The Broken Galaxy Folds: Explained!

čas přidán 18. 04. 2019
PSA: Several Galaxy Folds have already broken. Here's what's happening.
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  • Normal people are not going to buy these phones! And yes Joanna did try to peel her screen protector it's obvious she's fucking lying.

  • 6:34 I get that reference :D

  • The fold is just a meme on God

  • That Jerryrigg comment though 😂

  • I’ll wait for the fold/slide iPhone 📱

  • Never get the first version of something, its bound to be worse than the last

  • Literally just like a book, it will have wear and tear. It will also be the cause of failure of the entire phone. Thanks for this video. I shall now just buy two good phones and simply bind them together with a packaging tape.

  • Trying to justify his idiocy.

  • I feel like, although this is pretty extreme, people expected the phone to have tons of problems. It's the first real flagship attempt at a whole new concept -- it's going to be really bad. I'm not excited to use the fold, but I'm excited for other companies to continue to try making these types of models until it is actually good.

  • Samsung is revolutionary idont care, Everyone makes mistakes Im glad they take major risk to advance tech , and these fucking retarded anti tech youtubers spreading bullshit

  • It's amazing how many people are bashing the galaxy fold, it's a new idea basically, you didn't see the first touch screen phone start off without loads of issues, I think for a new phone design, this phone has got only a few issues, software is alright( a little slower then the note 9 or atleast feels it) yes the screen has been an issue but has been replaced by samsung very easily, as they actually have a great customer service unlike another company *cough cough* apple *cough*. And then the awkward notch at the top is a bit of a buzzkill, but you know, it is the first generation

  • Galaxy broken Who was the user It's iphone user😂

  • First the Note 7, now this

  • That’s big problem galaxy folder phone 😱

  • no headphone jack, no sd card and notch = $2000

  • Hi

  • The Ds is the original fold Wrong the gunpei yokoi multiscreen donkey kong is the reason the ds was out because it is almost exactly like the ds in aspects it had folding screens and is the inspiration for the ds

  • samsung this disappointing

  • Samsung suck

  • Markass brownie

  • Well, jerryrigeverything video will end in 5secs 😂

  • Like for sending to JerryRigEverything :)

  • This what Proto typing is about make few thousand units let it ride after 120 days do full release company will save millions. Consumers are Ginnie pigs take negative and defects to your engineering department. Many companies value Quality and cheapest over Quality & integrity of device.

  • Markass brownie

  • Another thing to point out to all of those trendy iPhone users and uses of galaxy phones who idiotically placed them in the back pocket, mobile phones are not designed or meant to be put in your side pockets for your back pocket.

  • Scratches at a level 3 with deeper grooves at a level 4. Well played

  • yall stupid for buying a phone worth the same as a 94 honda accord

  • 6:44 jerrtrigeverything haha nice

  • Markass Brownlee

  • whats the real problem the technology or the retarded reviewers with no IQ to realize or read the fucking manual, The technology is great and revolutionary too bad youtube reviewers are retarded

  • The film is on the inside of the the phone and can only be manipulated when open to tablet mode I would find it hard to believe that the corner of the film simply started to pull away by itself either someone was picking at it or it was placed in a bag or somewhere else whilst it was still open not closed

  • I commented on another CS-tvr a month ago that I will bet a million Samsung fold will has a crease. I will bet again that Samsung’s fold will has a shorter life than mate x. The reason is while huawei x is rolling its screen, Samsung is folding its screen. The latter screen will has a far sharper angle pressure than mate x.

  • That is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen and quite frankly the dumbest idea ever, that’s two phones opening into a tablet. I don’t think I know anyone who would buy that crap. 2 grand bro? 2 grand? I can buy a damn good gaming laptop for that. The only time foldable phones will make sense is when they figure out how to get the form factor very thin but still durable, until they can produce something that makes sense and can do other things than just fold then this idea is just a bust. I bet if they brought this idea on shark tank they would get kicked out. Dumb idea. We got phones and we got tablets, I can buy a top of the line phone and a top of the line tablet together for that cost. Oh man the world is getting retarded. Stop encouraging this crap. I can’t stress the fact that this is a dumb idea, it’s two phones bro, two phones. How has anyone not seen that. This is some Kevin gates lyrics shit... I got two phones, that open to make a tablet... lol retarded idea. Consider how to make thinner phones first... the world doesn’t need a phone tablet, and anyone who think they do is a liar, they are lying to themselves

  • You didn't "get to keep" that footage? Well that explains a lot.

  • I think you'll find the warning is on retail packages not the review packages also the one advert there is shuming that modelling clay they used on the hinge to hold the phone at an angle for photos is the culprit of the bulge underneath the hinge and if you think about the mechanism for the hinge and getting a bit of modelling clay between it's grooves you could easily si bi folding the phone that it would squeeze any residue that is left in those grooves to the front or under the film when folded that's when you open the phone it would transition to under the film

  • No i don't wanna see these crazy things succeed

  • This is why you never buy the first iteration of an entirely new hardware paradigm. If the Fold took 8 years to develop and this is the best they can do, we’ve got a long time to go before these foldable phones are durable enough!

  • The Phone is to expensive to have any type of technical or physical issues with it. I really wanted to get one, but i think i will wait until they improve it a few years down the road before I purchase one.

