Just set up a new charging plug for the rental house and will be doing a video soon

  • I really like my Tuxmatt floor mats. They have much better coverage than the 3D maxpider, I think they look pretty great, and I'm pretty sure they were less expensive.

    • yea, I just don't like the style of those. But that's what's nice about all the options, there's likely a style that fits everyones taste.

    • @Bearded Tesla Guy totally agree, when I first looked at them I thought they reminded me of a New York City taxi type liner that's meant to cover every possible surface in plastic for the cleaning up the grossest things. but once installed they kind of just disappeared and I was much happier than expected. But I am definitely a function over form type person

  • Great video, Used your code to do the ppf front cap on my 2022 M3 a week after picking it up in December. Was quick a bit of challenge to install the front bumper. I would start with the hood, mirrors, fenders and finally do the bumper and use lots of slip solution. My only advice is if you're looking for perfection, get it done professionally, if not save a huge chunk of money and do it yourself. Be sure to ceramic coat afterwards. Eric from Drive Protect has awesome videos . :-)

    • Yes indeed! Thousands to be saved with the same protection. Totally worth it

    • How might one find someone to do it professionally? I’m disabled and cannot do it myself. I wish Tesla would help with this.

    • Don’t understand why add ceramic on top of PPF

    • I have just started this video. What advantages do you have with ceramic coat etc?

  • Definitely go for the matte screen saver. It's a large screen and when the sun shines on it you only see the glare without the matte finish. I attached my garage door opener on the lower left of the back of the screen with hook and loop tape. Easy to reach and out of the way and can change battery when needed but it can be seen thru the side of the windshield if that matters.

  • Great video; quick and to the point! 2 questions: 1) Have you tried WeatherTech mats? I'd be curious to see them compared. 2) How do you get the PPF around the logos? Are there cutouts, do you cut them out yourself, or do you go over them and stretch it around the flatter logos (like on the hood)?

    • logo's are cut out in the template so no stretching required. I am not a fan of weather tech mats, but that is just my personal taste.

    • Weather Tech is too expensive. You can get any thermoplastic elaster mats and they do exactly as intended.

  • This video has amazing value for the ppf and ceramic coating tips ALONE. Thank you! I have been looking at getting the ppf done, it would have cost me over $1000 for the company i was looking at, and they offer a "discounted" price of $850 for ceramic coating as well LOL. Thank you!

  • Always great advice! lots of great tips - we should be prepared for delivery - when our Model Y AWD 2022/2023 model arrives (EDD pushed to Sept 11 - Oct 23, OD Aug 28, 2021).

  • I agree. PPF has really been good to have. Other items presented I’m in agreement with too!

  • I’m picking up my Y tomorrow, and I’m glad I watched this. I see the value of PPF and Ceramic coating and agree on the insane cost to have it installed..DYI is the way and will pick up the white seats guard treatment. This video made my day!

  • Thanks. You inspired me to do my own PPF. Placed order with your code few days ago and waiting. Have your PPF install in my bookmark :-)

  • Definitely didn't realise ceramic coating was that easy. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Glad to help

    • yes but paint correction is what that cost is for, not ceramic coat only

    • It is NOT. I can assure you if you do it without the entire process, It will not be done right.

  • Just got my MY 6/29 but got my accessories since January. Just had to wait for the car itself for another 6 months. 😭 Got my 3D liners ready to use as soon as I got home. Thank you for telling me to pre-treated them. Got my front PPF and windows tinted 2 days later. Also got my screen protectors ready to go. I also put the ceramic seat protectors on my white seats a few days after too. Thank you for all the great ideas.

