The best pokemon game you never played

čas přidán 12. 07. 2020
lol pokemon amirite

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Music: Pokemon Ranger soundtrack

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D hey


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  • BTW , if you seen Jaidens arm under the rist . She has arrows going up and they can be seen in the last stream or Tim Tom's Christmas vid with her ,and I feel like it a tattoo

  • 11:21 me in a nutshell

  • *dont like this comment pls pls*

  • This is seriously one of my absolute favorite Pokemon games!! Thank you for sharing the love!!

  • The best pokemon games are the new ones

  • I never got to play Pokemon ranger. When I was a kid I traded a Batman toy for it on the bus, but the next day the kid needed it back because his parents didn't want him to trade on the bus, and I didn't get the chance to play it ;-;.

  • You are better un tendency than far cry 6 trailer

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  • Wow! This is the earliest I’ve ever been TwT it’s not early. Also, this is amazing as always and congrats on #1 on trending

  • When Jaiden uploads 4:55

  • have you played Pokémon sheild or Pokémon Sword 🗡

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  • This is so cute :3

  • You should try this game called "your turn to die" It has a really good fanbase and a really good story

  • Team GO-rock were the best pokemon villains just because guitarrs.

  • Yaaaaay


  • She should play cup head

  • Me: Jaiden is not gonna ever come back Jaiden: u thought BTW I’m a big fan off Jaiden she inspired me to start my own youtube channel with gaming videos!

  • I love watching jaiden

  • FINALLY I absolutely adore the pokemon ranger series!

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  • Pokemon uranium

  • Someone: fight me! Me: 4:55


  • You should play Pokémon black

  • I have nothing to say, this is just for the youtube algorithm

  • Pokemon spinoffs Mystery Dungeon: RPG with no humans, cute story and dark moments Stadium: RPG that is most like the original games Ranger: lööps

  • Thank you so much for talking about my favorite Pokémon game jaiden!!!!

  • I LOVED THIS GAME AS A CHILD but I was a stupid child so I got stuck at some part and never went back to it

  • Professor Haste

  • Play OneShot

  • Me thinks I am a Pokémon fan doesn’t know Pokémon ranger guess I just gotta die in a hole now

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  • Team Dim Sun: “Let’s battle!” Jaiden: *starts dancing*

  • Poggers Reunion

  • Touch the bidoof Do it noof

  • Hey guy I make cool customs and I just uploaded today! Check me out

  • Games that aren’t popular: why does nobody like me (ToT) When jaiden makes an animation on them Games: d( ̄  ̄) nice

  • Was I the only one that actually hated the game but replaying now makes me love it

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  • Jaiden can you play ring fit adventure? Like so she can see

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  • i actually have this game :P

  • Jaiden, Please play A Hat in Time!

  • Guardian signs hardest boss... a ditto.

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  • Dude that’s like the first Pokémon I’ve ever played. Kinda sad I know

  • I highly recommend you to play Ori and the blind forest :3 it has an amazing art style and story

  • Good job on #1 trending!! Keep it up I believe in you!!!


  • This has more views than far cry 6 trailer And now that's what this is all about

  • Pokemon ranger guardian signs was my second game and I think I broke my screen playing it (still fun tho)

  • Want a snow cone?🍧

  • I kinda was thinking abot the new Pokemon game and so I watch the short playthrough of the new ones and then I realize it's an absolute piece of crap but then I guess the only good part was I heard Toby Fox created a song for it and I think that's the only good part

  • I have a feeling Jaden would love the world ends with you anyone else

  • 5:05 tell me im not the only one who thought she said team dim sum

  • I have 100% this game Twice, so yeah really fun game. another Pokemon spin off you should have a look at is PokePark.

  • Number one one trending good job

  • I hope she talks about Colosseum eventually.

  • jaiden is slowly becoming a gaming channel

  • I have played this so many times

    • I don’t know why I am bragging about this but uh there is one more Pokémon ranger game

  • POKEMON RANGER IS MY LOVE!!!! I love the games so much! I've played all 3 games like 3 times have no idea how happy I am to see the game getting more love!!!

  • The problem: *Pokémon are being hypnotized by Dim Sun!* The solution: *Whiplash time.*

  • During the intro I was already like, come on, be about Pokemon Ranger. I love the whole series so much I hope it gets a remake with new controls for the switch

    • The only slight problem is the capture system

  • Blursed

  • Now I want to play this game thanks Jaiden! Also I recommend you to play 'Ace Attorney' too, If you haven't played that game..

  • This video brought to you by *Lööps*

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  • JaidenAnimations is turning into a gaming channel. And I love it.

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