The 10 Stages Of EVERY Zelda Player! |Botw|

čas přidán 27. 03. 2023
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This video took absolutely FOREVER so thank you so much for watching!
Credit to Hajami Neo for this amazing video idea!
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The legend of zelda: Breath of the Wild
The legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


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    • hello thank you for saving the breadpirate channel

    • NOTLAGIA OVERLOAD I WENT TRHOUGH EVERYONE OF THOSE STAGES AHHHHHHHHHHHHH maybe i should start playing again i a;ready preorrdered tears of the kingdom lol

    • ​@Liam Landeros bruh u already pre ordered it 💀💀💀

    • Hi, I have a question, I let a boko hit my shield and then TCR but when I do the double jump it doesn't work why (it shows that I can attack but I press y and link doesn't dash toward the boko)

    • Do you watch shadowdestiny

  • I feel like there should've been another stage called "The Scaredy-Cat" because when I got off the great plateau I was terrified of EVERYTHING. I met my first yiga clan member and didn't trust anyone else for weeks. 😂😂😂

    • Same🤣🤣

    • Well, that just makes having courage all the more rewarding, ergo making the experience ALL the more enjoyable! I still remember Wind Waker. Honestly I was blessed to have such a fitting protagonist.

    • Same bro😂

    • for real!!! I even thought the Zoras were monsters or yigas in another type of costume 👩‍🦲

    • Even till now when I see a stable in the dark I'm like "monster camp! Run!"

  • There's the "Hiker" stage too, namely after you've done everything there is to do. I just walked around constantly after 100%, taking in the sights, using the game as ASMR, casually starting fights with monsters, wearing my best looking outfits, etc. Even at this stage, the game is a blast

    • I love this stage lol. But eventually I moved on to the final stage of my playing so far; the speedrun stage

    • I subscribed anyway your just a great CS-tvr

    • I'm literally just now getting into botw. Out of curiosity since your comment is only a few months old, are you still enjoying this game even though TOTK is out now?

    • @Kastor0311 BOTW is much more organic, if that makes any sense, so it is still pretty enjoyable to pick up and play. TOTK is definitely more fun to just screw around in. I love them both for different reasons. The hiker stage is certainly less prominent in TOTK

    • @bagenskiii ok cool that's good to know. I'll get around to tears eventually, I'm still pretty early in breath, only just 2 divine beasts done

  • You should have a stage dedicated to just exploring the map and admiring its beauty. I remember seeing the dragons for the first time sitting un awe for a fat minute.

    • BotW has DRAGONS?! How have I not seen these yet?

    • @CLArden bro, you serious? theyre hard to miss. Their names are farosh, dinraal and naydra

    • @Callnight Tbh I never explored the far reaches of Hyrule. Actually got BotW same day I got TotK. So I really just did BotW main story, and then went to TotK. But now imma go search. No one tell me. I want to feel the shock of finding one.

    • ​@CLArdenWere you able to find one?

    • @Thsiscool Been to busy to play but was actually just about to hop on and search. I'll let u know how it goes.

  • On my first playthrough It took me longer than it should have to learn you can by armor--which made the early game extra scary. I call this stage Naked and Afraid

  • For my first experience with a guardian I didn't know it was a enemy. I thought finally something that doesn't try to kill me, all the bear is doing is using his lazier to help me see in this dark shrine. And then I was betrayed.

  • I bought BOTW this year (since I just got a switch) & I did everything first (unlocking all shrines, giant fairies, divine beasts, DLC etc. except all Koroks) before fighting Ganon. I felt like it prepped me a little better & made the fight easier. I truly loved this game & can’t wait to take on Master Mode!

  • There's also the secret bonus stage: The Collector. The collector has gotten everything unique that they can in the game and generally avoids combat, to avoid tarnishing their sparkly weapons with max modifiers

    • Do you ever get Collecter's Anxiety?

    • And then they realize they forgot to take a picture of two things on the hyrule compendium and they permanently don’t respawn.

    • This is me

    • Finally one that describes me

    • that was me. painfully me.

  • I’ve been playing this game basically since release. i’m still in the knight phase. I’ve only defeated one divine beast, and have never even approached Hyrule Castle. The reason is because I just play this game by running around on my horse, killing every monster camp in sight, and just having fun. That’s really just how I like to play games in general.

    • Same. I’ve got three divine beast but I’m terrified to go to hyrule castle. I just really like exploring.

