The Battle to Build the Big Apple's Little Island

čas přidán 23. 06. 2021
New York City’s waterfront just got a radical addition. This is Little Island - a public park over the water financed by a billionaire. For more by The B1M subscribe now -

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Executive Producer and Narrator - Fred Mills
Producer - Jaden Urbi
Video Editing and Graphics - James Durkin

Special thanks to Heatherwick Studio, Thomas Heatherwick, Professor Sharon Zukin and The Dronalist.

Additional footage and images courtesy of The New York Public Library, MNLA, Arup, Little Island, Timothy Schenck, Harry McFann, Michael Grimm, David Shankbone, Diana Robinson, Chelsea Piers, Fred George, James Corner Field Operations and Hudson River Park Trust.

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  • How many Tom Cruises does it weigh?

    • How many stones does the London Bridge weigh?

    • 10 of the Moons acres

    • doesnt matter how many toms it weights if tom hanks will try to find a fitting landing spot on the hudson again

    • How many Tom cruises would it take to change New York, now that’s the real question

    • @Shambles Galore So is football fields 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Can it be expanded in the future? Looks like that square shape needs more curves!

  • 10 dollar avocado toast..

  • Nice

  • What a massive waste of money…

  • Talk about a 30% rise in inflammation. I love where I live in New York, but I'm telling you the Taxes, the Politics & the way Law enforcement treats certain people; including myself. I know I'm not supposed to be mean-spirited. But after a while, you get fed up thinking that they're honestly listening. Therefore I hope and pray a bridge collapses when they're riding across it in one of their big shiny limos. And I hope they get the call at the last minute when their Shofer tells them this is the end of the road ...

  • Kitsch alert

  • lol white person hipster $10 Avo Toast hehehe. I do love the Lil Island tho :)

  • Only a channel as bad as B1M would ever call Heatherwick visionary. Those in the industry laugh at him for his outlandish failed designs. Keep up the low standards, your construction origins show.

    • I like how you insult his channel when you have nowhere near as good a social presence. In fact, I’m quite confident that you will never be appreciated as much, by so many people as B1M. Have a nice life, just know, you mean practically nothing compared to B1M, and you called his channel bad. I wonder just how terrible your life will be?

  • You can't have great architecture without controversy. Parisians rioted against the "ugly" Eiffel Tower when built. Now, it's the symbol of France 🇫🇷.

  • B1M just showcased this and Mumbai's waterfront expressway. Which would you rather see from the shore? Mumbai, you'll be sorry!

  • lmao^ ive been meaning to go their for 3months bruh wtf^ haha- daniel told me about it- u need to reserve to get it or get in hours b4 12^

    • ah i c^ haha yes we will renew a couple of piers in manhattan^ i always

    • @6:13^

    • @4:10^+its insane that it's cost millions to make this small island^ insane^^

    • @3:18^ bro not evry city is as "rich"/big as ny but yea i hear u^

  • Yes, I too walk into my cooperate headquarters, look down upon the land of peasants that I've allowed in my park

  • if you pay 10 dollars for avocado toast then you have no right to complain about not having money lmfao

  • Great engineering feat rich people can go play for a year and then it'll turn into a drug den just like Central Park. Just saying

  • "an oasis for new tourists" there fixed it....

  • I actually love it. Nice to see something other than skyscrapers in N.Y

  • $400M for a tiny square off of Hudson yards so that billionaires can have a stroll and feel like they're walking on water. Outrageous. How much money are New York City and State devoting to humanitarian, social, and economic problems caused by the absolute disparity between the obscenely rich and the desperately poor in their city, comparatively? And, the altering of the Hudson River ecosystem is a valid concern. Enjoy the avo toast!

  • This is looking put put Golf Course

  • Well it's a huge tax right off for sure. I feel the amount of time and money spent on this project, could have been used to better the lives of the poor and marginalized. Instead, it's another status symbol for the elite.

  • You can tell just by looking at her how uptight she is...

  • Waste of money.

  • stop the city doesnt need this crap

  • it seems to be very high maintenance

  • As a New Yorker I didn't even know about this until watching your channel lol looking forward to visiting little island now!

  • Very interesting project in NY. Like to visit there once it's completed.

  • I love NYC but this seems like a rather pointless project. And expensive.

  • Government projects are just money laundering schemes

  • Like dubai with rats

  • A public space that costs an arm and a leg,.is pathetic. It's just another playground for the rich. Like they need more toys.

  • I think it is just a perfect example of how phony new york wants to pretend we have it together. The city is in disarray constantly & is just a shit hole

  • Incredible. So excited to go spend 100s of dollars on avocado toast :)

  • YOOOOOO I saw THATT irl it looked soo beautiful I wondered what it was but I never went on

  • Wasted money

  • You don’t have to mention a tiny thing as a big thing like the lgbtabc alphabet peoples using it lol. Desperate woke

  • That shit looks disgusting

    • @ztatic.passat im not a nigga , im not on parole , and i actually take care of my kids

    • ok nigga

  • What a nice park. NYC one step beyond on urban initiatives. Best Regards from Mexico City

  • Nothing worth creating is “universally liked”. No creative person with any measurable amount of talent would disagree.

