Testing Illegal Blue Lasers from eBay (and making them even stronger)

čas přidán 16. 05. 2019
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I bought a couple blue laser pointers on eBay. I received two laser death rays. Then I made them even stronger.

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Normally I'm not interested in buying handheld lasers off of the internet as what I can make is usually more interesting. That being said there were some eBay listings for blue lasers pointers that caught my eye. Although the claimed output power was under 5mW (ebay's limit as well as the US federal limit) the pictures showed lasers that appeared to be very strong. Now importing a handheld laser stronger than 5mW is usually illegal here, but these listings explicitly stated the lasers had an output that was under the legal limit. Even so, I wanted to play it safe (legally at least) so I found US sellers/resellers of these "5mW" lasers.

The lasers turned out to be INCREDIBLY strong, HUNDREDS of times stronger than advertised. While this may seem like a good thing, a laser like this will blind you permanently the instant it hits you in the eye. Wearing proper eye protection is a must when dealing with these.

It's common for sellers to exaggerate the power of flashlights, cars, etc., so why would these sellers lie in the opposite direction about lasers? It turns out this is the only way they can get away with selling powerful lasers on eBay without blatantly breaking the rules. The bigger issue is that handheld lasers like this are federally restricted in most countries. This isn't a problem for say a seller in China shipping to the US, as our laws aren't relevant there. This a huge issue for all of these US resellers that are sending out powerful lasers by the thousand though, and the FDA very well may lay a smackdown at some point.

Obviously I have nothing against owning strong lasers, but trying to pass off a burning lasers as eye safe in order to make a few bucks is incredibly dangerous. I realize most people will have an idea of what they are getting into, but those out there that aren't aware of the extreme danger involved are going to lose an eye. You think I'm exaggerating but permanent eye injuries happen ALL THE TIME from the cheap death rays bought online. If you really want a powerful laser, read up on lasers and laser eye safety and start small before working your way up to a big laser.


  • This guy is legendary, he sounds like he wants to have emotion but he cant

  • "This laser is way above the legal limits" proceeds to point it at a propane tank

  • "this laser is way above the legal limit"

  • I love how he explains his loophole from federal laws

  • "The key to not getting third degree burns it not letting it touch the skin" metal line

  • "now it won't ignite my propane tank"

  • “Don’t buy these lasers”

  • “Let’s see how much power i can get out of this thing”

  • After seeing this, I'm thoroughly convinced there's a laser rifle already in existence

  • I like how he genuinely pointed it at a highly explosive gas because he trusted the laser enough not to kill him and cause slight property damage to his neighbours.

  • He sounds psychotically calm during all this

  • "The key to not getting third-degree burns is not letting it touch the skin."

  • The fact he put glasses on the camera makes me feel included 10/10 fan service

  • “The key to not getting third degree burns is not letting it touch your arm”

  • this guys voice is so calming, and he is literally talking his way out of a felony while building extremely high powered lasers

  • Man I love these videos. These videos actually turned me off from pursuing lasers as a hobby just because they're so dangerous. I just don't think I trust myself not to burn my house down or blind myself/someone else.

  • This guy is a mixture of crazy and cute. The way he sounds, it’s like he can’t hurt a fly. Wanting to burn everything and adorably saying “the way to not get third degree burns is to not let it touch the skin” scare me.

  • @

  • i love how im a minute in and hes already talked his way out of a felony

  • I love how he laughs about how dangerous the laser is and blatantly tells everyone how dangerous it is as he just tries to light a propane tank with it