The 2021 Ford F-150 Is Totally New and Really Impressive

čas přidán 24. 11. 2020
The 2021 Ford F-150 is completely new for the latest model year. Today I'm reviewing the new F-150, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the newest F-150 -- America's favorite truck. I'll also review the F-150 on the road.
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  • MKBHD would be proud of that USB-C port

  • Alot of stuff too tear up on them trucks what happen to the simple good ole days

  • The best selling pick up truck in America for the last 35 years gets a 49/100 by Doug. I love this channel. Everything fails with him.

  • This is beautiful raptor but side mirror and rims are typically

  • Bro you make so much money Doug why you still dress like a homeless ,that's really stupid,I mean get a new tshirt at Walmart jesus


  • Now you can say HOLD MY BEER ..... one click in my remote (i have bottle opener in my truck bed) how cool is that is truck DUDE , LOL

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  • You could always attach a magnet "2021" sign to advise your country club friends.

  • Beautiful Truck

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  • Still, no were near the Ram interior, can't touch it.

    • @Adrian Walan I think I would agree with you though the ram at the top level does have the best interior of any truck truck

    • @coffeeinthemorning lol, check the ram limited, damn those seats look good

    • Check the limited with quilted seats

  • I love that all his video starts with this


  • So many useless features to try and justify spending $55,000 on a pickup truck.

  • I'd be really interested to know how much gas the engine-generator uses compared to a Honda generator. If it works well, it seems like such a no brainer for your travel trailer, why didn't trucks already have this?

  • I am trading in my 2019 XLT sport with the 2.7L V6 in one month for this exact truck I have ordered. Will be a huge step in trim from the XLT to the King Ranch as well as the powertrain option i'm going with. Worked my ass off in 2020 so I could afford this thing. Super excited after seeing this review of yours Doug. Excellent work my friend.

  • "The 2021 Ford F-150 Is Totally New and With A Really Impressive" PRICE TAG!!!


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  • You got to do the 2020 Ford Shelby Super Snake!

  • Ford killed it with this truck! My only hope is they didn’t price it out of the market

    • Just look at CS-tv videos from 14 years ago on trucks, it's the same comments. Who would ever pay, no one will every buy this at xxxxx dollars etc.

  • Not so cool it looks way uglier

  • too much space btween tire and fender. looks bad.

  • Most washing machines are 120v Doug, driers are 220v. But yes, you could operate both in the new F150 hybrid.

  • Big pickup truck > anything else

  • Doug scores are tough. The highest I've seen is the McLaren F1. It got a 74/100 - not even a solid "C".

  • Love the chevy ad 😆

  • Not gonna lie the front lights look like the ones on the f-250

  • Next thing you know the rear window is going to start changing sizes like an iphone

  • In canada the lariat is 71'000 same price as a limited wow

  • Doug , You graded the king ranch 🤔 Pretty bad, thats me saying it nicely. I saw more 8s than 1 thru 5 just saying.

  • Damn You sound Like A Woman Just Cant be Pleased

  • I like the f150

  • I dont like the tail gate as a whole, but the clamp pocket is a truely great idea!

  • The KRs used to have real saddle leather seats, which made them special... Now, it's the same shit they put in the other models.. so what's the point? A bunch of BS branding? Bring back an interior that's as tough as nails and maybe it'll be worth considering.

  • Nice repping Camden Maine

  • He forgot to mention that the tailgate also closes in it’s own now.

  • Not a fan of ford, but "I want this".

  • Why is this whole truck an ugly copy of every gm vehicle from 2021??? They were announced long before this one and look way better than this one. The front and step designs are copies of GMC Sierra the B&O system of headrest speakers straight out of the Cadillac Escalade. The top glove box has been in Chevy Silverados forever and the electric tailgate was first done by the Silverado for the 2019 model year. Does this tailgate even go back up? And what is the point of brown trim it looks so bad the “ugly” gmc shown looks ten times better than this crap for a car.

  • Everythings changed except for the bed... Bed looks like it came straight from 2003. Granted different cut out for taillights and different tailgate. But the bed just looks cheap and basic and hasn't changed much at all.

  • I would never take this truck to a job site

  • Center flat surface is to cut and weigh the coke, only drug dealers can afford it 😅

  • Doug: giving bad weekend scores Me who likes dodge rams and watched the hellcat ram video: yes, lose, *LOSE*

  • Ram: lets put a huge display in cab Ford: ok we will do a crappier version and charge more for it! a lot of the other convenience features has been on Rams and Chev's for years lol

  • Tiny lil motor on steroids. Get a real motor

  • Freaking Doug makes an f150 look small!