  • Shop near me quoted me $1,499.00 for Model Y ceramic coating...now Im definitely doing it myself. Thanks for sharing this info

  • Ordered some PPF using your code. Haven’t been driving my Model 3 much since delivery because I want it protected first. Lol. Highly recommend ordering it before you take delivery. Thanks again BTG 👍🏽

  • You should try out the Abstract Ocean matte screen protector. 😎 Btw, I had the car PPF wrapped, and told the guy afterwards I was going to do the graphene costing myself. He didn’t seem happy lol. Now n days they have spray on coatings. Literally spray on, wipe, haze over, wipe off. Done. I was quoted $1,200 for that. I told him quite swiftly heck no.

    • Ceramic coating is quite possibly the biggest ripoff in to have “professionally” done

  • As soon as you mentioned MaxPider you reminded me I still needed FRUNK and SUB TRUNK. Immediately placed order haha (they were out when I last ordered the FR/RR ones). Thanks :). Unfortunately code said it needed min $205 charge and I was at $183 but regardless I’m happy they’re available.

    • Yea, sorry the code doesn’t work under that limit. I still love my MAXpider though

    • I also ordered the ones that go on the backs of the fold down seats so that the entire cargo area is covered when the seats are down.

  • Thanks for the suggestions and tips. One thing I'm trying to find is a recommendation for an external windshield protective product... like PPF for the windshield. Seems like Tesla's glass is more prone to breakage, at least around me. Have you looked for a product and not found one worthy of a review, or haven't you looked?

    • There is a product for that but I have not tried it yet

    • @Bearded Tesla Guy have your windshields held up alright?

    • YES!! I’m in Colorado w/ lot’s of road gravel…anything would help if it actually works.

  • Beyond cosmetic modifications, I would say that the essentials should include either having a spare tire (ie Modern Spare) or Slime with a tire inflator on hand in the car too. Teslas do not come with a spare! A tow truck is covered by Tesla for the first 50 miles to a service center/tire place but if it is further than that, you have to pay for the rest of the fee. Save yourself the time and headache that comes with a flat and be prepared!

    • I get questions about a spare all the time and never had one in over 2 years now. I did just get one so I’ll be sharing those details soon

    • @Bearded Tesla Guy perfect! Yes, I've had bad luck with rogue nails on the roads.

    • I got an OEM wheel, put a tire on it, and bought a cheap 1.5 ton used floor jack. Better than an overpriced donut from modern spare

  • Looks like you ended up getting red w/ white seats and aero wheels. That’s the same configuration I just ordered. Would love to see more videos of your new car to get me hyped!

  • Awesome video! Been reading through the comments - but can't find what sealant/protectant you were using/applying to the mats in the video? What did you use/do you recommend to keep those new floor mats staying newer longer.

    • I want to know too. What is the pretreatment that you used?

  • Hey BTG, I finally got my MY in and don’t wanna drive it until I either get a wrap or PPF on it. Kind of sucks waiting. Good info for new owners.

    • You don’t need it. Drive the car and enjoy it.

    • I totally understand. That’s what I do too. I wait for my DIY PPF to be done before driving it lol

    • @Bearded Tesla Guy lol, how long does it take to get the DIY PPF?

    • it takes about a week to get it.

  • The CCS Combo 1 Tesla adapter is a must-have!

  • My wife’s car will come in Sept-Nov. I’m not super confident putting PPF on myself. I can barely get the bubbles out of a screen protector half the time. 😂

  • THIS is the content I subscribed to you, for! Man these kinds of videos is your niche. Not a fan of clickbaity videos, almost unsubbed because you kinda went that route lately Glad I didn't. Keep it up

    • I’m not sure I follow. It would be helpful if you could be more specific so I can review. I don’t think I make any click bait videos as that’s not my style. Are you saying the thumbnails have too much going on? Is the topic on the thumbnail not what the video is about?

    • What are you talking about Flannigan? I've never felt btg has any clickbait content. And there's plenty out there.

  • Helpful video. What did you put on your floor mats to provide additional protection?

  • Thanks for the helpful tips!

  • Thanks so much!!! We’re getting PPF this week for front of car and it’s almost $2K. Hopefully we can do ceramic coating ourselves right after the PPF. Ceramic coating for entire car including the windows?