    • ​@M egot my Switch a week ago and there's just way too many shrines and just looking at that elepgant divine beat dungeon on CS-tv gives me a headache. I prefer just riding around my horse but then I feel guilty because I like completing games

    • @Nayli Syazwinadon’t feel guilty! Everyone does it in their own time, I’ve had the game for nearly a year and haven’t even defeated the first divine beast yet. I’ve just been playing every now and then and making little dents where I can. It’s one of those games where you just have to really enjoy it and take it slow to make the most out of it!

    • @Catherine Barr so I've been playing for 2 weeks now and I'm REALLY enjoying the game but only after I let go of the shrines and not trying to do every one I see. I've done around 20 - 25 shrines and don't plan to do any more. I have 5 hearts and 2 stamina wheels. I got the Master Sword from a glitch. I snuck into Hyrule Castle and got good gear, took down some enemies and defeated the mini boss to get the Hylian Shield with no glitches. Bought the house and it is fully finished with all the furniture inside. I got all the memories, last one was in Hyrule Castle. Needed a youtube guide to sneak my way to the memory. Got the DLC horse saddle so my horse can teleport wherever I am. I don't think I ever plan on completing the divine beast dungeons. I just take them down but not the puzzle/dungeon part of it. Also not going anywhere near the volcano area meaning I would never take down all the divine beasts but I've come to terms with it. I might try and find all the Korok seeds that are not in the volcano area because I like exploring. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I'll be exploring Geruda and doing quests there and take down the camel divine beast but not doing the dungeon. Just making it stop moving like what I did with the elephant and bird one

    • @Catherine Barr I got the master sword 2 days ago by using the glitch so it's not like I've been overpowered for very long hahah but it's really nice when you have your own house in the game. I love the style of Link's house, like old or medieval. Wooden. I don't like modern looking houses

  • I unlocked all the memories my first playthrough and didn't even realize until now that that cutscene was special.

  • After I got to Zora's Domain I pretty much stopped following the main quests and just did side quests in villages, too scared to do anything else. This makes me want to start playing again but actually learn to fight so that I can accomplish more!

  • I feel like everyone relates to the great plateau stages. 🤣 What a great and entertaining video keep up the good work!

  • I’m at stage 8 or 9- I’m currently going through a full story run without any armor or hearts whatsoever. This play through has been instrumental for my combat skill development. I even beat the shatter back lynel before my first beast! I believe that I will reach the sage when I finish

  • The most shocking part is, that once Totk releases… everyone regardless of stage will return to Stage 1

    • FACTS!! I have played skyward sword and so many zeldas and I even have a (close to) world record speedrun in zelda skyward sword, so i was expecting breath of the wild to be SO EASY. Boy was I wrong, it's just not the same!

    • How is that shocking?

    • nah i think we will start at stage 2

    • I’ll do all the stages and be hyped the entire way just waiting for dlc already lol

    • @Blaze The DLC is really fun I recommend it

  • I myself had the weird experience of fighting the first Lynel on my beginner stage. I started by the Zora domain beast and didn't really know how to really sneak to get the thunder arrows so...i fought it. Took me 1 hour, but i managed to get that freaking beast down. Very satisfying. Strangely harder than the Ganon forms in the beasts.

    • Same, so when I later encountered my first silver Lynel I was very shocked with the spike in difficulty, not even knowing the difference

    • @Royal Tinman at first lynels felt like an undefeatable enemy but now they are just really easy. i think ive died more to a horde of bokoblins than lynels

    • my lynel experience is too easy, i went from struggling with red lynel to destroying a white savage lynel

  • I had prioritized getting the Memories and Divine Beasts (Main Story) before doing much of anything else in the way of exploring, so I did most of my actual exploring late in the game. I didn't even get my first horse until close to the final battle! Amazing how the game experience truly changes based on how story- vs. exploration- vs. grind-oriented you are.

  • I just started BOTW a couple days ago. I can say based off this I’ve completed phase 1-3 at the same time. I am a huge Genshin Impact player so when I started this game I did all the things I wish I did when I started playing when Genshin first came out. I focused on getting the glider first so I could unlock farther areas, proceeded to travel anywhere I could touch, bought armor on the second day and basically just traveled and collected resources to upgrade everything so I could explore more. I even stumbled upon my first divine beast quest and got Mipha’s grace (which helped a lot with not dying in dangerous places). Registered my first horse and among other things. I just find in funny that because of failed experiences in Genshin, I was able to kind of speed run the first three stages and enjoy the game a lot more. This is not to say that the games are exactly the same but the similarities between the two helped me play BOTW more efficiently.

