Tesla Model 3 Tips & Tricks that I use all the time

čas přidán 21. 04. 2022
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My 2022 Tesla Model 3 has hundred of features. Some are fun but some are very useful. I will be going over the features that I actually love using all the time. Share with me know of any cool tricks you like to use in the comment below!
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  • For tip #6. If you try to drag the icon to the end on the right you can actually get 5 icons instead of 4. The trick is you have to hold the icon by the edge on the right. When you get it, you will get an extra icon on the bar

    • Cool! Thank you for that tip I’m going to add it now!

  • Excellent & Practical! I am looking forward to my Tesla 3 delivery next month! I have a "Tesla" videos list. This one has now been added to my list. (I love how you allowed your son to be part of your work. No doubt that he will appreciate that in years to come. Quality Fatherhood)

    • Aww thanks for mentioning my boy. Fun memory he can check out when he grows up. Thanks for the support Joseph. Happy 4th!

  • Thanks for the tips :) Here's my tip: never put your laptop in the trunk. If you get rear ended you'll get it damaged too. You can put it behind the driver seat.

    • Great tip! So no valuables in the trunk of frunk incase of accident!

  • Great tips! I just got my Tesla last week, I love it and learning all the features. Thank you!

    • Thanks for letting me know Hazel! Such an awesome car!

  • Love that you had your little guy chilling with you while doing this video. Thanks for the tips, can’t wait for my M3P to arrive next month

    • Thanks for that! My little boy helping dad already :) Congrats on your car John! It’s so cool. All these other ev cars coming out but still not as awesome as a Tesla! They are catching up though! Wonder what the next generation is Tesla will be like!

  • Thanks for the tips love it. Looking forward to getting my M3 in a few months. 😊

    • Thanks for the comment Maynard! Ooh that’s gonna be fun when you get your M3! Welcome to the Tesla crew!

  • I appreciate the fact that you gave to the car a normal name and not a silly one 👍

    • Lol Liepez. I wonder what people are naming their cars? To give a vehicle an actual name, it has to be as big as a boat or a plane.

  • Looove it! Can’t wait for ours. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you for watching and commenting Nikki! Welcome to the Tesla Fam!

    • Good News! We currently have some fantastic deals on our eBay listing for our Tesla accessories.

  • Good job for such a new owner!...I learned a few here that I didn't know before!

    • Awesome! Thanks Len! Having fun with my Tesla!

    • Good News! We currently have some fantastic deals on our eBay listing for our Tesla accessories.

  • Props for REAL tips! These are great thanks!

    • Thanks Methodical. I thought these tips were things I also found useful too!

    • @Myong Hong I did have one I thought of. Normally when driving the left stalk being pushed forward turns on the high beams. In autopilot it instead disables auto-high beams, which I always do at night.

    • I didn’t even know it’s called the stalk! Does auto high beam mess you up when driving? What don’t you like about it? I didn’t even know that you can switch on and off with that stalk! Cool man

  • So I'm still undecided on the White interior! Liven the way it looks but worried about messing it up!

    • As beautiful as it is, I’ve never cleaned my seats so much in my life 😂 every time I see a stain I’m not taking a chance and wiping it down plus giving it a protection coating every other week! It’s a price you have to pay for beauty!

    • Good News! We currently have some fantastic deals on our eBay listing for our Tesla accessories.

  • Thanks for the theater app info. Looking forward to using it.

    • The theater app is a cool trick especially since it has HBOMAX for me! Thanks for the comment!

  • Great video! Thanks for sharing 👍

    • Thanks for your comment! :)

  • thank you for taking the time to let as know all this features

    • Thanks Gabriel for the nice comment man!

  • Sweet. Excited about getting my model 3 hopefully within the next few weeks

    • I’m super excited for your karma!

    • Good News! We currently have some fantastic deals on our eBay listing for our Tesla accessories.

  • My m3 comes jn sometime next week. Ive been super excited and just been watching videos on it every day

    • Ooh you are blessed! You’re gonna love this car. I clean it every week cause I can’t bare to see my model 3 dusty!

  • Great place to hang out with kids. I'm planning to do this too 🤠

    • I have a tiny disco light and a microphone with a speaker from Amazon and we would come in to the car and karaoke some of my personal favorite songs and his favorite kid songs through CS-tv and we just saying on top of our lungs since no one can hear. It is so fun. Thanks for the comment Sumeer!

  • You can use voice commands for navigate home, navigate to work, navigate to a specific address, as well as turn off/on AC etc..

    • Ooh I love that! Thank you so much for sharing lnd668!

    • Good News! We currently have some fantastic deals on our eBay listing for our Tesla accessories.

  • Love this video. Thanks for the tips

    • Woohoo! Thanks Nicholas for the nice comment man!

    • Good News! We currently have some fantastic deals on our eBay listing for our Tesla accessories.

  • i have the same tesla ring. i LOVEE It. great tips friend!

    • Thank you for the support Monika! 🙌🏽 yeah it’s so cool that you can drive your car with a ring!

  • Hey Myong! What’s the black diamond circleish things under your rear passenger doors? I was trying to search it up but couldn’t find anything, thanks in advance!

    • That’s a Guam seal emblem that I got from Guam. Me and my family were from Guam 🇬🇺 It looks cool though doesn’t it?

    • @Myong Hong I thought it was some sort of tesla badge accessory at first. Yeah that’s cool! My wife’s family is actually from Guam!