  • Appreciate your video! Great content!

  • Did I miss the video/announcement for which Model 3 you ordered/purchased? LR or Performance? Looking forward to your 1,000 miles update/review compared to the SR+

    • I have not released the video for that yet, coming very soon!

  • I considered getting roof sun shades for my Tesla model 3 even before I got it a year ago. I'm glad I didn't. I live in an area where it's frequently cloudless and 40 C (104 f) in the summer and I've never felt the need for the roof shades. I do, however, obsessively pre-cool my M3 using the app before getting in it if it's hot out. A front window shade, however, is a must to protect the front interior of the car. Some might argue the same thing for the roof shade but roof shades aren't really meant to be removed at the start of every drive whereas a front window shade is ..... obviously :-) .

    • It’s a pretty nice thing to have though in the summer. Let’s your car cool easier

  • I installed PPF myself and I am very happy I did so since I drive long distances on the highway. I'm a very handy person and I will say, I will never install PPF myself again. It can be done, but it's a pain and takes a very long time.

  • I think you are right about a lot of things but may not fully understand the ceramic coating process. Even new cars have to be decontaminated before they are coated if you want lasting results. This means proper wash, clay bar and polish first. Very few people will do that properly and mis use of a clay bar and mar up your paint. Coating without decontaminating is a waste of money since you just lock in the contaminants. Maybe it is still better than nothing if you want to save money, but to say its an easy process may be misleading if you want ti done correctly.

    • Sorry if I didn't make it clear, ceramic is always applied on top of PPF on my cars...

  • Thanks for the info. Will be get them for my new Y arriving mid May.

  • Thank you for sharing. It's a great video.

  • The Matte Screen Protector has been so clutch.

  • Would love to see your other accessories! Phone mount and install?

    • Yea, those are part of like a top 10 accessories. That video will be coming, I promise!

  • Heyyy, love you vids! Since the MY desperately needs vented seats and it’s hot/sticky even in white…any chance you’ve reviewed white seat covers (and other sun protection). I’ve been looking at $$heepskin…would love your input!

    • Hansshow has a ventilated seat upgrade I’ve seen. Have not looked into it yet though

  • Center console looks awesome. I got my MY at the end of 2020 before they did the center console refresh. Any recommendations for a similar center console addin to help organize that?

  • Ordered all weather floor mats and a screen protector before taking delivery and after taking delivery I ordered a trash container, cup holder cover, windshield cover and air fresheners

  • Hands down PPF is a must

  • How you compare ride quality of the model y vs rwd 3? I test drove both and I felt the y has much better ride quality but roads I drove the y on were much smoother than the ones I drove the 3 on. So,it’s hard to tell

    • Having had both, the 3 sr was a smoother ride. 3 lr is second, and y is last. Now that I have 18” wheels and beefy tires, my Y is the most comfortable. But you can’t overcome a harsh suspension with only tires.

  • Thank you for the great video. Can the leathershield be used on other colors than white? Like Black seats?

  • Thank you!! Very helpful

  • Great advice brother

  • Waiting on my Model Y and can’t get enough Tesla content while I wait. One thing I see a lot of in these types of videos is the 3D mats. Literally don’t see any other product for mats. Are they really that good and have you tried others?

    • I really like them. Have had them in all our Teslas

    • @Bearded Tesla Guy I might get some of these after all. To me they just don’t seem to fit the aesthetics of the Tesla, but I also haven’t seen them in person.

  • Wow that was a perfect screen protector install

  • Sweet dude. Love your work.

  • Great video! Thanks ! If I ordered last October. Will I get a charger ?

  • Every car that we have owned had an overhead handle next to the top of the passenger's window that my wife used to help her get into and out of the vehicle. Each time she gets into my Model Y, she reaches for the handle that isn't there in the Model Y. Is there an aftermarket device that I can install to help her enter and exit the car? (We are both in our mid-80s, so not as athletic as we once were.

