The Art of Handmade Pasta

čas přidán 15. 09. 2018
Two artisan pasta makers perform their craft, exploring a beautiful marriage between eggs and flour.
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Michael White
Chris Borgatti


  • Using machine yet it's called handmade. Hahahahahahahaha Americans

  • Filthy frank was found stealing the raviolis

  • Awesome, awesome video, but how are the first 2 recipes handmade?

  • thank you for feeding my carb cravings

  • I'm watching this video for the fifth time today..

  • That was beautiful

  • so pretentious i can't even.. you don't call your own food a "masterpiece" even if it is... -_-

  • I've watched tasty videos like this before but the producers and directors of film made this one the most interesting. And I love pasta

  • beautiful

  • Now this is a sexy video

  • Pasta is one thing that will never get old to me. I love making it, I love eating it, I love watching people make it, I love watching people eat it(preferably if I made it), I love seeing and trying and learning about new shapes.

  • "hand made pasta" watches pasta made in a machine....

  • So heart warming :)

  • Pasta... One of my fav dishes 😘

  • I wonder where donkey is at?

  • One of the best documentarys on pasta I’ve seen! Congrats for the good work team!

  • im more in love with michael white's AP ROO

  • 😳😋🤤😍

  • I do prefer pasta grannies

  • [4:07] My mother used to make homemade ravioli. It was so good. 😋

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  • I absolutely love this "MADE BY HAND" segment. Each episodes are epitome in each individual field.

  • This is not made by hand

  • Ravioli ravioli what's in the pocketoli

  • I would destroy each and every one of these dishes. With love.

  • Well done..

  • This is exactly why I changed careers and stopped being afraid of being a chef because of economic reward and started focusing on what I truly wanted: cooking with my heart and following my heart #allieverwanted

  • this is not hand made!!!

  • One of my best food videos i ever saw

  • Ravioli ravioli oh my god im so hungry

  • ravioli ravioli what's in the pocketoli

  • This is very aesthetically pleasing to me

  • these videos are so sophisticated man

  • Handmade Huh?

  • woah that plate gave me so much trypophobia

  • Just out of curiosity, Do they wash the pan every time after they cook a dish or they reuse it?

  • I know how to make fresh pasta back at Culinary Arts class at Cypress College

  • Why do I do this to myself

  • he used almost all required come its titled as Handmade Pasta

  • I love pasta so much seriously I would marry pasta and then I would eat it and then I would go to jail for killing my husband

  • Please do more of these videos!

  • Just watching this makes me want to make some with my Mama. This is what she does, but by hand no machine.

  • Pasta reminds me of leather so much I'm surprised no one's made a clothing out of it.

  • "You really need to understand the dough...understand the it too wet is it too dry...." *Meanwhile he presses a button on the pasta making machine. VOILA!

  • I want someone to talk about me like this man talks about his pasta

  • whos eating raw pasta while watching this

  • its made by hand?

  • I find it beautifull how these chefs talk for pasta with such passion.

  • Is it just me or he sounds like Donald trump?

  • "The Art of These Hands" - New Yorkers

  • so this is what passion is

  • Please tell us what can we use instead of egg

  • I can't become a pasta cook because if I make such delicious pasta , I will end up eating all the pasta to myself instead of giving to customers and that's how I will go bankrupt so yeah...

  • I am now in love with pasta, guess I have to shift and become their neighbour

  • He's using a machine to blend and press the pasta for him.. 'made by hand' my ass! :P

  • how dare you dislike this video...

  • I love pasta even more. And ramen.

  • Hi

  • but egg pasta with heavy sauces isnt that a little too much ... i only make the Papardelle al Ragu with eggpasta as a special treat for my family on birthdays or so cuz we havent got even a half decent italian restaurant in under 50 miles in our range theyre all bad so i Realized hey pizza damn thats complicated to get that dough right ... im far from making a True napolitan pizza just because i dont understand the dough and the fermentation how to get it to that point gud enough but pasta i can do that so i did and now its kinda like a family Tradition. And pasta dishes are usually surprisingly simple to cook ... unlike a cheese sauce that stuff always seperates on me ;(

  • Do they ship to Canada lol I should try my hand at homemade pasta 👍👨‍🍳 already a sauce boss lol


  • I want to work there without pay because i want to learn how to make pasta hehe

  • What a beautiful thing! 💛

  • Garganelli Yum yum Omg mah fave, fusilli :O

  • I really like this video, thank you for a quality content.

  • Borgatti has the best ravioli in USA. The official ravioli of FDNY ravioli eating contest. Yes. It’s a thing.

  • sounded like Donald trump at the start.

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  • 1:57 satisfied

  • I’m craving for some cheesy pasta

  • ive never been so hungry

  • My favorite food 😭💜💜💜💜

  • Damn now I want some spaghetti

  • ravioli ravioli, what's in the pocketoli

  • 1:22 my dude here putting is fingers near a roller machine ? Trying to be Dismember or what?

  • Made By Hand reminds me of Unwrapped rip !

  • i really wanna put my hand into one a those pasta machines

  • I love these videos!!! Keep em coming!! 😄

  • I love how at the end of these videos, Good becomes the most important thing in the world and suddenly I’m a chef.

  • Who tf even disliked this video? How? And why?

  • first guys accent is amazing.

  • Aren't these called noodles? Why are they called pasta

  • Bitch I’m on a diet WHYY

  • mouth watering 🤗😋 I want to die for those 😱😀😍😆

  • I love it

  • *_Pass-da Pasta_* Okay I'm Sorry for that

  • Yeah, now just make a documentary on pasta please.

  • Im so hungry right now

  • I went to go like it then I realized I already had liked it 😂 I love he makes sure he’s cooking for the people and not the money 👏

  • looks so good ugh

  • Can someone give me the title of jazz at 5:05, thanks a lot.

  • The series should be called machine made

  • Kept thinking that I will be able to make them on my first try! Or maybe if I just keep watching enough videos like these.

  • Bone apple teeth

  • I love pasta 🍝

  • Food porn: the best kind there is!

  • *KNEEDING to say on the 1st day I was on a ROLL*

  • I feel sad for his father Rest In Peace Mario


  • I'm so fucking hungry!