The Best Of The Internet (2021)

čas přidán 22. 12. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, I show you the best videos on the internet from 2021.
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Fish Surgery: / dr.jbminterdvm
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  • this is by far the best video I've seen this year

  • Let me know which clip is your favorite! I used nerdy statistics to pick the best videos from this year. These are the videos that were chosen by YOU. Your viewing behavior and comments chose these videos. Also, I think I have Covid....AGAIN...which means I can't see my family for Christmas for 2 years in a row, because I had Covid this same exact time last year. So I will just be hanging out with you guys this Christmas

    • Merry Christmas Jason! (And the rest of you lovely people) most of the replies to my comments on this channel are left by some of the kindest people on the internet


    • All of them are my favorite. I hope you get well soon.

    • Thats sad,but i still wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year I hope you feel better soon And personally,I like all vids in the comp

    • Get better mate 👍

  • I love the dad dressed as the crash dummy. I would absolutely do that.

  • If my dad did that when I was learning to drive I'd bust a gut laughing so hard. This dad is awesome lol

    • He is, his daughter not so much tho 😕

    • You know why he was dressed as a crash dummy cuz they would crash and emo girl does not drive nicely lol

    • He’s a great and funny dad! She ain’t no fun! Ugh

    • Don't know why it just has Deadpool energy.

    • ​@@neverborn7777 emo girl what yall use that word to much

  • "You play too much!" and the look of disapproval she gives him, gets me every time. That's one cool kid!😅

    • That’s a kid that thinks she’s cool. In reality ppl like that struggle to make friends cuz they don’t like people who aren’t exactly like them. They’re close minded and bratty. I wouldn’t wanna be like her

  • The guy running on the black ice had me dying for the entire clip!

    • He must have run, at least a mile there. The funniest thing I've seen in a while. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • I felt like his friend was so mean not helping. Like you had an hour to help.

    • Better than a treadmill

    • @@tatotick8513 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣an hour to help.

    • African American ice.

  • Even though it has been a few years since this was uploaded, I still watch it over and over again. Thank you daily dose❤❤😊

  • Honoured to be featured again. Thanks for all the laughs this year!

  • These videos for me are an amazing escape from the world. No politics, no deeper meanings implied. You just make stuff to make people happy, and I wanted to thank you for that.

    • maybe a bit too late for him to see

    • @@tincat1677 still wholesome

    • I agree. And yet people manage to bring politics into it in this comment section. Shake my head.

    • @@realglutenfree We don't talk about that

    • Led me to think

  • Father and daughter test drive still cracks me up every time I see it. Thanks for all your videos.

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    • I am curious to know more about this man that everyone is talking about. Is there a way to get in touch with him?

  • 3:26 I love how amazed the dog looks. As if they are shocked humans can bark too.

  • 10:18 you know the clip is special when EVEN HE laughs when giving context.

  • 8:37 dad humor never disappoints, I love this

    • @Artist Verse Right? wtf... they are the best dads I'd be lmao if my dad did that lol.

    • @Artist Verse if I said that to my father I'd be dead

    • That one is staged. You can hear how planned it is by how fucking idiotic she sounds when she says her lines and throws the keys..

    • @@elijahjakobsen7898 ah yes quitting first driving test because he was wearing a dummy suit

    • The top and hair dye should’ve said it from the start

  • I feel bad for the guy that lost his chicken nugs. I feel his pain

    • imagine walking on the street and a box of chicken nuggets falls from the sky

    • Hopefully that box of chicken nuggets will fall in my hands

    • Happened to me when I went to the beach with McDonald’s and my whole meal got taken by the ocean

    • Hey guilt don’t work over yonder nemore only RAND talk

    • no pity for fools

  • I just wanna say how much I appreciate your videos. They always make me feel good after watching them. They’re very entertaining, and make me less bored. Thanks for putting so much effort into all of your amazing content.

  • 1:20 this is one of my favorite videos the sound and his reaction is gold im crying off laughter HAHHH

  • 3:42 was my all time fav. I laughed for a good half hour. He deserved an award for how long trying to stay upright so he didn't fall.

    • yeah , that one gave me a good hardy belly laugh

    • Laughed hysterically, uncontrollably, as I watched that over and over and over again.

    • Yeah it makes it better when at the start he says he is not gonna fall after kicking a rock

    • yeah i laughed so hard on that one my bellies jumped out

    • So like, he did that on purpose. He's not "trying" to stay upright, he's doing it for the laughs.

  • Your videos are only getting better!! Thankyou

  • 10:18 hearing him giggle makes me smile

  • 4:16 I feel that women’s pain. I’m 21 but still look thirteen. Also props to the delivery man for doing the responsible thing making sure he wasn’t handing wine to a minor.

    • I totally get that. I'm 24 but people still think I'm in my last years of school or sth

    • @@amz7828 omg same!!!

    • ​@@amz7828 saaame... but trust me... you will appreciate this gift when you're older. While everyone is trying to look younger.. it'll just be natural to you.

