The Cannibal Couple? She drinks, he stinks. Dmitry Baksheev & Natalia | Mystery&Makeup Bailey Sarian

čas přidán 23. 12. 2019
Hi friends happy Monday !
Today I wanted to talk about Dmitry and Natalia Baksheeva. Man oh man they were, insane? I would love to hear your thoughts and theories down below.
Have a wonderful holiday week ahead. I love and appreciate you guys so much, thank you for hanging out with me this year! Cant wait to see what 2020 brings us.
x o
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  • Love love love the song at the beginning my mate pointed out it's sounds like you say son of Sam son of Sam son of of of sammmmm 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Man your so right about epstein

  • “translation…. but there was bread involved”

  • i love her voice, it's sooo soothing and relaxing

  • Yea Bailey, you def have the Flu, lol (displays 0 symptoms)

  • You're so genuinely witty, funny and gorgeous .THANK YOU.

  • Maybe they scalped the victims because it’s equivalent to like plucking a chickens feathers

  • Don't mind the riff-raff, Darlin. You're amazing. hug n heart

  • Men failed him. Dad and adopted dad. Still no excuse though

  • This is getting REALLY scary 😦…someone please hold my hand…no…never mind😑😳

  • All of your merch is so amazing that’s what my friends got for Christmas 💀 we all watch you and talk about how pretty you are

  • You're my most Fav CS-tvr

  • WHAT??? Why they only get 10 and 12 years???

  • Bailey being suspish about us in the beginning, XD

  • Is it just me or does her dress trigger your tripaphobia (idk how you spell it)

  • Isnt Batsheeba the name of the witch in the conjuring??? Connection?

  • Bailey: it was a selfie with body parts in his mouth Me: eating cheese 👁👄👁 *Looks at cheese* *eats it anyway*

  • I wasn't following you two years ago. 👀 I mean on CS-tv of course I'm not physically following you. 🐈

  • Just asking but do you ever wish you didn’t get all your tattoos? You have Got to Agree that A Lot Of Them Are Pretty Bad. Pretty girls shouldn’t do that. They are for dull blah chicks trying to be cool You know like really bad looking nerd girls. Just Saying.

  • Hold up, hold up, wait...they are only going to do 10-11 years in prison? Like, they will be walking the Russian streets someday?!

  • Oh mannn did you have covid and not know?!??!?

  • Oh my goodness cannibalism and necrophilia. Absolutely fascinate me how the human mind can Bend to that point. I know for a fact in my mind my heart my body my soul. I could never eat another human being a while back I watch something about the Donner Party. And lots of people in the comments said you can't say you don't know you wouldn't do it you don't know how you would feel if you got that hungry. Okay it's the point. That everything had run out and we were depleted ourselves to the point that people were making that decision I was just slowly make my way away from them. Get away as far as my strength to take me. Call into a big oh snow drift. And I know I would not be cold that long before I just fell asleep and I died. And if they wanted to eat me they were going to have to look for me. LOL I just could not do it

  • Lol that voice. You sound like gypsy rose Blanchard

  • 4:49 the ducks talking about how the random guy at the pond fed one of them

  • You are so awesome and funny

  • This is my fave of Bailey's hair colors

  • It amazes me that she received so much less time than what my dad did for his false conviction so long ago and this women made people into food. The justice system is really the best👌🏻

  • Made mistake watching this while eating salad and sauce 🤢

  • It's not a coincidence Rona made her appearance when she did. Notice all the vac, Ronald, violence, and election mess is keeping people busy not thinking about why haven't anymore on Ep case been talked about and no more arrests made.

  • Who doesn’t put a password in his phone? Especially if you have cannibalism photos?!

  • Bailey, I adore you! Do you know your theme song is "The Price is Right" game show?

  • "Betty Crocker would never" Bahahahaha

  • No no, they hit him with the bread

  • I just looked up these freaks and I know you said she’s 7 years older but she’s lived a hard life because she looks old enough to be his mother IMO

  • When you said the head was on the silver platter it reminded me of house of a thousand corpses 🤢

  • This made me feel a bit gippy 🤢

  • "Welcome to chillis "

  • You can develop your own photos at self service machines in Walmart and pharmacies.

  • The jobless session sporadically disarm because beggar seasonally bathe midst a hysterical wish. hideous high, brawny windshield

  • I used to love watching my mother put on her make up every morning. You remind me of one of my favorite memories. Im old enough to be Your grandma, but i just think of you like another mom. You are a wonderful role model. Thank You For Everything You Do.!

    • Awww...that's sweet. Thanks for sharing that. It made me smile 💗

  • "Do you like it? Do you love it? do you want to wear it? It's just makeup it washes off so have fun with it!" I love this!!!

  • If the hair wasn't being kept as a trophy I would guess it was to avoid that burnt hair smell when they cooked the head. That's my guess, im not a cannibal 🤷‍♀️

  • Can you do the Amanda Knox story please?

  • Rewatching your videos👋 I wonder if the amount of "wigs" they made had anything to do with his adopted mother having cancer and possibly watching her lose all her hair and pass away🤔

  • Can't stop saying "what's the stitch?"....thx bay! Xo Dayuuuumn Gina

  • What if there was a group of people and one of them knew how to develop the pictures.

