The $100BN Railway in the Desert

čas přidán 7. 07. 2021
One of the world’s largest and most ambitious construction projects is being built in the middle of a desert. For more by The B1M subscribe now -

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Executive Producer and Narrator - Fred Mills
Producer - Jaden Urbi
Video Editing and Graphics - Jim Casey

Special thanks to Etihad Rail, UAE Project and Dr. Hussein Amery. Additional footage and images courtesy of OpenStreetMaps.

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  • Topics I don’t even think I’m interested in become fascinating when I watch your videos.

    • Meanwhile railway construction in California is hammered by so much bureaucracy that connecting a simple cities is taking so much time.

    • just like the United States, the UAE is also dependent on cars.

    • @Dunn Nuu and.

    • Why not use the good road, you allready have? ... And use this money, to make water aquaducts/water pipline(s) from India. This is not hard to do, whit the recorsess this contrys has.

    • whenever its something about the middle east,yall arent interested ???wow

  • 好蠢的行為,看字幕就可以了

  • So great view👍👍👍 Thanks for beautiful sharing🌹🙏

  • Nice

  • Wish the US would focus money and resources to rebuilding our infrastructure instead of war and building up other nations.

  • I’m gonna say the most Indian thing ever. Dhoom 2 ki chori.

  • Nice to know the Arabs do SOMTHING with their money besides buying YACHTS AND LAMBOS

  • Bengaluru all parks

  • india builds that much railway every year or so

  • We must prepare for 100 years to allow the world to gradually adapt to China's strength.必须准备100年时间,让世人慢慢适应中国的强大.The Communist Party is the most suitable transitional system for the Chinese people。

  • This guy is pronouncing 2000 km as if his arse is about to burst. Check Trivandrum to Dibrugarh Express train distance.

  • u forgot that it connects from jeddah to the port of Haifa and from kuwait throw iraq to turkey !

  • As someone who worked in that very desert for many years, I have to say such a railway can never be run in the long run. Unfortunately the sand swallows everything so fast the cost of maintaining it is near impossible.

  • Railways are the future. Japan, France, Korea...roads will be simply a method of getting to a railway station.

  • shiey is watching

  • America bombs, China builds.

  • Is there a map that doesn't spin, or upside down? Video is an awful production. just a waste of time.

  • they build on sand dunes

  • மகனை டான்ஸ் ஆட விடுவோம் இங்கே சினிமா தான்

  • Send them some Mexicans

  • 83 % depends on cars .. This happens when water is expensive than oil...😌

  • Ok instead of concerns of vacuum tunnel train safety, its loose wheel rails layed out blatantly all over lands, being a barrier issue for natural & human commute collisions., might as well be a non vacuum tunnel all the way around.

  • 100 Billion dollars is spare change to those people. Basically lunch money for a day!

  • Always interesting to watch your channel. But one point that keeps irking me: _kilometre_ is pronounced like nanometre or kilolitre, not like thermometer or speedometer (because it's a unit of measurement, not a measuring device).

  • First thought: What happens when there are sandstorms and they bury the tracks. Obviously, the sand has to be plowed off but is that feasible?

  • How much it will effect the environment of the area

  • Unviable and not maintainable project. That money should be spent on the poverty elavation on the people living around the desert

  • For the comments on sand covering the rails,locomotives that run in these environments have three sandplows. Two stationary ones that are set at a certain height, and one hydraulic plow that sits just in front of the first wheel sets. Alittle sand on the rails is good for traction and eases wheel wear.

  • Oh no…maps should always point north.

  • This channel can make a video explaining why paint dry on the wall, and I WILL WATCH IT!

  • Project Sandpiercer

  • I will be very surprised of even half of it actually gets built.

    • I lived in the UAE and I'm sure the railway is gonna be used by many people. They are tired of spending hours in traffic daily!

  • And then in the middle of the desert the electricity went off .

  • I can just hear a bunch of idiots finding the tracks a thousand years from now... "aliens"

  • Who is the man featured in the video? He seams like a good one to follow for an insight of the future and what method are used to get there.

  • The sand will take it all back.

  • Imagine investing most of the oil and gas revenue into greening the desert instead building obsolete and soon deserted ugly skyscraper cities.

  • JCGOD blesseth Aleluia Amen!!

  • 6:05 That logo wtf

  • Maps are very confusing 😢

  • They say each train reduces carbon dioxide by 70-80 % but in doing so, promotes and produces millions of tonnes of sulphur dioxide which is ten times more damaging than CO2.

  • Not surprised. As a Muslim, this is one of the signs of the day of judgement where the deserts of the Arabia will turn green

  • The views from the train will look so incredible.

  • idk but i just found this channel and i love it

  • When you fully realize the hardship these regions have suffered through out time, I feel really optimistic when I see this type of progress and prosperity, change comes with time.

