The Battlestation Laptop

čas přidán 3. 10. 2021
Thanks to ORIGIN PC for sponsoring this video! Check out their new EVO-17S 30-SERIES gaming laptops at

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:20 Specs
0:40 Lots of monitors
1:01 Customization
1:38 Taking it apart
2:40 Keyboard and trackpad
3:42 Playing games
4:20 Benchmarks
5:24 Connectors
6:12 Monitors in action
7:32 Racing
8:50 Pew pew
10:50 Conclusion


  • Haha nice set up for the laptop. I'm getting a 2k 165hz external monitor for my 3060 laptop. I'll have to use the tent mode.

  • TERRIBLE customer service from Origin. I sent them my laptop with GPU issues. They "can't find the problem" and are sending it back. Yeah, that'll fix it. Class act company. I had a similar issue with a computer from GameStop. Not only did they replace the GPU, expedite shipping (Origin promised to expedite then sent ground), they UPGRADED MY GPU. Don't buy from Origin. They will nickel and dime you.

  • Holy shit gaming laptops have gotten real good

  • 1:39 That seems oddly familiar. The heatpipes, the battery, the SSD location, the DP-, HDMI- and Power-ports on the back with USB-C a bit further away, the stupid flick-down ethernet port, the just one USB type A port on the left... * picks up own laptop * Yep, that's an XMG Pro 17 E21. Actually built by Clevo. And yes, the 300Hz display is awesome :D

  • I can definitely hear that laptop cooling fan is begging for mercy.

  • I used to hate gaming laptops because they were soo damn bulky. But it would be a tough choice if I had to choose between this and a MacBook Pro.

  • I used to live in Abu Dhabi and I have been to the F1 track there.

  • So if you do want one yourself, it will be delayed, as I recently found out AFTER the money was taken from me. Shady practice, imo. I think a person should have all the information regarding anything costing 2 to 3 thousand dollars, before one is committed to a purchase. I should be informed before being made to wait weeks for a product. Also, the Origin representative explained they don't actually have possession of the product they have charged money for. They're hoping to have my order in by end of November.....Good luck getting yours!!

  • What are those monitors? I may buy

  • USB Implemters Forum is about to drop a 240W USB-PD certification. 48V/5A.

  • I legitimately don't get the premise of Origins Laptops. Their PC? Okay, but laptop? Why? Why would anyone bought them?

  • Lol y’all should try this but with the new MacBook and 3XDRs

  • Now do it with the 17” MacBook Pro with 32 GPU cores, 10 CPU cores and 64GB of ram with 8TB of storage!

  • Now try it with the x17

  • damn the core i7 is with h? More expensive than gold

  • 5:20 ugh! i hate the way linus connects all the connectors. Wiggling them sideways hes about to "jack a port" up.

  • Me trying to figure out why tf he was driving the F2 cars😂😂

  • Can you share the name of app you use to manipulate laptop screen? I have problem with my laptops screen(splash screen on windows but not on ubuntu) i couldnt handle for a while. I would want to try it just to see if it works to solve my problem.

  • what is power of this 3080 max q? I would bet 3070 with 130 Watts is longterm gaming better

  • 3:50 "were playing competitive here, ladies and gentlemen" he says as he plays casual

  • What monitors are these?

  • Todays laptops too powerful, the only limit is laptop's thermal limit and upgradability.

  • Can I have it

  • weird how type C PD can already handle up to 200 watts but they’re still saying PD can’t handle that

  • 10:34

  • Epic beast mode laptop 🤯🤯🤯

  • gaming laptops have really come a long way

  • right monitor is annoying me lol

  • "Its been three days and one call with nvidia that had 8 people on it but its working now" Linus -drop- Tech Tips

  • whats nvedias direct number my boy

  • 5lbs wow

    • Can I ask you something?

  • Obviously it's not as extreme as your setup, but watching you run that gave me a few pointers for my own (maxxed-out Omen 2019) setup thank you~

  • Did we just get Jerma'ed?

  • "40 fps in a game like this is absolutely playable" and that's when I had to check if it was sponsored

    • @beep2bleep sure you CAN play a racing game sub60, but it's not enjoyable, it's definitely one of the genres that clearly benefit from higher fps. the speed at which you move makes the gap between frames more noticably even if camera control is limited

    • It's a racing game, you don't feel the low FPS nearly as much as when you move a mouse. I agree that sub 60 I can't do for shooters, (now I even feels bad for me at 60 fps) but a racing game feels much different since there is so much less control over the camera.

  • 8:55 For anyone interested this background music being played is actually The Gadget Show theme tune here in the UK.

  • You guys need someone to set up racing games for you. That FOV is terrible, and the wheel isn't calibrated to the right rotation.

  • I got a desktop 3070 and it can't even run 4k good enough on one monitor. Easier to run games only

  • "battlestation" 8-core🤦🤦🤦.

  • it is janky becUse of electricity usage

    • @Evelyn 21 y.o - check my vidéó I understand. I still play FH2 a Battlefiel2 mod. That came out around 2009 and it is still better than normal BF. I like flight sims to and there has been a vast improvement over last 10 years. With more powerful chips we can now have better physics.

  • '... one phone call with Nvidia with 8 people on it...'

  • He's better than NadeKing

  • Hey there's the gadget show theme again. 8:52

  • Linus please build the very quality PC where every feature cost betven 666 & 777 $

  • 4:29 If it's 8 °C, that would be the "coolest" laptop i have ever seen

  • My hp omen's 2080 super 150W would own this silly 3080 maxq, and this is without the 200W bios mod. Lol. Silly manufacturers. How can u advertise beast when using a maxq 😂

  • Good vid, but I wonder how the newest MS Flight Simulator would look on that setup.