  • When I first left the Plateau, I was playing with a friend who had already 100%ed the game so what we did was we picked up some swords and went straight to the castle, where we were able to get some top tier weapons. It was very fun bc I kept dying to fall damage and stuff and we had a great time.

  • For me, stage 7 happened before stage 6. I wanted to have everything done before ganon (except for the sidequests and koroks (only bored masochists hunt them)) and in my first playthrough i didn't know that there was a secret ending scene.

    • There's a secret ending scene? what's different from normal and how do you get it?

    • @John Alexander Aylward when you saw every memory, there is a short extra scene after the credits

    • @Kazuya Zynoha Oh wow, I've always gotten every memory so I didn't realize there was a secret. Now I have to find the normal ending. Thanks!

    • @John Alexander Aylward No! The ending itself doesn't really change, there is just a little extra scene added after the credits.

    • @Kazuya Zynoha ooohhhhhh ok, ty again

  • I never saw what you considered the "grind phase", I saw a pleasant and tranquil exploration experience that rewarded me the more out-of-the-box I thought and I found I was frequently prepared for most encounters, I can see that being a grind in some eyes but I always found it to be a good way to subvert the idea of a grind

  • I started this game 3 weeks ago and im in The Hero stage with 75 hours of gameplay. I already beat Ganon but like the video said, there’s so much more to do. I already unlocked the whole map, but i got a lot more shrines, side quests, koroks, and areas to explore

  • I remember grinding and finally feeling the joy of getting the whole map and defeating guardians with ease

  • Stage XI: The Mongol. You have eschewed the balance of the sword and shield, and now exclusively use spears and bows (primarily the latter), relying on dodging reflex to avoid death. You typically travel on horseback rather than teleport or fly. Your outfit is no longer practical, but stylistic at this point, and nothing stands a chance regardless. If you have restarted the game, you may have max stamina, but few hearts to further heighten the challenge.

  • Right now, I am right between the Begginer, Knight and Grind phase, but have already charted the entire map, amassed almost two stamina meters, 10 hearts and a few nifty fire, lightning and ice swords before going to impa. I am very proud of exploring and avoiding encounters.

  • These stages are very accurate and I like the fact that botw lets you do most of them in a different order

    • Lmaooo. Start as a sage, end as a beginner 🥴💀

    • @Tubax "most of them"

    • @blackdragon thanks bro you're fun at parties

    • ​@Tubax saying it like you are💀

    • @Rvede 😂😂 see the fact that you attack someone for no reason also makes you unfun at parties. Be lax bro, life has way more to offer.

  • There should be a stage after doing everything, the lore phase. I definitely went through this trying to predict tears of the kingdom and learn more about the game.

  • Currently playing through the game in preparation for TotK and definitely on that grind. Mine will probably be a bit different though. I want to distribute things more evenly as I burnt myself out and tried to confine the game to the old mould. Which means frontloading a big part of that Korok grind. Yes, I know that I'm insane, thank you. The only thing that I will probably do before too long is learning Wind Bombs and BLSS. As much as I love the horse system, I am way too often off the beaten path and need to get around. I don't think I'll be able to 100% the game in time, but I might actually delay TotK for that. And then take it slow.

  • I finished BOTW today and at the end I was like huh, a second fight against Ganon? Finished it too, cutscene and then tf. Amazing game ❤

  • I went from Stage 2 to Stage 7 in about 3 weeks just to prepare for TotK to come out again, at the start of it I forgot how to jump and crap but I ended up with my highest weapon being 87 attack damage, all the divine beasts and defeating silver lynels as a side hobby.

  • It's fun to watch videos like this to see how different everyones experience was, for me, as soon as I got off the great plateau, I immediately went to the castle and basically lived in the walls of that place, killing everything there and getting some great weapons, mastering the combat. Once I had done everything there other than Ganon, I went and just explored everywhere. I think that unlocking the house was one of the last things I did in the game, after even DLC.