  • FAIL

  • That’s why you should never buy an android

  • Imagine what he would have reviewed if this was an LG or HTC device...

  • Just don’t buy it

  • 8 years my ass

  • 0:52 Something about this always feels good

  • How big is the battery?

  • *Who's watching this in 2030?*

  • Get ab iphone

  • *laughs in Apple*

  • It's only a matter of time before they blow up

  • Garmin experience huh.-)

  • shiiit man they did that with flip phones

  • The galaxy fold is trash and thats coming from a samsung sheep

  • screen is plastic thats why it can fold and that tech is only few years old il wait 10 years for the real thing

  • That's why you should always read the manual

  • Damn it Samsung... test your shit

  • How to prevent this problem Step One put a ziploc back over it Step Two enjoy

  • This Samsung Fold problem reminds of the Xbox 360 when it was first released.

  • Didnt hv the footage? But whyyyyyy?

  • samsung users problems

  • I don't think it makes sense to buy $2,000 foldable phone some people rent is 1200 a month you going to sacrifice your rent to buy foldable phone

  • Apart from creating a concern around foldable phones this issue also raises concerns around your credibility. Why is it that you have talked about this issue now after all other reviewers? They felt it necessary to share the accidental peel-off and no warning label while you didn't and even got rid of the footage. Aren't you doing a great disservice to your followers who trust you before they spend their hard earned money? If someone like you can make this mistake then don't you think others will too? You had a moral responsibility to share this important info with your followers. Please explain why you didn't do it earlier.

  • I really want to close it the other way around

  • $2000 hahahahahaha This reminded me fallout 76

  • Like every flip phone before it ...if the wires are eventually gonna snap

  • First gen products and features always have issues. Hence its not supposed to be a very high volume product. Hopefully as time goes by, Samsung will improve like it did with the edge screen.

  • I developed a bulge for an unknown reason in class once, it was embarrassing.😉

  • I love the JerryRigsEverything joke

  • Why do you guys really need to peeled of the preinstalled screen protector? Because finding a curved screen protector that fit perfectly its so hard to find and i thanks samsung that they include preinstalled screen protector since s10 line.. you need to distinguish a preinstalled screen protector or not

  • i was never a fan of this phone.

  • $2000 paper weight.

  • Huawei Mate X has much better quality, all reviewer review is positive so far.

  • Samsung is not ready for this technology, s7ck

  • On the back of the hinge there should be right angles so it doesnt open too far

  • I pulled off the protective layer and my phone went black. I got a screw driver, tiny plyers and a small drill bitt and tried to find the battery because I thought it was dead. When I pried it open, I heard cracking and pieces came out. Not a problem though, I'll just order another one.

  • So what is, objectively, the point of the existence of the folding technology?

  • Beta testers cost $2000.

  • *Thank God I didn't get this Galaxy*

  • Humanity is fucked, if this is what makes waves. Totally fucked.

  • Hot garbage, don’t make excuses for them. As a reviewer that’s the title you should have started with.

  • Do the magnets ruin credit card chips?

  • Even after thousands of units sold Samsung will still not admit it's a design flaw. And no, I'm not an iSheep, I actually love Samsung products, they just suck at admiting fault and honoring their after sales customer support.

  • G*g. G g g gg. G ggg. G g. Vggg gggvvg g

  • Gg*t. G g gg gg v g

  • Complains he can’t close it with one hand... Easily closes it with one hand. 2:00

  • I really don't understand the practicality of a folding phone like this. What's wrong with a normal phone? Plus, you can spend 2000$ on some actually useful stuff instead of a 'fancy' phone. I own a 50$ phone and it works fine, I don't understand why people think they need a phone that costs more than 200$. It's pretty stupid and a waste of money. Unless you have money flying out of your rear I don't see why people want something like this. Just get a normal phone. This is just a gimmick to grab your money, I mean look at the front display, it's so tiny! It's not even worth it! And although the CPU and the rest of the internals are powerful, let me ask you this: are you planning on playing some PC games on it? Why not just buy a PC that would not only be more powerful than this phone, but serve more use and cost much less. I'm sorry Samsung but unless you drop the price to something more reasonable, not very many people in their right mind will buy it. But I guess that's the catch, target the rich snobs who will buy anything that's 'fancy'. (And no, I'm not calling all rich people snobs, I'm saying that the rich snobs will buy it) I guarantee you'd find more use out of other things than this cash grab. Spend your money on better things!

  • This is a vulgar device...yuck! Hideous phone.

  • aye markass brownies 😎😎😎

  • What a disaster 🤯 for Samsung users.... Sticking with Apple 😗🎼

  • @JerryRigEverything, get on this quick

  • Samsung should've waited


  • Everyone was scared to say anything cuz they didn't want to look dumb, so once someone mentioned it, everyone was like ...YEA ME TOO! :D

  • Peelgate

  • Yaaaa marqes brawnly

  • A phone that folds has a broken screen Nuff said

  • Argh i thougt they said they do thousand testing before went into production wtf Samsung ????

  • The verge said it wasn’t normal use that broke theirs :/

  • When Samsung sells a more expensive phone than Apple that happens to be worse than the X

  • Why get a 2000$ phone when you can get a 3Ds

  • just like human, no phone is perfect