The $20 Million Dollar Deal with Jeffree Star

čas přidán 18. 10. 2019
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Rich Lux - Clock it the House
Caleb Hurst - (Baby) Blue
Johnny Guilbert - Song Without A Name
"l u v t e a" by Autumn Keys
Instagram: @autumnkeys
Hoodie Allen - No Interruption
Andrew Applepie

Creators Featured
Kara C
Mary E Makeup
Lauren Godwin
Izzie Raine
Theme Song:
Time of the Season - Ben Taylor Band
“Time of the Season”
Written by Rod Argent
Performed by Ben Taylor
Courtesy of Iris Records
Published by Verulam Music Co. Ltd.


  • I lowkey enjoyed more the first documentaries from last year.. Those looked like 100% more natural and the recent ones look rehearsed 🙄

  • How many people started crying at 11:24 and didn’t stop till the end 😢

  • ok but why only 1 million likes on this when there are 18 million views, shane deserves a billion likes

  • please do a series on kate yup! she’s a mukbanger who posts once a month or less. she films herself eating copious amounts of seafood but she wears a mask and is covered in bruises. everyone things she’s being held captive, and forced to eat on camera. no one has ever heard her voice, no one knows her true identity, it’s truly alarming and a lot of people are scared for her

  • You may be able to figure out what the FUCK is going on there

  • That would be the greatest thing

  • Do a conspiracy on McKamey Manor

  • 17:40 got me like 😱🚨😂😂

  • why did I start crying when they went back to the old house🤦‍♀️

  • im 100% sure someone already said that but these tracksuits give off glee vibes im shaking from references

  • 17:38 im so dying😆

  • the way Jeffree look at his Marketing Guy @ 30:25

  • Shane kissing the house LITERALLY PRECIOUS

  • That green should have stayed. It was so beautiful in that arrangement, no more neutrals. It's boring.

  • Jeffery sure knows business. So pleased Shane has him in his life . Good on you both : ) Great staff to. Thank you .

  • Please make another with that green in it! 😭

  • When he played Johnnies song I died

  • Shawn Mahson

  • Third: Wizard Of

  • Two new shade colors: Seven Eleven and Double O Heaven

  • I can’t tell you how proud I am of you Shane. This transformation into the baddest bitch of all time is the most beautiful thing in the world. The montage of you doing your makeup is so beautiful! I’m so proud to have seen you grow from Shanaenae to This Baddie!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 GIVE THESE MF’s HELL BITCH!!!💕💕💕

  • I love how often Jeffree is eating this whole video!😹

  • 17:39 im sorry for laughing so hard

  • Thought these were about Jeffree and cosmetics and the first 15 minutes at least (seemingly) are nothing to do with that 🤦🏻‍♀️😝😂 Also feels like I’m watching a form of This Is Us with all the time-hopping 😂😂😂

  • Shane really fucking jammed that mascara brush into his eyeball😂😂

  • Jeffree Star is such an amazing man and I’m so excited Shane is finally getting what he deserves!!

  • I wonder how much Andrew makes from this?

  • I don't have the money to buy his pallette!!😢😢😢 not do I have the money to buy my royal alien's pallette either!!😢😢

  • Omg that green though! Please bring it out

  • Hey Shane, My girlfriend wants you to come to India and meet her personally...she also wants you to get the entire collaboration with Jeffrey Star....She is a big big fan of yours and loves you over me.....she also wants you to make a documentary on the Indian society and wants herself to be featured in one of your video...she wants to meet you real bad Shane !!!

  • No cap this looks like Scooby doos name tag

  • dude im actually laughing so hard when shane pokes his eye with the mascara wand lmao 17:27

  • Both are EPIC, ICONICCCC, GENIUSES...FUCK! I enjoyed this so fucking much 😎

  • 38:33 if this is what the palette stayed like I would have bought it, I hated the bright yellow shade in the final palette

  • This Series was soooooo interesting! Who knew all the things happening behind the scenes of the makeup industry?? Crazy! Thanks Shane and Jeffrey ❤️

  • I just watched this for the 2nd time, and I realized there is one ofJohnny Gillberts songs


  • I know Jeffree has some help with getting he's own business and so forth but gosh he is highly intelligent when it comes to business!!! He keeps it like 110 percent!! Freaking genius.

  • Omg Shane used Johnnie Gilbert song ! In the end

  • Ok but WHERE did that gorgeous green shade go 😭😭😭

  • Jeffrey talking millions eating a taco bell quesadilla😹

  • Loving the series thank you😘

  • I love watching Jeffree work. He's just so intelligent and business smart.

  • I love this series so so much. but man, seeing Drew and Garrett in those flashbacks with his old spooky videos and the house... oof. memories.

  • Hellooooooo!!!! I know so many people who want a crazy mofo palette

  • I’m living for all the hoodie Allen in this series 🥰

  • Anyone else think that 47:46 is Andrews rap?

  • Mark: No one’s even seen it! All of the factory workers: Am I a joke to you?

  • jeffree has had taco bell in every part of this series and it makes my day.

  • I truly believe and hope Jeffree and Shane will be lifelong true friends, and I’m so happy they’re so close. My favorite best friends💓

  • I’m loving how this series makes me laugh and cry at the same damn time 🙌🏾👏🏾

  • The talent and brain power you guys possess is just incredible and I love it so much!

  • y0u're MEN!!!! omdz!

  • Even with everything going on Jeffree is still hilarious!!! Where did this shade go? Who stole it? 🤣

  • Me head rn:hmm hmm image Andrew slowly becoming gay then he gets a bf Me again:wth I’m I even thinking of this idfk 😂

  • Late September? Ummm sweetie, try November..

  • 23:23 “lab project manaer”

  • So what happened to that bright green shade?

  • Disappointed about the green. It was beautiful!

  • Omg you used johnnie guilburt song songs without a name’