  • Did you know that God's personal name is Jehovah at Psalms 83:18

  • LMFAO GCC=G33 😂🤣

  • Upvote if you want the railway line to be called “the sand piercer”

  • Carbon footprint in such a small area? Insignificant. The biggest benefit will be reducing the truck traffic. Bulk commodities are more efficiently transported by rail. Trucks distribute finished goods & foods to smaller hubs or stores. Both trucks & rail must be used to their best advantage. As far as moving people by rail, that's going to have to evolve. First is growing the passenger traffic, that's going to take time. Eventually in a desert region, a mag-lift passenger train would be viable but you need the passenger traffic first to justify the expense & handle the debt & operational costs. In all of this, environmental issues are not the responsibility of the transportation system. Making the system & the vehicles more efficient over time will have the side result of reducing the 'footprint'. And we do have time!

  • 100 billions of Indian's going to complete

  • oh beautiful video!

  • How are they going to deal with the Tusken Raiders? And don't forget Jawas.

  • Where are all the green peace people at? Dont they realize that this is worse than protecting planet. Lol

  • This will be a great project for the next decade

  • One sandstorm later....

  • Who is the old man in this video and why is he always looking at the ceiling and not the camera?

  • Incoming train heists by sand people.

  • I love how he never talked about Kuwait cuz here we're not even think of this.

  • Are they going to use slave Labor for the project ??🤔

  • To solve the sand problem, I suggest taping some hair dryers at the front of the train

  • Let me guess, Dubai?

  • More prosperity. More consumers. More carbon footprint. I hope when they build those new cities, they have small carbon footprint goal in mind

  • Highways on desserts dissappear after sandstorm

  • Maintaining such a system will be a nightmare. I have some experience of travelling by train in desert area of China. You would not believer how badly the trains and tracks were buried in sands.

  • I have a new dream now: to someday ride a high-speed train with the view of vast deserts outside my window.

  • Cool

  • Thru' the desert

  • Wow

  • The price tag seems stratospheric at first until you realise HS2 (which is UK based only) has already cost the same amount!

    • Looooool true true

  • I think there is some room for solar panels... I love these pictures...

  • made by China good job

  • What about the People Who are starving

  • Israel put forward this idea back in the 1960 s

  • nice project in'sh allah...

  • boycott the china winter games

  • boycott everything made in china

  • made by wilford industries, i give you the sandpiercer

  • 100BN railway eh?

  • Night for goods transportation and day for passengers to maximize usage.

  • When will Sandpiercer be finished? 🏜️

  • Fantastic information!

  • The Truth is going to send CJ to steal 'something' from this train.

  • Investing in crypto is the best way to earn financial freedom.

    • I was hoping for more detail of how they build on sand dunes

    • Seeing alot of success stories, he must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him.

    • I'm from the UK 🇬🇧 I and my colleagues gave him a try and it has been good returns of our investment, Jay Frank 🌏.

    • @Valdez Quin thanks, placing my trade with expert Jay Frank ASAP.

    • Real estate investment is so less profitable to investors as crypto trading.

  • public works

  • Make sure it's built on top of a TRELLIS or BRIDGE, the desert sands will kill that railway in a heartbeat.

  • Very good work

  • The rail road is out in the middle of the desert, the least hospitable place in the world. Yet they have put up a fence. What are they trying to keep out, sand?.

  • There is so much untapped Ore, Silver and Gold in these desert lands that it only makes sense for the Gulf Nations to build rail roads for future exports. Especially when the oil runs out.

  • All rich countries from oil.... and they don't want o contaminate. How odd!

  • Stop misleading people...the cost doesn’t reach this cost I am involved in such project and I can say this is not true

  • "Cultural shifts take time". Enter social engineering.

  • No slave labourers were harmed in the making of these railways

  • I wonder why they are using tracks and not modern technology, such as the hyper loop or magnetic levitation

  • Streamling chinas belt and road to Africa from Pakistan ?

  • Not sure why they didn't just use a hardener and use the sand as the substrate. You've already got the foundation just needs something to lock it all together. Would of probably saved a bunch of money and you could use the train to literally "grow" the track as it moves forward and have a custom built train that transport's the track and then forms it along the way to the curvature right before it puts it down. It's hardened and since you are putting so much track down you could have the entire process built into the train itself. Just a thought. Or come up with a chemical process that makes the rail out of the sand and it can literally grow as you need it. This would probably but their cost down considerably. Would have to be an extremely strong and durable resin. 🤔

  • carbon footprint always the same 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩

    • 💩 💩 💩carbon foot print 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩

  • This railroad costs no where as near as how much US wasted on Afghanistan.

  • We desparately need light rail transport in these United States.

  • Its called Persian Gulf.

  • 6:44 is this supposed to be an Arabic man!