  • I just realized how amazing defeating a Lynel is at knight stage, the adrenaline during the fight was unforgettable feels like you met your archnemesis

    • I beat him with 6 hearts! I died a lot but now I know their attack patterns like that back of my hand

    • ​@Juicy JinzoI play soulsbourne games and just started Botw.I went to Zora domain and then tried out the Lynel boss and died like 20 times😢

    • when i was at the beginer stage my brother did a glich and i had the master sword at 5 hearts

    • Yeah after playing the game a couple times, you can really just beat the red Linel without taking damage

    • Who can beat 2silver lynels in a row with like 13or so hearts and a 30damage master sword and an army of bomb arrows

  • I didnt know there was a secret cutscene to the game, went in blind and just 100% everything before beating the game for the first time. Took me significantly longer to beat the game but the sense of completion was great

  • Awesome video! Laughed so hard when you mentioned WE were surprised after not being able to get the Master Sword even with 8 hearts in our possesion, haha! Loved it!

  • Thanks to my buddy playing it first. I did know about the master sword 13 hearts, so my first thing after the sleepy head, was the world tourist. Just going around, climbing towers, doing shrines. Mostly running from enemies until I was stronger or found gear.

  • Currently at stage 8/9. I learned a few glitches however I have completed the DLC (excluding Master Mode). I’m currently trying to get to stage 10 and find every single korok possible. It was 3 years ago (Xmas 2019) when I walked out of the Shrine of Resurrection on this save file. Although it was Christmas 2019 when I started playing on my current save file, I truly started playing back in December 2017 on the Wii U. When I first walked out of the Shrine of Resurrection, I was in awe looking at the massive world known as Hyrule as the BotW logo shown. Little did I know, this game would become my favourite game of all time. While I’m waiting for TotK, I’m still trying to 100% my 2019 save.

  • The second I got off the great plateau, I went to impa, got my camera rune and began my, “solid snake/Tenchu” phase. I had to sneak around a lot and my goal was to activate ALL of the towers before doing anything else. It was nerve racking but I did it and it makes the rest of the game way more enjoyable for me.

  • In Kakariko Village, I always took the apples in front of the statues for free food. At some point later, I decided to put an apple on the plate that didn't have one, and then a Korok appeared in front of me, which caught me off-guard. That was a nice discovery.

    • I do it all the time, it's a good way to farm apples

    • Me to all the time I’m a sage and I remember all thes stages

    • me to

    • I found this last week and im still shocked cause i have over 300+ koroks and I always run at these small statues and be like hey free apples

    • That and the matching the apples on the tree got me good

  • I hit the first two stages... but then my progress pretty much went "unlock Shieka towers, hit shrines along the way, free any Divine Beast that happens to be in the area I unlocked, get Korok seeds as I feel like it." Now I'm left with the entire map unlocked, every Divine Beast freed, every memory except the one in Zelda's study unlocked, every shrine except the one in Hyrule Castle finished, and now I'm just hunting Korok seeds to expand my inventory fully before I finally defeat Ganon/visit the last shrine/unlock the last memory. And I still HATE lynels. I've managed to kill a grand total of one and I still avoid the bastards.

  • This was amazing, unfortunately I was scared off at the challenge of master mode days before TOTK came out. Im now starting my stage one as grind mode and getting my hearts and stamina up about 9 hearts if im not mistaken n 2 full rings in the new one. Taking my sweet time and enjoying every min….before doing story 😂🫡.

  • I really wish there was more to do after defeating Ganon. I was so excited to continue exploring and seeing how everyone was doing now that the Calamity is gone. But alas. :')

  • I’ve done all of those and yes I was very disappointed when defeating ganon did nothing ( And yes, the secret cutscene did give me chills )

  • Deep into TOTK, this was such a pleasuent trip down memory lane. I found myself in many of those stages. Okay fine I'll subscribe.

  • Okay so, I got the game around the month ago and I'm extremely close to finishing it (well, the main story) after playing around 50 hours... But I literally have no idea you could parry a guardian beam. Thanks for that. You just made my life so much easier.

  • For me, this happened between stages 2 and 3. I wouldn't go ANYWHERE NEAR Hyrule Castle. The place scared the crap outta me. 😅

    • I climbed on Towers and looked where Guardians were to avoid them and sneak into to the Castle! Jumped when the Cutscene with Ganon roaring played, the first time you enter Castle grounds. I thought he had automatically spotted me and sent all enemies my way!

