The Chargers just changed how the NFL plays defense

čas přidán 12. 01. 2019
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  • LMFAO 5 TDs on the first six NE drives. That is changing how the NFL plays defense

  • Keep up the good work my man!

  • Rivers can't beat Brady

  • lmao what was the point of this video?

  • **Patriots go on to drop 40+ on them**

  • While I just seen this video after the chargers v. Patriots game and people will talk shit. I will say you know your shit. Ive been playing football since I was 8 and you obviously study video really well. As far far as what happened to the chargers v. pats. The pats O-LINE is NOT the ravens. The chargers tried the same scheme against a completely different team. Which I have no ideal why come the 2nd completely or at least the half they didnt start playing man.

  • The Chargers will have plenty of off season time now to rethink this failed tactic.

  • Not Tom Brady proof though :(

  • You should do a video about why the saints o line is doing so good

  • And then the Chargers flip the script and become the most predictable defense the very next week

  • don't gamble. you'll lose all of your money.

  • loll the next week they get their asses ran over by Sony Michel and my Pats

  • As a Chargers fan, this was painful. Using fucking zone coverage against a guy whose notorious for crushing that style of defensive play? And then making no adjustments whatsoever throughout the entire game? We deserved that loss...

  • It’s not that this video hasn’t aged well; It’s that it’s incorrectly titled. Should be: “Chargers realized RG3 and Kapernick were previously solved.”

  • Yeah you’re a genius dude. They’re changing the league!

  • Texans chargers biggest frauds in the NFL.

  • The internet comment section in 2019: Nobody acknowledges that Brett was right about the principles and positional responsibilities on how to defend Baltimore's run game. Instead, let's just look at what he did wrong.

  • Back to the drawing board!!

  • They changed how they play defense. They tried the no defense approach

  • That intro though

  • How did their revolutionary defensive scheme affect the ass kicking they suffered at the Patriots' hands? Are we to assume that the Chargers would have suffered the worst defeat in NFL history without their risky all-or-nothing defense?

  • They changed it by not playing defense

  • Dude good job. I'm very new to the NFL but your videos helps me understand the game and makes it more enjoyable to watch. I subbed. Keep up the good work.

  • Haha Brady just dismantle this defense

  • You’re just a damn jinx

  • that didn't go well 35 points on the first 5 drives , don't think we have to worry about this new chargers defense , i think the defense everyone wants to emulate is the bears 3 4 , you should be doing a video on that , you know the best scoring defense and #1 against the run , it was a gimic offense that got old quick is all ,we ran this in high school as quarterback had a shit arm like jackson but could run

  • I surprised no nfl team has took notice to your film study and maybe hire you as some sort of scout

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.......😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • uhhh

  • Or did they???

  • Nice hot take from Brett "Skip Bayless" Kollmann.

  • Yeah they don’t play defense

  • If teams want to use DB packages, they need to mix up coverage. Chargers were slaves to cover 3 because of their athletic limitations (outside of Derwin and the two corners, no one can cover man) and they paid for it.

  • The running the ball always supersedes crazy defenses...didnt work against the Patriots lmfao

  • And Bill Belichick figured out how to beat it in a week.

  • They did Flacco dirty by not putting him in at the half.

  • Dude idk how often you do college but I'd love to see you breakdown the Clemson Alabama national championship game showing how the tigers slowed down Tua. @Brett Kollmann

  • Did they change how they play defense by not playing defense??????????

  • Bruhh

  • Ravens fan, as you can tell from the last video. This is what I needed to see. It wasn't all the OC, Lamar threw this game away. I see the true story now. Let's hope Lamar gets those timing routes down this off-season. Thanks Brett for not just hyping the chargers but also pointing out the flaws in the Ravens' execution.

  • Whats a 5i technique?

  • This gap defense is paper thin and susceptible to a delayed runs, TE passes to the empty zone behind the LB's, RPO's, Play-Action, or god forbid a Flea Flicker. And even if it was a regular run, all the RB has to do is break 1 tackle and it's a TD. This would be considered a 1 dimensional Defensive scheme and as the Patriots showed, it's simple to deal with if you're patient.

  • The Chargers just changed how to beat a rookie that doesn't have "passing" listed as one of his strengths.

  • did this last 15 minutes?

  • I swear this channel is cursed. Chicago gets praise, out. Dallas defense gets praised, shits the bed. This vid here, Chargers allow first 5 pats possessions to be TDs. Ravens running attack, ineffective for most of the game.

  • Charger fan for over 20 years. The game against Baltimore was a DISASTER! (What? Huh? They almost BLEW this game, like they do so many). What they did against the Ravens at the end of the game is what they ALWAYS do, no matter WHO is their defensive coordinator. They were up by THREE touchdowns, had the ball, with 6 minutes to go....and I was waiting and expecting the disaster that usually comes. They change their game plan when they have the lead: run up the middle three times, punt, and play super-prevent defense, zone, giving receivers 15-yard cushions. Baltimore had the ball with a chance to win the game. How does that happen?! And then against the Patriots: how in the HELL do you not stop playing zone and go man-to-man?! Just HORRIBLE! The Eagles lost the same way! Saints had SO MANY 3rd-and-longs...the Eagles drop 7 defensive backs 15 yards off of the line of scrimmage! Check the receivers at the line!!! Go man-to-man! No analysts are talking about's just ridiculous.

