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The #1 Biggest Hit of Each Year (1998-2018) MUSIC EVOLUTION OF THE LAST 20 YEARS!!

čas přidán 8. 05. 2018
These are the number one songs of each year from 1998 to 2018 (The Most Successful Songs Of The Last 20 Years)
This list is not personal, it's based on the official worldwide ranking: UNITED WORLD CHART: Here is the link of the page where you can check all the information:
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  • My dear viewers!! Here you can watch this AMAZING NEW VIDEO that I made, hope you like it!

  • 1:43. Maroon looks so young!

  • Where's Britney Spears ??????????????

  • 2018 decpacito

  • 2018-Perfect?? That's not true


  • ß

  • Who else hates Cher’s voice

  • i almost projectile vomited when i heard happy and can’t stop the feeling

  • Um 2017 was easily despacito

  • Why do I always have to watch this shit? Always reminds me of how old I am.. fuuuckkkkk..

  • WAIT Maroon 5 in 2004? Damn, I thought they were a little bit more recent than that

  • Feels like im listening to memes

  • Great. Now I’m ashamed to have been born in the year I was.

  • 2018 should be sicko bamba

  • I sang every song

  • Does anyone think that some of the songs are supposed to go back in time because like uptown funk is definitely later

  • no rap...?

  • Why is there no rap?

  • Gotye came and left faster than my dad...


  • Fuck this. Lemme just see Boulevard of Broken Dreams again bitchhhh

  • These songs to me are like memes from 2010

  • What a sudden turn from Shakira to Wake Me Up Inside

  • 0:17 myyyyyy jammm like try have a dance party to that it changes your life ya know Edit:Once it hit 2006 or 2007 i new them all

  • Only reason you added Somebody I used to know in 2012 is so that we think you have sophisticated taste in music!!! Gangman Style

  • Music at 00:00 please ??

  • 2009 when shit started getting weird

  • Madonna - Hung Up ?!?!

  • Where is despacito?😂

  • Where od Waka waka?

  • Most of this songs are real shit

  • 2012 Gangnam style????!!?!!??

  • 1998 just search tittanic song


  • Titanic xd

  • wait a sec... spy is not here ? nani !?

  • What about 2019

  • 2018: sicko mode or mo bamba

  • 2000s sparked nu metal

  • It'S eVerYDay BrO

  • What about eminem

  • 2000 changed evolution

  • people saying gangnam style should have been 2012 are so dumb like somebody i used to know was EVERYWHERE

  • 2003 should have been in da club...

  • I cant bleed love its impossible..

  • 2019: big chungus

  • I more so hearing this love by marron

  • Me: Nothing Like Getting In The Car And Going To Get Some Food At McDonald's 'Turns On Radio' 3:41 What A Suprise! [ This Is Because In 2012 In My Country This Song Played EveryDay!]

  • Both years were ed sheeran

  • I love shape of you

  • The two ed sheeran tracks are hands down the worst in this list

  • Despacito?

  • Queen wasn't in this and now I'm angry

  • Despacito was actually just a summer hit.

  • Not even 1 bieber song . hmm

  • 2015 was when music started to decline

  • Can we just consider modern music just memes

  • numa numa yeey

  • So many changes. Keep growing. Never stop. Hard work. Upgrading

  • i feel the best song in 2003 is Numb by Linkin Park

  • I feel like 2017 has to be Despacito

  • Where’s Dynamite

  • I actually thought that 2017 /18 was gonna, most definitely be Despacito.

  • 2018 song should= lucid dreams

  • Shakira is shit

  • everything after adele sucks it's adele's fault, obviously.

  • Oh that 2002 animation is amazing but don’t get me started on 2010 😏

  • After 2014 it just went down hill 😬

  • Shakira is queen 😍😂

  • This video is not portraying the truth, one of the biggest hits where missing totally!!

  • 2:15 hips don't lie was made in 2009???


  • Can't stop the feelings was 2016?? I'm getting old

  • Of course the most edgy song in this list was the number one hit the year I was born.

  • Ed Sheran is perfect when it comes to hits

  • You forgot Mincracftcito

  • 2018 what went wrong?

  • Dark Horse is a way bigger than Happy this is wrong.

    • @Margarita Krasteva well Dark Horse is also bigger than Shake it Off lmao.

    • But I think shake it off should be #1 for 2014

    • True

    • @Margarita Krasteva Dark Horse Is a diamond single, one of the biggest songs of all times. it has sold out happy 1 million times

    • Happy was played every hour on the radio in my country

  • Good vid but Descpacito?

  • Not suspected as memes, I actually love music personally, so this was really good nostalgia..

  • There’s such a big difference between 2009 and 2010

  • Where the rap songs?

  • In a nutshell, Shakira rocks

  • mega meme mashup is 2018 and i dont care what you say

  • Lovin the intri 🙂

  • Where’s 7 years old???

  • 2010 Justin bieber - baby 2012 psy - Gangnam style 2017 Luis fonsi - despacito ??????

  • A lot of people realy thinking that on 2017 it will be despacito

  • 2019: Ha. Hapapa. Hapapa pa pa pa. Tahapa pa ha ca

  • Buying my ticket for the next few weeks of school (I put random words)

  • Like if “All Star” should have been in 1999

  • I always thought “stay under my umberella” was “stay under my arm berella.”

  • 2003 though right in the feels

  • 3:31 "rotten in the deep"

  • The song from 2004 is the most annoying song to me, I don't know why

  • 2019. Despacito

  • I thought despacito would be in there

  • Yeah SHAKIRA worked really hard to get into US market from Latin music and she got 2 big spots and Obviously best Latin star EVER

  • Where is Despacito