Testing Gold Farms in Minecraft - Which one You Should Build?

čas přidán 21. 02. 2021
Are you looking for the Best Gold Farm to Build in Survival Minecraft? Today I am Testing All Gold Farms in Minecraft to Find the Best One that You Should Build! Rating each one by how long does it take to build, how much does it produce and giving it a final score.
Gold Farms in this video:
1) cs-tv.org/tv/video-GaLYbKJ5keI.html
2) Gnembon - cs-tv.org/tv/video-DLe5-THpQ6I.html
3) Ilmango - cs-tv.org/tv/video-l9oteFEj770.html
4) cs-tv.org/tv/video-uh3X0Pmr9yc.html
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0:00 Intro
0:55 1) Easiest Gold Farm
2:20 2) Gnembon's XP Gold Farm
4:50 3) Ilmango's Gold Farm
7:16 4) Portal Based Gold Farm
9:00 Conclusion
9:53 Outro
Music in this video:
waykap - Now I'm Free (Instrumental Version)


  • Many servers you are not allowed to build above the netherworld. Wish I could build one

  • I’d honestly rather keep the rotten flesh because it’s easy profits from villagers

  • Wither skeleton farms next? I need some on my world

  • here?s the tutorial of Gnembons farm cs-tv.org/tv/video-pN3My8Ef_Co.html

  • is there a tutorial for gnembons farm

  • How to make a Gold Farm in normal nether? Server does NOT ALLOW GOING ABOVE TH ROOF BEDROCK.

  • i kill my computer by the portail based farm

  • Gonna build Gnembons

  • Gold swords and armor can be smelted into gold nugets

  • Is it possible to use the entitycramming method for the first farm too? Cause this would give the option to use it for xp

  • Pretty sure you can smelt gold swords to get gold nuggets so if you hook the farm up to a super smelter it could increase the rates alot

  • 3:15 does anyone know how to get this data pack or whatever it is that shows you the spawn sphere around the player? Many thanks

  • the last gold farm works on single player?

  • can you make a tutorial on how to build the sorting system for the easiest?

  • With ilmango farm u can still send the golden swords to furnaces for ingots maybe

  • 7:09 **mm yes among us**

  • Never throw away rotten flesh, trade it with cleric

  • 666 gold blocks? Hm cursed?

  • I just made the easy gold farm and added extra layers and oh boy it’s pretty okay when you have extra layers. I think it’s around 200 ish gold blocks per hour I kinda regret not making others but only me and my friend play on the server so we have enough for both of us

  • I think if you add tons of more layers to the first farm you can get much more gold and you can try to filter the rotten flesh out.

  • But rays gold farm?

  • How about rays work bartering farm wich can be used as gold farm and is very simple if you modify it

  • I have a question, why not blow up every block underneath the bedrock just to avoid mobs from spawning?

  • What do u do to see the spawning range?

  • Keep in mind that you might not want to throw away all the rotten flesh, because you can trade it to clerics for emeralds

  • Do any of these work in bedrock?

  • is this bedrock or java?

  • I built the gold farm with the 34 layers of magma blocks, and i afk'ed for like 1hour 20mins and only got like 5k gold ingots, why can this be (i afk'ed on hard difficulty, was afk'ing on y/x idk 256 and have no oþher farms on the roof)

  • Build ilmango's 250,000 xp per houre gold farm

  • World downlode sarvival plz

  • AM GOING FOR ILMANGO AFTER THIS VIDEO!!! my goal was for first one but this video changes my mind

  • I like how he said in the beginning “all versions of gold farms” 😂

  • I did the portal one

  • awesome content this is a great comparison.

  • Hello my entity damage in the Ilmangos gold farm isn working can someone help me ? I play on server 1.16.5.

  • "The svord"? S Word! No in all seriousness it's pronounced sord. I play with this concept when naming my first sword on every new world. Fun fact: if you have a biome modifier in modded Minecraft, you can build Ilmango's design in the OVERWORLD. I've done just that and while modded messes with the rates a lot, it still works pretty well once fully set up. I used it more for XP than gold.

  • Theres a tutorial from namiature which he uses turtle egg and iron golem to attract zombie pigmen and it also drops xp with just afk and it has a good droprate check it out cs-tv.org/tv/video-9eYLqetAbfQ.html I tested it in my survival world and its very nice

  • Can someone tell me if the first one makes lots of lagg

  • I made genobon farm it was quite easy

  • Don't forget that buliding just only a one time problem! When the project is complete! It's done and take your unlimited gold and exp!

  • Why are you killing chickens

  • Am i the only one that has the problem of zombies piglens not wanting to smash the turtle eggs?