  • Five minutes of Doug makes me want to decaf my life. Chill, man. Why do so many of these reviews focus on walking around looking at trims and spend so little time on actually driving, towing, or otherwise using the vehicle? Isn't that what the truck is for? Look at 20 or 30 of these reviews and see how little they actually differ, and how few actually MOVE the truck. And why do they always "review" only the upper trim levels rather than what most people will drive. And the "Doug Score"? Why compare/score trucks to other types of vehicles? That's sort of silly. You do you, Doug.

  • It irritated me when he said “luxury for a truck”. That truck has top of the line luxury and then some for almost 40 grand less than a car with those features.

  • Wow....I'm not at all a truck guy but I WANT THIS

  • can we make Doug DeMurro 2021 times person of the year?

  • Doug the type of guy to inspect his poo after taking a dump and give it a Doug score

  • Cmon ford no dual exhaust in 2021 ?

  • hey look a nissan titan

  • The cluster is lcd but the graphic layout is so minimal I'd rather have analog. They should just copy how they did the the mustang lcd cluster or the audi cluster that you can project gps map.

  • .Hey here is the big question, will it still rust out in three years? Are they still getting their metal from China? Ford typically takes too much profit out of their vehicles, they seem to use, the cheapest materials possible. PS, do you have to go two years back to be competitive with Dodge?

  • For all the alcoholic construction workers this is the truck for you 👍

  • I like that the folding shifter and flat seats is being referred to as the road head and hooker features.

  • 5:20 once again-metric literally superior. you`re welcome.

  • My pedals move on my 2005 Tahoe, now I don't feel so jealous... Still a little jealous.

  • This truck has Road Head Mode

  • 9:35 when she spreads her legs

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  • Im hoping toyota brings out a hybrid tundra or tacoma

  • you keep saying "jobsite" but let's be honest here. if you're going to jobsites in a crewcab short bed king ranch... you're an idiot. this is the type of truck a realtor would drive, or maybe a manager or foremen. this truck is better suited as a family hauler for towing the boat to the lake or yanking the camper to the grand canyon.

  • In my opinion, the taillights could have been a little better, they look kind of old or something.

    • yeah I was thinking the same thing. the back of this truck looks very close to the 11th gen tailgate. it really dates the look of this truck.

  • Washing machines run on 120V. Dryers and stoves run on 240V!

  • Schwing!

  • I wouldn't buy a truck with a plastic oil pan 10 speed transmission is also junk

    • a plastic oil pan? are you fucking kidding me? this truck won't last 10 years.

  • Introducing Jay Leno and Quentin Tarantino's son.

  • Интересно, Раптор будет в ближайшее время изготовлен

  • I can literally retire 3 years earlier if I don’t buy this.

    • They aren't worth what they want for them they kinda went back to the 10 year old body style difference is it looks newer so I wouldn't pay 60 grand for a half 2011 style

  • The title actually looked pretty sarcastic

  • Glad he shows the top models so you can see what they offer.

  • completely disagree the front end is sooo different

  • Why does anybody need such an expensive truck like this?

  • This truck is so nice like even the XLT is cool

  • epic tongue action though

  • I like this one

  • The F150 looks fine the way it is. No point in changing the look too much. Chevy did that, and look how that turned out. Ugliest trucks I’ve ever seen 😂

  • Now i know why this car is the best selling car in US Americans love productivity.

  • Doug, short info for you.. As far as your amazement with 240V goes and your wondering why would anyone want it, there is a little place called Europe (you probably heard of it) and there they use 220V in their house. They couldn't plug in a hair dryer in that 110V socket.. So yes, 240V can come pretty useful to around 500 million people.. I guess Ford made their market research..

  • It looks like a 2008, what a s**tty company ford is.

  • 9:33 I see this in my dreams...

  • More tech = more issues .

  • What is with the headlights? Hello, 1977 styling. Looks the the Griswold family cruiser.....

  • Ya know I was almost becoming kind of a Toyota Tacoma kind of guy there for a while after having got one myself last year, but more and more lately I feel like I’ve been creeping towards the Fords. I think it’s all their announcements with their new Broncos and these trucks that have got me excited

  • You aren’t going to haul a gooseneck trailer with a half ton Doug...

    • Plenty of people do. It isn’t 2004 anymore

  • 6:25 a washing machine is 110 not 220 ;) maybe a dryer?

  • I don’t believe that the GMC is faster than this truck. Adjust your Doug Score!

  • Have automatic parkin assist ??

  • I want dis truck now

  • 12:00: The only problem is, the King Ranch logo is tremendously ugly.

  • Washing machines are 120v, dryers 240v.

  • I love this car

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  • Sarah I have my dream. I must buy this with 90 laks inr.

  • My 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander has fully reclining front seats! Now that’s a quirk