  • They just got raped

  • And the Patriots ran their asses into the dirt! Go Pats! Do a video on the chiefs defense next ;)


  • /u/Barian_Fostate in shambles

  • MAybe one day Brett will finally do a video on Patriots Trey Flowers and trash this 7 DB video in the garbage. Patriots simply walked over this defense and did whatever they wanted.

  • And the Patriots Just ended this FAD ,,, as if putting 7-8 DB out there would freak TB12 out LMAO

  • Too bad that awesome defense decided not to show up against the Patriots 🙄

  • It’s old school un sexy Slanting defence. Unfortunately 70% of DC are under qualified. Very little innovation in the last 2O Years.

  • Aaaaaaand the Patriots just changed it back... turns out this D’s achilles heel is getting smashed in the mouth

  • Well this hasn’t aged well


  • And the patriots showed them how to undo it..

  • This didn't age well at all and it's only been a few days, LOL

  • This edition hasn't aged well - even though it's only 2 days since posting... ;)

  • This video didn’t age well😂

  • Lol @ the 5:20 mark you said exactly what teams could do to combat this d and it ended up happening that way this past weekend with a record rushing day for the Pats.

  • BTFO.

  • Love your analysis, this one didn’t age well lol

  • Yo I'm gonna need you to chill on the vids for a week or so hahaha. Seems like everytime you do a video on a team they lose.......Actually, do a video on the Patriots please haha

  • About that...

  • Hey Brett, I watch just about all of your film room videos. I was curious what about this defensive alignment you thought was so revolutionary. Was it them using 7-8 DBs against the run? I'm curious because I believe that Mike Pettine has been doing that all year with the Packers. Well at least he was through the middle of the season before injuries decimated their D-line and their safety position + trading away Clinton-Dix. Also I would agree with the comment that you should do a video on your thoughts about the new coaching hires after the Superbowl. Thanks for the great content.

  • Typical, ridiculous, uninformed generalizations.

  • Yeah their defence was incredible against New England.

  • The Seahawks, Jags, Titans, etc have been using this since 2013. It works on a rookie qb, but you just saw how well it works against a veteran.

  • Man, this video did not fair well to what happened in yesterday's game, and the same thing kind of happened with the Seahawks video last week...

  • I guess patriots thought otherwise haha

  • This video didn't age well lol

  • As poorly as this aged, I've been saying the future is in getting more athletic safeties and less LBs on the field. I still believe that.

    • +Dan Hawk that seems like the likely adjustment, yes. I'd still rather that than get my 230 lb lb matched up 1 on 1 with a McCaffrey, Kamara or even James White type all game.

    • Then teams will run the hell out of it again i guess

  • The Patriots just changed the way the Chargers changed Defense...

  • how do you feel watching the chargers get smacked by the patriots?

  • One of the best football analysts channels .. you make it pretty simple for me who just got into deep analysis’

  • This video did not age well GO PATS!!!!

  • Video idea: Would be really interesting to go back and look at 2011 Aaron Rodgers film where he was super decisive and accurate as humanly possible, and then kind of show his progression (or regression) into his current style of play where he’s hesitant and kind of plays off the rush and is always trying to improvise. Used to be a skill in his play because he would improvise only when needed, as the years have gone by he’s relied on improvising more and more and this season it had gotten to the breaking point where it was more of a fault than a skill. Anyways, I think this would be a really interesting idea to dive into. Hope you think so too, keep up the great work man!

  • Probably should have waited another day for this one, huh?

  • Well so much for this revolutionary new style of defense lol Pats pecker smacked em

  • If the NFL starts following the Chargers' model, Tom Brady is going to breeze through the playoffs and put up 2,137 passing yards in the Super Bowl to take the Lombardi Trophy.

  • Can y’all stfu and stop saying ”this video didn’t age well” goddamn.

  • Darth Hoodie made sure to prove you wrong. Wow, that was a clinic by the Pats.

  • This one aged like a fine wine

  • Of course they get smacked by the Patriots after make this video smh

  • Changed defense against ball control offense...wins. Same defense against open offense looks like they've never played defense...blown out.

  • This video didn’t age very well....

  • Chargers just got fucking destroyed by belichick they didn't change shit.

  • Yeah, I am sure everyone in the league will be using this style of defense next year to tank for the #1 draft pick. The Ravens were a trash offense, stop pretending otherwise.

  • I wonder what you think about the Chargers defense today, after the Patriots game.

  • I highly doubt any other team in the NFL is going to copycat the Chargers new defensive scheme. Patriots just dismantled them. In the 1st half. Game over.

  • Glad to see the Chargers defense really stuffed the Patriots

  • Bad timing for this video. It was valid for exactly one day lol.

  • Jeez... 1 day later your hot take gets immediately destroyed... awesome.

  • NOPE!!

  • LOL and then they got rolled by the pats :

  • Play zone all day , can’t play man and got torched because of it vs Brady, they need to get rid of all their undrafted dbs, if Verrett comes back I say get a slot cb in the draft and move Des King to safety. Chargers are a cursed organization anyway something will go wrong

  • Bruh you are a bad luck charm for whomever you do a video on in the post season lol

    • Lack of adjustments are what killed my Ravens, you'd think the Chargers would have learned from their failure.

    • For real

  • This week wasn't your best.

    • Add it to the list; Pryor, Hackenburg, Mallet, Seahawks, Ravens, Dupree, Oliver etc. Great channel, but wrong a lot.