    • That’s so cool! I feel like everyone from Guam is just one big family. You can order that emblem from The Vault in Guam and they will mail it to you. Put it on your car then send me a photo! :) that would be cool! Here’s the link to it thevaultgu.com/search?type=product%2Carticle%2Cpage&q=Emblem

  • Wow so many things I didn’t know ahah XD tyyyy I’m treating this car as a gas power car ahah

    • Hehe. Yeah i feel like this car is an iPhone on wheels.

  • The system restart was also needed for me to use my premium account, as it wouldnt work until I did. Just another tip

    • Thanks for that tip 🙌🏽

  • Good on ya Bubba! what is that carbon fibre looking stalk shifter? Where'd you get that?

    • It’s this carbon fiber cover that just sticks to it with double side tape that it comes with amzn.to/3rmu9wX

    • @Myong Hong Thank you kind Sir

    • Good News! We currently have some fantastic deals on our eBay listing for our Tesla accessories.

  • thank you so much for this video. helped alot

    • You welcome Marcel! So many fun things you can do with our tesla!

  • 2:20 (deep voice) this is our hangout spot. 2:25 (high tone voice) baba, please, please! 😆 A true father!

    • Aww thanks DK. That's my pride and joy right there! ❤

  • I'm coming back to this video once I get my Tesla lol!

    • Thanks white wolf! Yeah there’s a lot to learn with Tesla!

  • Great video, thanks for tips and your son is cool enjoy!

    • Thank you so much for the nice compliment :)

    • Good News! We currently have some fantastic deals on our eBay listing for our Tesla accessories.

  • any suggestions about what dog barrier works in the Tesla Model 3?

    • I know about the dog seat covers for your back but nothing about the barrier. I have seen people add them to their Tesla online though.

  • Are these seat covers after market or original tesla white seats? They look original. Just asking because in one of your videos you talked about seat covers I think

    • This video has the original Tesla seats. Here is my video on the white seat covers. I actualyl really like them since I stopped stressing about cleaning my white seats every day just cause I don't want to take a chance of it staining the seats. Now I only clean my seats every other day, LOL cs-tv.org/tv/video-Skopb8Aocdc.html

  • For getting home/work, i love to use voice command: "Navigate home / work" :D So you dont even need to touch the screen!

    • I like that one! it’s so convenient to just push that voice button with your thumb and jealous tell your car what to do!

    • Good News! We currently have some fantastic deals on our eBay listing for our Tesla accessories.

  • Awesome vid! Thank you

  • I have the same spoiler! Were you able to install it without issue? I have so much 3m gap with that spoiler :[

    • Yeah after I scraped off the old tape and put the new one, then taped down gallons water jugs on it over night, it finally looks good, except for the tips slightly being off :/

    • Good News! We currently have some fantastic deals on our eBay listing for our Tesla accessories.

  • Nice tricks man

  • Now you need to change your pin for the glove box LOL 😂

    • That’s what my wife said! She’s like why are you showing everyone our code! 😂

    • Good News! We currently have some fantastic deals on our eBay listing for our Tesla accessories.

  • Im trading in my 2015 model s (ive owned since new!) for a 2022 model 3. It comes in october

    • Awesome! How much is Tesla giving you for your model S?

    • @Myong Hong $40k

    • I love how Tesla gives you so much money for your car. I feel like that’s how much you would get if you sell it privately. Try to sell your car to other dealers they’ll give you chump change!

  • 3rd party app that has Siri control your Tesla outside of summoning is great. I don’t have to open the Tesla app much. I have Siri do it all

    • That is a cool trick! I’m gonna try using Siri for other things now and see if it works. Thanks for sharing brother darkness!

  • How do you use autopark in a Model 3 2022?

    • Auto park only works if you purchased Full Self Driving or advanced autopilot that will be released soon. The autopilot it comes with doesn’t have it.

    • @Myong Hong Thanks for the prompt reply. Will the Advanced Autopilot be an free upgrade or can it be purchased currently?

    • Advanced autopilot will be available for $6000 but I think you can pay $100 a month subscription. It will change lanes and exit the freeway for you! It will park and parallel park for you. Even summon your car.

  • I can never get a better theater to work for me always get error when I try to play something. But reg theater works

    • It is tedious to sign in to better theater but once I’m all logged in then it’s good to go. That sucks it’s not working for you

  • 9:14 is it only Apple calendar or we can use google calendar too?

    • It’s actually using my Google calendar which is also linked up to my iPhone so the answer is yes it will use all calendars in your phone To work with your Tesla

  • You can add a 5th shortcut to the phone app!

    • You can?! I better check it out and add it. Thanks Daniel!

    • @Myong Hong need to slide it all the way to the right. I saw it on another CS-tv video.

  • Please tell me that is just a shadow on your passenger side rear at 1:43.

    • Yes Russ it’s just a shadow of a tree :)

    • @Myong Hong Whew, thought it had some road rash.

  • cherish your son. He is great...

    • Thank you so much. He is my pride and joy! He is so loving. So nice of you to say! ❤️

  • Voice Commands for Navigation - Go Home, Go Work.

    • Thanks for sharing that cool tip Garrison!

    • @Myong Hong Voice commands are available for cabin climate, seat and steering wheel heaters, navigation and wipers, et al. They make it unnecessary to take your eyes off the road while driving. There are a lot of complaints about having to use the touch screen and it is unnecessary. I don't understand why voice commands aren't discussed more. Is it because drivers are used to poking buttons?

  • CS-tv tv had no sound????

    • Thanks for letting me know. That sucks :(

  • Sorry to have to break it to you but ours kids weird noises are not helpful to your video!

    • Aww that’s such a horrible thing to say. That’s my son and I’m making my CS-tv videos for my boy and not you. You know how hurtful it is to hear about someone else talking about your kids. Move on please.