Tesla Penthouse Party at The Petersen Automotive Museum

čas přidán 29. 03. 2023
Join me on my final episode of 2022 as I experience my first Penthouse Party for the innovative EV company Tesla! For years ever since it's unveiling I have been waiting for the Cybertruck to finally hit the streets. Although it still hasn't been released to the consumer market we can still see what the final product might look like at The Petersen Automotive Museum! So join me as we be one of the first to explore Tesla's brand new exhibit here!

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=========Petersen Automotive Museum==========
00:00 Introduction
00:41 Model 3
02:56 Touring the museum
05:08 The Penthouse
05:26 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
05:45 The Cybertruck
06:35 The Tesla Exhibit
07:46 Final Thoughts
08:43 1 Year Thank You


  • thanks for sharing your experience with the rest of the world. God bless you from Germany

    • Thank you so much I really appreciate it!! to you as well!! 😄

  • looks amazing can't wait to see the truck on the road I just wish they would do a right-hand drive one for the UK or I would order one but you never know elon changes his mind like the wind so fingers crossed I do here he is making a smaller version maybe that's for the European market but time will tell have subscribed to your channel and will watch to see where you go with it so all the best from another ev owner but mine isn't a tesla mine is a Vauxhall Mokka ultimate and I love it so all the best from john from Rugby UK.

    • I agree that making it right-hand drive would make the cybertruck more accessible worldwide! I'm sure sometime in the future it would happen so let's hope for the best! Thank you so much for subscribing it really means a lot to me and I appreciate it!! EV gang for life!! LOL

  • 8:20 , "That's what she said" Great video , Thank you and Happy Trails!😎👍

  • well done bro. let's to buy more stock TSLA. Tesla to the moon. Love Tesla. I will visit museum car one day. Thank you bro for share

  • @5:46 CYBRTRK has to be the _SEXIEST_ of the entire TESLA line-up!

  • Very cool!

  • great video man!

  • Aaawesome thanx for this video.... if you ever go to France can you please go visit the Citroen museum? You might love the Citroen SM. I have a Citroen CX Prestige series 1. The DS was launched in 1955. Go check it out. Greetings from South Africa.

    • For sure! The next time I am in France I'll definitely check it out!! The Citroen CX Prestige is a beautiful car! Take good care of her! LOL

  • You deserve more subs! Subscribe everyone!


  • Wow thanks for the video

  • Plans for Christmas '24/'25/'26 will bring CYBRTRK DownUnder to take me Cross Country for 'Surf, Sand and Sun'

  • Dream car order makes it a dream?

    • Everything starts with just a dream... there's so many reservations so if things go as planned maybe they'll start rolling out Cybertrucks towards the end of 2023

  • Where did you make your money?

    • As a kid I saved up all my money and never spent it on things like toys lol but now that i'm older and have a good job I can now use the money I saved to make videos for everyone to enjoy 😊

  • I do not have a job yet I'm going to a trade program starting next month for now every month I can SSI check

    • And thank you so much I appreciate it Happy New Year and God bless you

    • Best of luck at your trade program!