  • can you please make ilmangos farm in 1.16 the old one doesnt work and no one built updated 1.16 tutorial

  • Shulkercraft is the best farm i think other are s no have a tutorial

  • can you show us how to build the third farm cause in the tutorial its hard to understand

  • You used the OLD version of ilmango's gold farm from way back. He made a new version 3 months before this video posted that's much better

  • whats version?

  • What about Ray's Works combined gold farm and piglin trading hall?

  • G nembon LMAO!!!

  • You can smelt the gold swords ⚔️

  • wait i got to ask do i really need to use stained glass or i can use a normal glass

  • you got my sub! i dont know how many tutorials ill watch but you make the best ones!

  • Thanks bro

  • how come some of your videos and your channel have mor eviwes and subs. quality info, editing, thumbnail and functionality

  • To be honest I'm gonna build everysingle one of them

  • **Me comming home back with multiple stacks of rotten flesh and golden ingots** My cleric: Ah shit, here we go again

  • why mine is not spawning its not peace Full

  • You have a strange accent

  • i'm sorry but when am i ever going to need more than 5000 gold nuggets an hour that the first one gave

  • When ur superstitious and you head to 3:39

  • I usually keep the rotten flesh cus of trading

  • Can somebody explain me why are they using magma blocks for spawn floor.? Why not normal blocks like stone

  • Pov: You came from the creeper farm vid, because you also need xp and gold

  • Does ilmango's gold farm work for 1.16.5?

  • Made ilmangos design last year .. it works great and you get tonnes of xp

  • fun fact: gold swords can be smelted into gold nuggets

  • Did you ever consider Rayworks Gold and Barter farm? It was a single kill chamber version of Ilmangos (it was much more fun to watch all the platforms funnel into one kill chamber) and since it used the exact same mechanics, it produces gold igots, in which a piglin with a full inventory grabs only gold ingots and barters while you afk. Pretty sick concept, honestly.

  • I think you math is wrong on the ilmango farm 350 ingots per hour is not 120 blocks per hour.

  • how do you build the item sorter for the 1st one?

  • Hi! Could you tell me please that why exactly magma block is required to build these farms?

  • there is another extremely simple gold farm, fully overworld

  • if I build this minecraft realms will it also stop working after one hour?

  • you don't need to pronouance the w when saying the word sword


  • the gold swords can be individually smelted into more nuggets

  • I love you farms

  • No one has noticed the 666gold blocks yet

  • Sadly I can't build on the top of bedrock (I think because I have nintendo switch edition)

  • I don't understand portal-based farms. Aren't these impossible to use unless you are on a multi-player server so you an have both nether and overworld chunks loaded at the same time? So you need 2 AFKers?

  • Is there a good tutorial for Illmango's Gold farm in 1.16?

  • Me who can't use ilmangos and the 90k farm bcz I'm in hardcore :-:

  • Guys how do I make it so that it doesn’t give golden swords I can’t have any room because of the gold swords help

    • Filter them with unstackable item filter, maybe?

  • So glad you give credit (^^)

  • 3:06 if anyone now how to put that red zone i would love to now,

  • Can you guys do a world download for ilmago’s farm? I wanna know to build the storage system because there isn’t a tutorial for it and I’m a complete noob on red stone

  • anyone know if any of these work on xbox

  • Ideas for next comparison video: Iron farm (from basic 350 iron p/h to advanced designs from gnembon) Gunpowder/ Mob farm (gnembons mob grinder and cat based ones)

  • Can somobody tell me If its possible to kill the Piglins in the Portal Farm with Looting 3? i mean if one player is afk and the other one kills them in the overworld? Is that possible

  • i make all of them for my other huge project

  • Just add a Looting Setup to the Portal based Gold Farm and you get 1200 Blocks/h

  • can we get an updated tutorial for 4:51


  • He is so honest that he rated his own farm the worst among then all btw his farm is best if you have just started a world

  • Overworld gold farms are where its at Imo. Simple builds, just takes a long time to get the materials

  • Now I have a question. is it possible to make an automatic magma block farm?

    • You can make a magma cube farm, but the creams arent crafted into magma blocks automatically

  • me with my army of cured Clerics to sell the rotten flesh to: G I V E M E T H E F L E S H

  • You should not destroy golden swords, u can simple smelt swords and get gold ingot for every sword

  • My pref goes to Ilmango, not only does it gives you xp, it's also full afk xp unllike other xp farm.

  • I think I'm going to make the first one since I'm ok with the producing rate and I don't care about the xp at all and I already have the magma blocks I need for it

  • xd me the guy who give up and build his cutom one at least my farm make 50 xp levels per 30 minutes and 5000 items per 15minutes