The Chargers just changed how the NFL plays defense

čas přidán 12. 01. 2019
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  • Ya intros are soooo good

  • The reason this didn’t work against the pats is because the pats actually have a passing game unlike the ravens

  • "Joey bosa is in a 5i" 🤦‍♂️

  • Chicago did it first

  • Nice Video Bud Lmaoooo

  • Derwin James is a safety but dude could play LB if he wanted too. He'd be a damned good one too.

  • This is exactly how we play defense at my school. I played outside backer and against teams with big slow running back, I would should inside and spill the backs out while the interior linebackers went out

  • NE showed that if you put a bunch of DBs out there all day, a FB, two TEs and a quality OL will fuck that D up.

  • So essentially the chargers created a defense to stop a downhill run and dared a rookie qb to throw the ball

  • Chargers suck... at losing

  • Our defensive coordinator got cocky against the patriots. I agree with this video. Go chargers.

  • You didn't account for the fact that the NFL is 100% rigged/scripted.

  • A Gus Bradley defense was in cover 3 all day? You don't say.

  • The Chargers were down their top THREE LBs to injury, so they had to run 7 DBs a lot.

  • Lmao been doing this since madden 17, if my DE’s were better than my DT’s I would put them in at DT, Put in my OlB’s in the DE, And my MLB if they were pass rushers OLB if they fit Tampa 2 keep them in at MLB, and those open gaps would go to my Slot corners and backup safeties.

  • In a sense this defense is always pinching taking up both A and B gaps so then it makes runners bounce outside to all those DBs that are in the LB spot and most DBs have more speed than LBs I hope the chargers can do good next year and good breakdown

  • I know it's easy to shit on the video in hindsight but it was great analysis somewhat ruined by a dumb title and overstating the applicability. Like you even stated right after that Lamar Jackson was just trash at beating cover 1/3 and that bad reads and pocket awareness allowed The Chargers to stack the box while not bringing special pressure and not worrying about 4 verts.

  • They should started Flacco, deserved loss.

  • Is there any body besides me a Chargers fan

  • All the comments on here. Thr Chargers still played a great game. This has nothing at all to do with N.E

  • This didn’t work against the patriots because James Devlin is the best fullback in football.

  • Everyone is saying this didn’t age well. First of all, the Pats play a COMPLETELY different game from the Ravens. Second, Gus Bradley decided to shit the bed and totally ignore the success they had the week before. EDIT: Third, they lost Jatavis Brown, who was key in this strategy. Hayes Pullard is too slow to play like Brown like this

  • Did they? 😂

  • Would everyone stop acting like the Chargers are innovators. They’re linebackers all just got injured-they had to play safeties.

  • Here is another fact thousands of bandwagon patriots fans that bought patriots jerseys to wear to the superbowl returned them after the superbowl it has been the subject of many conversations across the media and like I said I live in new england nobody ever wore any patriots jerseys or any merchandise then after they won a superbowl everyone started wearing patriots merchandise now a new generation of patriots bandwagon riders buy merchandise wear it on game day and return it for refund the following day what a joke that is the most pathetic thing I've ever seen in the sports world in my lifetime 🤣🤣🤣

  • The patriots have now changed how the superbowl went from being exciting and watched more than any other event on the planet to being the lamest superbowl of this generation and the least watched superbowl in over a decade and that is not meant to be funny although it is it is a fact 🤣🤣🤣

  • “Against Lamar Jackson”

  • 8:25 he had a lotta pressure on him before the time was right

  • Oh my god Brett YouRE hOldINg lAmaR tO A doUbLe sTAnDarD

  • So, what if you had two QBs like Lamar Jackson and Colin Kapaernik, and you play both of them together. Could that work?

  • Well, that’s the end of L. Miller’s career. Unless he learns how to throw the football. Because Brady didn’t have any issues against these schemes.

  • Ya the new D got slapped around like a High School team in the playoffs

  • One of the reasons the Chargers used that defense is because they had already been using one safety at linebacker during the second half of the season because of so many injuries. Jackson is incredibly fast for a QB so the defensive coordinator Bradley wanted to use the speed of his safeties to contain Jackson. When he suggested it the head coach Lynn questioned his sanity. I think the main reason it worked was because the defensive line probably played their best game of the season. Unfortunately they were MIA during the game against New England.