    • I remember earlier in the game, I was terrified of the castle and I decided to try to explore it for some dumbass reason and I managed to get to the top of the highest spire and find a korok lol

    • i was dumb and kept trying to parry a guardian laser with a pot lid bc i saw someone else do it

    • I just sneaked my way there early game

    • Early game I was terrified of Hyrule Castle too but when I was traveling to Eldin canyon, curiosity got the best of me... so I went to the castle and got in a troubling guardian situation 💀 Even if it did scare me, I kept coming back to it several times throughout my journey in the game cuz I love the thrill of escaping many monsters 🤷‍♂️

  • Great a video! Well thought out, well worded. You have a pleasant voice and speaking mannerisms. Keep at it and you can definitely take your channel to the next level. If you ever need someone to write something for you or to go over stuff you have written (like a script for your video) I would be more than happy to help.

  • Playing BotW for the first time was.... something special. I just wish I could erase all my memories about this game, only to play it for the first time again. It was an overwhelmingly good feeling that I will always remember, but will never be able to have again

  • These stages reflected me so well this game is a big piece in my childhood

  • firsttime i saw the guardian i used all my tree branches, rusty swords, and boko bats on it and was shocked when they all broke and it still had 3/4 health left

  • i’m somewhere between the knight, grind, and massive progress phase. mostly because i’ve gotten massively sidetracked by exploration, and i’ve gotten the master sword and a second full stamina wheel before beating any of the divine beasts. (i’m planning to start with thunderblight who i’ve heard is the hardest, so… i don’t actually know if this counts as overpreparing or not!)

  • BONUS STAGES! (Like my comment on one particular video...) 11: The need for immersion. The player at this point wants to have an immersive experience with the world around them, whether that is dressing up and using only a specific culture's weapons. They want to claim land outside of their house. They want to be part of that world that they had a great adventure in. 12: The need for challenge. Although the player has mastered pretty much everything at this point, there is always room for improvement. They may want to find hidden ways to deal with frequent problems in hopes that it could be made fun. They may want to take on the challenge of being a complete sharpshooter, a sniper, if you will. The opportunities are all around you. 13: Burnout. This happens to a lot of people. They suddenly find themselves out of things to do and they want to take some time away from the game. However, they will almost always find themselves crawling back to the game sooner or later. For some people, they seem to never have this stage and I am still wondering to this day how they do it. 14: Starving for Tears of the Kingdom. This stage is the one that most players are in right now. With the game's release on the horizon, players are ready to have a fun time like they did this game. Many assets that they enjoyed will remain the same, but the feeling of new discoveries will be all over the place. I have no doubt in my mind that this may be the the best moment for someone in their entire life-not even exaggerating.

    • All of these stages make a good point

    • @Hunter Berry yes but it’s also kinda the meaning of the sage stage

    • also lynel hunting stage

    • No one else ever has #13?!?!

    • I haven't played Breath of the Wild in quite a long time now, I haven't played at all this year and I'm not sure when I stopped playing last year lol

  • I’m at stage 10 but when I found my first talus, it actually intimidated me into not playing for a while, I thought the horse theme was a guardian, this happened at like stage 1 and 3 lol

  • I didn’t even know that the last cutscene after beating Ganon was a secret. I just got the 13 memories as my main goal before Ganon

  • The amount of disbelief I had when I tried to run away from the first Lynel I encountered, only to die by raining lighting arrows just baffled me

  • I defeated my first lynel right after the great plateau I learned its patterns pretty quick (quick as in 30 or so death lol)

  • Very nice Stages, i think there is one missing tho; maybe i was just stupid, but before doing any quests or anything else, i unloked all towers on the map to be able to see the whole map. I just did the things necessary to accomplish this

  • Timestamps for those who want to see a specific part: Stage One: SleepyHead 1:18 Stage Two: The Beginner 2:11 Stage Three: The Knight 2:57 Stage Four: The Grind 3:40 Stage Five: Massive Progress 4:16 Stage Six: The Hero 4:43 Stage Seven: The Guard 5:37 Stage Eight: Power Hungry 6:25 Stage Nine: DLC 7:06 Stage Ten: The Sage 8:03

  • As someone who has 2000+ hours and 2 100% files I feel like I have earned the right to say that this is extremely accurate and j went through all of these phases.

  • I went head first on the first beast on the top right of the map, given a quest, thought i needed to kill the lynel. After killing it and going to the quest giver i see what i actually needed which was only a picture of the lynel and the pain this cause, it did teach me how to parry and dodge.

