Testing An Invisible Chair

čas přidán 6. 03. 2023
Looks a bit visible to me. #shorts
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  • Check out the full episode, Are These New Products Worth It? (Test) -

  • The guy who invented this skipped physics class on the day that they taught centre of gravity

  • The first man to tip over in an invisible chair


  • It looks like he’s taking a dump. 😂

  • I love through the years watching these 2 slowly turn into Garth and Wayne

  • Dana Carvey hasn't aged a day

  • “I need not a chair… for I am one”

  • breaks

  • Season 4 of silicon valley, Gabe. Dinesh's frenemy. He has a wearable chair pants and always uses it. Look up Gabe Silicon Valley

  • They really nailed the point, that it just looks awkward and as if someone is simply squatting, hence even if it did work properly, it would still be whack, I'm not sitting next to someone who's squatting mid-air 😂

  • They gave these to American spies in the cold war so they could blend in in Russia.

  • Working in pharmacy, we're not allowed chairs. On our feet all day. It apparently makes staff more productive. I only see it causing leg and foot pain. These seem like a great way around that!

  • Got that Forrest Gump drip💀

  • Top knot alert. Hide your children.

  • These guys both have amazing hair. I'm so jealous

  • Link is just to natural with the invisible chair

  • Looking forward to the street performers in NY to be using these

  • Actually would be beneficial for paralyzed folks to help them walk again

  • now thats what i call a good mythical chair