  • thx for the xmas horror story ,

  • I love the end! I love how you talked about that stuff, that many people thought it was just a cover up which is very believable and if they rat they die. I know it's hard to talk about that stuff because you can put yourself at risk but it's so fascinating I love those convos where we expose governments and a deeper meaning to certain stories

  • Don't feel bad for the authorities that had to deal with it. More often than not, they are corrupt individuals that spend their time stuffing their pockets with tax money and bribes instead of doing their job. 🤑 💰 Pretty sure they deserved PTSD. 💩

  • as a Russian i have a strong feeling that the reason why they could get away for so long was not a larger conspiracy but the police being incompetent

  • I'm such a huge fan !!!!! I've been binge watching all of your videos😭😭I love you so much and you're so beautiful

  • They did not get no time in prison 🤯🤯😡😡

  • She should also do the silent twins. That were something. In true Bailey fashion they are suspis

  • Love this woman. She makes amazing vids. I wish she made even more videos. She should do Jonbenet Ramsey case. That is an interesting one.😃😘😎😋

  • I just love all your videos!! Your personality is what makes your videos so incredible!! 🥰❤

  • What is the base you put on your eyelids when you first start? Is it foundation, concealer? I'm looking for something that won't settle in the wrinkles I have so it make it easier to put eyeshadow on. Thanks.

  • These stories really sick considering the fact we see missing persons on the news.

  • It’s like What the 🤐

  • I saw the picture too it's so scary it like a jumpscare

  • You know she’s not feeling well when she doesn’t apply the fake eyelashes. Absolutely beautiful without them!!!

  • I feel like Natalias son left to not have to eat people. Side knife: it’s flabbergasting that the body pieces are nice and packaged like it’s fresh from the garden but the chicken is just tossed like it’s an orange 😹😹😹 what’s wrong with their food sanitation? (I know I shouldn’t laugh but the care from the chicken pieces makes me laugh)

  • Who else sang the theme song with her? I did!!!

  • Eak the "if you out them, you're off'ed" about weinstein and others. Yup.

  • I think this is the same couple that feed human flesh to a woman and her children.

  • I just did the theme song with ya! 💃👩🏻‍🎤🤓🎙🎶🎤🎷 I can totally imagine a saxophone playing along with you 😉

  • Betty Crocker would never!😂😂

  • When she asked if we've seen the show hoarders just images started flashing through my brain- (┬┬﹏┬┬)

  • how was the photo on the phone dated from 1999, was it a photo taken of a physical photo printed with the date stamped on it?

  • I'm on my second rewatch of all the videos and I can't be the only one who thinks "this seriously sounds like child abuse" when he talks about having "a lot of accidents" 🙄


  • What in the world was I thinking in eating my favorite Mediterranean dinner and watch this is the same time?! Never ever ever ever ever again

  • I love how your mind works.. i also get lost in different trains of thoight but all relevant in painting the bigger picture... Love your work i never ever comment on things like this but i had too! ❤💚

  • Literally sang the theme song with her all the time loveeeeee her videos and just her sense of humor 😍😍😍💯

  • I think they worked in a company called "secret delivery for the Illuminati", lol!

  • Did their neighbours not notice ANYTHING? And the son if he knew why did he not report them or say ANYTHING to SOMEONE or something???????? Or did they ever invite people over?? For dinner?????🤢🤮

  • u look so pretty with this hair colour and makeup look 🥰

  • Bailey! You are a fabulous story teller!! It is obvious how hard you work to bring us these stories!!! There is a saying…don’t let the turkeys bring you down. They are always free to click off the video and go and do their own research. Bless you Bailey, thank you and watching you apply your makeup has taught me so much.

  • maybe dmitry would scalp his victim's hair because of his adoptive mother? his adoptive mother had cancer which means she probably lost her hair. after his adoptive mother died he was kicked out and his life completely changed. the removal of the scalp and hair can be symbolic to his mother's cancer and death

  • Just a scary fact I've googled, apparently because there is no specific law saying cannibalism is illegal in the UK, some dude actually legally consumed donated human tonsils in Walthamstow High Street. Can we take a second and actually process that? Cannibalism is not illegal in the UK. Just, I can't even process that 🤢

  • I mean being forced to work because you killed and ate people for 20 years… can’t see how this is that bad. What is bad is taxpayers money going towards this peoples healthcare and bed and food when there is too many innocent people out there who can’t get it.

  • Always gave me more chills learning about maniacs from whereabouts, thanks for covering Russia this time! 👌🏼

  • Hi

  • Why wouldnt she call the cops if she found a dead body? I mean come on

  • It’s also interesting how there are no arresting pictures or mug shots of Natalia, only Dimtry. When you google her name there are the same 3 pictures

  • I totally think they took one for their team. The photos alone would have gotten them caught! There is no way you get so many photos like that developed and not get caught. That is unless you do it yourself and I don't think they did. I do think someone else in their makeshift 'family' did though.. Scary!!!

  • Besides cases involving kids, the cannibal stories really disturb me the most.

  • Being nosey has never paid off so much shout out to the nosey construction 🚧 workers imagine how many lives they saved

  • If it's public information you can't get in trouble.

  • why did they not get life??? they killed 30 people!!!🙄🙄🙄. i don’t understand the justice system at all.

  • I hate that the only thing in my mind is "why would you not password protect your phone with that on it?" It seems like Russians only catch killers after they rack up huge numbers.

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  • Why did they get so mild punishments??

  • .


  • They have got those many victims and no one ever suspected them 🙄🙄

  • It's odd. I keep running into CS-tv recommending your videos all the time. Hmmm maybe it's because I subscribe your channel? ☺

  • how did they only get 12 years

  • Now I'm singing nickelback, fml 😔

  • I worked photo in a big box store. They have guidelines regarding pics of illegal or suspicious nature. I called about pics of a little girl. O called them and they said make a second copy and if he comes in again I could call the police. It really upset me. I didn't know what it was. 😏

  • A friend came over to our house last evening and we were talking about CS-tv videos and podcasts and I said that one of my favorites was YOU and started singing the theme song and at the same time my visitor started singing this theme song at the same time and we all burst into laughter! We bonded because we were both so cool because we watch you! LOL