  • Classic! I really do wish that there was some after game ending changes to the game.....even a small one like hyrule castle being repaired or something idk. Just feels sad when NOTHING happens

  • I went through these stages a little weird. This may be because before BOTW, I never really got into any games so I was exceptionally bad. Everything was fine until after Kakoriko. I went straight to Ganon super overconfident but ended up getting my ass handed to me after the first guardian. I then proceeded to get all the Sheika towers, get a crap ton of shrines, and claim the Master Sword. Riding on my horse across Hyrule for hours was the highlight of my day. I then proceeded to get all the divine beasts. Then, after realizing I should probably upgrade my armor, I went and got two pieces upgraded. Then the battle with Ganon, take 2. After hiding like a coward from guardians and running away from most enemies, I finally made it. 6 deaths later and I won. Then realize that nothing changes and leave for two years. Come back because I'm bored, end up coming back with a lot more skill at gaming. I get the DLCs. It was kind of boring for me, but I pushed through. I realize how easy it is to kill enemies, and I proceed to make a lot of species go near extinction. After a while, I realized that, despite all my exploring, I only had about 100 korok seeds. So I explored more, got about another 300 and got bored. Continued to slaughter Lynels and Moldugas every once and a while when I got bored, and slowly stopped playing BOTW.

  • You totally forgot about the stage where the player discovers they can pretty much bully the hell out of every enemy using a combination of: enough weapons to drain their HP pool, Stasis+, and some heals just to be safe

  • As in my beginner stage, I can say that the first place I got after getting the paraglider was the Zoras domain😃 I still didn’t know how to use the Sheika slate so I just somehow climbed my way there 😭😭😭

    • I did the same thing. I was trying to get to impa but a bunch of zoras just kept telling me to go meet with their prince so I was like uhhh okay?

    • I did the same thing, I was very close to destroying my controllers due to the rain

    • Bruh did y’all not follow the old man’s instructions

  • I immediately focused on maxing out stamina and grinded hearts only after learning you needed them for the master sword

  • Incredible! I never went through a single one of these stages!

  • One stage I went through I call Ganon craziness, I wanted to defeat Ganon so bad, but I knew I couldn't because of the sidequests

  • I actually felt like my experience was a lot different, I started the game by spending a lot of time on the plateau, just learning the game. After a lot of exploring and stealth missions against boko camps lol I got off the plateau and was overwhelmed. It was just soooooo big. I just ran towards the dueling peaks for most of that first little bit and died a lot, that was terrifying. Then I learned about the quest system a little more and figured out how to get kakiriko, and I eventually stumbled upon the zora domain. I spent HOURS there doing quests and exploring. The mountains and constant rain made it a very challenging thing for me, I have the fondest memories of that place. After that, I explored the map even more, doing LOTS of climbing. I climbed to the top of the Gerudo mountains before I'd even beaten a second Devine beast. My entire journey through BOTW was exploring, up until I had explored everything, so I fought ganon, and was really disappointed at how easy it was. So I got the DLC after i beat every shrine, and I had fun with that. Then I moved on to glitches, then 100%, then I just moved on from the game and was playing new Nintendo games, waiting desperately for TOTK lol. So to sum it up, 1- exploration for HOURS AND HOURS. 2- Finally grasping what the point of the game was and going for Devine beasts 3- Hyrule castle/ganon 4- exploring WAAAAY more than before, upwards of 50 hours 5- going for 100% / getting dlc 6- lots of crying because there wasn't any news on BOTW 2 7- BOTW 2 HYPE AFTER TRAILER 8- no news forever AGAIN, until 9- unbearable TOTK anticipation

  • theres nothing better than encountering your first divine beast. i remember the absolute and true fear of hearing the roar of vah rutah, or seeing naboris in the dust storm from a distance.

  • You forgot the disappointment phase, the ganon boss was way too easy for all the stuffs that we prepared to fight.

    • fr i went in to test it out while i was grinding and ended up just beating it out of nowhere

    • Not the only one like I prepped 2 GODMEALS with full heal and 20 extra hearts LOL

    • For me who is not playing souls like but casual games or moba this fight was still hard even witch all four ancient beasts

    • @Adam C its literally impossible to die in BOTW… you have infinite regeneration power at will. And if you were unlucky enough to get one shoted, the fairies will revive you each time. Makes the game boring and takes the sense of dange pr away. Thats why you beat the game by “testing it”.

    • Not me preparing to fight the strongest enemy in the game, thinking its Ganon. only to not remotely get close to dying and literally didn't have to use any items i saved for the fight..... I'm hoping the final boss of TOTK is better than Calamity ganon.

