The 9 LIGHT COMP - I FINALLY did it! | Teamfight Tactics Set 2 | TFT | League of Legends Auto Chess

čas přidán 8. 01. 2020
Right before the new patch hit, Disguised Toast decides to go for the 9 Light TFT comp. Looking back at history, what could possibly go wrong... Enjoy some more wacky Teamfight Tactics gameplay!
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  • statik shiv was a mistake. should have went on rageblade on the vayne. pops the hell off

  • Toast looks extra Lesbian in this vid

  • Got 10 light ;D 6 light units, 2 light spatulas and a light lux lol after everyone died, whoever was last insta killed anyone they auto'd because infinite atk spd 😂👍

  • I can remember when someone playing Light lost... Me, my last game, with 10 Light (yes, 10)/ Soulbound combo.. ended on second place behind some Inferno / assassin jerk

  • your team would be perfected if you have Light Lux and Yi.

  • 9 Light with soulbound with a 3star jax and vayne with a GA on senna and just build on Jax, Vayne and Lucian. Was an ez win. But lucky rng.

  • What’s the technique behind buying random units on the bench and then selling them?

  • Hey toast i got 5 lights and almost won if the library did not close at 5

  • @17:57 Ok, dumb question. If Lux is Infernal, but you put the Light item on her... she's Light And Infernal... but would Only Infernal give +2 Infernal, or would Light give +2 as well?

    • @Alaa Entabi :( And yet Zed can duplicate and make 2, 3, 4 of whatever item you put on him. Blah.

    • Only 2 inferno and 1 light

  • Happened once for me. Reached 9 lights including a Yorick 3, this guy spawns 12 little shits per cast, that’s insta win with light 9 lol

  • I just started playing yesterday and I won 2 of my first 4 games with this comp. I got lucky enough to get 2 light lux

  • Lost with 9 lights vs berserkers!

  • Clickbait op

  • well light didn't even recieve the 55% buff it's still at 35%

  • Funny match :)))) Good job tho :D :D

  • "Doesn't matter, it's a clickbait, hallelujah" -Toast 2020

  • Get 9 lights then lose right in next round You really don't fit with Light team comp :v

  • Love watching your videos but the way you talk to yourself is cringe as fuck

  • morellos on nasus? taht works?

  • Drinking game: Every time Toast says ‘Light’, take a shot. Of vodka.

  • i love if u saying scheiße hahahahha

  • Did 9 Light w/ Lunars wasn’t too shabby 🤓

  • I've been having a pretty good winrate with lights, but you gotta 3 star your main ones. Also, try and go for hurricane rageblade vayne and ga shojin jax. Usually it's a top 3 at least.

  • Do your chances of getting a champion decrease when other players pick them up?

    • Yep , the pool is somewhat shared

  • Did his forehead get bigger or did he get a haircut?

  • Hahahaha.. Lol 😂

  • That shadow lux reminds me of one time i went afk until wolves, leveled to 7 with 28 health, got shadow lux, and got second place

  • I once had 11 lights and still lost to a berserker team! :(

  • Road to 1m subs

  • LMFAOOOO for some reason i thought you were really gonna win this one. fuck that was funny

  • Hahaha I played this game for the first time a couple days ago and won my second game by accidentally running this ocean warden mage comp not knowing at all it was this well known OP comp apparently

  • now u gotta try double seraph and ice born gauntlet on kindred

  • Your playing LIGHT WRONG. lol. 3 items will make your lights invincible. Runaans, guinsoo and dragon claw ALL on vayne. (Must have an upgraded yorick to level 2 for this to work) but its disgustingly good.

    • But if you cant get the vayne 3 or the items, yeah.. light sucks. LOL

    • If you can get alot of Vayne early, you can try to hyper roll it. :o

  • can someone tell me why the shadow lux guy gets 3 shadows when he have 2 shadow minions?

  • Toast you should try the light and shadow comp :D

  • stop with the click bait worst video ive seen

  • Light zed so all clones benefit light buff

  • Aaaaah i heard that "scheiße" at 7:36 :D

  • u should try next synergy nasus vayne jax ezreal ornn volibear and olaf u will have 3 bersekers, 3 lights, 2 electric, 3 glacial, 2 warden, 2 range this is my best synergy u can see here the build for champs

  • I’ve gotten 12 lights and 11 characters on the board. 3 Force Nature Light Item and light lux

  • So im new here. And wehn I started watching the video, it hit me that his name is a word play on disguised toast and this guy is toast. I stood up and left the room

  • 9light and Mystic is what I go for usually, although a lot of the time I can’t get spatula and the fan? So I can’t get any good extra comps in

  • Yay face cam back to bottom right

  • must say the intros are awsome now :D

  • This is exactly my experience with light. You could have good positioning, everyone 2 or 3 stars, decent items for the comp, and you'll still get dumpstered if they're running a half-decent comp. 6 light + Senna still isn't where it needs to be to compete.

  • Yea lmao light is useless, I'm just getting back into tft since the new season and I keep wanting to try the light units and they just kick me in the nuts

  • Ironicly I won with light on normal with kindred with it too in mix before even watching video

  • Toast, here it goes the most clean perfect synergy ever, I just have made in a game and it was dope: Talyiah, Leona, Thresh, Syndra, Karma, Nautilus, Malphite and Nami. Not a single waste of nothing. Guys, hit the like button, so he can see it. Thank you.

  • no lux should be able to ult three times in a row like that.

    • It's worse, she ulted 5 times without stopping (in the fight against Toast)

  • Stop playing lights if you cant position them. I wom 3 games in a raw with lights in diamond. Come on this gameplay hurt my eyes. You are a good player. Think. Lucian MUST be 1st raw alone and all the others must be near senna to protect her.

  • Why ist Toast randomly saying scheisse ??

  • So why can’t he stream/be mentioned on twitch?

  • I think light is better than what it was vayne jax and the synergy all got hella buffed lol

  • Best intros on the YT scene, kudos.

  • noooo click bait im spend my bed time to watching u T.T

  • did you let a blind person cut your hair

  • lul, toast can't play lights :D

  • This little light of mine

  • Scheiße :D

  • Well at least u posted this during the patch that light is one of the best comps.