  • f1 2021 does require to make adjusments to steering angle....

  • 40 fps is what my pc runs on a 1080p monitor on low settings bruh. Yaboy linus here just playing it on 3 4k MONITORS for WORK ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • the wheel was at 900 degrees and not 360...

  • The only downside is its not available here in my region and shipping + tax will probably cost me a leg 🤣

  • This is a slower laptop for a having a 3080 in it. My legion 7i has an i9-11980HK and a 165W RTX 3080 in it.

  • "perky rgb backlighting" lol

  • I dont want to watch these videos anymore i dont want heart attack :(

  • Clevo machines are the best no bs gaming laptops, I have this model for last gen but it's not by origin, it's just a sager bare bones. Excellent laptop, it's my second clevo machine. They come with zero bloat. The pre installed stuff it does come with is easy to get rid of. All the bigger names don't compare when it comes to price and functionality. Clevos are literally the best desktop replacements because when you get it, it's set up like a PC you just built. Upsides outweigh the downsides. You can save a little with not going with origin but it'll be the same thing regardless.

  • wait… Max-Q is a thing again..?

  • What about the ROG Zephyrus 15 from April? Ryzen 5900 and a 3080 mobile. I want to see that comparison.


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  • 3x 4k monitors is less resolution than a single 8k one

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  • What refresh rate r the monitor set to

  • Subtítulos en español por favor soy fan desde hace años . Por lo menos generados automáticamente. Like

  • Its amazing how good Laptops are these days Well my pc is still better

  • Those Asus ROG monitor stands are THE WORST. I don't even mind the gamery aesthetic that much it's just that having a tripod means you can't position the monitor anywhere near the back edge of your desk for fear of it falling off when the back leg goes over the edge. A flat foot stand is way better.

  • 05:41 "Yea" is pronounced "yay", you big oofers.

  • Nice

  • Why is the track pad on the left... midly infuriating center or right please

  • At 1:19 that cover looks like it has terrible quality printing lines all over it.

  • why not just use laptop riser with cooler?

  • Yes mother I need it to run zoom and word

  • Linus i missed the part where you were supposed to tell us if it was x8 or x16 memory density

  • when your oc you just built can only do 720p because you dont wanna be scalped for a gpu. :(

  • ya know if he is running 3 4k monitors, a 8k monitor is technically 4 4k monitors I wonder if this thin gaming laptop can run games in 8k?

  • my laptop with a 1650ti can get 200fps with shaders in minecraft

  • 'Max Q' is like watching the cinema version instead of the Directors Cut

  • Linus likes it nice and big, the track pads i mean.

  • 0 effort video.

  • Ironically..... This brings me back a bit lol. Radeon 5870, 3x 1680x1050 16:10 monitors. Constantly scouring the Widescreen Gaming forum for tricks to make every single game work in Surround. Eyefinity baby. I miss the days. Still kinda bummed that Super Ultrawide is only 2x 16:9 rather than 3x, like how I used to play it.

  • Haha my intel uhd 620 better

  • 5:40 laptop: be gentle pls

  • Millimeters please.

  • Add 1 more monitor and you're running at 8k, sooooo can't be mad at that

  • linus i recommend that u use something non conductive while touching the pcb components even though ur a pro, cause there r a lot of newbies out there trying to make vids llike this

  • What was the background music for this video? Actually a good vibe

  • Don't worry Linus, post all the laptop reviews you want. As long as you always disclose your ownership in Framework, compare all you desire

  • We need a gaming screen with a foldable screen panel where you can fold the sides of the screen behing the screen for a single screen view and then unfold the sides out again for a triple screen view.

  • How did they mess up the steering wheel lol

  • Galaxy s10 plays CoD Mobile in 4k. Easily. Playing 4k on pc. You need a 3000 dollar gpu. 😆

    • like how can a phone display anything 4K without stuttering perfectly fine but playing a 4K video on youtube on a pc is a task and a half. Lol. There's a better comparison.

    • @Darkhalo314 my point was, look at how tinny a phones chip set is. Compared to a GPUs chip size. If a phone chip set was made as large as a full sized gpu is. The phone chip would probably run circles around todays gpus.

    • @Darkhalo314 The graphics are not bad? When using the UHD texture pack. They are about the same quality as Black Ops textures.

    • Look at how bad the graphics are though compared to a PC game. Don't get me wrong, CoD Mobile's graphics are great for a phone, but this comparison isn't even fair or balanced

    • While screen sharing too.

  • Seriously tho. How do 1/4 cm by 1/4 cm chips out do entire pc gpus. Lol

  • Im I the only one that thinks its a little odd that mobile phones can run 4k content easily but full sized pcs still struggling. Something dont add up. (Software encoded limitations)

  • you guys should probably design a water cooler for this laptop

  • Awe man, he's got to bring up framework every time he talks about a laptop


  • “Hey Barnacules”

  • Why do you keep throwing around the term Max-Q (we know that's not a thing on 30 series Nvidia cards)? Why not start with telling us TGP of the 3080 GPU? Perhaps you've made so many videos you forgot about this one... . I'll refresh your memory, it's the one telling us Max-Q and Max-P aren't a thing in 30 series cards it's all about the TGP and how confusing it is. Then you proceed to make a sponsered video ignoring the TGP of the 3080 GPU, pretty confusing. You've sold out so badly at this point I'm just going to unsubscribe.

  • What software does linus use to monitor temps, clockspeed and so on in this video?

  • Good Video Linus.

  • Awesome gear for gaming!

  • I hope Linus doesn't drive as bad as he did in that game in real life 😂Just kidding Linus!

  • linus playing csgo without bots?!?!?