    • I was 5’8 at 13 as a girl 😂 so I was sometimes asked why I’m in the kids section

    • I'm 30 and had to show my ID a few weeks ago for buying a bottle of liquor (you have to be 18 to do that in Europe) lol

  • 3:43 I never seen someone struggling so much not to fall No matter how many times I watch this video I laugh as if it’s my first time watching it

    • "I'm not gonna fall" -guy that fell as slowly as possible

    • Moon running

    • Who needs a treadmill these days when u have a frozen slab

    • I know that feeling. brain is telling you to not to fall but at the same time it is telling you that there is no actual chance and at the end you will eventually fall. the best solution is to try to fall on your hands but that could also lead to knocking out your teeth and broke your nose.

    • Bruh got a whole workout

  • 'Spongebob Squarepants' had me rolling😂😂😂

  • 5:23 Dude walked off without looking back like they knew it'd go in. That's main protagonist energy right there 👏

  • I just put this and multiple one and three hour long daily dose of internet videos together and its like thirteen hours of pure *INTERNET*

  • I just want to say thank you so much for putting together these amazing clips. They really make my days a little better

  • I laughed the hardest and longest at the guy slipping on the ice😂 I dunno why it was so freaking funny!

  • 1:33 his scream of agony is amazing

  • 1:29 bro really said:”I believe I could fly I believe I could touch the skyyyy”😂 4:48 me running away from my responsibilities

  • The doggo reaction at 3:22 will always steal my heart! What a beautiful angel! ^_^

  • God level content like always ❤

  • Given me plenty of laughs this year. Thanks for hooking us up with a good time during the dark times Daily Dose!

  • 11:00, the most unique shot i've ever seen

  • 1:56 literal hero. Hope they get the recognition and appreciation that type of courage and selflessness deserves

    • Not a figurative hero? edit: 6:40 yeah, really brave...

    • @toughluck8012, This happened by accident. They didn't want to save anyone. The police were turning around to stop a car that was not letting people through at a pedestrian crossing.

  • I love the funny moments you share. Great video.

  • I watched this video last year. second time around, just as good. super hilarious and awesome!

  • 3:41 never gets old 😂

  • 1:50 this guy definitely deserves a raise, real quick thinking and took no time to consider his own safety before acting for the strangers he didn’t even know, he’s got the mindset and reflexes of a hero

    • Yeah, even if that car would stop in time (what it doesn't seem like), it's always good to be aware of your surroundings like that guy. Wow

    • I agree with you, he just looked in his mirror just in the right second and reacted instantly, he even turned on the lights as a real pro. Loved that video!

    • i think the cop but their lights on and wanted to chace the guy that sped thru the crosswalk just as the people were crossing,saving the pedestrians was a fortunate happy accident

    • dont care didnt ask

    • bonjour madame moselle

  • You really do a great job finding this great content! Thanks for making my day just a little bit better!

  • The sandwich in Spanish video at 5:01 is my favourite. She’s so funny doing her loud annoying voice and then the sound of the bread end hitting her skull... ❤️

  • man i love u so much man i need a video like this on this years new year i just want u have to make this to make ur audience happy

  • Its really hard to find a compilation video that's thoroughly enjoyable. So many laughs and smiley of faces enjoyment 👍

  • Just a wholesome and funny video man, great work

  • 2:03 My deepest respect for that mother. Having a stupid child is not easy.

  • These videos never fail to make me smile, thank you for making such awesome videos!

    • God is Love. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace, good will toward men. Luke 2:10-14 ✝🌅

  • this compilation was so darn good, thank you for giving us this epic content.

  • The tapioca bullets tho😂😂😂

  • 8:35 This one actually made me quite sad. The dad was just trying to make his daughter smile or laugh, but she just got annoyed and left :(

  • 5:08 nearly made me spit all over my screen 🤣

  • The dude who was all, "OHHHH! LET'S GO!" when the buffalo flipped the tortoise right side up is the hype man everyone needs.

    • it was a bull

    • @@icantthinkofaname8659 As in domesticated cattle? 1.) I don't think so. 2.) Why would that be in a zoo... with zebras?

  • The man digging a hole in the sand for his pregnant partner's belly when she lies down just fills my heart. I hope I find a guy like that one day

    • If you can't, I'll push you down the stairs if u want

    • To be pregnant and have a partner this thoughtful, changes my belief that men arn't that thoughtful ever. Wow ! But one was. Thankyou for modeling your thoughtfulness kind sir.🤗

    • That man loves his..... woman very wholesome

    • @@bernitacenteno1326 which ironically shows how little you think.

    • And I hope I can find a woman like that buffalo that helps me role over when I`m lying on my back

  • 6:36 Poor lad 😂 I feel your pain, literally. But we have running blades to avoid these situations dude! lol.

  • The dude raising his stomach to not talk about the trash got me 😂😂😂

  • Just how he passes out the second before the ride takes of is literally quality content

  • Thanks for all the fun, dude.

  • Wow, the audacity of the girl at 8:44 , her dad is obviously a comedic genius 😂

    • Her father is dead pool

    • she cant handle how much of an alpha male

    • Y E S

    • Sorry I didn't get the joke but he looked really funny.

