The BEST Smartphones of 2021 🔥

čas přidán 25. 11. 2021
The Best smartphones of 2021 - including iPhone 13 / 13 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S21, and much more...Get the AI-Powered, Auto-Tracking 4K Webcam -OBSBOT Tiny 4K now with the best deal in all time! ( )

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  • Weeks of work, to try and make the best Smartphone Awards Ceremony on CS-tv - did we succeed? 🧐

  • Your reviews are really detailed and satisfactory Arun <3

  • Arun's doing his own golden globes awards for phones! Always delivers, thank you for all your content this year !

  • I love how he picked the Pixel 6 over the 6 Pro. The same way I did... The $599 price with everything you need in a daily driver was just 🔥 by Google.

  • z fold 3 has been amazing. can't wait for z fold 4. Hopefully it becomes more like a regular flagship with little to no compromises, but only time will tell. Different aspect ratio for both screens, bigger screens (especially cover screen, it needs to be wider cause it's super narrow), better battery, dust resistance, s pen slot, faster charging, more storage options, better durability, and flagship cameras would make the z fold 4 probably one of the best phones of the year, but I wouldn't bet on it.

  • Arun's Videos are just changing themselves to a well crafted piece of art.....The shots ,the quality, the execution and expressions all packed with arun's fun personality just make these videos a dopamine bomb......Even the sponsor segment in the videos are really interesting and not bothering the flow....This shows how much work is put into these videos.....Incredible work .........Waiting for 10 mil soon 😍♥

  • I've had the Samsung A90 for a good 2 years now and quite honestly is the best phone I have ever bought. The only downside I have with it is the backing, being super glossy and really smooth that feels cheap and easily slip out of your hand but a simple case can solve that issue.

  • Can we all take a moment to appreciate the time he put in to arrange all those phones

  • Watching and commenting on my Pixel 6 makes me so happy that I decided to go back to a Google Phone. I love my phone. Fast, reliable and great cameras to go with! Could not agree more with your choice! Thanks for the quality videos!

  • Flip3 was incredibly fun. If samsung can figure around putting a little more battery life into it and better reliable speakers, I'd go back. Too bad I had to trade it due to supply issues hindering warranty replacement.

  • I'm heavily biased toward Samsung since that's what I've owned from the start, and even though I was hoping the Ultra would take the cake, I think the value of what Google can provide for a phone as diverse as the Pixel is what makes most people would probably agree. After all, spending over 1K for a phone is not what most people would ever want to do.

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  • I find it really funny that for the last 2 years google has been consistently making phones that stay relativly lowkey on the mainstream market but absolutly crush it in these comparison videos. I myself got the Pixel 4a last year when it launched and it works like an absolute charm.

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  • Google has finally done it!. I couldn't stop smiling when you said pixel 6/6pro

  • As an iPhone user, I wish Huawei was still a major player. They really pushed innovation and were on track to take over Samsung. Before the embargo.

  • The Motion Graphics in each of Arun’s videos is so satisfying and funky!

  • I bought the Poco F3 last year based on your recommendation. It's been absolutely outstanding value and, for me, it makes the idea of spending more than £500 on any phone just seem like a waste of money.

  • I love my fold 3. I waited for the third gen and I am not disappointed. I can't see myself going back to a normal candy bar phone. I hope every manufacturer gets into the folding phone line.

  • First time in a while that Reviewers are recommending a Google Pixel as the best Midranger, best Flaship and best overall phone. Says a lot about this phone. Hope they keep this up with Pixel 7.....