  • Someone will pocket a few millions 👍

  • I hope that one day soon, B1M will do a video about the reconstruction of the BQE (Brooklyn Queens Expressway). That triple cantilever is still falling apart and nothing is being done to fix it.

  • Why aren’t they doing anything about the increasing sea level???

  • I visited the city over Labor Day weekend. I was a little sad I couldn’t enter the park due to the crowd, but it was cool to see in person regardless

  • less of a public park and more of a tourist attraction...

  • These mfs said they were concerned for the environment... it’s way too late for these idiots to now realize all this is horrible for the environment lmaooo

  • Ah yes, another giant waste of money

  • Billionaire: Become famous for feeding entire populations.....orrrrrr ugly ass island in Manhattan Fuck it lets party Holmes!

  • it's not a public space if you have to book

  • It’s actually just not that great being there

  • Just leave the city instead. You can't even Imagine how much nature there is outside of it.

    • If they fixed the infrastructure people could actually get out of the city in a reasonable amount of time and see real some real nature... Nah, cram more people into the sardine can and give them a small sampling of what the real world looks like.

  • Thats the type of project you learn about in a youtube video but never expect it to actually be built

  • NY is dirty as hell.

  • Ok but why is it crooked?

  • rich people shenanigans whilst the average American is only a few weeks away from being broke

  • I'm sure New York's homeless community is very proud of this new feature

  • Imagine spending Public money on a project that no one can gain access to because its forever fully booked, it can never be used as a real park to relax if you have to book months in advance haha. What do the public and their taxes get out of this?

  • Seems like those millions would be better spent helping people in need.

  • I live next to it and I can say it is the opposite of an oasis for New Yorkers. It is an overcrowded tourist attraction.

  • Epstein had an Island, now the formoer Love gov now known as The Rape Gov has an Island. lul

  • 7:00 Is the hudson really a good place to go swimming?

    • Kosmo Kramer and George Carlin would tell you yes.

  • NYC is mad that public places are being privatized but the government themselves wasn’t getting anything done so why he mad that private corps finally gave people what they wanted

  • Besides a concert venue.. It’s completely fuckin pointless

  • London’s Garden Bridge by Heatherwick - do you have a film about that yet?

  • If I donated that much as a billionaire id want it by my home too Stfu lady lol

  • I've been to the island. Its very cool I definitely recommend it. *and free*

  • I think ppl dont mine paying $2-$5 entry fee to use the park, at least to cover the $6Million/year maintenance cost.

  • I thought Apple (The Company) Was building an island? Wouldn't surprise me.

  • Millionaire donors: "I need fancy little park on the water. Fuck the literal millions of poor here."

  • So… New Yorkers can pee out into the ocean 🌊 and not on my sidewalk

  • Why does that skyscraper look like it’s tilting?

  • Half of the square footage is concrete.

  • Outright UGLY Island doesn't fit the Architecture of the city

  • rich ppl thing

  • Cool another $300 million addition that's gonna be under water in another 80 years.

  • The battle to get rid of both, again. (Just in case you have missed out on the context.)

  • What a waste of money.

  • It's a shame this thing is at utter eyesore!

  • That lady is just jealous she didn't think of that park first.

  • Just wait til the Hudson turns those shiny white pillars dark gray. This is now the jumping off point for the High Line tourist cattle chute into Hudson Yards mall and Heatherwicks now-shut 'Vessel'. As a NYer, Ill take Central Park, thank you.

  • Cheez-it?

  • A nice place but a costly build. How much would labour and materials cost for that?

  • 200 million for that? That sounds like money laundry.

  • Wait, I don't understand the private financing controversy. Isn't the ultra-rich paying for public spaces exactly what we want, especially if they are also paying for maintenance?

  • long island and little island the battle of the islands

  • New York homeless be like 👀👀

  • Спасибо!

  • Sorry, but in my view it is ugly and stupid. Reminds me of a minature golf course. All they need is a clown's mouth. Oh yeah, that's right, they have Bill DeBlasio.

  • Tax the homeless

  • A very small park at enormous expense.

  • They could have saved us all jillions if they'd built it out of a big stack of lawyers and politicians!

  • Looks like a major waste of money..., not to mention it looks like crap.

  • “Decreasing public funds…” ok. Well. As the largest f’ing city in America and one of the wealthiest on the planet it’s time to bring in some officials that know how to manage that money.

  • Surprise, made by the same idiot who created The Vessel.

  • London has a million billionaires. Surely one of them could dump a load of money into the Garden Bridge outside their Thames office! They're so stinking rich they wouldn't even notice the money was gone.

  • A $260 million 2.4 acre eye sore in my opinion. Hudson Yards is a let down too. The vision and the final product are so far apart.

    • I think it's beautiful, I love it

  • A monument to shitty art that will sink in 12 years.

  • A quarter billion for a park just 5 times the size of my yard... But good thing they spent all that money on technology to "filter the rainwater before it enters the Hudson" Wouldn't want to pollute the pristine Hudson River with a bunch of dirty ass rain water. That makes sense.

  • The intro song it’s very nice

  • New York is a cesspool, who cares.

  • Looks like a striking memorial to New York’s 400. I think they’ll just fit.

  • The sociology "professor" ruined the video.