the boys $1000 discord’s got talent

čas přidán 10. 10. 2020


  • josh; you know i never say this much...... the boys; oh shut uppppppppppppppppp

  • Can you guys react to animatronics voices lines pls

  • Do another talent but on Zoom because I want to tryyyyyyyyyy TwT

  • Alice was holy shit good

  • 4:11 josh's fucking dancing

  • You think with all that money he could afford a good mic

  • Wtf is narrator doing at 11:56 😂😂

  • You guys did my homie gio wrong dogg

  • i have allmost 12 and i have a girlfriend for now...

  • i could totally play guitar with the kid singing help


  • I've got only one question... Why's Mully covered with Mud? lol

  • ιѕ ιт мє σя ∂σѕє fαкє ∂ανι∂σ ѕσυи∂ ℓιкє яєє кι∂

  • I was tempted to go onto the call and start singing Green Gang But then I realized I had homework and had to revise for an assessment...

  • When you don’t credit quackity

  • 😀😀😀😀😀

  • And very smart

  • I think narration is cool


  • no we are the boys

  • I’m sorry going on discord’s got talent and singing is so embarrassing

  • 3:38 kid be looking like Lazar beam if he was a kid

  • f

  • 13:11 dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm she good

  • alice was good and also is cute

  • The magic guy should’ve won


  • Can you guys make another discord got talent that would be awesome!

  • Eddy is a pierro

  • I was that the second kid on there was singing HELP bye tje beatles

  • All the children that participated and watched this video, just to see that Josh told everyone they were the talent of this generation. 😂😂😂

  • When Thiccy did the Tusuyu voice tho ☺️😂

  • Alice is fantastic at singing

  • The card was very obvious

  • Me thinking did juicy adventures the no no scare

  • Hey Eddie when doing the make up try wearing it to public then everybody will think you have fashion🤣😉

  • Josh: can we just pick a winner Me: lol

  • I’m just here for Eddie

  • Dani davito was so good tho

  • Is anyone going to talk about those pillows in josh's background? they're probably all body pillows

  • Anyone else thought it was red kid lol

  • froopy said why i see you guys

  • tengo puro talento 2x we dont hab talent

  • If I was in Discord got talent i would play my guitar


  • Josh be cryin' a lot thou-

  • I I was there I would win cuz i have SPANISH powa

  • Honestly I think that Alice should’ve won cuz her voice was better than all of the ppl on there and had actual talent, no hate tho I liked that kid too 😂

  • Not to defend

  • Pure talent I have a lot of pure talent

  • One question What the hell is mully wearing

  • Me:noticing im terrible at jokes so imma tell one for a like by eddie😂 Why did my dad cross the road? to throw a bottle at my head so i can get a scar,also that actually happened😂

  • Poor juicy

  • Juicy with the lighter

  • ayo

  • Can I tell u I made my dad disappear

  • how come when Mully is speaking, Narrator sounds like he's muted or can barely hear him??

  • Shoulda subbed the kid and pops @ end. But is still cool, like all TB post

  • Froppy/Tsu Talent ✨

  • 4:39 I found my long lost twin

  • Eddie's Hobby is speaking Mexican lol

  • Josh, why do you wear a super smash bros hoody in almost every vid?

  • That so so nice that they picked the 12 year old

  • Me trying my watch 👁👄👁 *my dog dreaming*


  • 12:29 Bu bu but brawl stars is a good game

  • This is actually lol the best video they have ever done

  • Arriba México coñoooo❤️❤️❤️

  • Dani divitos friends will see this and he will get bullied

  • I’m in love with Tsyu Asui

  • F

  • XD NO ONE KNOWS JOSH SAID “you truly are the talent of this generation “ TO EVERYONE AND IM WHEEZING THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE WHAT? sPeCiAl

  • I know this is late but... Can you make another part 2 to this? I feel like singing is my talent.

  • Congrats Danny!

  • Soup

  • Mully: did you just snort Kiki: you did you bottom Mully: (kicks)

  • When you join the discord because of this video: *I BEt iF I tAlK aBOut daNnY DIVito, I wILl wIN oNE tOo!* Me writing this, knowing I joined on Nov 23 of 2020 so I could maybe talk to them, or just get in the discord - *I just wanna meet da bois*

  • I love how the description has Only-fans with a false link 🤣🤣☠️

  • What's the song that Alice sang?

    • Secret by Harumaki Gohan, except it was Rachie's english cover

  • I have the fucking best talent My talent is having the least talents in the worst

  • I have a bad talent it’s called beatbox

  • When are you going to do a another won

  • Lol

  • Josh has the terrible mike and Eddie has the better one

  • Why does 3:35 sound like red kid

  • Dam


  • 🤔 instead of sweating my ass off in the fortnite tournament to get money for 5 hours of training and 2 hours of playing i could of had a better chance at getting in this discord saying a shit joke and get about the same amount of money 🥴 i think i just died a little inside and out cuz i was looking at a screen for 9 hours and am up at 3 am watching CS-tv thinking how much of a bot i am 207points not even half of the winners 😀😥

  • i'd just like to say i came from the make up video i see the magic dude and ik he's gonna land on the 9 of clubs its also 3 in the morning sooooooooooooooooo idk i just felt the need to say that my brain is d3ad and i'm watching this making it more dead :)

  • " you sing in there ears like that instant moisture" I shouldn't have laughed ... MULLY HE'S 12

  • no no my moms not home, no no this is my no no zone, no no dont touch me there, this is my no no zone

  • Josh's mic is awful

  • Umm chile. Not them asking a 12 yo kid if he has a gf

  • J u i c y

  • *yes yes circle* - Juicy 2020

  • Who did the kid say the boys are better than at the end?

  • juicy: pulls out doll and sings the rest of the boys: no never none of that

  • Can I join 1 time 🤪

  • Can we plz make a 2 of this and am can I be in the next one plz?

  • Those kid had a lot of guts coming up and singing and they nailed it