The Art of Handmade Pasta

čas přidán 15. 09. 2018
Two artisan pasta makers perform their craft, exploring a beautiful marriage between eggs and flour.
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Michael White
Chris Borgatti


  • This can't be called handmade!!

  • "I remember my father used to say, if it's an egg noodle that means you have to put eggs in it" - That did not fill me with confidence about the quality of american made pasta.

    • Saying that.. do you know what would be amazing? Having a top "media" chef like Ramsey, J Oliver, M Samuels, R Choi, et al, visit places like this and help us normal folk understand what makes these quality foods stand out from the crowd. Making pasta is not hard, it's piss easy but to do it well, and consistently, IS hard. I'd love to know how that is done.

  • Isn't that spaghetti just made by machines

  • People coming to eat your food is the best feeling ever if you are actually passionate about cooking :)

  • Pathetic. I am more qualified to be a pasta master for using clay doh as the foundation of my expertise

  • i..never ate pasta and im not lying

  • 2:26 “creating it, designing it, finishing it...” Jesus, those sheets of pasta made me thought the chef was holding textiles in his arms! *lightbulb moment* I want clothes and pillows and beds made of nothing but pasta

  • i love how happy they are. i love how they clearly genuinely enjoy what they do, and how happy they are to keep doing it for the rest of their short lives. i hope someday i can find that kind of fulfillment too.

  • Why is it that when i see those machines, the first thing I think about is some mafia pushing the fingers of some delinquent creditor into the rollers...

  • These are definitely the best raviolis I have ever had in my life. My parents live near New York City and I live in Vermont. I beg them to bring these raviolis when they come to visit.😁

  • I’m so hungry right now 🤤

  • The Japanese and Chinese make all their noodles by hand. These pretty metal machines take all the soul from the chef and ingredients.

  • I'm italian, this is not handmade pasta, especially the first.

  • ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli

  • Original Spirit👍

  • make an art of pizza making video

  • *bright inspirational music*

  • Wow! Thats Really delicious 😋 good skills

  • Soo this is Handmade?

  • 0:07 dunkey??

  • great content

  • i just wanna touch it.

  • *P A S T A A A A A A A A A A A A A A*

  • Do they say "Speak as pretentiously as possible about the process?" It's a cool process, but holy cow, he's not painting the Mona Lisa. He has machines that do most of the work.

  • I'm so hungry, I blame these two guys for it. (^-^)

  • i dont believe, he make one by one garganelli with his hand n the stick?... ckckckck... Amazing.. really no way

  • Satisfying 😍

  • Great camera work

  • “Handmade”

  • Why the would anyone dislike this? Weird people !! Pasta is love ❤️


  • Now I want to go all the way to NY just to buy pasta from that little shop 😭

  • FYI spaghetti @ 3:00 are "spaghetti alla chitarra" (guitar spaghetti). The name comes from the tool used: a frame with a series of parallel wires crossing it (similar to a guitar).

  • Nice to see the former Lord Commander of the Night's Watch make some pasta.

  • I'm hungry!

  • Proud Italian Laugh

  • I have been making pasta for 10year now, like he said once you have fresh you will never want store bought again! An I’m not even Italian

  • It looks like a piece of fabric

  • I swear, the Italian guy is apart of some underground Mafia.

  • italian people haven´t passion making pasta, they just turn on machines and nothing more , just watching. Chinese and Japanese have real passion making noodles, they make it with their own hands, nothing more

    • What? First of all, the first man isnt italian but he is doing typical italo-americans crap. Second, here in Italy pasta is usally made with love, hands and rolling pin by our moms and grandmas. I've never seen anyone here making ravioli with a machine lol. Remember that the 90% of the italians things you see in America isnt italian at all. Third, prolly the majority of the japanese eats insta-noodles while here in Italy home-made pasta is an everyday thing.

  • "Hand"made. Bullshit click bait

  • I love this kind of videos... more than food, they are passionate about their creations and dishes. Gives us a story.

  • I wanted to like this every minute. Who wanted to applaud every time the complete meal was placed at the table?

  • The way he says masterpiece reminds me of Dunkey

  • Imagine, your finger gets stuck in the machine

  • Gnocchi?

  • I remember Andrew Zimmerman helping cook the octopus Fussili.

  • I love hearing story from people who’s actually passionate about their jobs. I love eating so knowing the people who make the food I’m eating really cares about whatever is entering my body and whatever the opinion of my taste buds is. Even though they’re pricier compared to the common fast food made by people who only cares about making money, paying more worth everything.

  • Want to eat egg , or chicken??

  • I think the first need more water

  • In the words of dunkey: "IT'S A MASTA PIECE"

  • handmade?

  • This makes me so hungry 😋

  • I keep watching this video over and over

  • 46 seconds in and he does the thing that you should never do to pasta. Adding water.

  • Ravioli Ravioli give me the formuloli

  • 4:53 what in the name of hell are those ravioli seasoned with? 😱

  • I am going to make them a pasta they can't refuse.

  • Practically this is a commercial for Borgatti... not a problem, but it would have been nice to get at least 1 nice recipe for the home cook as a reward for watching your promotion... win/win... still love your pasta of course, but be generous!

  • It’s wonderful to think how people can relive their dreams fresh everyday.


  • compare to those asian noodle masters, these guys are more like "noodle machine user"

  • Where are the female pasta experts?

  • 10mins video of pasta feels so short

  • i want to eat pasta

  • I'm HUNGRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wait they named the street after them!? Cool

  • Just got pasta machine for the christmass! Already done some noodles with it, but haven't yet done pasta. Guess this is next :P

  • Soba and Udon vs Pastas

  • The pastas it’s the live

  • ClickBait. It’s Not Just Hands

  • It is shame that the vid o doesn’t contain the recipes

    • They may have secert family recipes they don't want released.

  • first few minutes..."Handmade" the dough. its machine made.

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • Is no one gonna talk about the cat story?? Bitch I am YODELING

  • NUT

  • Love these kind of videos from Tasty!

  • I love the videos mainly because you see the people’s love for the food and the art. There’s no pretentiousness in the act of creating something that is basic yet essential.

  • I tried making pasta by hand, it's not as hard as people say, but it is an art. however without a pasta rolling machine it can get quite tricky

  • “Handmade 🍝 “! If you call it that way.

  • Using machine yet it's called handmade. Hahahahahahahaha Americans

  • Filthy frank was found stealing the raviolis

  • Awesome, awesome video, but how are the first 2 recipes handmade?

  • thank you for feeding my carb cravings

  • I'm watching this video for the fifth time today..

  • That was beautiful

  • so pretentious i can't even.. you don't call your own food a "masterpiece" even if it is... -_-

  • I've watched tasty videos like this before but the producers and directors of film made this one the most interesting. And I love pasta

  • beautiful

  • Now this is a sexy video

  • Pasta is one thing that will never get old to me. I love making it, I love eating it, I love watching people make it, I love watching people eat it(preferably if I made it), I love seeing and trying and learning about new shapes.

  • "hand made pasta" watches pasta made in a machine....

  • So heart warming :)

  • Pasta... One of my fav dishes 😘

  • I wonder where donkey is at?

  • One of the best documentarys on pasta I’ve seen! Congrats for the good work team!

  • im more in love with michael white's AP ROO

  • 😳😋🤤😍

  • I do prefer pasta grannies

  • powstah