    • This is a real miss I never thought of until someone said something last year. I take for granted I don’t need one but if I did, that would make it a challenge. I’m not aware of an aftermarket one, but I’m sure someone is working on one.

  • Thanks. Cool video. Do I need to buy more liquids for PPF or what I can use instead of it ? Thanks again

  • What about a recommendation on needing a tire inflator and if so which one. Got my MYLR on Memorial Day. Purchased the mat screen protector and 3D mats and love them both. Just ordered the 3 piece console set. Thanks BTG and if in Cape Coral stop by to use my wall charger.

    • Sounds great! May take you up on that some time! I have a air pump I picked up at harbor freight on a road trip once and just keep it in the car

    • @Bearded Tesla Guy Thank you for the tip and welcome to Florida. I am originally from Cincinnati. You will love the winter as no more dealing with snow and ice!

  • My brother did PPF and ceramic coating for my MYP and he is going to do my husband PPF and ceramic coating on his M3P this weekend.

    • If you can do it yourself, it’s sooo worth it (your brother in this case).

  • What did you put on your floor mats to help protect them?

    • 3D MAXPider. Go to Formytesla.com and use code BTGMAX for the best price.

  • Okay I have to admit I have not gotten recent updates, what did you do with the Black Model 3? Nice color on the Model 3… my wife’s favorite.

    • We just recently sold it to buy this one. Tomorrows vid will break down the insane finances of this transaction.

  • Have you ever had a Tesla without ceramic coating on the seats to compare? As far as I heard you don’t even need the coating and you can still easily clean the seats with only baby wipes.

    • You can clean the seats without ceramic. It’s just another layer of protection from stubborn stains

  • great reccomendations!

  • If your on a road trip in the model 3 do you have to worry about getting a sunburn? Because all you have is tinted glass above your head. I feel like this would be a deciding factor for me.

  • What are your thoughts on rim protectors? Is one better than the other?

    • I hate rim protectors so not the guy to ask lol

    • @Bearded Tesla Guy can I ask why. My rims are already scraped.

    • @Old House Guy instead of adding those ugly rim protectors, just learn to park better!

    • @fomin23 That is true. The car is new and takes some getting used to. Actually I really like the look.

  • i got those 3d mats too and SO recommend. do you put ceramic on the glass too?

  • Given how stained my 2010 Mazda became where my elbows sat by the window and on the console, is there any potential value applying the ceramic coating for the seats to the door trim and console, or is it not meant to go there?

    • Yea, you can put it there too if you like. None of it is real leather so sealing it won’t hurt anything

    • By the way, perfect timing for this video…the projected delivery for my MYLR has been stable for almost a month - 7/27-8/31 for my 11/30/21 purchase.

  • You missed the most important item…The mobile charger!

    • Ha, good point. Since that doesn’t come with the car anymore, make sure you order it at the same time you order the car

  • So the ceramic coating is like polishing/waxing? Doesn’t seem bad if that’s the case

  • Day 1: wrap & tint

  • We got our VIN yesterday! We are in the Indianapolis area. Please tell us a good place to have PPF wrap if you know of one.

    • Congrats! So I don’t have a shop in mind because I do all my own work

  • Any recommendations on flor mats and cargo liners for Model Y 7 seats?

    • 3D MAXpider all the way! Use code BTGMAX at formytesla.com for some savings

    • @Bearded Tesla Guy Got it. Thank you for the advice! Excellent videos!

  • Good video man

  • How long does it last? Will it survive various car washes?

  • New Model 3 you say? Ok... Which Model 3 version did you finally decide on? I know I suggested you should get the "Performance" so you can have better enjoyment of its sweetness in your youth.

    • I wanted a P so bad, but, had to fall back on the original plan and not over spend. So happy with the car

  • Hi Bearded, what kind of batteries on 18” aero wheels Tesla model 3 RWD LFP battery or NCA battery? Thanks for info!