  • I remember playing botw to death during the 5th grade. I got all the towers and shrines and armor. I also completed the Champion's Ballad( I never completed the mastersword trials becauseitwas too hard for my 5th grade ass). After playing totk for a bit, I decided to go back and see what my progress was back then. With over 150 of playtime, I had only %28.8 progress. Damn.

    • I started playing in 3rd grade (I’m pretty sure, if not the very end of 2nd grade) and I have over 450 hours of playtime on it, i still randomly remember it and come back to the game every once in a while but right now I’m focused on getting through AOT cause I’ve had it ever since it released.

  • "A friendship that will last them, most of their playthrough..." Cries in Timid, the bravest horse I've ever met, so brave he charged at enemies while I was charging a spin attack... 😢

    • you can revive dead horses near highland stable, if you don't know already. I think it costs an endura carrot or something. Won't spoil what's there if you don't know yet.

  • Started 1st playthrough 2 months ago. Took my time getting off the Plateau, started making my way to Kakariko, decided to explore and found Giant Horse, finagled him out of Taobob without realizing there are two Lynel on the way into the dead end (not that I even knew what they were, I just suffered an optical illusion that the area the horses were in was completely closed off 😅), registered him after amassing the whopping 20 rupies, failed the archery and obstacle course minis a bit before prevailing, decided to uncover all areas in search of OP gear, looked up where Hestu was because map too big and I was throwing away pristine weapons that could be useful, found myself doing Rito first, fell in love with abusing Revali's and multi-shot bows (later discovered how well they can cheese Lynels with some strategy), did Zora next, fully committed to ignoring Impa, got the Master Sword, then did Goron, got the DLC for teleporting abilities, farmed Lynel to get nothing but Savage bows, then did Gerudo, stepped into Kakariko village for the first time with the sole matter of business being the last fountain, entered Hyrule Castle for the first time, massacred Ganon as expected. And, spurred by that first choice between heart container or stamina vessel, it was a 3H run. Definitely a unique experience filled with the usual dieing from stamina depletion and basic combat early on, OCD material farming, and some experimenting.

  • I avoided the grind and got all my hearts and endurance through glitches. Saved a lot of time because I didn’t have to make any shrine. 👍

  • I never read through the conversations and didn't know as a beginner that I can keep a horse. I was always searching for a new horse like an idiot XD.... I ended up getting a random horse at the second phase of Ganons fight 👍

  • As soon as I got out of the intro... I explored and activated all the towers with basic gear. I wanted to explore and spent a lot of time stealthing & finding creative way of getting around the map with little to none of the assist items. I will never forget that feeling, but I did not even bother with hearts, only stamina. Super nice to see how others played early on :)

    • So did you rely just on tons of food to get through the extreme places? I can see how it changes the pace when you can just put on a different shirt or hat and suddenly the extreme heat/cold is no problem, as opposed to closely watching that time limit and rushing for your goal. Personally I love getting all the random equipment and switching based on the situation, then adding food/potions as necessary. Even if it's a little silly for Link to change his pants while hanging off of a sheer cliff-side.

    • ​@ARUCARDFTEPES am taking a similar route in my first playthrough, and I don't know yet. The one frozen place, I did, and then I fell in love with the cooking system and I haven't had problems with temperature yet. I expect that to change

    • @The Inner Machinations Yeah, when I started I kept going back to town just trying different recipes. It's almost like the gambler's high when you hear that special tone and go "ooooh, what's it gonna be?!?" Just the time limit would destroy my nerves though, I had a rough time in the deep desert without equipment.

    • For everyone commenting. The main goal in the Great Plateau was to activate the tower in order to get out. My mind was set on activating all the towers, no matter what the costs were. Unless I stumbled upon a piece of clothing, it was all trail and error. I did not even think to cook special foods so my inventory was ridiculous and I just sneaked around A LOT & avoided the enemies. Not to mention, random deaths

    • I smashed out all the towers (and did every shrine I saw along the way) as soon as I got off the plateau too, by the time I gotten to kakariko village, my map was complete and had plenty of spirit orbs to spend. avoid strong enemies and make stamina food to climb, ezpz

  • I think I'm still in the knight phase, and I'm excited that there is still so much to come! 😄

  • im at a weird stage bc i havent done any divine beast but im grinding shrines like crazy, also i really enjoy puzzle shrines

  • Master sword was one of the first things I did. I did half the grind really early and did the rest after I beat Ganon. That being said I probably beat ganon in about 50 hours lol.

  • You're a content mastermind, and I'm here for it!