    • @@onyeka. when they do crash tests for cars, they put models inside the cars and they dress exactly like that, for example if they want to test how the airbag would behave if a person is inside the car and it crashes..

  • Your videos are medicine to me and so many I tell about. Going through a lot medically, helping take care of my mom with late bring sunshine to each and every video...with your cheerful voice..thank you!! 🌞 ❤🔖

  • Every time I see the dad with the crash test dummy suit on I cry-laugh. Too funny. 🤣 Hope his daughter can see how lucky she is.

    • That’s what I was thinking lol what kind of boring ass, no fun having person do you have to be to get MAD at that

    • It’s my favourite too! I only wish I had done that

  • Thank you for making the world a better place

  • Enjoyed these very much. Thank you for collecting and sharing them. My funny bone was tickled by the father/daughter first drive together!!!


  • Son: "Mum, can we have a treadmill?" Mum: "We already have a treadmill at home" Treadmill at home: 3:43

  • 3:55 this one had me fkn dying 🤣🤣 the focused breathing. He kept in it for so long lmaoo

  • Love your videos and look forward to them when they appear. I also like the one where you reveal the person behind the great voice!❤

  • I love how most of these are actually memes that i know of lol

  • I just discovered this channel a few days again and I honestly don’t know how I ever lived without it. God bless you for everything that you do to brighten up the world. 🍻

  • That was the really really The best of the internet, new Follower bro.

  • 9:20 cat is like nonono we're not getting a dog

    • Are you a white albino kid?

    • Don’t even think about it girl

    • @@neil7910 yes, of course :)

    • @@Mike-lx9qn Yes, more especifically Nego Ney Albino. you can search to see more information

    • @@LeOnardo-pz8wn o Nego ney branco, oque vai fazer branco ney?

  • I enjoyed these So much! I laughed til i cried at the guy on the ice and the dogs facial expressions!😂 Thank you for these compilations they are great!😊

  • 7:31 I love that the dog looked at the owner after he slid off the porch like "you saw that right"

  • this is my favourite part of the year

  • Dude never ever stop making videos You would be greatly missed I am looking forward to more much more of them Thank you

  • the "bark at your dog one" got me dying of laughter

  • I like how the guy at 2:44 got more cheers for “I’m going to be a dad” than “My sister is pregnant”

  • I love when Daily Dose genuinely laughs like at 10:18 I smile whenever it happens

  • I love these. Dont stop doing what you do.

  • Keep it up mate - that just saved me 1,000 hours of doom-scrolling at least.

  • given me plenty of laughs this year. thanks for hooking us up with a good


  • “Hello everyone this is your yearly dose of internet" always cracks me up

  • That guy on the ice. That was the longest and best fall ever. Valiant effort

  • 3:42 “I almost just kicked that rock, I’m not gonna fall” famous last words.

  • 5:14 Goat:what you gonna do *1 second later* Goat:oh shi- my bad

  • 3:42 I couldn't stop laughing. Truly hilarious!

  • Hey I appreciate the fact you give tribute to the original creators and compensate them.

  • The police officer litteraly putting his life at risk for the pedestrians is gold

    • It is

    • That isn't what happened, he was going to pull over the car that had just passed by (daily dose is really bad about assuming stuff). He isn't going to look down at his light switches to turn on the lights if he sees someone barreling towards people crossing the street.

    • @@snakezula yeah, but sometimes he can be wrong

    • @@snakezula Do you have any source for that?

    • @@thelastmohican951 You can easily tell, he flips on his lights and is trying to U-turn to pull over the car passing the opposite way. Nobody gawks at their rear view mirror and has the reaction time to see that someone isn't braking for pedestrians (honestly a ridiculous assumption).

  • Really enjoyed watching this, it made me laugh, and cheered me up. Great job.

  • *Narrating my most favorite videos you picked* 2:54 your average I didn't do it baseball incident but with golf 3:44 "I'm not gonna fall" *slips on ice at treadmill speed* 6:44 honestly I pity that guy 8:01 *ascends* 8:32 *that meme that predicts the future with parents* You make me happy with funny videos from the internet ❤!

  • That old guy dismounting off the swing is just the best thing. Maybe one time in life I'll be that good at something.

  • 5:07 this is still my all time favorite XD

  • The first one caught me off gaurd😂😂😂

  • I've watched every single one of your videos for almost 4 years straight now, and I can say that each episode is better than the last, and they always bring a smile to my face.

  • One of the best my friend. Legend. I smiled during the whole thing.

  • This man has been the only thing keeping me sane all year

  • The frog jump scare though😂

  • That sandwich delivery was spot on. I laughed hard over and again.

  • The puppy at 5:12 is such a brave boy! He holds the fort until the hulk comes to save the day!

  • I don't think that DD knows how much he has helped us! That thing that you say at the end: "I hope this made your day just a little better..." is the most true thing ever. Thank you so much DD! You really do put a smile on my face!

  • The driving video of dad and daughter is one of the funniest things ive ever seen, not a word said and its so funny, the all concept.

  • The get in car helmet was my lol moment.. off too work with a big smile on my face and watching people wonder what I’ve been up too last night..