  • defensive backs may be able to tackle lamar jackson or tackle running backs... but they cannot stop linemen, fullbacks and rob gronkowski... they were MAULED

  • Add there's Flacco standing on the side line; like a jackass.

  • And The very next week when they tried that shit we just went big and crushed those smaller players. I'm actually waiting for yr video on that game. Big fan of this channel now boss. Keep'em coming bro

  • Why would you acknowledge that jackson is a rookie and that he would be prone to making mistakes, but then continue to scold him for making mistakes? This was his 1st year in the nfl

  • Browns showed them the template in the second half of that Ravens game ... Gregg Williams showed them the way.

  • Excellent

  • This looks a lot like what Iowa State has been doing on defense the last 2 years.

  • I think an elite power back could've gotten through some of those small holes, some of those late opening that's the Ravens backs missed and bounced outside The chargers front 3 did clog the hell out of the middle but we're severely out manned and eventually overpowered on alot of these plays were a more patient back with better vision, instincts and football IQ could've gotten solid yards waiting for that hole to open, a guy like saquan or even Peyton hillis when he was in his year and a half long prime could've outplayed this admittedly brilliant defensive game plan So you're right to say the Ravens were not able to make the adjustment to downhill running but the play you show while you're saying that also has a late but significant hole that shows up right down the middle with another lineman down field in front of that hole ready to lead block Saquan might take that one to the house but he atleast gets a gain of 4 every time in that situation Check around the 6 min mark

  • Tom Brady shook the crazy from you on this one

  • Only three defenses shat on the Pats and they’re all retired or almost, other than that Bill knows his defense.

  • Aaaand then the pats ran all over them

  • Then they proceeded to get assblasted by the Pats

  • The patriots changed how cheating can be called a scandal

  • The chargers also changed the way offense is played they created air corryall decades ago passing all over the league before any other team was doing it then the san francisco 49ers get credit for what they call west coast offense truth is the san san diego chargers invented that way before the 49ers started copying them

  • This worked because we confused Jackson. Wouldn’t have worked against Flacco & certainly was exposed vs Brady. Good gimmick to help the Bolts get a W, masking for their missing LB’s

  • You forgot the part where the Ravens had the opportunity to win the game on their final drive, don't act like the chargers just steamrolled them start to finish. and The chargers are still trash lol.

  • The Pats made the second half garbage time after that BEAT UP at the first half 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I appreciate your edit in the description. This is one of those games where the game plan SHOULD have been game specific, and the Chargers should have recognized that if there was a competent passer / someone who could recognize what the defense was intending on doing that they would get destroyed. Unfortunately they didn't make adjustments and just went head long into NE where the offense took exactly what the Chargers were giving them. There was zero chance of this working in NE because Brady had full control at the line of scrimmage to decide whether they were going to run the ball or throw a 5 yard slant/screen so they got wrecked in the first half. Perhaps as Lamar develops as a QB he will be able to recognize and make those decisions at the line of scrimmage, then the Ravens will be a terrifying team to play, until then though the Chargers gave you the defense to stop this kind of offense. It was a brilliant defensive strategy for this one game. Disclaimer: I am a pats fan, but I called exactly what the Pats would do to this defense if they brought the same scheme to Foxborough. It was fairly clear how beatable it was but it is only beatable IF you have the ability to check the play at the line of scrimmage.

  • "Lead to something big next year" he ends with. " "There were many things I was wrong about " he starts with. ..Why trust yer predictions? 0-3 in one video..tch tsk tsk tsk

  • Now that is how you make an intro

  • Good vid. The Kapernick intro was puke.

  • You missed the main reason they ran that defense, all their good inside linebackers are injured. And like everybody else pointed out, the patriots put an end to that system.

  • Every defense has a weakness and a unfortunately Bill Belichick is a defensive genius first then an offensive genius second, so he will find a weakness without the game. Work well against rookies, not so well against a proven veteran that knows what to do. When the db didnt know if it was Run or pass light out.