  • I am no Zelda noob (in fact a die hard semi psychotic fan) but this game is so different and has so much to offer. Very different from other games in the franchise (closer one being Twilight Princess) but very similar to Minecraft (another game I love). Its impossible not be get addicted to this masterpiece.

  • For me stages 3,4 and 5 were mixed together wich was good and bad because in some areas I was completely undergeared, but I also got a lot of gear very fast and was constantly searching for shrines to unlock the master sword.

  • It took me three or four attempts to get into this game, but once it finally hooked me, it did and now it is one of if not, my favorite games ever made.

  • I didn’t know Lurelin existed until after stage 6. I even did Eventide, only discovered Lurelin from the west coastline.

  • I went through most of the phases before beating Ganon, but didn’t go power hungry 😂

  • I once was so scared I played the game only to run around the Outskirt Stable for WEEKS. My siblings would look at my hero’s path when I finally left it, and it was just a think ring around the stable. I had already explored half the map before I got scared of the monsters and stuck to the stable 🤦‍♀️

  • i parry the guardian beams at the beginner stage 😭😭 and in the first stage i was never lost or confused i was just exploring - i knew how everything worked i was also never scared of anything i literally went up to the guardians to try and challenge myself and defeat them - even at beginner stage i still usually go to every mob i see unless im trying to go somewhere and im not bothered 😭😭

  • I just loved this "4th" person perspective of the videos, where Link's isn't anchored! I'd love if you can make one of this kind showing in real time how bullet time hits would seen from outside! I'm wondering how fast Link can be in the enemies perspective!

  • Bouta storm the castle for my first time ( yes I’m very late) and watching this while the champion abilities recharge. wish me luck!

  • I feel like I'm still in the beginner stage, since I haven't even unlocked a memory or got to any Divine Beasts, but I have beat a couple Lynels. The first one was the colosseum and took me a few hours, think I had 4 hearts and couldn't get hit once. Second one was at the pillars in Lanayru and I had an easier time with it because I had better weapons. Still only had 5 hearts though and couldn't really get hit more than once.

  • I’ve always played the old zelda games like zelda one and zelda 2 on the nes and a link to the past and the game boy games so I didn’t know you could actually could go to the volcano (death mountain) i was in awe when i saw it get closer and closer

  • When I went to get my first divine beast vah Ruta, I was one of those people who chose to slay the Lynel on shatterback peak

  • Ill be honest at 1st glance i thought the mechanics of this game would be to much for me but im glad i decided to try it out because ive officially hit the Beginner stage lol

  • I didn't even know it was a secret ending, I just collected the memories every time I played.

  • You should've added the massacre phase. Where the knight massacres every single last one of the lynels and the guardians and add the cooking phase where the whole meal inventory is full

  • Nice, this was pretty relatable! It would be so funny if we could rename the Sleepyhead phase to the "potlid shield" phase XD

  • i'm at stage 3 ish, i like following the story so i went directly to Impa but when i saw that there were multiple things i had to do i kinda got overwelmed. I like exploring one area at a time, doing side quests, finding shrines, basically going everywhere i can and when i feel i did most of the stuff i could i just go to the nearest area and repeat. I freed one devine beast and tried really hard to kill the lynel even tho he one-shotted me every time oof Guardians freaking scares me, i didn't know you could perry them :,) I'm still pretty new to the game and i don't wanna spoil myself anything so i'm not gonna finish the video for now, i will once i'm more experienced. If anyone has spoiler free tips to give, please do.

    • there is a very cool mobility trick called wind bombs. If you want, you can search up a tutorial on how to do it

  • The moment I left dueling peaks and saw the horses I spent around a day figuring out how to ride them all, trying to find the highest stats 😂 then snuck into hyrule castle - stole as much as I could then spent most of the next stage climbing the tallest things I could find, or going to further eat into the ocean although I am a little peeved you can’t climb some of the mountains

  • I have gone through the grind stage to get the master sword and it ended at the master sword part of massive progress

  • You should've added the costume stage. A stage where the player tries to max out every set of armour and collect all the weapons that go with the set.

    • Haha I can remember the beginning of my costume stage, I only have one or two sets left to max out now and my personal favorite is the maxed out stealth set.

  • I remember when I was in my Sleepyhead phase, when I got my first Korok Seed, i thought there was like 5 of them 😂

  • After 5 hours on the plateau I ran northwest until before rito village because I thought a map I googled of where kakoriko village was was in the northwest area. 10 hours later I found out about the adventure log 😂😂😂