The Art of Handmade Pasta

čas přidán 15. 09. 2018
Two artisan pasta makers perform their craft, exploring a beautiful marriage between eggs and flour.
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Michael White
Chris Borgatti


  • looks so good ugh

  • Can someone give me the title of jazz at 5:05, thanks a lot.

  • The series should be called machine made

  • Kept thinking that I will be able to make them on my first try! Or maybe if I just keep watching enough videos like these.

  • Bone apple teeth

  • I love pasta 🍝

  • Food porn: the best kind there is!

  • *KNEEDING to say on the 1st day I was on a ROLL*

  • I feel sad for his father Rest In Peace Mario


  • I'm so fucking hungry!

  • 1:24 The mystical bond between man and machine.

  • Viva italiano

  • a very beautify video

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  • Keep this series going! Don't Stop. I'm Committed, so you should be too!

  • Its not semola, just a soft flour. WHAT???

  • I know it's not healthy but I like eating pasta dough. >:

  • this video made me emotional

  • Let me guess they want to: >bring people together >make people happy

  • Tasty videos are doing a great job... Especially this made by hand videos.. Where in the end they show the common things the chefs have doing the same thing without knowing each other...👏👏

  • hand·made han(d)ˈmād/Submit adjective adjective: handmade; adjective: hand-made made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality.

  • $1 in 1935 is equivalent in purchasing power to $17.52 now

  • Yummm

  • I am eight and i learn Italian in school.anyone knows how to speak italian.i am an Asian who knows's school i learn types of pasta i know how to say"excuse me miss may i please go to the bathroom"scusami signorina,per favore,vado in bagno i know lots i have been learning italian for 3 years

  • Yang can cook! Aww yeah I remember running home on Saturdays to watch that show!

  • This is amazing. Thank god that it gets passed down fm generations regardless of the race and customs.. So relaxing to watch..

  • My god! This series of videos is one of the best i've ever seen in my life ! Each one of these video made me wanna work there. Tasty rocks ! ;)

  • amazing

  • No gloves?

  • They didn't give us the recipe for the pasta dough 😭

  • That aren't spaghetti

  • He sounds like Trump at times like when he says very soft yet very strong 2:25

  • I like to play this video in the background of my life.

  • Creepy pasta

  • This made me happy 😊 i need more of this happiness video ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I love it 😍

  • Food.

  • For me, this series is just as good as buzzfeed unsolved

  • Why did I have to watch this.. I got hungry and all I got is Chef Boyardee!

  • I love hand making pasta. It truly is made out of love.

  • why do i keep finding myself opening up my mouth as I watch this

  • Oddly satisfying 😋😋😋

  • Dammit, now I'm super hungry

  • Grandmother cooks pasta: "Gee thanks, here's a pat on the head." 5:09 Chefman cooks pasta: "I talk a lot of words and use ridiculous number of egg yolks, noodles cost $40/serving for The Experience."

  • *ah, what a perfect video to watch while i eat the pasta that i totally know was not made this well*

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  • Ok. I am halfway through this video, and I feel like this is the perfect analogy for Tasty/Buzzfeed. There's a genuine love for the history and craft of decades of pasta making, and yet while they speak of "art" and "quality ingredients", what we're seeing is consistency wrought by machine. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's mechanical and cold and distant in a weird way. At Buzzfeed, there's a heart of genuine love for the funny, interesting, tasty, lovable things of this world. But it is so packaged and processed and mass-produced that it loses its uniqueness, its charm, its appeal. I don't dislike what Borgatti is trying to do overall, but man I really don't like this video for some reason.

  • OMG it contains egg???😱😱😱😱

  • High dedication to their job. Making a pasta with full of love ... respect to that people. Love from INDONESIA 😊

  • I wonder wut Gordon Ramsay would say

  • 看饿了

  • It's still not technically 'hand-made'!

  • '''needless to say after the first day i was ready to roll' - 6:06 these are the kind of cooking puns i live for

  • I am amazed at the hypocrisy of people, when they see videos of food made by indians with their hands, they call it unhygenic and dirty etc... And when they make it, it is called elite, fine dine and authentic! I guess what makes them feel disgusted is the colour of the hands... if it's a brown hand, it has E-coli... and if it's a white hand... It's indulgent!!

  • its so fascinating

  • Now U know who touched the spaghet

  • 2:33 Thank me later

  • Wow.. so fancy. 👌🏻


  • Dude the fucking bot accounts are out of control wtf

  • I can't for the love of God understand why people call pasta noodles??!! It's not even made with the same ingredients! Noodles are made with flour and water, pasta with flour and eggyolks!!

  • Why do I need to watch these when I’m starving. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • I am so hungry now 🤤

  • “A miastah piece” ❤️

  • Mario

  • It's hypnotysing

  • Gluten-gasm

  • My great grandmother made fresh pasta everyday and it was very normal for her to have every grandchild helping with the adults watching and sipping tea or coffee. Even to this day we still make fresh pasta and most things by hand. She instilled in us that food and the kitchen table is open to all in need.

  • Why is Donald Trump doing the voice over.

  • Whats the recipe pasta dought?

  • If you've never made fresh pasta..DO IT..practice it, it's not terribly hard. But it's worth it.. If you really want to impress a girl. Cook

  • I'm sorry but fresh Italian pasta from a restaurant in Italy is the best pasta you will ever have

  • sooo much craving when I see this 😉👌

  • “Labor of love” Bruh, calm down it’s just a spaghett

  • i thought it was a handmade pasta why are you using some machine??

  • Why not in Italy?

  • Good shit

  • These made by hand videos are done really well i absolutely love them

  • pasta is from china


  • The colors! the shapes! Awesome!

  • From now on i will make my pasta with passion

  • Wow, great going guys!

  • i want to continue the story of my father...nice

  • Fusilli looks yummy

  • This series should not stop

  • hand made...with a machine

  • pasta and ramen are the same?

  • This is so wholesome!

  • the first one isnt really hand made lol


  • Amazing

  • 9:38 - Is that Stan Lee??

  • it's recommended it's food it's pasta i clicked it now I'm starving.. damn it...

  • Amazing he still has all 10 fingers.....Ravioli filled with a finger

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  • I love pasta, I love watching people making fresh pasta and I dreamed to make fresh pasta and apply it to my food business one day...