    • Expect delivery soon.

    • If it’s a new car, it’s LFP for the SR

  • first thing to do when you get a new tesla is to put mud flaps on and get paint protection and tinting. before you do anything.

  • is it worth getting PPF if i plant to wrap my Tesla with a different color in a few years?

    • Up to you. But you can still do PPF and change it later and have protected paint

  • Does ceramic go underneath or over the ppf?

  • M3 LR!!!!! Nice 👍 😄BTG. Did u Boost it yet?

  • BTG rocking the Florida Man tan!

  • You need inch empire floor mats

  • 4:05 ONLY IN AMERICA the standard model doesn't come with floor mats for those of us that don't live in the U.S. ALL tesla model 3's will come with carpet floor mats.

  • PLEASE do just use a damp cloth to clean a gyeon ceramic coated seats

    • I use baby wipes in between deep cleanings. It works just fine.

  • Which Model 3 did you end up going with?

    • LR

    • @Bearded Tesla Guy Perfect Road Tripper! but maybe without the kids due to smaller space. Congrats!

  • what would you say is a reasonable price charged by a garage for a PPF service if I don't fancy DIY?

    • I dont know about reasonable, but the quotes I have seen are between 5-7k.

  • A Toyota Highlander XLE highbred msrps at $50k. It is nicer, rides better and has more room and carrying capacity than the Y. It makes more sense.

  • Can you please let me know where i can order the console trays and leather shield?

  • Dude you should use gloves when you apply ceramic coating just for safety. Who knows if that could be toxic

  • It doesnt really rain in SoCal, is ceramic still recommended?

    • Still a great way to protect the clear coat from minor scuffs and scratches

  • sorry to burst the bubble but trays and wrapping your ev in plastic isn't something for day 1. I've had an ev for a year now and am quite satisfied with the car without any of these essentials that are shown here. The only real thing everyone needs is a decent charger at home to get this hungry beast fed at night or on the weekends. After scanning the market I settled on getting a 10/16 amp mobile charger that can refill to 80% my 64kw battery on the weekend or over night. Spent 300$ and installed it myself. You need a 20A breaker, a 20A thermal-magnetic differential switch to protect from over heating and a special ev socket that won't melt like the legrand green'up one. charging at 3.7kw is enough if you do not need too many kw on a daily basis and it won't overload your home instalation - I have a solar panel and charge at 10A - 2kwh and it costs me around 5$ to get 200 miles/300km into my car.

    • to each their own. If you are going to put PPF on your car, doing it right away is unquestionably the right move before you damage the paint from daily use.

    • @Bearded Tesla Guy thinking of applying those spray ceramic sealing things which seem cheap and easier. What do you think?

  • so do you PPF first then put on ceremic coat on top of PPF?

  • Does this steering mod void any warranty ?

  • can you please share the line for the accessories

    • Everything is in the description for your convenience

  • Tesla and cookies....A great combination.Nice beard as well......

  • Accessories you need on day 1 of ownership of a KIA EV-6: Nothing!

    • Lol. I need to get one for a day and get a good feel for it. A lot of people have great things to say about it, and with the huge price increases at Tesla, makes the Kia even more attractive

    • @Bearded Tesla Guy I was very near putting in an order for a LR Model Y but Elon raised the price one time too many. I've had the EV6 since Feb and can't say anything bad about it. Everything works. Range is as published. 3.5-4.0 m/kwhr

  • Does tesla not include Garage opener function thru the screen now?

  • I wish this video was out 2 years ago :(

  • Whatever happened to just buying a car and driving it?

  • Did you put ceramic coating on your windshield?

  • Very Nice Bearded Bro! Get Good People/Tesla!

  • Liked it

  • Where's the link to the PPF?

    • In the description. Go to driveprotected.shop and use code BTG20

  • I have a rock chip on my windshield already