  • One thing I noticed about players like Lamar Jackson,RG3,Vick etc once def Coordinators catch on to your act......your career is over, people think NFL makes you a better Quarterback, but in reality the NFL exposes your skill level, either you have it or you don’t.

  • Oh Yeah Yeah Oh Yeah Yeah

  • Then the Patriots punched them in the mouth

  • The Chargers didn't change shit and the Running game of Ravens isn't great; plus a simple pa will work

  • Simple physics. 👎🏽

  • Imagine if they signed Landin Collins and just made 7 dbs their thing

  • Does anyone know if this aged well?

  • “5 i” isn’t an alignment I’ve ever heard of. Head up on the tackle is a 4, inside shade is a 4 i

  • Good video, but as already stated, this didn't last long and work against New England. Now, I'm more of a college fan and didn't pay much attention to the New England game, but it seemed like they ran all over the SAN DIEGO Chargers. Damn why did they move, anyway?

  • Tom Brady watched this before the game

  • Brady whooped us so bad.

  • Chargers were better than I thought they would be this season

  • Bolt Gang Or Dont Bang!!!

  • Hahahahaha I guess they have to go back to the drawing board

  • Boy ...The Patriots put an end to that shit 😂

  • LMFAO 5 TDs on the first six NE drives. That is changing how the NFL plays defense

  • Keep up the good work my man!

  • Rivers can't beat Brady

  • lmao what was the point of this video?

  • **Patriots go on to drop 40+ on them**

  • While I just seen this video after the chargers v. Patriots game and people will talk shit. I will say you know your shit. Ive been playing football since I was 8 and you obviously study video really well. As far far as what happened to the chargers v. pats. The pats O-LINE is NOT the ravens. The chargers tried the same scheme against a completely different team. Which I have no ideal why come the 2nd completely or at least the half they didnt start playing man.

  • The Chargers will have plenty of off season time now to rethink this failed tactic.

  • Not Tom Brady proof though :(

  • You should do a video about why the saints o line is doing so good

  • And then the Chargers flip the script and become the most predictable defense the very next week

  • don't gamble. you'll lose all of your money.

  • loll the next week they get their asses ran over by Sony Michel and my Pats

  • As a Chargers fan, this was painful. Using fucking zone coverage against a guy whose notorious for crushing that style of defensive play? And then making no adjustments whatsoever throughout the entire game? We deserved that loss...

  • It’s not that this video hasn’t aged well; It’s that it’s incorrectly titled. Should be: “Chargers realized RG3 and Kapernick were previously solved.”

  • Yeah you’re a genius dude. They’re changing the league!

  • Texans chargers biggest frauds in the NFL.

  • The internet comment section in 2019: Nobody acknowledges that Brett was right about the principles and positional responsibilities on how to defend Baltimore's run game. Instead, let's just look at what he did wrong.

  • Great video. I would love to see a video of how the Pats O-line lit up this game plan. I’m surprised Scarnecchia hasn’t gotten opportunities from other teams. Your editing is much better from when you first started posting.

  • Back to the drawing board!!

  • They changed how they play defense. They tried the no defense approach

  • That intro though

  • How did their revolutionary defensive scheme affect the ass kicking they suffered at the Patriots' hands? Are we to assume that the Chargers would have suffered the worst defeat in NFL history without their risky all-or-nothing defense?

  • They changed it by not playing defense

  • Dude good job. I'm very new to the NFL but your videos helps me understand the game and makes it more enjoyable to watch. I subbed. Keep up the good work.

  • Haha Brady just dismantle this defense

  • You’re just a damn jinx

  • that didn't go well 35 points on the first 5 drives , don't think we have to worry about this new chargers defense , i think the defense everyone wants to emulate is the bears 3 4 , you should be doing a video on that , you know the best scoring defense and #1 against the run , it was a gimic offense that got old quick is all ,we ran this in high school as quarterback had a shit arm like jackson but could run

  • I surprised no nfl team has took notice to your film study and maybe hire you as some sort of scout

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.......😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